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  1. just for a hoot bung some Italian rye grass seeds on it , here and there , It grows at 100 mph ! 😁
  2. Stubby


    So a bunch of lads turn 40 . Where shall we go to celebrate they say . Lets go to Weather spoons in Uttoxeter coz the waitresses have big tits and short skirts . 10 years later they say now we are fifty where shall we go to celebrate . Lets go to spoons in Uttoxeter coz the waitresses are easy on the eye and there is a great selection of beers . Ten years later they go to spoons again coz the food is reasonable and you can have a nice quiet meal with no loud music . 10 years later they are 70 . They decide to go to spoons again coz there is wheel chair access and disabled toilets . 10 years later they say where shall we go to celebrate . One says , I know . Lets go to Weather Spoons in Uttoxeter coz we have never been there before ...
  3. Don't put a new pot and piston on it until you have determined what caused it to nip up in the first place . If it was an air leak and you don't fix it you will be back to square one again .
  4. He was only " lightly killed " the first two times Mark .
  5. I had a bloke come up to me in a rage once asking me why I was cutting down that tree . It will be fire wood I told him . He said why don't you buy some like every one else ! I had nothing , speechless .
  6. Dunno Mick . I just put what I think it means . I could be well off the mark .
  7. Had a small self seeded sycamore growing in a crack on patio stones every year I would strim it off and every year it would grow back .This went on for 5 or 6 years untill it finally gave up .
  8. Good morning all ( he says typing without his glasses on ) 6c and bright and clear so far .


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