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  1. we use those star blades quiet a lot on the right sort of grass, great for the clearing up as its in rows, often cut from either end into one big row, like a mini silage operation sometimes!! the boss has ordered a wheeled strimmer so i guess we will see how it does, thanks for all the replies. carl
  2. thanks for all the feed back guys, certinally food for thought, i was a bit concerned about the finish. i saw one working at a place we do lots of work today, it seemed to hack through it but it was a bit rough, we are there again next week so i may see if i can give it a spin. commando is that a nylon machine? looks nice alright. thanks again carl
  3. we are thinking of getting a wheeled strimmer at work, we have a few places were we strim longish grass and rake it off. currently we use stihl fs 450 strimmers which seem to have the power to cut and leave a good finish, will a wheeled strimmer do the same?? iam thinking a self drive one would be better but idealy with the option to adjust the speed in case of longer grass, a few of the demo vids ive watched the machine seems to fly along and give a possibly dodgy finish. the grillo machines look pretty decent. any thoughts welcome thanks carl
  4. same here with pantin, i put that on first then the spikes
  5. i thought it would be way too late, but i saw people planting sitka spruce today.
  6. carlos

    Forst st8

    is it my fancy or do you seem to have a lot of chipper problems??
  7. anyone still planting bareroot whips for forestry now??!
  8. that sounds like a cool thing to be involved in. the guys in the photo look suspiciously like they are trying to work out how to repair the balcony they have just trashed !!!
  9. what gloves are people using on this rope? i like it as it runs well but iam finding the downside is its hard to grip even with my normal gloves, so this is making ascents a bit harder. thanks carl
  10. its ordered from a member on here " surveyor", just pm him.
  11. reducing the end weight of the stem with the split in it would surely help it a bit.
  12. more likely just hit his head trying to get in!
  13. and would it tow a chipper whilst loaded? i agree with all your points about the 130 defender, its like driving about in an old small metal shed!!! but for our needs it works well, being rural we need 4x4 access but dont tend to remove a lot of chip as we use a tracked chipper.
  14. does your hilux take more chip or about the same?
  15. i find its swings n roundabouts, some days on the ground is the tough part, and climbing is the easy bit other days its the reverse, we are a small team so we mix it up to suit ourselves. are most groundies labour only? to me a groundie runs everything thats not in the tree, so hardly labour only. ( ive not worked with many crews so i could be wrong.


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