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  1. Fungi found on ash tree, located below a failed section approx 8m up. Couldn’t see anything around the base- help on the id please working on my id skilled…. My guess shaggy bracket?
  2. Haha the path is long… This site is incredibly serendipitous and the arguments are the extra jewels.
  3. Can you link these? Nothing I love more than reading some big butch men swinging handbags online 🤣
  4. cheers Andy, a couple of people have messaged offering some slabs, I’ll see what’s on offer! That’s where my head was in regards to value.
  5. Hi guys, I’m planning on building a large wall unit and would like to incorporate a live edge slab as the worktop. Approx. Measurements 14ft x 1.5ft x 2/3” thick (live edge only needed on one long side the rest cut square). Beech, elm or oak would be my preferred choices, any one with an idea of costs or can point me in the direction of a supplier (happy to collect) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire based cheers,
  6. Not to mention the cultural appropriation - wearing sombrero’s truly disgraceful
  7. Unfortunately doesn’t respect personal space when using the saw but he’s getting there!
  8. Hot weather = heat exhaustion & triggering it would seem
  9. How dare you exclude the Irish they’re “savages” too!
  10. it really is that simple! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to compete ££££ due to my preferred method of dealing with conifers
  11. Local tree firm needed - 1/2 hours chipping required. Everything will be dragged and ready roadside, max diameter 3-4” (chipped & taken away) but mostly small diameter stuff. Pictures below also includes the veg running along fence line. preferably Thursday 14th/Friday 15th this week. Cash/invoice paid on completion. Cheers,
  12. Throw in IR35 for good measure and it gets even more complicated
  13. Looks to be a serious contender in the rc world. Don’t suppose anyone has seen it in the flesh?
  14. Home | Vegetation Management Training - VMT VMTLTD.NET VMT was formed out of the desire to promote and develop skills, in an ever increasingly regulated industry... if you’re willing to travel, won’t find better than….. Home - Kingswood Training WWW.KINGSWOODTRAINING.COM
  15. Hi Kerry, when is the next course running? cheers,


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