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  1. have you actually had a tree surgeon come and give you a price?
  2. i thought all you business owners hated spending time pricing and doing quotes?? and here you are in your free time arguing the toss over a job your never ever going to do !!!!
  3. well i got a new rope, i went for the xstatic, ive only used it a bit but it seems nice and definantly runs through the bulldog better going up and down. it does seem a bit slippier in the hand compared to the cougar blue. the colour is a bit weird!! half expected it to come with some 3d glasses. i do miss my eye splice so iam considering getting a shorter length of the fly rope with an eye in for drt. thanks for the help choosing, carl
  4. for small stuff id say a spear cut is hard to beat, admititly not so much control but works well .
  5. saw a pair of choughs at work today, quiet tame too.
  6. could you line up a few different makes and models, find your nearest dealers and try and arrange a demo of each one. a good way to get to know your dealer and what you think of them and then you get to see what you think of the machine rather than someone elses view. particulaly as most companies as changing engines and spec around a lot at the moment to be stage 5 compliant. we have found jensens to be well made and reliable. carl
  7. the little oval dmm xsre krabs are good for this i also use them to attatch my foot loop to the knee asscender. i found the cheapy keyring type ones were the right size but the gate action on them was poor and they didnt last.
  8. the 261,s are good saws but i think there was a batch with a fault with the needle bearing, personally i dont buy the lack of maintence bit as there are saws at work that are ancient and havent been greased and still work fine, were as the 261 we had seemed to need grease and a new bearing after each fill! to the op id get a husky 550, great little saw imo
  9. maybe not so much the concept of music, but the methods used to produce music are inventions, guitar piano etc. id give up a lot before i gave up listening to music (that i like that is!)
  10. i have tried that but often have to go back up to finish the tree anyway so suits me to swap back to drt to descend, dont really feel it works against me, but i can be a bit slow to try new stuff.
  11. i nearly always just tie my mainline anchor in a running bowline to the top of the tree then when iam done go back up and undo and come down on double rope, not very fancy but simple and doesnt get stuck on the retrieval.
  12. this is for srt, the rope isnt running through it like a cambium saver in drt, i think i saw the vid the op is talking about, it did look good, but i have never used it, my srt set up is pretty simple.
  13. the battery ones are way nicer to use than the petrol version
  14. cool thanks for replies


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