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  1. The Axminster copy is probably a good bet. I'm not au fait with the intricacies of setting up and using jigs, etc, but the best investment I made in my drill bit sharpening was a CBN wheel. CBN is like a diamond wheel, only it doesn't gall up when used with steel tools. It cuts incredibly clean and cool. About £100 a wheel but well worth it.
  2. If this is the way the world is going, I want no part of it. Porn is already ruining a generation of young men. We don't know for certain what it will do to their brains, but we do know that youngesters brains are incredibly plastic. It's not just the odd dirty mag on the top shelf of the newsagent as it was when I grew up, it's now twelve year olds and younger watching utter perverted filth on their mates mobile at school. It's a science experiment on our youth with no safeguards. I'd recommend that any of you who are worried you may have a problem have a read of the book, 'Your Brain On Porn'. It's probably the most comprehensive summary of what we know so far about how porn affects our dopamine system. It's ruining girls too. How many girls are now selling themselves, in one way or another? Dirty pics for cash on Snapchat. Sugardaddy relationships. Every trashy girl can find some simp who never learnt how to handle the opposite sex (because he was hooked on porn from a young age) to throw money at her for access to 'private pics'.
  3. I'd be tempted to try a bit of trial and error on the empty shaft. £400 pays for a lot of time tacking a weight one end or the other.
  4. When you do, get the model with adjustable speed. Comes in handy for a lot of tasks- in particular, slowing down when using a wire brush on it, and slowing down when using things like a 7" stripping disc to remove paint. I thought I'd never use it but I do all the time now.
  5. Yup. I'm a total Makita slut, everything from a brace of brushless grinders to the autofeed screwdriver. Top of the range for everything.
  6. No, it’s Chinese made and German branded like everything out there. That’s not a problem, China make some good gear, but don’t fall too hard for the marketing.
  7. Mate, with the ability to magic up 'statistics' like that, you should work for the government! 😂 Any idea how much it costs a mile to widen a road? What about the Co2 emmissions of doing so? Your proposal is pie in the sky unless you are a third world shithole, in which case the EU will pay for it all! Above all else- it's not broke, so don't fix it. Move to Milton Keynes if you want massive great roads connecting everything.
  8. Mountfield SP53. Often on offer at Screwfix. Honda engine. It's been more reliable than the Viking 655 or Etesia RCMB46 we used to use (both were wank). I've never looked back since buying the Mountfield- simple and reliable for semi professional work. I didn't get more than six months of light work out of the Viking (and especially the Etesia) without problems, but the Mountfields are both great two years on. Mountfield SP53H 167cc Self-Propelled Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower | Lawn Mowers | Screwfix.com WWW.SCREWFIX.COM Order online at Screwfix.com. Powered by the Honda GCV170 Autochoke 167cc engine. Designed to provide an...
  9. I was about to suggest that a big set of crane scales and an overkill rope might be the easiest way.
  10. Unless you are going to be running primarily an implement with a high build height, or a tilt rotator, or regularly handling loads close to the machines limit... then it’s not such an easy choice.
  11. Each to their own. Personally, time would be far more valuable to me than some second hand stake that had been in the ground already, with most of its useful life already gone.
  12. You should be targeting farmers with grants and conservation bodies rather than tree surgeons imho.
  13. Huyundai build minis for CNH. They are all the same machine. Hyundai usually cheapest but backup has been abysmally slow for me. Gone with bobcat for my new 2.7t machine. Doosan and bobcat are generally the same too, with a few exceptions. Not sure about that particular model.
  14. Slings have a safety factor of something like 6:1, so that probably isn’t a very accurate way to try to measure. Winch motor size, flow rate of pump, reduction gearing ratio and size of drum- my head hurts even thinking about the calculations you’d need to do!


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