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  1. a two person weight test before asecending may well of avoided this, hope his back heals up ok.
  2. thanks for all the replies, we found out that it did still creep when switched off, very slowly as in hard to tell if its moving at all. would one of the drive brakes not hold it? could they both be worn? can you service the drive motor brakes? its not too bad at the moment but i guess it will only get worse with time, so hope to get it fixed before we find it wedged against the clients range rover!! thanks again carl
  3. we have a tracked jensen 530 chipper, we were using it on a steepish tarmac drive and noticed it had crept forwards right up against the landrover, it also crept the other way when we tried it, very slowly. any ideas, iam guessing leaking valve or something ? thanks carl
  4. would love a play with that!!! would the crane lift much ?
  5. come on dont be coy, we,ve read your posts lately , " shopping for butter without a mask , maybe start a revolution!!!" oz. or grams you tell us??
  6. the best of the best!!!
  7. its kinda ironic all these arborists whinging over wearing a mask, everyday arb gear worn to improve safety is not exactly high comfort is it (despite the cool write up on the website!) i wasnt that keen on the whole mask wearing thing but an unseen event mean i had to travel on an airplane and spend time in a hospital, sure it wasnt so comfy but totally do able. masks might not be 100% effective all the time but better than nothing( seatbelts arnt either but you still always put one on! )
  8. so what about visiting hospitals!!! join the sheep or head on in without a mask!!???
  9. if you want to get the stump out your self then id say digging and chopping at the roots is the way forward. plus id be carefull when using the winch to put up to 10 tons of force on, if one of the components is not up to it, it could be lethal.
  10. at 2m high could you not cut them small enough to pass down?
  11. pretty much the same as mine although i used one of those tiny dmm xsre krabs for the footloop.
  12. worked fine today.
  13. i took the flywheel off and the molded key was bust , my boss managed to line it up and it fired up ok , we havent used it properly yet but hopefully its fine. thanks for your help, carl
  14. we have a stihl br 350 blower at work that would not start, i had a look at it the spark looked faint and when i looked under the casing a stone had got jammed in between the ignition module and the flywheel, its scored the flywheel a bit. could the fly wheel have rotated on the shaft knocking the timing out?? i want to try and check/test components before buying replacments as some of these parts arnt so cheap. thanks carl
  15. carlos


    sounds like a tough job, fair play


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