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  1. AndyChalmers

    Current timber prices for Ash

    I spoke to David last year, nice guy however a bit cheeky with his prices, offer £22 ton for seasoned softwood & £35 ton for the seasoned ash. Was'nt worth selling for that. He's only 2 miles down the road too.
  2. AndyChalmers

    Current timber prices for Ash

    I dont currently have any Ash I want to sell however may change my plan and cut some down as the interest seems to be there. Not many people have posted current prices tho. I have just sold a artic load of well seasoned spruce for £44 ton roadside, is this good or bad?
  3. AndyChalmers

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    Ahhh I get you, im not sure. I am cutting longer & heavier lengths than I used to so its possible the extra weight is making the difference. I'll check it out. Thanks for the pointer
  4. AndyChalmers

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    no, feed belt pushes timber to the length stop. then belt stops. bar is pulled down, chain starts, then cuts. Belt does not start again untill I make it start.
  5. AndyChalmers

    Favourite softwood

    Haha, that made me laugh. Even funnier than a misstype, I am a Firefighter too haha.
  6. AndyChalmers

    Favourite softwood

    I mainly burn Spruce, I really rate it. I only mainly have spruce & ash in my woodland and prefer to bun spruce. Gives out loads of heat, burns quite long, light to carry into house, easy to process, no need for kindling just a firefighter. Just need to convince my customers to buy it lol.
  7. AndyChalmers

    Current timber prices for Ash

    Whats the current prices please. I have some seasoned and fresh felled processor friendly ash in 12ft lengths, I also have some very dry processor friendly spruce in 10ft lengths. I was wondering what its worth if I sell any. Just debating to keep or sell as I sell logs part time. Im located in North Yorkshire, 5 miles from the A1 nr Boroughbridge, good roadside access.
  8. AndyChalmers

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    I never James, I was going to buy a expensive bar to try then decided just to buy the cheapest ebay bars for £14 delivered. Dont last long but are cheap.
  9. Hi Logstore, are you still after some softwood? I have alot of that size, very dry spruce in 10ft lengths and not for from you.
  10. AndyChalmers

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    yes both 1.5mm & matched. oregon 158SLGK095 bar & 21LP (34LG) oregon full chisel chain. I will get my verniers and measure them both to double check.
  11. AndyChalmers

    Weight of IBC cage full of split Ash

    yes a barrel full of concrete lol. normally tractors lift more than spec just tip over, mine just doesnt lift it nor tip.
  12. AndyChalmers

    Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    interesting, its deffo a oregan bar & oregan chain and just phoned my supplier up and they only supply full chissel chains. Would you guys reccomend a semi chissel over a full on a processor? & why?
  13. I have a Japa 370 processor. I fitted a new chain & oregon pro-light 158SLGK095 bar not long ago. Cut about 20 m3, never sharpened chain and bar had worn badly, chain slops about and not cut straight. Turned bar over and perfect agian. sharpened chain & done another 15-20m3 and bars worn again. it doesnt seem to be cutting perfectly straight so measure the angle and only out a degree or so. I canrt see how to get it true again. Ive never had a problem in the past tho. Its lubing correctly just wearing the bar groove out so chain does not sit square. if i cut on the tip its perfect. Can anyone reccomend anything or recomend a harder wearing bar?
  14. AndyChalmers

    Weight of IBC cage full of split Ash

    new tractor spec is 400kg front forks limit. was told would easily lift a cage of logs hmmm. thats eaxactly what im looking for really. Then also going to make a 3 point linkage attachment for the back of my 4 ton dumper
  15. Hi, does anyone know what the weight would be of a steel IBC cage full of split Ash (9"). Both green & seasoned. Just purchased a new compact 30hp tractor with front loader expecting it to be fine and it wont lift them.


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