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  1. treevolution

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    Where are you based.
  2. treevolution

    Stihl & grease nipples!

    On a different note does anyone grease their cordless long arm trimmers. Can't find anything from Stihl saying that you should. Thanks
  3. treevolution

    Stihl MSA161

    I have used the 160 in very heavy rain for a whole morning before we pack up because it was too wet without any problems. Is it recommend not to use the cordless gear in wet weather. Thanks
  4. treevolution

    Self employed fears

    Set up a separate bank account. All money that you earn will be payed into this account giving you your turnover. Anything that you buy which can be an expense, use the bank card for this account so you have a record of outgoings, also keep receipts. The bank statements can then be used by an accountant to do your return, remember that you can also put down any cost of training you have done. Most importantly set up a savings account which you put 20% of your turnover in weekly as a standing order to have the money to pay your tax bill. Remember that money is never yours, you are just holding on to it for the tax man.
  5. treevolution

    Need a 2nd, bigger more powerful Saw, 20" +

    Where about are you based. I have a ms361 that I'm looking to sell. Will come with as 20 inch bar but will need a chain. Thanks
  6. treevolution


    That's what I have seen when looking at Instagram, tree firms using it to network their services and skills. Something that would worry me is putting your kit on show could make you more open to theft. I also seen irresponsible things like posting a photo of overloading a truck before driving on the road. Would really look at only posting photos of work we have done to link with a website.
  7. treevolution


    Just wondering if anyone uses Instagram as a form of advertising. What pros and cons people have found. Do people also link it with their website to get more hits Thanks
  8. treevolution

    Commission for staff/Finders Fee?

    I have found the easiest way is to take the whole job on yourself as the company, and ask how much the staff member would like as a finder's fee which you could add at the quote stage. If you get the job then book it in to your work schedule and hopefully the staff member will be happy with the extra income from the job.
  9. treevolution

    the 'todays job' thread

    Willow reduction on a beautiful day. Hope this weather last a bit longer.
  10. treevolution

    Waste carriers licence

    Been stopped once on the roadside and had to produce one which I had. I have the lower tier licence which is fine if you don't take away any soil from stump grinding and also the only waste you take has been produced by your work. So if you take away waste that the client has made then you need the higher tier.
  11. treevolution

    Stump grinder teeth sharpening

    Would that set up be useable for green teeth or would you need a small wheel. Thanks
  12. You don't pay VAT on wages. I looked at different ways round it and unfortunately I was better off leaving the scheme. It's a shame as when I was on the flat rate I was better off financially and a lot easier to do your own return and less hassle. I think the government change the rules as a lot of companies had been using it for their own financial gain.
  13. You have to be a limited cost trader to stay at 10.5% which I am not and you will find that most trees firms will also not qualify unless they buy in materials for fencing or landscaping jobs. What is a limited cost trader? Limited cost traders are defined as one whose gross expenditure on relevant goods is either: Less than 2% of their VAT inclusive turnover or Greater than 2% of their VAT inclusive turnover but less than £1,000 per year The figure should not include the cost of the following items: Food and drink for the business or its staff Capital expenditure Vehicles and fuel
  14. Sorry you lost me. I just found that I'm better off not being on the flat rate anymore since they changed the rate you could be on.
  15. The flat rate is not worth doing anymore since the rate moved from 10.5% to 16.5% of your turnover. It would be good if the VAT threshold was reduced so that everyone was in the same boat. Being a tax collector for the government does lose me a lot of domestic work to firms that have just started up or stay under the threshold.


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