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  1. Hi Rich, As the HASWA and the regs, incl. W@H etc., apply to both employers and self-employed there is, at least in theory, a risk of prosecution. Further, and technically, a Director is an employee of the business.
  2. Because, simplistically, you are then "at work", even as a self-employed person, and the HASWA and W@H etc Regs apply.
  3. Hopefully this CoSHH risk assessment may help. A damp, ideally rainy, day is probably a good idea too. Cheers, Paul COSHH - Biological - Sooty Bark Disease - 220119.pdf
  4. For speed and efficacy I believe Timon...and your further summation is quite 'reasonable'...and 'practicable' Regards, and hope you're well, Paul
  5. For those who said the link didn't work (no idea why!) see attached. Cheers, Paul 2 rope working - an update (Nov.2019).pdf
  6. An interesting update / read and in particular the 'Hierarchy of Approach for the Use of Two Lines@ Arboricultural Association - Two-rope working – an update WWW.TREES.ORG.UK <h2>Two-rope working – an update</h2> <h4 class= author dblue mb30 ><strong>Simon Richmond</strong>, Senior... Cheers all, Paul
  7. Hi there, not negative at all..."constructive criticism". I will: 1. Get Head Office to post a formal link to the 'Crane' Technical Guide 2. Feedback your comments about the omission to which you refer. Regards, Paul
  8. Hi Tom, the ICoP (an existing document since 2015 as you are aware) is currently subject to a review/revision in light of HSE's decisions / directive, I don't believe there's a proposal to put this out to consultation but I will check with Simon. Obviously the Technical Guides, essentially new docuemnts, have been / are out to consultation (TG4 Cranes was posted on the FB forum recently - see Arboricultural Association - New Technical Guide 4 – Draft Consultation WWW.TREES.ORG.UK <h2 class= green bold text-center >Technical Guide 4: Safe Use of Mobile Cranes in Arboriculture</h2> <h1 class= display... ) Regards Paul
  9. Your points are valid, and well made, but we are an industry body and the HSE are the regulatory body now (potentially) enforcing W@H regs from 2005. We await a more informative article in the ARB Mag in the coming weeks followed by the revised ICoP and technical guide early in the New Year. Regards paul
  10. All, "yes" HSE have said they expect 2 ropes...and have done so since 2003/5 So, please think carefully about at what stage in the climb you are 'most at risk', e.g. on access (because you haven't inspected AND loaded the anchor at that point) / when working (because of increased risk when using saws etc.), and ensure you fully meet the requirements. Further than that please await publication of the new Technical Guide and revised ICoP...hopefully Jan. 2020 to better inform and steer your decisions. Regards all, Paul
  11. Sorry Pete, the forthcoming Technical Guide (TTG3) is the 'rigging guide' which obviously will cover anchor point selection, strengths and weaknesses etc. albeit not specific to ADB.
  12. Hi Pete, unfortunately not, it's with Head Office being branded etc. I don't believe this guidance will cover rigging in detail other than advising not to, in general, and only at Stage 1, ie very early on. Hope you're well, Paul
  13. Fireblight or Nectria, or both, maybe :I I'm not aware ADB affects Rowan. Cheers Jim, Paul
  14. Absolutely (re using a MEWP where cannot use a machine nor fell at ground level) and our ‘pending’ guidance aimed primarily at dismantling works states such. cheers Paul
  15. Hi Pete, as I understand it (from Tom Dixon) HSE are observing the other thread on the topic. incidentally Stuart Parry, from HSE, is joining our annual assessors meeting and doubtless the subject will also be “discussed” there too (I will feedback afterwards...if I am able.) Regards Paul


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