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  1. After 10 years in a tm I felt like a change and went for a Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness. I would say that I think it's as good as my old tm but at a smaller price. I found it for £239 plus VAT but think its now £270 plus VAT.
  2. Perfect heath before the reduction and only needed a clean out but unfortunately the owner wanted lest leaves to pick up. There was not a single cut that would have meet British Standards.
  3. What's the point of having a TPO on a tree when they do this.
  4. Where did you order from. Thanks
  5. Has anyone been using the above chain saw trousers. Seem a really good idea but would be great to get some feedback on them. Thanks in advance.
  6. As they are now out I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on them. Like the idea of having an outer layer for when it rains. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Time Left: 13 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Brought but never used and has been barn stored. Full details can be found on the Oxdale Website. The 700mm diameter tungsten tip saw blade provides fast and efficient cutting. It cuts logs up to 12” in diameter and is fully guarded. It comes equipped with a swinging cradle, emergency stop lever (for effective and safe operation) and a PTO shaft as standard. Can be loaded by Pallet. VAT to be added to final price with full VAT receipt. Payment by bank details. Please Pm for any further information.


    - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    The 700mm diameter tungsten tip saw blade provides fast and efficient cutting. It cuts logs up to 12” in diameter and is fully guarded. It comes equipped with a swinging cradle, emergency stop lever (for effective and safe operation) and a PTO shaft as standard. I brought 5 years ago but never used so has just been stored inside. Can load onto to van by pallet. VAT to be added and payment by bank transfer please.


    - GB

  9. This is a vision that's already out in the USA and the video will explain far better then I could why its an improvement over a stiff tether.
  10. The one thing with srt is to give it time and don't try it for the first time on a high pressure job that just needs to get done in a time frame. It will take time to make the switch and once you do you wish you had done sooner. I still use drt in trees but found srt is easier on the body. Just like cordless long arm hedge trimmers 😉
  11. Can i ask what rope you already have as you can happily use drt rope to climb srt. I would really recommend the notch duel cam foot ascender. Also notch quickie is better to use for a base or top anchor then a carabiner even through it has yet to receive a ce mark over here.
  12. If you can hold off buying in one go the is a new metal tether coming out by ISC which looks to be a game changing if you want to climb with a hitch.
  13. Why would you want to mess around with a stage V engine when the whole point of it is to protect future generations and the health problems that people will suffer with. To be honest I can't see how running a timberwolf 230 at 25hp rather then 35hp will make any real difference day to day. Yes the anti-stress might kick in more offen but it's not going to add additional hours onto jobs, or the lads phoning at 16.00 to say the job will not get done because the chipper is too slow. If you like timberwolf and have a good dealer back up just go with what you know.
  14. As consumers I don't think it's down to us to have to retune an engine to get a chipper to work the way it did before. Forst have been able to adapt their 6 inch chipper to work as well with a 25hp engine as it did with a 35hp. Greenmech brought out a whole new chipper so that they can run it with a 25hp engine. Timberwolf have done nothing apart from changing over from diesel to petrol in all but in the new 230 diesel. I can't see why anyone would spend money on trying to improve a chipper when there are better options out there. It really comes down to if you want a 6 inch diesel chipper that works as well as it did before stage, you will have to get a towing licence.
  15. You only have three options for a sub 750kg diesel chipper which are, Timberwolf 230 Greenmech quad chip 160 Greenmech 150. All will be around 25hp. If you already got a timber wolf then get a demo on a new one and just run side to side to see how much difference there is. Unfortunately the only way to get more options for a sub 750 kg chipper is to look at the petrol ones, which should also be cheaper.


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