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    Mot testing

    Best bet in my book is to take your vehicles to a place that only does MOTs. I've been doing this years and no complaints- well worth the 25 minute drive for me. No bull, no sales, the most they'll do is adjust a headlight or change a bulb so it passes. My local place is now Motest, and I think they are nationwide.
  2. I had pretty much the same critera for my little Corsa van. After running winter tyres for the winter, I though, why not all year? Grip is so much better in muddy lanes. Ended up with Nokian Weatherproof and they've been good and worn well. Not used them offroad much in the wet but they look to be about 80/20 road/offroad. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164552964274
  3. The problem is, you’re advocating biomass as a complete replacement for every other fuel source. Have you any idea of the calorific content per kg dry matter of wood vs coal? That’s the crux of the matter. Coal is technically biomass. Trouble is it’s the accumulated and concentrated biomass of thousands of years of sunshine over a massive area. Biomass will only ever be a small scale solution for individuals or small communities, and of course, a diversionary tactic for governments and corporations. So you can add biomass to your initial list of ‘things that will never supply UK electricity needs’ 😂
  4. Old Fords and massey are overpriced and underspecced if you actually want to work with it. For that the price you could get an international or David brown with power loader, power steering, pick up hitch and a drawbar, two speed pto, more horsepower etc
  5. Leylandii and larch are bloody brilliant firewoods.
  6. Impact wrenches are fantastic tools. I have the big 3/4 makita, smaller 1/2” makita plus a right angle mikwaukee 1/2” which is proper handy.
  7. Having looked at the woodsure site, I see no reason why you can’t sell over 2m3 so long as accompanied with the lengthy declaration regarding home seasoning.
  8. The Stihl MS241 on a picco chain is perfect power to weight ratio for coppicing- it weighs near on the same as the MS181 but far more power. However, I've had two and they both ate the drive shaft. Gone over to Echo (CS501SX) and I really rate it. I'd have a look at their range if I were you.
  9. doobin


    The missus got me to try sushi last year, I thought I'd hate it being the paragon of red eat meating manliness that I am. To my surprise it was bloody delicious.
  10. Don't forget the bark chippings. You know, those bags that are sold in garden centres that contain only bark? Tree surgeons strip the bark off and chip it before felling the tree and it's a shame to let it go to waste.
  11. What I can't work out is why a millionaire's son is dicking around charging £1 a window (figures from his website, and don't worry, he's a licensed window cleaner, plus you know he's trustworthy because he was a fireman for 18 years.) At least Donald Trump's father set him up in property. A 10k hot wash system doesn't really compare to your first office block.
  12. Steel is shooting up, £100 a ton every other week. ive been preparing for inflation ever since this all started. Only logical outcome of spunking such money. The worry is what they will do with interest rates. Property is insanely overvalued but millions have bought in including me as what else do you do?
  13. This always happens on these threads- the true motivation slips out.. Seems to me you just want the tree out and see your son's allergy as a convenient heart-wrencher. My advice? Don't buy a rabbit hutch with a big tree next to it unless you like trees.


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