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  1. treevolution

    Free False Acacia

    Sorry for the spelling mistake. Just want it gone on the day if possible. It's very near Hampton Court.
  2. treevolution

    Free False Acacia

    Anyone interested in the above in the West Moseley area. Tree is coming down Wednesday and wood can be collected from the front drive. PM for details. Thanks
  3. treevolution

    Why I started Arbtalk

    I know but where I am there is not the access for those machines as people keep building boxes on the back of their property with bi-folding doors.
  4. treevolution

    Why I started Arbtalk

    Really enjoyable read while having a sandwich. Wish you all the best with the new venture. Did get me thinking, what is the cut off point for climbing, two years away from 40 and still climb without too many aches and pains but can't lift big timber anymore. And what is my exit plan.
  5. treevolution

    Work suddenly went quiet

    Hope things pick up for people soon and that it is just a blip but I have noticed work slowly drop of since the referendum. I have lost a couple of clients to non VAT registered companies recently which has been a kick in the teeth. People are watching the penny's.
  6. treevolution

    Work suddenly went quiet

    Hows people finding things at the moment. I'm getting less and less call as the weeks go by towards summer and even less jobs being accepted when I do quote.
  7. treevolution

    Contract Rates

    I was on £180 a day in West London last April. Can't seem to get passed this amount unfortunately.
  8. treevolution

    how to deal with an employee

    I once had a lad on work placement that I later took on full time. Good worker, and good with customers and started to become a really good climber. But same thing as yourself that I had to pick him up and then drop him back, always sub him money before pay day. At first I didn't mind as he was a good worker but as his hangovers got worse and the late morning became more frequent for him it really started to stress me out. Then one Christmas I received a lovely card from his Mum wishing me a happy holiday and ending with thanks for looking after my boy. A light turn on and I thought why the hell should I be looking after a guy in his mid 20s. What do I get for all the additional hours put in by being his chauffeur, if he worked in Tesco would they send a taxi for him each shift. You said that he is reliable but how can he be if he can't even get to work. You have to decide whether it's worth all the additional hours you put in employing him or would you be better spending that time finding someone that can get to work in the morning under there own steam.
  9. treevolution

    Older tippers that can tow 3.5ton/7 ton train weight?

    By 57 plate Nissan Cabstar has a train weight of 7 tons. I have towed up to 3.5 tons with a ton on the back before but would not like to do it every day.
  10. treevolution

    Bandit HB20 pocket question

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  11. treevolution

    Bandit HB20 pocket question

    Can I ask where do you get them from. Thanks
  12. treevolution

    Work suddenly went quiet

    I have found a real drop off in work the last two years. I went from running a 3 man team Inc myself with a fourth person part-time flat out with two months of work booked up, to having to go out as sub contract climber last Spring just to fill my weeks. Since then I have downsized to myself plus one and work four days a week which does let me have some quality time to be with the kids. The one thing I have found with the change is I might not turnover the same amount but do get paid more per hour then I did when I had staff. I do think there is a real slowdown in work at present but hopefully things will pickup soon.
  13. treevolution

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    At least the shape looks ok.
  14. treevolution


    Did you every find out if this was true with the 161. I would much prefer to just have to buy just a new chip and sprocket then a new saw. Thanks
  15. treevolution

    OPM Course

    I'm based by Heathrow on the south side just outside the red zone. Every Oak tree I been to look to quote for work has had OPM. I've had the rush before and it took 5 days to go and a course of steroid tablets. There really needs to be better education in how we can try and contain it and as professionals what we can do.


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