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  1. treevolution

    Whats the point of wasps?

    I felled a Eucalyptus this week and the client has phone to say she now has a lot of warps flying around and landing on the stump. Does anyone know if something that could be used on the stump to stop this. Thanks
  2. treevolution

    Hamas big reduction/pruning thread!

    Just need to remember to take the photos.
  3. treevolution

    Hamas big reduction/pruning thread!

    Beech reduction from a few weeks ago.
  4. treevolution

    Slow down in work

    Been going for 14 year so have a good client base in the area and a good list of trimming and yearly pruning jobs that fill in days. Hopefully things will pick up in Autumn. I have also noticed that people are really looking at the cheapest quote. I lost out on a £500 job the other day as someone went in for £480. You can't win every job but do feel that this year I have to be as competitive as possible to win work rather then good recommendations.
  5. treevolution

    Slow down in work

    It's not so much about work picking up I was wondering if people have found a decrease in the volume of calls this year. I still seem to win a good percentage of work from my quotes but just don't seem to receive a lot of new leads. I know that July and August are generally quiet but previous years I could count on a lot of interest in the spring months to generate enough work to see me through summer. Looking at the calendar now and seem to have a lot of free days.
  6. treevolution

    Slow down in work

    Hi All Just wanted to find out if other people have found this year to be slow with work. I do mostly domestic work with a few commercial contracts. For the first time in a while I have found myself having to contact climb for other firms just to feel the diary, where as two years ago I always had 6 weeks ahead for a team of 3/4. Thanks
  7. treevolution

    Easy lift harness

    I got the HLA 65 and the HLA 85 trimmers. If you already got the batteries then your halfway there. The harness is really good if you want to stay with the petrol trimmers. I started with the 65 and then a few weeks later got the 85 and since then have only used the petrol trimmers a hand full of times over the last two years.
  8. treevolution

    Easy lift harness

    Found that having two 300 battery is more then enough for a full day trimming. The only time that I need to charge batteries on site is when I'm using the cordless strimmer. I found that since I went cordless I dint mind trimming for the whole day.
  9. treevolution

    Easy lift harness

    Found it really help for when I had to do trimming all day long but as soon as you go up the ladder you have to take it off. Really useful if you're using extendable long arm trimmers and you don't find yourself so tried at the end of the day. I have found that since I have gone over to the cordless hedge trimmers if does not really get used.
  10. treevolution

    the 'todays job' thread

    A light cut back of an overhang London Plane from the local allotment. Great day for it apart from the Plane dust.
  11. treevolution

    Greenmech CS100 wanted

    There's one on earborist at the moment.
  12. treevolution

    Load handler

    I have an unbox but not used one I'm looking to sell. Pm if you are interested.
  13. treevolution

    Ford Ranger 2008 Heater Problem

    Had the same problem on my 08 ranger and unfortunately had to have a new front panel put in. I think it's where the cogs had worn away behind the switch.
  14. treevolution

    timberwolf tw150 service & blade change

    Thanks guys.
  15. treevolution

    timberwolf tw150 service & blade change

    How do you stop the fly wheel from moving when undoing the bolts. Thanks


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