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  1. Yes, some great points here. With a cut to one arm or hand you are far less likely to self-rescue with two rope systems. This will lead to more deaths, not less.
  2. I have been a climber for 15 years and feel the use of two ropes would over-complicate tree work, potentially leading to more mistakes and accidents. In addition to the points already discussed, here are some other concerns I have. Shouldn't we be trying to minimise time spent at height? These regulations will increase time spent above ground, physical and mental fatigue, (potentially causing mistakes). Increased reliance on the least experienced members of the team to manage ropes, (usually grounded are aspiring climbers, but not necessarily experienced). Over-reliance on a secondary anchor point, that you would not normally have selected, (yes, you have another line, but a failure halfway through a cut could result in injury from a saw) If the current advice and rules had been followed, none of the past accidents would have happened, so shouldn't we be trying to work out why the incidents had occurred. How about looking into methods of reinforcing your main anchor point. In the past if I have had concerns about a main anchor, I have braced it with slings/ropes, so that if it failed, I would only fall a couple of feet- scary but not fatal. I think we could learn a lot from traditional rock climbing in this regard.
  3. 3 metre lengths, oak and hornbeam, very straight, mostly 100mm to 300mm diameter. Good artic access, full loads only £45 plus vat per tonne, near Ashford, Kent. Cut last winter. Tel 07970 625865
  4. There are a few larger logs, but the vast majority is 8-12". There's about 3 artic loads in this stack.
  5. I'll get some photos this week.
  6. Yeah, it is a good price. I'll raise it next time!
  7. Firewood, good processor size and pretty straight, mostly oak and hornbeam. Near Ashford, Kent. £45 plus vat per tonne plus haulage. Artic loads only, I can organise haulage if required.
  8. Good rates of pay, preferably with at least aerial rescue ticket and chainsaw on ground. Reliable and with good work ethics essential. Good rates of pay. Ring 07970 625865


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