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  1. I have had a 572xp over 2 years hasn't missed a beat! like out in the woods said 5001 lovely saw but just doesn't have the feel of quality like the the 572
  2. True the muffs falling off drives me round the fkn bend [emoji23]
  3. Funny I couldn't disagree more with u mate I've found them more robust buy a country mile then any flimsy shit petzl the visors on all other helmets are nothing but a joke constantly needing to be replaced ! I dont get the hole power ranger thing either to be honest I just think they look professional and made for the job but that is only my opinion and everyone else is entitled to theirs [emoji4]
  4. They are a far superior helmet to any other I have had 2 and the original still has its visor it came with have changed the muffs but compared with other brands they are so robust and user friendly once set up correctly for ur head !
  5. Final day in stockport more rain but we had done the hard word rigging the side over road yesterday afternoon as it dark making use of the dry couple of hrs we got so got on sight this morning and got it down !
  6. Finished of the beech we started yesterday first thing in the pouring rain! Then started another beech this afternoon which will fell in the morning then back to York !
  7. That job we didnt but yes we do allot of the time
  8. Not from today but nice footage so I thought I would share it's me in the tree
  9. Dont be scared of finance I was for years and ran unreliable vehicles that must of cost me years of my life in stress not to mention excessive spending on repairs renting stand in vehicles wen mine were out of action I just didnt want to have the payments every month but now driving brand new is so worth it just get in it and go to work and concentrate your energy on making money instead if your vehicle is gunner let u down transport is to important in our industry to not see it as the primary spend forget all the other toys if u cant get to the trees there useless!


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