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  1. its rarely the wood itself that causes a blunt chain, usually dirt, stones , metal in the wood or getting hit on the ground
  2. i really dont get the whole tree work fashion, trend bit!!!!! is it not about function??? each to their own though
  3. my zig zag developed a crack in it practically before it was out of the box!!!, i dont feel i misused it at all, so i returned it and got a lockjack
  4. id imagine either the chicane as its made for the zz or a rope wrench pretty sure you can use them with a zz but id check that! a foot asscender and some sort of chest harness thing for advancing the system and id say you coud get going on srt, plenty more gear for it available but easier to start simple.
  5. try posting in the climbing section, also a bit of info about what friction device/set up you are using will help with replies
  6. funny i was thinking about rory mcleod the other day, great performer. saw him in brighton years back, is he still gigging?? carl
  7. nothing wrong with being the oldest person on the course, the nptc,s are a good basic course in which you would learn loads. theres plenty of good info on the net but theres no way of knowing whether your implementing it properly. theres a lot of folk on here who know their stuff, i think you will learn more if you listen to them rather than arguing with them. carl
  8. hey john87, how long have you been climbing and have you had any formal training? thanks carl
  9. yep try before you buy is best if you can
  10. any links to this, just curious as thinking of getting one. thanks
  11. ye i like to know to as iam about to get one soon?? i take it your happy with your new notch rope runner pro rich? thanks carl
  12. i use a stihl msa 160 battery tophandle at work, its brilliant for prunning and deadwooding, not really a take down saw. battery lasts for ages and its very light compared to a normal sized petrol tophandle.
  13. anyone else climbing on a rope runner pro?, how are you finding it? thanks carl
  14. id say any digger is better than no digger!
  15. cheers guys, i think the zing it is back in stock so "better the devil you know"


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