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  1. Stubby

    Making the news today....

    He has probably got a bit of a black back from his landing .
  2. Stubby

    560XP hot start

    Make sure its not one of the early ones with one less crank case bolt than the newer ones , but yes , what Matty said !
  3. Stubby

    Macallister bnq

    A properly sharpened chain . A chain that is near the end of its useful working life , if sharpened properly, will have narrower cutters thus removing less wood ( narrower kirfe ) therefore less resistance resulting in slightly faster cutting speed. I some times will give a new chain a stroke or two with a file if I have nothing better to do .
  4. Stubby

    Macallister bnq

    My dog could do a better job using his knob !
  5. Stubby

    Over heating firewood processor

    This . The smaller the the restriction that you force hydraulic oil through the hotter it becomes . Partially clogged filters have more restriction than clean ones .
  6. Stubby

    560XP hot start

    Stihl do make synthetic 2T oil but I think that OP was given their mineral based oil . OK for older saws that don't rev so high and generate so much heat .
  7. Stubby

    560XP hot start

    Mineral based oils are not up to the spec for the piston speed and associated heat me thinks .
  8. Stubby

    560XP hot start

    This . Its finding one now . I have a 2004 spud ported 346 and it is still going strong .
  9. Stubby

    560XP hot start

    Stubby here . I don't port my saws . Steve Gum ports them for me . User name spudulike ...Spud to his mates .
  10. Stubby


  11. Stubby


    Don't try and wriggle out of it now you've been butsed 😀
  12. Stubby


    Knees and elbows 😀
  13. Stubby

    Advice sought...

    Nice one . Well done . When the warranty has run out , if you want , you can mod it to 372 spec by grinding the internal fins of the transfer covers .
  14. Stubby

    Cedar wood good?

    Or even Surrey . 🙂
  15. Stubby

    General shortage?

    Luxury . Of course we 'ad it tough ......


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