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  1. If just cleaning the mud off then a pressure washer would on paper be miles better. Less trying to abrade it off, more washing it off.
  2. I think you're crazy at those hours but it sure beats getting fat in front of the telly so fair play to you.
  3. Sell it whilst they are making stupid money with idiots and their BBL. Only issue would be the year long wait for a new machine! Or you could fit a proportional cetop valve. Lot of work though. I've had a proportional rocker since I bought that Hyundai mini five years ago, and I'd never go back.
  4. The only thing the extra power is useful for is strimming and possibly polesawing if you are using it for some reason on lots of big stuff with a 16" bar.
  5. I'd love it if knocking that stop in made it run out of oil first. But the adjuster only moved a fraction more. We shall see!
  6. Just had a Google, and for the first time in my life, read a chainsaw manual! The MS462 has a stop on the oil pump adjustment. You knock this in with a punch, and then you can turn the screw a fraction more. Probably some bullshit environmental thing. Bloody pointless because if you know you need to adjust the oiler, you also know how much you need to adjust it! I'll see how it goes. On 'max' prior to knocking the stop in, it was using half a tank to a tank of fuel. Not enough to lube a 20" bar properly in hardwood. I've got a 28" for it which I'd like to use regularly, and I've also got a 36" which it pulls OK if you're careful, but that's always needed supplementary oiling and I'd imagine it still will with the oiler stop knocked in.
  7. As above, does anyone know if anything from a larger saw will fit?
  8. You do know that all the cruise control does is block the throttle from opening any further than you set it, and you don’t have to use it, right? Pretty handy on a hedge cutter where full power is never required... yet you say it’s underpowered?? there’s nothing else on a combi to go wrong other than a clamp and a £1 plastic shim. personally I think the new heads are a huge leap forward from the floppy old ones. I sold all my old style heads for strong money on eBay!
  9. Looks a picture of health to me. White spots are probably just lichen.
  10. I've got a massive winch on the Bobcat if you do 🤣
  11. Yup, dealers usually leave a lot to be desired, however for me I always find a new machine to be more reliable than an old one. although the issue with dealers is not that they drag a warranty repair out- they are usually on a fixed price for a certain repair. Usually it’s that I know more than the mechanic.
  12. That's where a five year warranty comes in, and the residulas are high enough to mean the next brand new machine is peanuts. I just sold my first new machine five years later for 9k- cost me 14k to buy. New machine is 16k. So it's cost me 7k over five years when taking into account higher new machine prices (which most people don't do). Add in some servicing to make it 10k. So that's £2k a year for a brand new machine to the spec I want, or £166 per month to have it sitting there, ready for all my complex attachments (can't do that with a hire machine) Anything goes wrong, the dealer sorts it. Hmm, do I want to pay a days labour a month to have a machine sat there almost risk free 24/7 that can do the work of ten men? Let me just think about that 🤔 That said, I wouldn't be suggesting this if Conor hadn't said he worked the machine hard. Even with new components at horrendous cost, there's still a lot more potential for downtime in a machine of that age (in my hard won experience)
  13. Didn’t know they did one but I’m sure a Chinese stump grinder would be less than just the attachment and work as well if not better. everything bcs is wildly overpriced and suffers design compromises to make it modular. You could accept that if there was a saving over buying a whole different machine but usually there isn’t!
  14. doobin

    Air die grinder

    I’m a total convert to liquid ptfe.
  15. doobin

    Fuel cans

    I buy 100 litres of petrol and mix it cause I don’t like queuing either but I’m not spending four times as much on aspen!


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