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  1. But it would have had to be an income before you paid it to hmrc and so would be taxable after you reclaim it back if you did not put it back into the business and draw it as earnings. I could be totally wrong but can't find anything on the gov website that says reclaim VAT is tax free. I see it as you have to earn the money to pay the VAT through work and if you can then claim that back and its taken as a profit then you would be taxed on it as it was an income to start with. Happy to be proven wrong and going to have a chat with the accountant to clarify.
  2. How does it work? From my understanding if you claim back say £2000 in VAT from buying a van then that amount would then show in your accounts as profit for which you would need to pay tax on. I could be mistaken but I'm sure VAT that you reclaim over the tax year is not tax free.
  3. I'm on sage and found it very easy to use. I would not go VAT registered if you don't have to even if you could save the VAT on the new van. It always worth doing the maths if you don't claim the VAT it goes against your tax where as if you claim it back you then have to pay tax on it. You might find out the difference is not that great. You can also claim the VAT back on the van within 4 years if you do have to go VAT registered.
  4. Has anyone got the above and can give some feed back on it. Looks like a ce marked one is due over here around October. Thanks
  5. Sounds like you are doing everything right, as long as they don't work the same set days a week and travel to site in their own transport they can be classed as freelance workers.
  6. I'm a small business and did attend a really useful workshop with Paul on becoming aa approved which if you are thinking then this is a must as you will have a very good place to start. Paper work rise the aa are only asking for you to have everything that you should already have in place to make a successful insurance claim if you needed to. The assessment should be straightforward for any competent firm and again they just want to see that you are complying with good practices in the industry. If you become approved then I think it will bring in addition work and if you're looking to expand then its a positive way to move forward. It's not a great cost per year to join and I honestly don't think they make any money from the scheme, the cost is only there to cover their costs. The only thing that I feel that let's the whole thing down is there are a few firms that are aa approved that if a spot check was done they would lose their status overnight but unfortunately this never happens.
  7. My first ever boss in Dublin always believed and said that if the chain was razor sharp then you didn't need to clean the saw. He would even put a file over a new chain right out of the box which I never understood. The only cleaning that I ever did to a saw when I worked there was tipping petrol over the air filter every morning.
  8. Rope guide over the pulley saver, worth the extra money. You do have to hold a rope tighter with a pulley but you can do things to help reduce the strain on your wrist and elbows. Use a foot ascender, Once you have weight under you hitch you should be able to self tend the rope from above, SJ3 is the best for this but ZZ will do the same and even the HC on the VT. Some good gloves with plenty of grip. When my rope guide is done I will, definitely replace it with a twin line if I not mastered SRT by then 😆
  9. Hoping someone could help identify these growths on a copper Beech that have grown on the underside of the lower limbs of the crown. Thanks in advance
  10. I sure it comes with two rope bridge's and it's up to you how you configure the harness. I really like the idea of the first aid kit.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Will see if it's possible to pop to a shop near by to have a try. Not sure if this is possible at the moment but will try. Thanks
  12. If this is true then even if you are driving illegally at least you know that the truck is made to take the load that you have put on the back rather then driving around in a vehicle not fit for purpose.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. How you found the tm evo.
  14. Just wondering if anyone one had any feedback above the new harness from Edelrid. Need to replace my TM and just fancy a change. Thanks in advance.
  15. Out of interest what would have happen to the 45hp engines if they didn't get used before the deadline.


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