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  1. Hello fella I can only give you my 2pence worth. If a professional arborist quoted you £1300, then that's for a reason. I first joined here as a guy a did a cinema install for had a lot of trees he wanted clearing in his land, and said I could fell them, and have all the wood.......great stuff! I was looking at a £100 saw, that came with 2 bars, 4 chains and some ppe. I got loads of advice from the pro guys on here, and ended up with a husky 135mk2 (£215) but then also purchased some CHAINSAW PPE, helmet, ear defenders, visor, trousers, gloves & boots, these were roughly £200, so all in all we are up to over £400. My main intention was for firewood, and to learn how to safely use a chainsaw. I got lucky and a decent bloke on here @spuddog0507 agreed to teach me how to use a saw safely, do maintenance, and forward my knowledge on timber, and saws. At that point I realised that felling trees, was WAY WAY WAY above my skillset, so gave it a miss and the guy in question got a clearance team in to level the lot, thankfully! @spuddog0507 was proper strict with me, but in all fairness, his explanation was if those teeth can do that to wood, what will they do to you........... The saw will take my leg off, without a shadow of a doubt, hence buying the correct PPE, and listening to spud. I used to race bikes, so still have some kevlar jeans, i thought would stand their ground, if processing firewood, crosscutting....WRONG! I have been with @spuddog0507 and @Ratman when they felled a tree and dealt with it. It looks easy on all the youtube clips etc, but when any professional does a job it will look easy. They are professionals, have the correct kit, know what they are doing, and do this day in, day out. What ****************s the job up, is when homeowners come along and think they can cut down a tree (ME 6 MONTHS AGO!) then they realise, the saw cost is one thing, safety gear is another, and every day is a school day, even for some of the most experienced of arborists. If your out of work currently, then I certainly feel for you, and your need to occupy your time, but seriously, paint the bedroom, bathroom, or lounge. It will cost you less, and most likely save your life. I understand so, so much more now, and im still a diy, weekend warrior with a chainsaw. I just have good people willing to show me their skill set, and to teach me how not to kill myself. I ask you this...... Do you value your leg above £1300? Your life above £1300? Then either take some time with a pro, or hire a pro Its just not so simple as "cut it down" Thats my 2pence worth, from someone that knows **************** all, but is learning everyday im with the pro guys. Crosscut, split, stack, maintain the saw. I wish you all the best in finding employment. Steve
  2. Hi MattyF What x cut are you using?
  3. Steven1210

    Budget Saw

    Husky 135mk2 and PPE would be my go to. WOP do a ppe kit with chaps, helmet, ear defenders, visor and chainsaw gloves around £100. If you ask them they swapped out the chaps and replaced them with trousers for me. Amazon had oregon chainsaw boots for £75
  4. Cheers Stubby, will have a check tomorrow. Could you possibly let me know centre to centre on yours? Will measure it up tomorrow. Ps, belly pan is to protect the under side, as most of the stuff I'm doing is at home, with no "soft or Forrest" areas to put it down when moving shit about. Want to take care of an expense, which isn't a daily work tool.
  5. Cheers for that stubby. Will check it out tomorrow The spikes are for a 545/550, not the 372/385/390.
  6. Thank you, I will check those out. Cheers Dan
  7. Yes, more than likely
  8. Maybe on slate chipping in the garden🙄 It really was a sinple question. Are longer bar studs available. Pretty straightforward really👍
  9. I have put some spikes on the saw and the nuts don't get as much thread on the studs.
  10. Good evening. Need some longer bar studs for a husky 545mk2 Can you even get longer ones, or are they a standard length? Cheers in advance
  11. Sorry for your loss fella. My dogs are my family, and lost their mum a few years back, and it proper hit.me hard. Lovely looking doggy, I feel for you fella, I really do.
  12. Your more than welcome, glad I could help. Steve


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