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  1. thanks guys. spud I think you need to het out more often knowing that info haha. only joking, appreciate it. Need to get some bits ordered and look forward to trying it.
  2. it has a decompression button and starts a treat. When i forgot to press the button and bounce started it I got a shock haha. Just fixing up my 084 so best not forget the decomp button an that 1 🤠
  3. any bars or chains left? Im just building a roller tracked chainsaw mill, have a 084 just need a bar & chain.
  4. Hi, can you tell me if this is a 064? Serial 149465316. Im only guessing but not sure. Ive just dragged it out my shed, been stood at least 5 years for me and alot more prior as purchased as spares/repair with bits missing. I emptied old fuel, stuck some fresh fuel in, a few pulls and runs very well. All others I dug out needed a good carb clean. It needs quite a few bits as some missing. eg bar, chain, chain adjuster, brake lever assembly, back cover, 1 dog etc. I'll prob try a chain/bar off another saw. Is it worth fixing up just as a firewood toy?
  5. At first i thought this was a good idea then within 2 seconds decided its a death trap. with a few safety tweeks it could be good. as it is if you trip or slip like you do when theres round bits on the floor and you go flying you could easily loose a arm or head.
  6. I think theres a artic load (25t) and a bit in that pic.
  7. My local haulier takes my timber. I dont have to sell or market it. Phone him up, collects within days and thats it. I get £55 ton for ash, £44 spruce. I dont even have to be on site. All processor size generally with occational larger ones. He offers the price, seems fair to me. The ash goes to a local firewood company, not sure where spruce goes but think goes to chip.
  8. or just fell it & sell as is. fook 24 achres is a lifetime supply of kindling. last load of softwood I got £44 ton selling to local haulure who i think sold to powerstation. or do a mixture of both.
  9. I love to burn spruce, burns really hot and no spitting. Prefer it over ash.
  10. I've just felled a few artics worth of Ash & spruce in 12ft lengths. Whats the going rate ex works processor compatible <15inch roadside? also have some ash 15-20" based in north yorks. just after a guide price to ask for it. Ta in advance.
  11. I can usually get good used once ibcs pretty cheap, its the transport that kills it. I take barrel out, cut it diagonally and use as a pitched roof for my log cages. If anyone wants any located just off A19 near thirsk north yorks.
  12. Located North Yorks, Thanks Defender. Local haulier offered £55 ton for Ash roadside which seems reasonable from past experiences. Just like to keep up with prices as another guy offered £22 a ton a while back which I declined 🤣.
  13. selling 1 load to a local guy as a 1 off.
  14. Whats a rough going rate for a full artic of processable Ash roadside? Good access, 12ft lengths, processor size and been down about 18months. Ta
  15. I dont like vented bags, last lot of green ones are a year old and seems like the UV has got to them and are just ripping on the sides on their own. They also expand a fair bit. I transplanted a vented bag into a standard bag, both supposed to be the same sise and had 1/4 bag left in the vented when std bag was full. I process into ibc cages now and hard ball into bags a week before delivering as also found bagging sesoned logs into std bags made them go mouldy after a few weeks.


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