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  1. knot and hitch catagory

    OK, Thank you.
  2. knot and hitch catagory

    What happened to the knot and hitch catagory?
  3. My Last Climbing Hurrah !

    Thanks for sharing. Were so many trees cut this way historically for livestock feed? (reading from your previous post)
  4. Felling Wedge

    Suprisingly a green balsa log barely floats.
  5. New Forum feedback

    You can customize the look of the layout of this new site, to be quite similar to the old site. I have the threads "condensed", and always showing recent posts from every category.
  6. I don't think they've done much of this before

    Was that a leech I saw
  7. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    For what it's worth, I bought a survey business, albeit not for this much cash, but also inherited the vehicle payments and the major instrument payments, and it was very valuable to inherit the phone number particularly. It enabled me to have a steady flow of work from the get go. This enabled me to pay off all my debts associated with the business after about a year. Of course I bought the business from the owner, who had been my boss.
  8. Compact Bulldog Bone

    Thanks Rich. There are indeed many videos now on youtube, maybe search there with the words "compact Bulldog Bone". I would add that I now make the Bone with an adjustable bollard, which is moved with a stainless steel captive machine screw, very much like the chain on a chainsaw is adjusted, tighter or looser.
  9. Dmm captain progress capture

    The BOLA works well with the right rope for progress capture. It has to be threaded and Rei installed a small non locking biner (not my doing) in place of the teardrop at the top. The bottom teardrop can be replaced with a RE Nano swivel if desired, but I rivet them in place for the BOLA which does not use cotters. [ame] [/ame]
  10. <p>Hello Gerd, I do still make the adjustable and standard Bones. I am down to one adjustable Bone right now, and it is spoken for. The adjustable Bone is 295.00 US + 40.00 s/h to the UK, with signed disclaimer. I could make you the standard Bone with 3 interchangeable bollards (requires tools) for 260.00 + s/h. I should have parts for the adjustable Bone in about 3 weeks. My email is <a href="mailto:" rel="">gordonandkathy@aol.com</a></p>



    <p>do you still sell the bulldog bone device? How much will it cost in € incl shipping to germany?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Best regards,</p>



  12. Bulldog Bone in action

    Here is an email I have received from an adjustable Bulldog Bone user. Do not try to adjust the bollard while weighted. "Hy Gordon, I learned something important about the new adjustable toparm today! Don't adjust it when hanging on the Bdb, because that way you'll screw out not only the bolt but also the nut. When adjusting the bone, the nut has to move (in order to keep it in place). I didn't realize that and as my bone kept slipping I tried to adjust it... until the bolt was out of the bollard! [​IMG] Nothing happened, I just wanted to let you know to keep an eye on the position of the nut! Kevin"
  13. Bone Oak Gates

    Nice work, love it.
  14. Bulldog Bone in action

    Here is a picture of what has been referred to as the BDB XL, which seems to suit this Bone. It has a 5/8" dia. x 0.58"wide steel bollard from a size 80 roller link on the top arm, with a short pivot length and short Hook end arms like the bottom arms. This Bone is a dedicated Vortex use SRT device. I have removed a wee bit of material (0.035") at the snap swivel link, which makes it easier to load the fat Vortex line. It also has a stainless steel and nylon standoff at the top of the spine to hold the shorter top arm from collapsing too much.
  15. Akimbo

    The difference with the Bones may be that Dave has an early Bone. The later Bones have a groove at the bottom of the spine which eases the rope through in a straighter path when slacked.


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