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  1. But do the fuckwits use the bin or do you still have to collect it and place it in said bin ?
  2. Stubby

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    So sorry Kev . It never gets any easier . Be glad of the wonderful life you gave her .
  3. You could turn that into a small bath !
  4. Very hard to loose the ID tag under normal working conditions as it is under the top handle on the RH side near the AV mount in that location .
  5. If you are a loyal customer I know they do the best that they can for you . Many a time I have been in there to buy some bits and bobs and asked if they could do a " quick fix " type job and its done for free .
  6. Yep I have a couple of trugs to bring from the log store and a rectangular wicker basket next to the stove . Trugs are cheap enough from the horsey stores .
  7. Dave Moon ( as it was ) Chainsaws are the billiebollox .
  8. Plastic trug . Same here Ratty only mine is green .
  9. This all day long . 👍
  10. I was felling dead Elms on the headland of a field in a village near me . Dead Elms were covered in ivy ( like they are ) Mrs Fuckingtontwattface came out and said I was willfully " chopping " down perfectly good trees and the police will be here and arrest me . I smiled and said good morning to you . Carried on until job was finished . Never saw plod or any one to be fair . Some toss pots just can't help them selves .
  11. My Burly heats the whole house . We leave all the internal doors open and it heats upstairs pretty well . The central heating goes off within 15 mins of the stove being alight with the stat set at 19degrees .
  12. Yes . They are designed to keep a higher temp in the fire box and burn all the gases off the wood . It may take a few more minutes to feel the heat from a modern stove but once its up there it stays there longer .
  13. Back in the 70s I had a Parkray hopper fed stove that had a thermostatic valve that you describe . It also heated the hot water and 5 rads so not that new .


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