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  1. I've just ordered a new tekna had a 19 plate hilux invincible auto last few months not impressed to be honest the interior is terrible!
  2. Not sure about luck ? But I definitely grafted my arse off for the year [emoji6]
  3. When I was 16 I started doin a nvq2 in arb 3 weeks working for a company 50miles away and the other week at college my first day I got up at 5am road 6 miles to local town to catch the bus to wear the company was I sat on the bus for just over a hr never met the boss befor till I got in his hilux he turned looked at me said I have had 7 of u students so far this year they have all been shit if ur shit u can go as well ! 23 years later we very good friends and i have some great memories of jobs we have done together
  4. Why do so many think they are above adhering to road traffic laws ? And think that if a car goes to close in there eyes they can fly off the handle am not gunner go into a slagging match about cyclists but so many treet the roads like some sort of cycle path that is for them to do as they please if a motor vehicle driver commits an offence they are held accountable ?
  5. On my way back to England been a hot and tiring week
  6. I agree mick to be honest a day on the ground = day or 2 back pain for after wards wear as climbing i can do 7 days in a row no problem no pain
  7. I was back to the yard for 2pm mick totally done in
  8. Stone dead spruce today to hot to work had drank 6L of water buy 11.30am started at 5am ti try get done before the heat got to bad 38 degrees this morning
  9. Nice pics, that lorry looks very handy. Is that a winch drum I spot on it? Its wear the drag attaches ian he has another massive hook loader trailer for it the crane has a felling head which is used allot on anything they can get the truck near will try get a video
  10. What that very large vermeer stump grinder 😉
  11. Am glad it didn't get to your truck mate I took a section of Norway maple flopped it onto some old concrete it shattered flew up In the air travelled a good hundred feet and landed on my bonnet [emoji17]
  12. Plane to work this morning up at 2am god am tired already getting to old for this they loved my work boots at security set all the bleepers off 🤣


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