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  1. Where did I go wrong, I should have stayed working for an aa approved firm (one that pays this guy who wrote the article to do all the paperwork to become arb approved and then on the day of the assessment has to call in a freelance climber to even be able to pass) rather then making a go at earning a decent living with a good work life balance. If working for an aa approve company was so good why did this guy go and start his own company 🤔
  2. Has anyone found that things have picked up yet. Still not running a full week but have work to tie me over.
  3. I have the echo 2511 which has be mod by spud and the 2500. The 2500 is always the go to saw everyday what ever I do. Have to say it is brilliant and worth it for the tool clip alone. I got mine from chainsawbar.co.uk with the panther bars which really makes a big difference to the saws. The only downside is the battery will not last as long as the Stihl 200ap but just take a charger if you need it.
  4. When ever I need more then 30m I aways go for the Xstatic with the bone. Best rope so far I have used.
  5. Been using atrax since I first got the bone and works fine. Its just a bit bouncy with a base tie.
  6. Greenmech also sell a grinder set up so you can sharpen them yourself. I just normally send then to greenmech.
  7. Even with the bulldog bone I use more knots now with srt then I ever did with drt. Who needs a ladder when you can rope walk 😁 Really useful information on this.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply to this question. The company is arb approved so in theory they should really be following the guidelines that you have set out above. I spoke to a couple of other climbers that will be attending the site this week and they have all said flat out that they will not do the Plane trees. I will forward this on to them. I understand that large companys have many things to worry about in the day to day running but they do need to look out for the guys that do the work, especially when we are in sort demand.
  9. Just wanted to ask would anyone on here say no to working on London Planes this week. I did a days climbing for a firm on Monday where there are a number of plane trees to Pollard. The guys asked if I would work on them this week and I was honest and said no chance as I cant see why then could just not wait till the winter. Also as paye, could you refuse to work on them.
  10. It is indeed. I'm based just outside West London. Funny thing is I have started contact climbing again to fill up days to a firm in Ealing and they have loads of work at very high prices. If only could target my advertising to those areas I would be sorted 🤔.
  11. Very true. But being the age it is I think its more likely to be sold to someone just starting out.
  12. Works been slow now since May with very few calls. Have one more weeks worth of work and then off on holiday and will worry what to do when I get back. One positive thing is the very few jobs I do quote I seem to get 80% which is a big increase from 54% at the start of the year and 27% due the mad covid rush. So least time wasted 👍
  13. Both were not accountants but since posting my accountant has come back to me saying the same thing. Will just take a hit on the money I get for it. Had it for 15 years so doesn't owe me anything and its worth more then before covid. Would have kept it if it was not for the ulez expanding next August
  14. Thanks guys for the replying. Looks like its plus VAT
  15. Hopefully someone will be able to help. I'm selling my 15 year old Cabstar which when I brought it, I was not VAT registered and paid the full price. Even though I'm now VAT it was past the four year point from which I could claim the VAT on the truck. I was lead to believe that because I paid the VAT and never claim it back, that when I sell the truck I will not have to charge VAT on top. I'm asking here as I have been given conflicting advise from two partys. Thanks in advance.
  16. Schisling 6 inch chipper runs a 3 cylinder 23hp engine and is a fantastic chipper. Greenmech evo 165 will out perform most 6 inch 35hp chippers just like the Schisling. Its short sighted to think that 6 inch chippers need to run at 35hp when 25hp is all you need with the right engineering. All the Evo needs now is a turntable👍
  17. Its worth knowing that if you start working for a company paye then they will provide your climbing kit. You might also be able to rent gear from the place you are doing your training. £1000 with get you a fair amount of gear but I would hold off till you know more about what fits you best as a climber.
  18. Fuel card. Need to check before posting.
  19. Fuel card. Need to check before posting.
  20. Can I ask which cars you are using. Thanks
  21. Two weeks left here with no new leads. Only calls I have had is from existing customers for work. I got a feeling its going to be a very slow year unfortunately. Shame as it started really well.
  22. Not only can you bring in a subbie climber for the AA test you can use a third party company to do all the paper work for you. As a company if you need to outsoure to gain AA approval how would you be able to keep the standards you needed to past. The AA really need to look into this as being approved is seen as a bit of a joke within the industry and seen as box ticking exercise rather then trying to encourage a higher standard of work and safety.
  23. I remember being taught by Glen. He did rub a lot of people up the wrong way at college but looking back I throught he was just trying to teach the safest way to carry out tree work. I don't climb on two ropes myself and have yet to work with a single climber that does. Do you have to use two lines if you work for an aa approved company.
  24. What do you consider a climber/owner company profits should be on a year. Have only had a chance to watch half but so far some really good points.


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