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  1. does that effect the roots of the remaining trees?
  2. they dont usually mind, plenty of booze and they will be fine!
  3. not really an arb tool but, for diy around the house a cross line laser level is a great bit of kit, i got one for €80 with a clamp for on door frames etc, i also use it with a small camera tripod i had. its been so handy for setting out tiles, leveling floors and tons of other stuff. definitely recommend for a renovation project.
  4. id say that intercoms are hands down the best purchase a tree outfit can buy, they make the day much easier, safer and more fun.
  5. have you asked the people you work with this question??
  6. so 95% of their repair bills where fuel related?? or iam i reading it wrong?
  7. have you tried the bulldog bone device?? i have one and use it on one rope type be that clean dirty wet or dry and it works fine, id say i have adjusted it twice in a few years, i dont really know how it compares to any other srt devices as i havent used any others. sap is a pita on any system. carl
  8. id agree with that, pretty much what we think of it at work, great by the chipper for the odd bit that wont go through as you dont need to have it ticking over the whole time. also good for dodgy ladder hedge scenarios or in a tangled mess of a hedge where you want a low kickback saw. i wouldnt class it as a logging up saw unless your upgrading from a bowsaw!
  9. carlos


    well i got one in the end, its really helped with less tangles from the saw lanyard, and is easy enough to get the saw in and out, my climbing lanyard sometimes gets hooked around it but still prefer it to my old set up, so glad i got one, thanks for the advice carl
  10. can you not go to an arb shop and try some on??? what suits one may not another.
  11. looks like a nice spot to work, what was the reason for the stump coming out?? a bit of work in it!
  12. do you not disscuss and fill out the risk assesment as a team?
  13. id hope one wouldnt be filling out too many near miss reports!!!!
  14. i always use the chinstrap in the tree, then clip it up inside the lid when on the ground. id feel a bit silly if it fell off in the tree when i needed it or if it needed replacing due to a fall from a tree.


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