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  1. I don't think the old ones had a turbo. They used the turbo on the std8 to get 45hp out of the same engine. I think Greenmech have gone down the route of having a heavier flywheel to produce more torque from a less powerful engine. Wonder if forst have done the same with the fly wheel.
  2. It looks like the STD6 has the same engine as before but only producing 24 hp rather then 35 hp as before to comply with stage V emissions. Is this done by putting a restrictor on the engine and is it possible to remove once the chipper has been brought. Can't see how the new STD6 would be able to compete with the old ones with a drop in horse power.
  3. Have the price's for diesel chipper's now taken a big price jump due to the additional cost of having a stage V engine.
  4. Unfortunately OPM is now out of control and will eventually cover the majority of the country. Not only will it make it more difficult to carry out work on Oak trees but we will start to lose our Oak, I have heard of a number that have had to be felled due to the damage caused by the caterpillar. It's ridiculous that is started off from a few trees that were imported from Holland and planted by Hanger Lane, London. It would be good if the ARB association could provide training on how best to deal with it as it can be very detrimental to your health.
  5. The ARB trolley really changed things for me. I remember when we had handball everything out of the garden. Also helmets. Remember when everyone had the same husqvarna helmet with the elastic chin strap.
  6. Pfanner arborist Type A are probably the lightest trousers for tree work.
  7. I have a HB20 and can see it outlasting me. The new ones can just about go through a 25 inch gap when you take of the outer wheel. Could you not recondition the one you have. The only downside I find is it is a heavy machine and you do feel it at the end of the day.
  8. There will always be parts for the machine, I was just not sure what would happen to the Quadchip once they had used up all the stage 4 engines. First one I change at 800 hours and then the second at only 370 hours but this was because I wanted one of the last ones with the stage 4 diesel engine. Have to say Greenmech are brilliant to deal with and any issues that have I have had have been sorted asap. They are also very helpful on line and phone to help with any problems you might have.
  9. On my 3rd one and have to say a brilliant chipper. Would not really be able to go back to an inline chipper now as the turntable makes things a lot easier. Round blades last a lot longer then straight ones and are easy to turn/change. There is a lot of really good design points on it that when it came out it was ahead of a lot of the chippers of that time. If you get one that has four round blades the chip does not seem to make it all the way to the back of the truck due to it being a very fine chip. Greenmech will give you a kit that you can change to a two blade system making the chip bigger which means it will throw the chip further. Went from a 150 and have to say the quad chip was is so much better. Think that the Quadchip will cease production this year so could be some good deals on one.
  10. Unfortunately it has to be gone this week and is now sorted but thank you for your interest.
  11. Looking at going down this route at the moment and see that Sherpa and Cast both do a loader at only 76cm wide. This would fit into most gardens that I work in but I was wondering how a small machine of that size would perform and whether anyone could share their experiences. Thanks.
  12. Sorry for the spelling mistake. Just want it gone on the day if possible. It's very near Hampton Court.
  13. Anyone interested in the above in the West Moseley area. Tree is coming down Wednesday and wood can be collected from the front drive. PM for details. Thanks
  14. I know but where I am there is not the access for those machines as people keep building boxes on the back of their property with bi-folding doors.
  15. Really enjoyable read while having a sandwich. Wish you all the best with the new venture. Did get me thinking, what is the cut off point for climbing, two years away from 40 and still climb without too many aches and pains but can't lift big timber anymore. And what is my exit plan.


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