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  1. Whats the weather like near you?

    Check with TCD about Devon mate !
  2. Whats the weather like near you?

    Think the only difference will be that the rain is slightly warmer
  3. Whats the weather like near you?

    Yep . Cooler this morning . Some cloud cover . Dry though .
  4. Ply in rain

    I found the same with ordinary exterior ply . If the cut edge is not sealed it does de laminate .
  5. L200 4wd issue?

    IMO its fine,as you say its only the half shafts tuning but not driving the front wheels .
  6. Ply in rain

    Should use Marine ply really . More expensive but...........
  7. L200 4wd issue?

    I think he means engage the hubs but not the gear lever .
  8. Shit Tiffany cuff links !
  9. L200 4wd issue?

    He is saying its the type were you have to turn the hubs on each wheel .
  10. I got to be fair Garry . I am touched that you would care mate . I got a lump in me throat .
  11. L200 4wd issue?

    Not much gets by you Gary
  12. Interesting Conversion!

    Think it was a tree on the Moon by the looks of the vehicle
  13. Beautiful Baby Magpies .

    Yep . I'm sure it does .
  14. Huel

    Thought it must be a new Lager .........
  15. Diy skidding cone

    I used to cut them in half to make pheasant feeders .


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