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  1. I would say faster as you can stay on the machine longer without breaks. They are far superior then the moter ones.
  2. I was going to give up trimming a few years back due to the wear and tear on the body but decided to go Electric and now could trim all day and still feel fresh. Sharpe trimmers are as important as a sharp chain to make the job as effective as possible.
  3. Not old as only just turned 40 but have climb now for 20 years and cant see why I would not be climbing in another 20 years. Found srt to be a big game changer and Cherry Juice.
  4. That's good to know with Xststic. I got my BDB almost fully open and still grips well on the Atrax. How offer do you go through a zigzag on it.
  5. OK but not as smooth as the Teufelberger drenaLINE which is the other rope I use it on. Atrax is my go to rope due to being the right length for most trees and works find but I will try something different for the BDB when I need new rope. People are suggesting Teufelberger Xstatic Rope on Tree Buzz as a very good rope. Thanks
  6. I have had one now for 6 months. Yes the coils can get caught on a peg and you might have to reset but that takes no more then a few seconds and you're good to go. Rope pulls out really easy when needed and quick to store again. I run my rope through my chainsaw tool clip and have not had any problems with my lanyard and tool stop getting tangled. It is pricey but I got mine with a 5m splice rope for free. I also like the idea that someone has taken the time to design and get in production a tool that hopefully helps keep things tidy on your harness. I think how ever you managed your ropes they are always going to get tangle up at times but the Neat Freak is better then having 5m rope hanging down lose.
  7. I had the same body on a supercab ranger and unfortunately once you had more then half a load the steering became really light to the point it was scary. Would be worth looking at the air suspension to help with this problem.
  8. £120 a day on the books is worth £180 plus as se. One of the positives of subbing is getting to work with different people. Also depends on how much you like where you work at present.
  9. The best bit was everyone that parks their car under the tree took notice of the notice. First time was everything.
  10. Srt, Bulldog bone sharp silky saw and secateurs makes an easy job for this TPO Yew reduction by 1m to 1.5m.
  11. My prices increase year on year and I still win work and very busy. Yes I was one who kept my prices low for far to long worried about going over the VAT threshold and losing all my work but when I did have to register I didn't lose any more work then before and gain a bit. It is always easier said then done on pricing higher but until the bosses do no one below them will benefit with higher wages and the arb industry will be less appealing. My point is there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of this job whether you are a grounds man or company owner and we can change things for the better one step at a time.
  12. If I had someone in a team leader role that could run the whole show while I went out each day pricing then I would be looking at paying then around £40000. It's not about what people are being paid but rather what they should be. There is money in this industry to pay good wages but unfortunately to many people price the same as they did 20 years ago holding everything back.
  13. True but that won't change until people start to realise what they are worth in this industry. If you can't even get £100 a day then you need to move on if possible as I'm sure there are firms out there that would snap you up.
  14. Any team leader should be on around £40000 wage give or take the area you work.
  15. 160 on the books as you lead a team even through you might not be the main climber. Plus an extra 10 to 20 a day if you drive and maintain the trunk and chipper.


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