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  1. Stubby

    Squirrel Control

    Ok . just watched that . The cross hairs were on the bunny . So pretty close . At 35 yards plus you would need to be just above the ears for a head shot on a sub 12 .22
  2. Stubby

    Squirrel Control

    Ok . Consider me wrong if you want . I'm cool .
  3. Stubby

    Squirrel Control

    If you want . I am not new to shooting bud . I am nearly 66 and have been shooting since I was about 12 . I know what a well placed .22 will do . just my opinion . You missed the bit were I said I have seen the run off when struck with a low powered .22 .
  4. Stubby

    Squirrel Control

    Disagree westphalian , westphalian, westphalian . ( respectfully ) We don't want it with a head ache . We want it dead . I'm not saying its not accurate , you can zero in ab 8ftlbs if you want but will it kill it ?
  5. Stubby

    Occasional use saw

    And run it on Aspen , particularly if its for occasional use .
  6. Stubby

    Squirrel Control

    Well , I don't think so . but its a buy product of the amuniti....Oh ! yes I see a double entendre 😁
  7. Stubby

    Non Hi-Vis or Bright Coloured Equipment

    Soon you won't be able to see the genuine human targets for the dazzle and bright lights of all HSE claptrap .
  8. Stubby

    Squirrel Control

    I recon if its sub 12ftlbs it needs to be .177 and not .22 . At sub 12ftlbs a .177 is faster , flatter and will penetrate better than the " flop shot " you would get with a sub 12ftlbs .22 Squirrel are quite tough and I have seen them run off when hit with a low powered .22 . If you have an FAC of 28 - 30 ftlbs the yes , .22 it is .
  9. Stubby

    Felling dogs

    Yes mine was a Jonsered part for the J'red version of the 560 but would be the same part as Husqvarna .
  10. Stubby

    Felling dogs

    562 dawgs wont fit a 560 as the clutch cover is different . The mounting holes are further apart on the outer dawg to accommodate the 3/8 clutch and rim . I got some for mine that were actually a Jonsered part .
  11. Stubby

    Occasional use saw

    The best saw you can afford in the 50cc to 60cc range .
  12. Stubby


    Don't use your saw .
  13. Stubby

    All terrain tyres

    I run Cooper AT3s . Find them a good compromise between road and off road . Good reviews .
  14. Stubby

    Whats this wood?

    Was thinking more paple ?
  15. Stubby

    pyracantha thorns

    Nasty business !


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