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  1. Two weeks left here with no new leads. Only calls I have had is from existing customers for work. I got a feeling its going to be a very slow year unfortunately. Shame as it started really well.
  2. Not only can you bring in a subbie climber for the AA test you can use a third party company to do all the paper work for you. As a company if you need to outsoure to gain AA approval how would you be able to keep the standards you needed to past. The AA really need to look into this as being approved is seen as a bit of a joke within the industry and seen as box ticking exercise rather then trying to encourage a higher standard of work and safety.
  3. I remember being taught by Glen. He did rub a lot of people up the wrong way at college but looking back I throught he was just trying to teach the safest way to carry out tree work. I don't climb on two ropes myself and have yet to work with a single climber that does. Do you have to use two lines if you work for an aa approved company.
  4. What do you consider a climber/owner company profits should be on a year. Have only had a chance to watch half but so far some really good points.
  5. First time I have got to the end of April without May being completely booked for years. Few good sunny weekends should get the phone going again.
  6. I run my own gig. I have more holidays then if I work for someone, a very good pension from the company and more benefits then I could ever get being paye. It has taken me a long time to find a business model that works well for me and make a good profit but in tree work having your own thing is the only way to make real money. I have yet to see a job advertised that puts you in the 40% tax bracket working for someone else. It is a good idea to look forward in any career, especially something like tree work that does take a toll on your body so thank you for some very helpful links.
  7. Can I ask what is the reason behind the poll. Thanks
  8. I would move into London in a heartbeat if I could. Everything on your doorstep and so much to do. Its the place I could easily retire to if I had the money.
  9. Now is the time to realise that the nhs is pushed beyond limits and its our own responsibility to look after ourselves so we don't need to rely on it. I know that if my life needs saving then there is nothing better then the nhs to do that but I don't want to have rely on it for ongoing health problems that I coupd avoid from a change in lifestyle.
  10. How people finding work at present. I noticed a drop in quoting the last few weeks but I have put it down to all the news on the cost of living. Got work booked in but just seems a bit quiet for this time of year.
  11. Completely agree that its more suited to work for a company in your younger years. I found that the people pricing for the work had spent to much time off the tools or lack of experienced to quote correctly, it would then fall on the staff to make up for their mistake. I use to hate getting sent to an all day reduction as a two man team knowing full well that two good climbers and groundie would get the job done in under half the time.
  12. Started at 18 and now 40 and looking forward to getting to 55 and still climbing. I work for myself so can choose the work load and how jobs are done so I don't spead the weekend recovering. I dont think I would want to work at this age for a company as a climber full time as to much is expected of you.
  13. It took me 3 years to get it right, but fingers crossed I seem to have got it right. 😊
  14. I heard the the Isuzu is built as a 5 ton truck but down plated to 3.5 ton. Even if your are overloaded by law your truck isn't. Fuso are good but a lot wider then the cabstar.


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