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  1. What you want is the air powered spade thing that Lidl sometimes do. Available on eBay if they don’t have it. need a compressor too but it’s what you need. A breaker is too heavy and it’s hard to find a long point. I’ve tried it but the air spade thing is way better.
  2. Haha, remember the guy who's signwritten pickup turned up being used by ISIS in Syria with a machine gun in the back on telly a few years ago?
  3. doobin


    I always assumed transit/Iveco vans that size were the 5.5t variants. On a truck that size he can only have a 500kg payload at 3.5t!
  4. You could pay brochure price. But let’s be realistic. Even an ms880 is under a grand. So that’s almost four 880s. Call it a pair or 880s and a pair of 661s. Four big saws, not two as originally claimed. unless... how much off the brochure price will you give off a cs80?
  5. You must be joking. Surely you mean four or five or six big chainsaws?
  6. doobin

    462 or 572xp

    What the heck is the point in the 400 then?
  7. You mean you were hoping someone would tell you the wood was worth a fortune...😉
  8. At the other end of the scale, today I brutally abused my micro by climbing twenty steps with it, before grubbing out a load of roots, riddling through the soil to get them all out before chucking them ten feet down into the tipper parked below. First proper go with the grab on her, she took it like a champ but by god the foot pedal aux takes some getting used to after being spoilt with all kinds of rollers on my other machines! This micro constantly surprises me with the power it has to offer. Almost like an old school 1.5t, in a tiny package.
  9. A polite yet firm email with sample rates from a hire company for both a mini digger and a tracked or wheeled loader of some kind should do the trick. Telling them to shove it but politely is a useful skill! Good luck mate.
  10. More like 8 men to lift it safely mate, and even then tricky as not enough room for everyone to grab hold of it! On that job it's worth whatever a hiab would cost to bring in. That sounds like some pretty skilled work in a usually restricted environment. Don't take this the wrong way, but what is wrong with your buisiness model that you're not in a position to tell a particular client to shove it because he only wants to pay mini digger rates for a specialist bit of kit? Are you subbed in all the time?
  11. Trouble is, as you say, five-ten years of experience needed to hone your client radar.
  12. doobin

    462 or 572xp

    Same as above, but not used it much. Real nice saw.
  13. Fuck that, much better off with a 5 t electric horizontal one for £220 ish even comes with two hand control...
  14. Assuming taper bearings? If so, you never torque a tape bearing hub nut up!!! Do it up until it just starts to go tight. Spin the wheel. If it slows down, back it off. When it's spinning freely, back it off a touch to get the split pin through a castellation. Don't be tempted to nip it up a touch to get the pin through a castellation. Tighter is not better when it comes to wheel hubs. It's preferably to have a slight side to side wobble in the hub than no play and it slightly too tight. Otherwise as you use it, the hub will quickly heat up and destroy the bearings if you're lucky, the hub itself if you're unlucky. Hope this helps- the principle is the same for all taper bearing wheel hubs.
  15. Easy. Tell them if they want the tree dead they will have to pay whatever it costs to dig/grind/crane/whatever it out. Or they can pay a tenner for some eco plugs. Bloody councils- they're all the same. No sense of reality. I've never met a parish council that can draft a proper spec yet either. So much for a level playing field. Quoted a local job, and the fat git showing me it said 'dig out from about here, to about in line with that tree. See where my colleague is? Take the other line to him. Put some planings down'. The difference in price could have been in the tens of thousands. I sent the prick a coloured map from Google Earth and suggested that we standardise on that between contractors, but heard nothing. Fuck em.


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