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  1. at 2m high could you not cut them small enough to pass down?
  2. pretty much the same as mine although i used one of those tiny dmm xsre krabs for the footloop.
  3. worked fine today.
  4. i took the flywheel off and the molded key was bust , my boss managed to line it up and it fired up ok , we havent used it properly yet but hopefully its fine. thanks for your help, carl
  5. we have a stihl br 350 blower at work that would not start, i had a look at it the spark looked faint and when i looked under the casing a stone had got jammed in between the ignition module and the flywheel, its scored the flywheel a bit. could the fly wheel have rotated on the shaft knocking the timing out?? i want to try and check/test components before buying replacments as some of these parts arnt so cheap. thanks carl
  6. carlos


    sounds like a tough job, fair play
  7. ask them where they want it reduced to then suggest that a bit higher would be better for the tree, then when they say they would prefer it lower, just say the usual rot pockets epicormic growth etc, then reduce to their wishes and dont post the work in the " reduction thread" not ideal but not exactly a specimen tree to get to moral over. carl
  8. being a cynic id take those statistics with a pinch of salt!!
  9. anyway back to the thread!! 1- blake livley. 2- marrion cottilard. 3- helena bonham carter.
  10. what about the ten thousand dead in italy alone!!!??? is that all down to the way the filthy Italians live! i think the blame game is a road to nowhere and face the fact this virus is calling the shots the world over. self preservation , social distancing, isolation and care for the vunerable is the way forward not racist generalizations imo. carl
  11. i think this sort of thing is really scary and invasive and peoples readiness to accept is surprises me.
  12. i wonder about other avenues such as deliveries with your truck?? i imagine arb stuff is only going to get quieter. hope you get sorted. carl
  13. in the republic of ireland they are giving anyone who has stopped work due to the virus ( not actually having contracted it) €350 a week. this is employed or self employed!! i can see serious income tax hikes down the line, but in fairness they havent messed about at all in trying to help those out of work.
  14. yes i was thinking that, which would take care of the hot water from the stove but i also want the stove to help run the rads. iam still just going over different link up options (seems to be loads!) thanks carl
  15. cool thanks, its a bit more than the dunsley although the dunsley doesnt look that technical for the money and i believe you have to get other stuff with it. good instructions would be very welcome as this is all new to me! thanks again for your replies.


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