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  1. So what do you propose? A sealed box with a dehumidifier to be compulsory before the purchase of logs? Fuck me mate, even the ducks have been wearing wellies these last three months!
  2. Got a number for him? As I understand it it’s not just a remap on that vintage- you’d need new turbo and inter cooler as they are not common rail.
  3. doobin

    Engineered oak

    Looks shit to me. I'd be after a refund.
  4. And more rust. Tip the body, check the crossmembers, 3 way tip models were particularly bad.
  5. They’re cheap enough to test a few methods with for sure.
  6. That tooth looks halfway back, and it doesn't look like you've taken the rakers down? If so that'll be your problem! Might just be my eyesight though, the gap also looks OK.
  7. Could just be the carb, a simple fix. Could also be low on compression, ie. buggered. You need to exmplain more what you mean by a lack of power. Where in the UK are you, there might be someone near you.
  8. Those with RHI grants on wood drying kilns will be laughin all the way to the bank.. AGAIN!
  9. If it's asbestos then big money just in disposal.
  10. I'd make them sign a disclaimer before I did anything. And if they look even slightly like chancers, walk away.
  11. Don't hesitate to buy a CBN wheel. Never used a chain grinder but the difference CBN made to my drill bit sharpening was night and day. The slowness is probably due to wheel heat burring the edge slightly. I had exactly the same issues with sharpening drill bits freehand, and CBN solved all my woes. Never need dressing either. The real pros tool.
  12. That’ll teach cpl to sell wet wood!! 😂😂 How will they police this??? An unexpected small bit of common sense though- an exemption for sales of more than 2 cube wet wood, presumably for home seasoning.
  13. Try a torque stick on your impact wrench. Best of both worlds.
  14. The chinese ones with the engine on the same level as the drum are all a couple of bolts to flip the spout up and unblock. Mine likes Leylandii as it's pretty straight- just need to be careful on really leafy stuff as this is the time when it will block, as it gets the the soft leafy bits once it's chewed the wood up. Throws it OK, looses a bit nearer to the machine on leafy stuff as mentioned above, but then I think they all do that. They all work on exactly the same principle. I don't use it all the time though. Never seen one of the 'pro' drum chippers in the flesh so can't say if they're worth double the money, they could well be if you use it every day.
  15. Bloody hell mate, sounds like you know more about it than the Ford dealers Pete's been having so many issues with!👍 Glad I run an older Ranger.


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