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  1. surveyor

    Favourite Christmas song.

  2. surveyor

    Rescue from a single line

    The Bulldog Bone is not a good option for a two person load. Even if it held the weight, it would exceed my recommendation and upon release may not stop the load due to momentum.
  3. surveyor

    Husky 560 XP broken brake handle nipple stud

    Maybe show the Manufacturer, and ask them what they recommend. Perhaps they will send a new case.
  4. surveyor

    New SRT device from Petzl

    There is no reason Petzl could not add a headstock and tailstock to the ZZ, as I have made an improvement to the headstock on this very compact Lynx in the video which works SRT with the Tendril rope pictured.
  5. surveyor

    First World Cup memory..

  6. surveyor

    First World Cup memory..

    Congrats on making it this far. I thought Croatia could go far when I saw them in the first round, so we shall see soon. In my opinion Belgium has the best goalie.
  7. A two front wheel design would be much more stable. I have a push barrow with two wheels and it is very stable.
  8. surveyor

    How efficient is an open fire?

    Dad and I built a fireplace in his log cabin and used the 2" required gap around the firebox, in conjunction with a forced air fan to try to draw heat into the room, but only had limited success with that. So now have replaced the fireplace with a wood pellet burning stove which draws outside air and am quite pleased with it. It will fire up and shut down at any pre-determined time and only needs the hopper filled once a day. Here is the fireplace before the change, notice the gaps on either side of the firebox, and the air vents above the mantle.
  9. surveyor

    customised my pocket knife

    Very nice! Love it. Did you try India ink on the scrolling? The white is Bone and the solid black is? I once made a non folding knife out of an old mill bastard file, using the tang end to fasten layers of leather with a brass butt and brass hilt for the handle end. That knife had a marvelous edge.
  10. surveyor

    Double ended redwood mill

    We have a regular red cedar mantle, with red cedar boards on the gable , left with the rough edges, which you can just see above in the picture of our hand built log home. The cedar on the gable are untreated with any finish, and are now 35 years in place.
  11. surveyor

    Double ended redwood mill

    Wish I could buy one from you! I have an 8' x 8' table I made in our front yard that we use all the time, but yours will be so sweet and I bet valuable.
  12. surveyor

    Double ended redwood mill

    Neat. What do you plan to make with the slabs? One idea springs to mind : )
  13. surveyor

    knot and hitch catagory

    OK, Thank you.


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