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    550XP Mk2

    we use them at work with a 15"bar, they do everything felling ,snedding, hedging , in the tree ,by the chipper left running , stopped , started , all with no problems, good allround small saw imo.
  2. did you say you changed the bar? could the oil holes on the bar be in the wrong place?
  3. we have had that, i think the new scabards may have an extra roller in to stop that happening. on the plus side you get a new silky....always a good thing!
  4. id say its a wind up, all the rational questions , correct terms , indepth disscussions!! it doesnt add up as the idea of going up a 25ft ladder with a polesaw and no harness in order to dismantle the tree is plain daft imo!! ( unless ones wearing a motorcycle suit in which case its probably fine)
  5. hi iam going to make a pub style picnic bench out of 6x2 planks probably about 5foot long to suit timber lengths, just wondering if anyone has built one using online plans, seems to be few on the net, just wondering which one may be best. thanks carl
  6. the roof is all done now, took me ages and i would probalbly do it all differently next time, but it has stood up to some strong winds over the winter. great to have a dry shed again. thanks again for the help, carl il try and put a photo up at some point
  7. are chipper manufacturers not moving more towards big hp diesels but with dpf filters etc to combat the emission regs?? we have an 8" jensen at work with a new low hp output diesel engine and the antistress comes on a lot, still a nice machine though.
  8. i would need more than sena comms to get my kids to listen !!
  9. you could try a thinner guage long bar, i have a thin gauge 18" bar on my 346xp and its ok. i would of thought an 18" would be long enough for the 550.
  10. carlos


    no didnt get that far along!
  11. carlos


    at least you completed it, i gave up i was getting so many wrong!!!
  12. sounds pretty efficient to me. there always what you would like to do but then there is what you can do onsite, part of the arbwork puzzle, blending the two together so everyones happy
  13. do you have a camper? why not spend a few months checking out potential areas?
  14. sorry i cant comment on a grigri as a havent used one. you could try and hunt out some other recreational climbers in your area, might be a good way to learn and fast track your climbing skills


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