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  1. i made one similar to this apart from my foot loop stays on my foot and i clip to it with a micro karribiner. these are easy to make and the acssender is the only cost really. the haas looks bulky to me, not really used one though.
  2. well he would of been mighty chuffed then if he had rats.
  3. every one moans about young lazy youths etc, are there not people in their 30,s 40,s with a bit of experience and a better more steady work ethic around??? might have to pay them a bit more but might be worth it as apposed to continually looking for and changing staff.
  4. i had a go on mates new ART positioner yesterday and it was annoyingly nice to use!
  5. i use a pantin, on longer acsess assents i put a small krab on it to stop it poping off. i can flick it off without having to bend all the way down just with the rope. do you have to actually flip out the lever with other brands?? would of thought this may be a bit slow when climbing srt? just wondering as ive only ever used the pantin. thanks carl
  6. i think carb stuff and tuning on chainsaws is difficult if your not sure what your doing, ive never had much joy and usally end up taking it to a shop for fear of wrecking it. too nicer saw to mess up! hope you get it going.
  7. we do have a spare solenoid valve but im thinking to take it to a dealer, as some of the parts suggested are a bit pricey to find it wasnt the problem if you know what i mean. thanks carl.
  8. i think new climbers will be most at risk when using two rope systems, as rope managment is something new climbers often struggle with and can end up in a right tangle leading to frustration and often a feeling of being unproductive, which can lead to loss of temper and erratic cuts and saw use. any trainers on here??? how do they feel about teaching this new system, what problems do they foresee? self rescue could well be hindered and slower with a two rope system and in the case of a severe cut from a chainsaw , fast self rescue is often the key as time is of the essence in this situation.
  9. did wonder that as couldnt see much of a spark. thanks
  10. the 201tcm cut out mid use and wont start at all. fires once when trigger is on full and your pull starting it but wont run at all?? was running fine until this. any ideas , thinking it needs someone with software to check it out. thanks carl
  11. those images look interesting, recon a sling and krab round the redirect branch would work better for friction and also you wouldnt have to put the whole of your rope round the branch. might see if it works with the bulldog bone and just a simple prussic for the second anchor drt bit. thanks for the share.
  12. i ve been thinking that in order to appease the hse , then one easy enough step to take that probably wouldnt effect ones climbing too much would be, a second back up anchor point, in the form of a split tail and ring or somthing similar tied off to a different stem or lower down. not sure how this could be retrivable but iam sure someone would figure it out. if this became best practice then it could help their concerns over anchor point failure. carl
  13. carlos

    Speed Wrecking

    great if youve got a bucket truck, massive chipper and machine to feed it, if its you and a mate and a 6" chipper then not so brilliant, will i try this?? er no i wish to remain friends with my work mates
  14. sounds like we should have called it "static rope technique" from the start!! the "single" bit doesnt seem to have done us any favours
  15. cool thanks for the reply, il be watching this thread with interest.


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