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  1. we nearly always throwline through a fork and tie down the back at the base, seems to work fine and a lot easier than climbing.
  2. carlos

    house renovation forum

    it nice out clon way where abouts are you in clon?
  3. carlos

    house renovation forum

    thanks for all the encouraging replies, good to see plenty of other folk doing their own homes. just so glad to have got the place as rents round here are high enough with not that many available. good excuse to buy a few tools if nothing else! thanks carl
  4. carlos

    house renovation forum

    sounds like a mega project
  5. carlos

    house renovation forum

    god only knows! roof seems ok , a little bit of wood worm but not a problem i hope.
  6. carlos

    house renovation forum

    If you get a decent mobile you won't be disappointed, I'm in one over three years now and it's been great.. spend a little extra and get one with a bit of insulation and double glazing and you won't want to set any deadlines for your renovation! spent all day looking at mobiles in the rain( if they were dry today then pretty water tight) seems a bit of a balance as to what to spend, thinking less on the mobile more for the house but we will see. you got kids in your mobile?
  7. carlos

    house renovation forum

    cool thanks thats a nice offer, i have tried the odd bit and like so many things its not at all as easy as it looks! i probably could of charged people to go rock climbing on it....that lumpy
  8. carlos

    budget speedline kit

    id say slings are stronger, but the cord was cheaper and local, it hasnt slipped on anything yet.
  9. carlos

    house renovation forum

    probably just going to spruce up the main house, and then try and convert the attached shed on the right into a kitchen/diner. going to move into a mobile onsite for a bit.... i will keep an eye on the budget and cost the bigger bit of work but the money we have is all there is so its kinda simple that way. i will try and go second hand with a lot of the stuff too. thanks carl
  10. carlos

    house renovation forum

    cool thanks for all the replies, i will check out those forums, although as i suspected there is a fair bit of knowledge on here, really exited about the project as have been waiting a good while for it to come together. i hope it wont need to much work, but id say as i start to poke about it will escalate, watched enough grand designs to realize that i am not going to put a time frame on it or a budget!! we will be in by christmas...just not sure which one! thanks carl
  11. carlos

    house renovation forum

    hi recently been lucky enough to buy and old cottage, so iam looking for advice on good forums to help with the renovation work. i will be trying to do most stuff myself. thanks carl
  12. carlos

    budget speedline kit

    yep got two rings for that reason, just send down the empty one with the last sling.
  13. carlos

    budget speedline kit

    i made up this kit a while back and have been pleasantly surprised how much i have used it, usally just with a rope to the top of the tree down to a simple 2:1 pulley system anchor for a bit of tension. i made up 10 slings which seems to keep a good flow, its very light weight compared with the steel krabs i used before. i used sailing cord rated to a ton breaking so fine for side limbs id say maybe not so good for heavy timber. the snap link krabs can open themselves but havent yet! all fits in the bespoke bag and stays in my climbing bag, so good for impromptu rigging. carl
  14. carlos

    Foot Ascender Recommendation

    i put on my petzl pantin first as normal then tuck my spike shank underneath at the front, seems to work fine.
  15. carlos

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    no just thought it a funny name


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