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  1. Don't think so . The nurse that did my second said keep the card but better still she said take a pic and keep it on your phone .
  2. Yes mate . Not a lot of fun .
  3. What are you , blind or somsing ? I am examining de waax . 😁
  4. Jonathan . I have had 9 spaniels in my time . All working cockers and one Sprocker ( in my avatar ) He was the best dog for me out of them all but he could not slot himself into the right position in the family pecking order . He had all his tackle . Out and about he was spot on . Worked like a loony but never far from me . Pretty much ignored other dogs when out . . He was aggressive to my daughter . I got my daughter to feed him , take him out , and generally bond with her . He had attacked her a couple of times and to her credit she agreed to do as I asked . It was no good mate . I came home one after noon and he had bitten my daughter and my wife . I took him out and ran him around the woods for a couple of hours to see if he was in any pain . He was perfect physically . Took him to the vets and said good by . Broke my heart but it was the only solution .
  5. Add it to the other 2 threads on this subject 🙂
  6. To be known from this day forth as TIGER ANDY ,....GRRRR😁
  7. Blue unction . Crutch crickets . Buggers !
  8. I thought that then maybe they did not want to contend with the phone line ?
  9. Look at that stump height , shocking !
  10. Have meet him once , in the past . I know of him really . Seen his wagon about . Glad you got it sorted .
  11. Yea but now you have seen him do it ......🙂


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