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  1. Take it you're all aware of the 'Haynes' manual, and not the one for your Ford Escort XR3i...or Morris Marina (my first one ) See Arboricultural Association - Haynes Tree Owners’ Workshop Manual WWW.TREES.ORG.UK A source of publications, guidance notes and leaflets for arboriculturists. Competitively priced available to members... Authored by Tony Kirkham (Kew) and Kenton Rogers (i-Tree)
  2. Hopefully you've got a land-based college nearby with a good 'arb' library
  3. Yep, usually in junction with a land based college, eg Capel Manor, but sometimes utilising alternative training providers. informally, many businesses develop people “on the job” n some larger employers, eg Gristwood n Toms, have their own in house training n development procedures. paul
  4. Possibly. My concern would be that the original rooting system has asphyxiated / died off because of the raised ground levels and the 'new' roots are sustaining the tree Can you construct a raised bed and retain them maybe Paul
  5. Swedish Whitebeam (Sorbus 'intermedia', a cross between rowan and whitebeam)...I think
  6. How bizarre is that (seen likewise.) Whilst sure it will also succumb in time, the FC talk about the wide genetic variations of Ash in the UK and the associated hope that some will be resistant
  7. FISA (UK), by virtue of one of their members having a related accident, have issued some guidance relating to tree felling operations (see attached.) We are currently working up some guidance for aerial works...which generally says 'use a MEWP' where there's any concerns about tree safety / wood integrity (something we are trying to get further 'scientific' information about from FERA/DEFRA/FC but, anecdotally, it would appear the disease makes an already fairly brittle tree potentially even more so.) Safety Guidance Note - Felling dead ash - April 2018.pdf
  8. Ash Dieback Action Plan Toolkit WWW.TREECOUNCIL.ORG.UK plus lots of stuff on FC website...albeit more general.
  9. AA Teccie (Paul)


    Whilst, on the face of it, there is a (financial) 'conflict of interest' in the employer undertaking the equipment inspections ("thorough examinations,) assuming he/she is competent and qualified so to do, they are also the 'duty holder' with the ultimate responsibility for H&S in the business. I don't believe either the LOLER Regs. themselves, nor the associated ACOP (Approved Code of Practice) refers to the 'competent person' (CP) requirements, it is the associated guidance that does (still better to be adhered to of course.) As far as the ArbAC Scheme is concerned, where the employer is said 'CP' we require a process of appeal (to an independent 3rd party) to be put in place and, generally, advise they check their insurer is happy with the arrangement. Cheers, Paul
  10. You need to be properly assessed by a Occupational Health Specialist (OHS) and probably at Doctor level (Tier 4)...and who is competent in HAVS, respectfully not a GP. Gloves are helpful but mainly because they keep hands warm, improving blood circulation, rather than damping vibration. Battery powered machinery is the way forward. Regards, Paul
  11. An alternative term I've come across is "crown restructuring" which you can't really argue with...but similarly that was more 'lopping' IMO, i.e. a (very) heavy reduction beyond any suitable secondary growth points but still leaving a framework for regeneration (I associate 'topping' being leaving a pole...generally speaking.) Timing = generally summer time is better as more time for the tree to respond and commence some sort of defense reaction...but there's undoubtedly nesting birds in that lot and possibly something more (bats?) Looks an awful job TBH so please allow 'more than' enough time as others have wisely said.
  12. Hi Swinny, sorry I missed your post. I quite agree with your initial statement about plenty of good, competent, safe etc etc contractors working for LAs who aren't approved (by "the happy clappers club" 😀) but then summat happened n you disappeared . Don't you agree tho that having a way of differentiating between you and those that aren't competent etc, and not necessarily the unscrupulous, would be beneficial to your business and the industry as a whole? I'm very happy to continue off forum, or directly (07971 995351,) should you wish to. Thanks.. Paul
  13. Wish I could be more succinct Paul 'verbose' Smith
  14. Hi Tom, £1.3m turn-over but only £47k surplus and the AA's range of activities is much wider than just the ARB Approved Contractor Scheme (which turns over circa £280k = £10k surplus, proportionately, for the scheme.) Whilst I'm open-minded to any / all suggestions how we can better / more effectively market and promote, in my mind there's no getting away from the fact we need to increase critical mass...so, "thank you" for helping with this. Paul
  15. "CCC" (constructive criticism and concerns) Ian, all reasonable, fair n balanced...mostly ATB, Paul


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