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  1. The only thing that stood out for me was number 6 . Out board mix is different . Something to do with the oil being different because of the water cooling on an out board . I would not use out board mix in a chainsaw . Other than that a very comprehensive test . I would have sent it to spud by no 8sih ! ☺️
  2. Could not tell it from S/D ! so tight and professional .
  3. They are stonking saws . I still got one .
  4. I Andrew . Nice to meet you . Hope you enjoy the forum . There are some good guys on here and some useful information/help in all manner of subjects .
  5. It seems to have worked though Eggs mate , clearly the wheel is still on. 👍 Can we have a different answer ? 😁
  6. The brake disk is cracked .
  7. I would check the deeds . See if there is anything in there . You have my sympathy . Its a pain in the arse , literally .
  8. Its worth what ever people are prepared to pay but should your " friend " obtain one send it to spud for porting . Its actually against the law not to ! ☺️
  9. MS 462 is a cracking saw no argument . So is the Husqvarna equivalent ☺️
  10. Wait till you try the Husqvarna equivalent ! 😁
  11. Hats off to you bud for having a go at it . feck all these niegh sayers ( all due respect Barry ) . If you can get some more life out of it why not bud .
  12. Wood is not hydroscopic . . Wood is however hygroscopic . As is Nylon and lots of other things . 20% moisture is 20% moisture how ever it is achieved .


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