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  1. Dismayed by lowballing/undercutting

    There is someone making washers with a press tool . Blanking them out of sheet steel with a hole diameter of 12.7mm ( 1/2 inch ) and an Od of 22mm . Some where in the country is a bloke with a press tool blanking out 1/2 diameter steel disks for a job and binning the 22.0 dia disk with the hole in it ...........Moooooove on !
  2. ArbDogs? Pics!

    Yea , he looks it !
  3. 0.9kg chainsaw

    Can you get a 52" Sugi Pro Lightweight bar for it yet ?
  4. Still looking for the perfect log pick

    Yes . I have that one . Got when I got Wood Chuck lifter jobbie . Works fine for me . Thought the short point/hook would be a problem but no . its fine . Has a retractable loop/noose for dragging brash but never use that bit .
  5. The price I pay

    Really sorry to learn of this Stefan . You are a good friend .
  6. ArbDogs? Pics!

    Check out my kit ladies !
  7. Theres a hurricane on its way

    Sky has gone from that weird orang to almost black here now ............
  8. Theres a hurricane on its way

    We have that orange/red sun here in West Sussex . Bit like when a sand storm is brewing up in the desert . Not much wind though .
  9. ArbDogs? Pics!

    What a smashing little dude !
  10. Parkgate

    If you really need them though , most of the can be collected up off the ground .
  11. Husqvarna 372xp

    Ah . Yes my 372 . Still going strong Steve after all this time . That's my saw in the vid that Steve ( spud ) ported for me a few years back . I can highly recommend Steve for any saw related work including the black art of porting ! He has done most of my saws and they run more efficiently for it .
  12. Chainsaw maintanance manuals

    What saw is it ?
  13. Please try to make it quicker

    From my favorites the home page take 4 seconds to load . Then switching between the tabs at the top takes a max of 2 seconds between each one . Never timed the old site but doesn't seem slower to me . I'm on Sky fiber to the socket by the front door then normal cable across the house to the back room . DL 35.39 UL 6.67 Ping 8ms
  14. Theres a hurricane on its way

    Think we are ok down south .


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