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  1. Unfortunately you would be worse off financially on the Flat Rate Scheme now as a tree surgeon since they changed the rules. It can be daunting going VAT registered and you do worry about losing work but I found I only ever lose the jobs the customer want the cheapest quote and does not care who's does it. It's worth each week just adding up the VAT you have collected and putting it to one side ready for when you have to pay it.
  2. I hope that one day we will be a cashless Society. We could all be on a level playing field and not losing out on work just because as a company we don't accept cash. The additional revenue in taxes would surely go a long way to getting us out of debt from the the 3 months.
  3. Best advice to the OP would be. Find 3 reputable tree companies online that cover your area and are VAT registered. Hopefully all 3 written quotes will be in the same ball park. Before you choose which company to use, it's always good to do a bit of research on each firm and also read their terms and conditions. Good luck with your search.
  4. I can't see why anyone would give a discount for cash on that job rather then just being paid by bank transfer. Cash = £400 less Having to count a large amount of money in front of the client to check the correct balance. Having the worry of carry that amount of money to the bank. Having to stand in potential a long queue to pay the money in once you get to a bank with reduce opening hours ( hoping its not raining). Having to pay higher bank charges to put in cash. And the last worry that you don't have any counterfeit notes. Bank tranfers= Invoice job from the comfort of your home and money is in the account hopefully within terms of the invoice. Really don't know why anyone would want cash nowadays 😉
  5. It's not alway safe to think that putting more springs on the truck will make it safe as can the brakes deal with stopping at speed when you're a ton overweight. It's very easy to be over in a 3.5t truck everyday but it's also wise not to get greedy with how much you load on the truck and just price jobs so you can allow more tip runs during the day. If you have an accident when overloaded there is no answer you can come up with to get you out of it with the police, let alone your insurance company covering you.
  6. I always look at a large tree to fell and first think what's it going to cost to reduce by 20%. Let say £500 plus VAT Now I know its going to be at least 4 times more work, if not 5 to fell the tree so it's simple maths. £2500 plus VAT Plus additional cost for the stump. Always underpriced jobs when I was younger until I got a hernia.
  7. Found I'm quoting more at present but only getting around 20% of the jobs quoted which is down from last year. Lots of people at home finding things that want done until they realise the cost.
  8. Did a job back in February which 60 days was agreed for payment even though on previous jobs payment was always received within 3 days after invoice. On the 60th day I sent an email reminding of payment to the response of I will pass the bill onto the account department. 20 days later with some more emails I got into an queue for the bank on my lunch break to pay in the cheque. I'm happy to do 30, 60, 90 payment terms but always add additional money onto the job for the time spent getting the money. Found Glendales to be the worst for payment.
  9. How much would you charge per tooth. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know if timberworlf will be changing the flywheel design to when they change to the 24hp engine. Was wondering how the chipper would perform with the drop of power.
  11. If you're on a Blake's then I would go for the ZZ. SJ is a really good bit of kit and I love it on fells, but the ZZ is easier to get on with straight out of the box.
  12. Going to wait till after the Easter break to start back up again and following the guidelines to work safe. One advantage will be that you won't get customers coming out and saying can you just.😁
  13. Horse Chestnut I reduced by 20% about 7 years ago, went back on Monday to remove the regrowth and lift crown over road. Got done just before the bad weather started again.
  14. Have been using atrax now about year and it's have been best rope I ever had. Using it whit ZZ and ropewrench and hitch. Core has not moved at all and outside of the rope is still looking ok I will get some his week. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Deadwood, thin and lift on this Oak today. Not only do I have to climb on two ropes now I also have to pick my way round OPM nests. 😁 Lost count once I got to double figures.


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