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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with full rap handles befor knocking them try using one in a work setting oh yea I forget plenty on here dont actually use saws for work just talk about them [emoji849]
  2. This small dead ash tree was at the top of a embankment with immovable ornaments at the bottom so cutting and chucking wasnt a option and rigging the tree off itself wasn't appropriate so we set up this light traverse system between two small ash trees at either side probably 30meter apart it's a shame the video is spoiled buy the sun
  3. Lad I no in Germany uses 1 of these every day he rates it very highly sorry I cant speak from personal experience but I would trust his opinion he is a quality saw man
  4. If that's directed at me I can only comment on what I see and my experience this been 20+ years of faultless husqvarna use and that's not playing using them either its professional use arbor and in the forest ! I do no some one who I hold in quite high regard in chainsaw knowledge who used echo in the woods as he said he was sick of blowing up 560s but after a couple of years and plenty of echoes later he is Back to husqvarnas after deciding the performance from the echoes just wasnt up to par there will always be bad apples and I guess I'm either really lucky or soft on my saws the latter been unlikely as there ain't much soft about the work I do !
  5. Hey bill I guess have been really lucky with all my 5 series husqvarnas I've had owned 560s from the start never a issue 540 from the start never any issues 562 no issues 572 now no problems ! The only saw I have ever bought and thought was rubbish from the get go was a stihl 201t hated it and that put me off stihl for a bit but some of there new models are really nice to use ! My experience of echo be it limited I must admit is every model I've picked up feels cheap the plastic feels cheap the construction of the saw just looks poor they run ok but arent a saw I would buy or use in a professional setting that's only my opinion!
  6. Looking for work for me and my grounds man I have over 20 years climbing experience all over the world he is multi skilled with rigging saw work machine operating I have all saws rigging kits 8 inch tracked chipper with winch 4x4 for towing plant or tipper trailer. I have CS 30 31a 31b 33b 38 39 40 41 CSCS mewp fully insured up 5million based in Yorkshire but happy to travel nationwide my contacts 07794590402 donlofthouse1@gmail.com Have a look at DRL tree service on you tube to see some of my work . Don lofthouse
  7. I just don't get this whole echo hype I have used several different models and I honestly just would never buy one there are 2 brands of chainsaw husqvarna and stihl for me both that make some great saws past and present no need to shop around for sub standard other manufacturers
  8. Nice work mick ! Has it been quite in February for u
  9. Snowy Sheffield hill tops for me today very slimy sycamore rigged allot dropped a bit felled the stem between walls and graves


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