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  1. Self unemployable here. In late to work today because I can. And on the one rare occasion my body will let me actually enjoy a lie in without being in pain, I’m bloody well going to.
  2. Just niftylift trailer models which are total wank.
  3. Dealer are fantastically helpful. It’s been ok- I’d definitely agree with you in that there’s not much to go wrong! Should have bought the 14m version but this was available, low hours and cheap ish. hopefully won’t loose much from the 8.5k I paid. The nigh on 1k a year to keep it in loler is a sting though.
  4. You do realise minimum wage is £11.44 per hour now? Thats £91.52 for an 8 hour day. Makes £2500 finance per month look cheap.
  5. Minimum wage is now £11.44 for anyone over 21. That’s savage inflation and will lead to further pay inflation.
  6. Block cropping is simply planting your combinables in fields all in the same area. As different crops require inputs (fertiliser, spraying) at different times, as well as needing to be drilled and harvested at different times, it makes sense to keep all your OSR in one block and all your barley in another. It reduces time spent on the road considerably.
  7. Depending upon the layout of the farm tracks etc, that could still be considered block cropping. Possibly the estate have decided to up their planting area based upon a good forward price?
  8. I’d say it’s block cropping and it’s just all the fields near the road this year. OSR is always a gamble with regards to the weather and establishment and even more so without flea beetle seed treatments after the ban.
  9. LTS went bust years ago. It's just a Honda copy with a 12v battery starting system. If you're getting strange voltage readings replace the rectifier and battery. Or just use the pull start instead. That's literally all there is to it. No manual would help you.
  10. Yup, who ‘firewood’s’ an alder?
  11. You can get an 18” picco bar for the 261. I like it, I prefer picco to 325 for that size saw. Although some of the newer low profile .325 chains are very nice, they are pricey whereas a roll of Rotatech picco chain is not and it fits all my smaller saws.


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