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  1. Were abouts is the job ? I'm I'm West Sussex ( not cutting any more ) just curious .
  2. We used to have a 1976 Ford Cargo horse box with a six cylinder 6 liter engine. Would this be the same one ?
  3. Petemate cut and shut my 560 can . Neat job too .
  4. Stubby

    462 or 572xp

    Takes a few knocks when sneding . Casting a bit thin I think .
  5. Don't start with the fish thing again😁 !
  6. Stubby

    462 or 572xp

    I think it was the clutch cover breaking rather than the clutch itself ... could be wrong .
  7. What ! What aint no country I ever heard of . Do they speak English in what ? Say what again , say what one more time I double dare you ....M.F.
  8. Obviously the most expensive option is best for the site , but it surely depends on what the customer is prepared to pay . I have never been that far up the food chain to have the option of a choice !
  9. Zero here but .......My stack won't last for ever now I am retired from cutting . Its gonna hurt when I have to pay for it ! ☹️
  10. I went over to Aspen ( and sometimes the Husqvarna equivalent ) when I retired from full time cutting . I did not want to get rid of my saws and as they would be getting less use I now can store them with fuel in them . Would never go back to pump fuel .
  11. Looks pretty I would say ....


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