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  1. It’s not an investment. It’s a gamble, and basically a Ponzi scheme. To make a profit, someone needs to buy in at more than you paid for yours. All well and good when there’s a ton of free money sloshing about (BBL anyone?) but once that money dries up it’s game over. Housing is similar, but shelter is a necessity and so people will pay through the nose for that. But remove the free money (via substantial increases in the interest rate) and watch the prices tumble.
  2. Personally I think it will enter a death spiral. It has nothing to sustain it.
  3. Wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. There are a few more established cheaper options available, but that has Chinesium written all over it.
  4. Can’t stand him. “Hello friend!” And singing along badly to the end of a good song. radio just generally sucks post Spotify to be fair.
  5. I’d recommend the mountfield above, I have three around five years old and they’ve lasted better than any other cheapish mower, and better than an Etesia (utter overpriced shit) and Viking
  6. Mine was a fraction of the cost, doesn’t have any ad blue/dpf problems, no rusty chassis…🤣 I’ve chipped it to around 170hp and fitted airbags. Tows my 2t machines very well and happy enough with the 2.7t on also. horses for courses, I’d rather brand new machinery than trucks. As well as two of the Rangers I also run an LDV 🤷‍♂️😂
  7. I was very happy to find my 11 plate Ranger, which is a Mazda underneath. 50k on the clock. Last of the proper Rangers.
  8. The latest Eagle is a very good bit of kit. A foot pedal that disconnects the belt drive. The TCT blade cuts like a dream. For smaller stuff an electric saw is ok ish but it’s just no good in the large diameter stuff- that which you’d want to split also. The saw guarding in particular is excellent. Running on my 26hp Kubota it averages 3.5 litres per hour, being fed hard and also running the hydraulic splitter. It’s a really easy bolt-on sale to a lot of my customers.
  9. This website right here is a (much, much larger) peer group of like minded business owners, and it's free to use. My top tip for you all is to avoid snake oil salesmen. If Henri made anything like what he claims to make (the second time around 🤣), he wouldn't need to charge for his 'advice'. He'd do it for free, to give back. I have been fortunate to have such a mentor as this. But he ain't that. Why are you wasting your time pushing this bullshit rather than focusing on making your money the way you claim to? This belongs in the same category as real estate investors who will give you all their secrets for one low monthly price.
  10. I'd say about a ton, same as any 3.5t tipper. 1850kg empty as a pickup, 3050 max. Fuel 50kg, men 150kg (I don't employ fat pricks) The alloy body can't be that heavy, maybe 150kg more than standard tub. So possibly legally around 800/900kg payload. That's all you get with most modern Transits! It's a really useful sized vehicle, and tows well too.
  11. I've had the melted shaft (ooh matron!) issue too. A slight bend in the tube can be all it takes- pretty sure mine was on a strimmer. Pulled the driveshaft out and it was wrapped around like a candy cane, couldn't scrape it off either.
  12. Nope, wrong size tube. The smaller brushcutters (up to FS240 I think) have the right size tube. For hedgecutting you really need the loop handle and trigger too. I've done as you describe with handlebars on a FS130 before for rights of way maintenance (the less you carry the better!) It works OK-ish with the handlebar folded round but that was for rough old footpath bashing.
  13. Nope, probably never will! 🤦‍♂️
  14. You bloody well do! Look how much lower the shed is. That bank is steep 😉 To prove it to you- I almost had to call for a tow after tipping off 🤦‍♂️The mud tyres went on shortly afterwards. Also- it’s not just about 4wd when choosing a pick-up based tipper. It’s often as much about getting into tight spaces. The LDV would just about fit down the track to tip that muck (but would get stuck and graze trees on the way down). The iveco no chance.


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