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  1. They were bungalows i coukd do that from floor 😜
  2. Your right there saw Hardly warm at all ! I do like hydraulics 🤗
  3. Very smooth couple of hrs on this sycamore this morning
  4. I'll be down that way last week in January incould do it on the 29th January if that suites
  5. Aven't you got yr boots on yet 😉 all the best.  K

    1. bigtreedon


      Been at work all last week mate back to it tomorrow no rest for the wicked

  6. When the customer asks for the logs in garage
  7. I brought a 572xp back from Europe while working in Germany befor they were even available in the UK 572xp is a great saw I love mine. I no which saw i would take up the tree with me to have hanging on my side while rigging heavy wood down or If wanted blow a big top out with 500i ! Ground work amongst rough terrain felling hardwood I would choose the 572xp but who am I to judge ive only been at it 23 years [emoji57]
  8. 4/5 would be great that number was surpassed many years ago my saw addiction took hold early [emoji15]
  9. I personally don't like any other present production stihl saws I love the 200t have more than 1 all modified no better top handle has ever been made but as a straight out the box saw no mods running a 25inch bar the 5001 takes some beating it feels much nicer in the had to me than the 4 series stihls but that's my personal opinion I have always preferred the ergonomics of husqvarna
  10. Did you call it a novelty saw ? Are you a arm chair specialist [emoji848]
  11. 500i is no novelty saw! Just curious what do you do for a living are you a full time chainsaw user or a arm chair [emoji575] specialist [emoji848] i am a husqvarna man through and through im not some deluded stihl fan that just likes any stihl cos its a stihl either i actually bought a 500i recently because weight power cutting speed out the box unmatched! Yes I have numerous ported saws that cut faster have more power but they didn't start there life like that they had to have money spent on them to be modified to make them great saws the 5001 is great with out any mods
  12. bigtreedon

    540i xp

    I use this saw every day very rarely use a petrol top handle now battery life is great either need 2x 200x to do a full shift or 1x 300x but the big battery is a bit heavy and makes the saw more bulky I prefer the 200x


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