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  1. The one that fits you best with the best ankle support in my experience.
  2. Tracked MEWPS tend to lift higher and can fit through far tighter spaces. With the initial investment being similar, it's a no brainer for me. Still can't justify one though.😔
  3. So which dealer told you that?
  4. Bloody horrible trees. If pruned they sucker like mad, but it's all spindly crap and no cover at all over winter. I'd get rid.
  5. doobin


    So? We're all going to get shafted royally for this, might as well have the free lube. I bet there's plenty on here sitting pretty in a house that's doubled in value that they bought with a self cert mortgage from back in the day.
  6. Even with a twin axle caravan on the back?
  7. Five miles or five minutes, whichever comes first 😜
  8. Dumb question but why not get an extra long PTO shaft and stick it through a hole the wall?
  9. Nice one thanks **************** that, it’s not rocket science. ID the bearing and replace it yourself. GreenMech dealers (on here at least) have proven themselves to be somewhat lacking in mechanical expertise.
  10. Nominal capacity doesn't really have much bearing upon an engines gross HP these days. I have no experience of that model but I really can't see that the 1.9l engine would be anything less than super stressed towing 3.5t- it'll probably rely upon twin turbos and all sorts of gadgets to make its 125PS. The 3l makes only 25PS more but has a lot more CC behind it. 150PS is barely enough to tow 3.5t happily plus loaded truck in my experience, and with previous Isizu models the more powerful models command a premium secondhand. Seems simple until you realise that the larger engine has both ad blue and a DPF, whereas the smaller engine has just 'Lean NOX Trap'. I have no idea what this is, it might stress the engine further to achieve emmisions as per my first paragraph or it may be a a big step forward in simplifying emmisions control. Not an easy choice!
  11. I really can't see why you'd bother repairing something like that. Donate it to your local steam museum, the volunteers there would love a weekend project!
  12. You’ll have to come over for a coffee soon mate. I’m closer than you think 😂


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