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  1. Goaty

    sad news , all the best with your recovery goaty , carl
  2. Stihl MS261 stalling when chain brake applied

    the one at work has a knackered crank, just over a year old, sat under the bench as too expensive to fix, shame as a nice saw when working properly. carl
  3. treemotion waistband

    used this harness for a bit now and i am really impressed how comfy it is, find the lower "D",s good too. guess its popular for a reason, id definitely check it out if your in the market for a new harness carl
  4. A bit of Jensen research

    id agree, keep it serious.
  5. i think most 6" machines would fit in but id say it will be awkward as you may not be able to stand on the foot plate whilst loading, you might need to fit some jacks to the back of the trailer too. id get the chipper you want then get a trailer to suit if the box one doesnt work. carl
  6. Unimogs rock thread

    kinda cool, but days on end driving in europe filling up with white diesel maybe not. africa or somewhere it would be good.
  7. Battery + Stop light flickering

    sounds like injector pump problems, mine went and turned a nice 3k van into a 600 quid for parts van
  8. Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    it shouldnt melt! take it back asap.
  9. been offered a 200t with running issues

    if you get that many ms200t,s in then they sound like the ones to avoid! i think the 201tcm,s are just as good really:thumbup1: carl
  10. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    nice n smart, any reason you dont have any contact details on the vehicle??
  11. clearance saw

    thats nearly 40 acres!! with a brushcutter, jeezz sounds like a tough job or maybe common place in forestry work i wouldnt know. (thankfully
  12. Courant Hulk

    thats funny:thumbup: kind of agree though, but as i haven't used one i cant really comment
  13. knapsack sprayer bargain 15L

    the only ones ive had leak are the cooper pelger and there far from cheap. i find the cheaper ones dont have such a fine spray though.
  14. been offered a 200t with running issues

    i thought everyone was mad on them and that they were worth a bit??
  15. Courant Hulk

    which tree runner are you using? we have the big one at work, its nice to use and feels like you could lower a small container ship with it!! i got the baby one for myself haven't used it much but seem good enough. carl


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