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  1. Yea comfortably think it had 2 lights left
  2. Not what I would have ever considered taking photos of before receiving the DCS-2500t but I wanted to see what its capabilities were in a small tree removal wear i would have probably used my husqvarna t525 normally which would manage chogging the stem down ! The echo was lovely on all the limbs and tops it managed the stem but that was at its limits
  3. Pfanner Matterhorn Chainsaw Boots | Pfanner Chainsaw Boots WWW.OUTWEARLTD.CO.UK Pfanner Matterhorn Chainsaw Boots for ultimate chainsaw protection, comfort and durability in the harsh forest environment.
  4. 2nd day finishing off the tiddlers
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it was my 40th last week
  6. What the pics don't show is the smaller one of the 2 was restricting the acces for the machine getting wood out and in general moving around it looked in the pics a cut a drop easy peasy not really ! wires privet hedge and other targets behind the hedge the other tree is not that tall but very wide it spreads over some fruite trees shed hedge wires neighbours fence nowt hard but pics don't do them justice
  7. O dear God I wish j had u there to show me how its done 😞
  8. Windy rainy populars today got half of the 2nd one done as well will try get some better pics tommor
  9. Had the little echo out today for some lateral draw backs on some larch it performed really well on some pretty hard dead limbs and flew through the live stuff its a joy to use
  10. Its definitely well placed for the quick draw 😎
  11. First day our with the saw working it's been a joy to use
  12. You been a big user of saws in the tree and all 🙄
  13. It's on a 1/4 mate I wouldn't run any electric top handle on out els
  14. I've not used it in anger yet but I have some 5% crown reductions planned for the morning I'll keep you posted on cutting speed 😉


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