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  1. I dont like vented bags, last lot of green ones are a year old and seems like the UV has got to them and are just ripping on the sides on their own. They also expand a fair bit. I transplanted a vented bag into a standard bag, both supposed to be the same sise and had 1/4 bag left in the vented when std bag was full. I process into ibc cages now and hard ball into bags a week before delivering as also found bagging sesoned logs into std bags made them go mouldy after a few weeks.
  2. Who says I dont? I just said it was a derv engine, obviosly I use red derv.
  3. yes mine is derv, a tank lasts a day lol. Thats why I bought it, petrol is twice the price and uses twice as much. Its a bit noisy but does the job. I also have a PTO drive Japa 370. bars are cheap for the 300 and last ages, I dont have a spare as get plently of notice before I need to change it. Im no expert but think you would need to check your flow rate for the processor & tractor, then decide if you could run off the attachment hydraulics or need a pto pump but its all do-able.
  4. Mine was originally from a local supermarket I aquired 😁, however can be purchased easily online for about £20. The things I also like, I can load with 2 hands, not 1 like holding a bag open. It doesnt get a wet/mucky underside when loading. Its ventilated. I wheel it most of the way through doors then carry it using handle last few yards. It holds just right amount for 2 evenings use.
  5. I have a Japa 300 derv processor. No not a stihl bar, a husky bar. it uses a 13" bar, chain is 0.325" 56link, 1.3mm groove. Husky fitment and holes line up etc. Fuelwood sell the bars for about £20 & £10 for a chain and will give correct gear. Or local husky places should have them. If you need any more info I'll have a look at my bars etc.
  6. I got bored of humping bags of logs from my store to the stove. I put too many in the log bag, bashed doors/walls etc plus hurt my back. Now I use a hard supermarket type basket that has wheels, a handle & a telescopic handle. Just load, wheel it next to the fire, simples.
  7. about 400kg for log contents. I get 2 bags of logs to a IBC that weigh 200kg each.
  8. Thank you for your advise, I never got to the bottom of this. Been using my spare processor as 370 did my head in. So basically yours was cutting diagonal and wearing the bar out fast? So the Oregon Control Cut bar & chain helped? or just the bar? Any details greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, I process firewood into IBCs ready for drying, thats straight forward. I have a problem unloading IBCs into bulk bags, how do you do yours? after some ideas. Currently I have a decent size hole in the bottom side of the IBC, lift above bag, tilt IBC and hand ball out into a open bag. Not liking this method as labour intensive and I prefer to bag a couple of days prior to deliverying to stop mould. Had a few mould problems last yr as some bag stock got mouldy. Im liking the idea of tipping cages into a conveyor hopper and bag using a conveyor as seems more controllable. or possibly tip ibcs into a tipping trailer thats at the right height and funnel the end. Also need ideas on how to tip the logs out of the cages. how do you do yours? after some ideas.
  10. Ive just sold some spruce to a haulier. He offered £44 ton. 1st load was well seasoned for 3+ years and didnt weigh alot. 2nd load had 1/2 fresh and 1/2 well seasoned and got 28ton. Ive also been offered £47 a ton roadside of a few people. For comparison haulier also offered me £55 ton for fresh ash so think hes a bit low on his prices. Hes hastle free to be fair and has to make a living.
  11. Thanks for the advise. I agreed to loan the mill, once I have it setup and running, the seller will run me through it etc. Sods law the same day I agreed to loan the mill, I sold a artic load of softwood and they took all my large spruce, sighh (loaded when I wasnt there). All my large ash was taken last week grrr. Ahh well. I may as well by the sounds of it try & trade my ash/spruce for some better sizes & breeds. Or sell mine to pay for more fit for purpose grades. If I decided to just waney edge my timber for fences etc. Is spruce or ash worth treating & what with? ta
  12. I have loads of 1 use ibcs, very clean. metal/platic bottoms, £15 each collected. Based in Dalton, North Yorkshire.
  13. A friend of mine is selling a Lumbermate 2000 for £3500, its electric start, 30hp engine, 30" cut, 13ft extended bed, trailered, not done much work, left undercover outside. Hes a gamekeeper and milled his own wood for animal pens, fences etc. My question is I own a woodland and have plenty of felled Spruce and Ash, not big diameters but some reasonable 12" - 24". Over the next few years I am building some holiday lodges, building fences, buildings to clad, furnature to make and general timber requirements. Would it be worth my while in buying a saw and using the timber I have? any advise welcomed.
  14. I spoke to David last year, nice guy however a bit cheeky with his prices, offer £22 ton for seasoned softwood & £35 ton for the seasoned ash. Was'nt worth selling for that. He's only 2 miles down the road too.
  15. I dont currently have any Ash I want to sell however may change my plan and cut some down as the interest seems to be there. Not many people have posted current prices tho. I have just sold a artic load of well seasoned spruce for £44 ton roadside, is this good or bad?


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