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  1. treevolution

    Load handler

    I have an unbox but not used one I'm looking to sell. Pm if you are interested.
  2. treevolution

    Ford Ranger 2008 Heater Problem

    Had the same problem on my 08 ranger and unfortunately had to have a new front panel put in. I think it's where the cogs had worn away behind the switch.
  3. treevolution

    timberwolf tw150 service & blade change

    Thanks guys.
  4. treevolution

    timberwolf tw150 service & blade change

    How do you stop the fly wheel from moving when undoing the bolts. Thanks
  5. treevolution

    Ash wood

    Is anyone interested in a pickup load of Ash delivered and tipped within four miles of TW16 for some beer tokens. Please PM for details. Thanks
  6. treevolution

    Tip site in Aylesbury

    Thanks Steve. Have you heard of anyone in the Staines area that takes chip or logs. Thanks
  7. treevolution

    Tip site in Aylesbury

    Was hoping someone could help with a tip site for a Leyland Cypress fell I am doing for my mother in law on Saturday. Should be about 2/3 a load of chip and logs. Happy to pay just would rather get rid then transport it back to London. Thanks
  8. treevolution

    Woodchip Hampton

    Hi Steve Thanks for the reply. Will give him a call to see about cost.
  9. treevolution

    Woodchip Hampton

    Anyone interested in woodchip from a Sycamore, Ash and Silver Birch fell in Hampton tomorrow. Happy to drop off. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  10. treevolution

    New rope for Zigzag

    Seems a good price as well. Think I will get an early Xmas present.
  11. treevolution

    New rope for Zigzag

    How you getting on with this new rope. Have you used it for SRT yet.
  12. treevolution

    Free Timber, Woking

    All sorted now thanks.
  13. treevolution

    Free Timber, Woking

    I'm taking down a Maple and False Acacia next Monday. If anyone is interested in the timber please pm me. Thanks
  14. treevolution

    Ditch Witch loader

    Looks a really good machine. How wide is it.
  15. treevolution

    Best sub 750kg chipper?

    Sounds a good chipper. Only thing that I would miss would be a turn table. As a sub 750kg chipper I would say that the QC has been a great work horse with some great features but is probably the most expensive 750kg chipper to buy. For around the £10000 price the GM 130 looks a great chipper.


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