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  1. felt our coil today and it was too hot to touch, in fact everything around that area was pretty hot hyd pipes etc ( on a 530 not 540 mind). we had a coil melt and start smoking on a machine!
  2. i think the 201tcm is a good allround tophandle, haven't used the husky.
  3. i find the real problem isnt the narrow roads, its peoples in ability to reverse that causes the problems!!
  4. sounds like ours, a new fuel soleniod was fitted, ( easy enough to do ) works fine now. i talked to a technician about it and he said it was a very common fault.
  5. looks cool, the crane looks the same as one we had on a mog at work, cant remember the make maybe MKV or somthing, could even be the same one! dont really miss the mog but the crane was ace.
  6. the work 130 tipper, 2008 maybe puma engine? always seems to rev up slightly when in the low range, you lightly touch the throttle and the revs surge a bit, which is annoying when trying to reverse a trailer and the like, is this normal or is it somthing to try and fix. thanks carl
  7. cool thanks for those links, we have got the opportunity to manage some nice trees and the clients objective is solely the trees health which is unfortunalty quiet rare around here so i want to do the best we can for the trees. thanks carl
  8. tree runner do two sized bollards, the small one has rubber pads and is a nice handy small bollard, the bigger one is a serious lump with spikes on it, feels impossible to bend or damage, so id go with the bigger one if you want to lower big bits. both well made and nice to use,
  9. looking for suggestions on good books or websites on sensitive tree care for older trees, just looking to learn more about retaining trees with defects etc. thanks carl.
  10. the jensen 530,s tracked seem good, get one that the tracks can narrow down on.
  11. thats sad to hear, his gear is some of the best designed and well made in the industry imo. RIP.
  12. are those top handles 193,s? bars look very big!
  13. we planted a mullberry for a client a while back, i think its been grafted onto a long trunk, any way one side has really vigorous growth and the other side has slow poor growth with some die back. over the last few years we have pruned back the good side to maintain an even crown. client is not happy with the tree and might remove it, so wondering about either removing the poor side or pruning it hard back maybe with a view to a pollard cycle. how do people normally prune mullberries? anything specific? sorry no photos at present. thanks carl
  14. carlos

    Fxcked Up!

    sounds like you got lucky to me. i wouldnt of been pleased to get a trades person out and agree a price for the job only to have them turn up on the day and say its going to cost a load more to do the job! (obviously if the spec had changed then thats different).
  15. he must have really wide feet!


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