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  1. Is it really worth worrying about
  2. Recent project I was contracted in on VID-20240326-WA0000.mp4
  3. They have a couple of things that need changing like the belts to a power band that changed the chipper I love mine 92 hp I think people are obsessed with light weight and fuel efficiency these days not me we can feed it with a digger all day no problem hardly here any auto stress bags of power 👍🏻
  4. Love the dog mate I had to English bulls terriers first saw 1 in Oliver twist when I was a kid and always wanted 1😍
  5. I could nearly see your house
  6. Got to ring that down in the morning not much fun with a 661 I get the general comment of 881 been most of the time unnecessary but I do havd the need for mine a few tines a month 42 inch bar in solid beech would be a bit painful on a 661 🤣
  7. Buy it you won't regret it it's a total moral boost getting the rake out on the machine 💪
  8. not the best photo but if u zoom in you will probably get a idea
  9. I'll try and remember to get u some I pick it up with the grab which is I feel much more efficient than the ones that have to be attached to the head stock also with my grab been hydraulic rotator I can move the rake in the desired direction without changing the direction of the machine if that makes sense
  10. Did it with the hydraulic rake on the vermeer so wasn't bad 💪
  11. Would u of climbed it? VID-20240106-WA0023.mp4 20240106_090127.mp4 20240106_093933.mp4
  12. Rare to get me pruning but I did 1 today endless targets underneath including a gas tank


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