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  1. Insect bites...

    I got one I have never had before last week . I occurred in the woods and is just as you describe . I wondered if it were a " false widow " ?
  2. App not updating / not available

    Phew indeed .
  3. New generation Husqvarnas

    Yes you are right about the clutch side felling dawgs mounting pitch . I found that out back in 2011 when I ordered a pair for a 562 and found they were wider apart . Managed to sell them recently on here to a guy with a 562 though ! Got some Jonnyred large dawgs that fit .
  4. Game of Thrones

    Not me .
  5. New generation Husqvarnas

    Oh Sorry Mark . See what you mean mate . Although its not hard to convert a 560 , several people have done it I believe . I am still running .325 but have the high top filter ...
  6. New generation Husqvarnas

    I thought 562xp has been around as long as 560xp ? 572xp is what I heard together with a 5120xp ? Any way link does not work for me .
  7. New Husky Launch

    I think there is a 572 and a big old 5120 but I clicked on the link and all I got was a pretty picture of some snow covered mountains , a lake and a load of soft wood growing .
  8. Whippet

    Love it . The ear flopped over is superb . He looks fast !
  9. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    I still remember those 2 photos . The before and the neatly raked after of were the tree / stump was . All done with a Silky , a push bike and some serious e determinate to make the very best of what you had . We have never met Paul ( other than on here ) but I admire you and wish you all you wish for your self mate .
  10. New generation Husqvarnas

    Just had an email from Husqvarna . Apparently tomorrow is the launch of the new generation of saws ......................
  11. Cracked cylinder finns

    Difficult to do , but ideally you need to drill a small hole at the end of the crack to stop it going any further .
  12. Hitting a parked vehicle and not leaving details

    Nice one Kev . Tenacity paid off .
  13. They look the billie bollox Rob !
  14. So what is an Arborist?

    Gary he is not looking for it in fact he used it in the first line of the post and elsewhere ... Oh . I see , spelling . Sorry mate . Take the pokey tongue back !
  15. log storage

    Potatoes don't burn as well as logs , conversely logs don't taste as nice as spuds !


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