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  1. Ahh I see what you mean, I assumed part of the exhaust outlet, but just looked down the holes and they are sealed from the muffler, but they house the muffler screws. Will leave it be. Thanks ADW
  2. Should I leave the plate on mine then? Edit - Yes Steve you should - dumbass
  3. Afternoon folks. Can I ask what the screwed on plate on the muffler is for? Both pics are husky 135mk2, but one has holes on muffler covered, and the other doesnt. Mine are covered but there is a screw to remove them. Cant see anything in manual.
  4. Good evening folks, yeah, a bit to read over the last few hours😆 Ok, so had the 135 out today, jesus christ, it certainly went through some logs easily, mind you, is brand new! Got to grips with the bar assembly/chain tension, a friend of mine checked it over for me, although he is no expert, just does a bit of fire wood like I plan to. Got it home, cleaned bar, and took the chain cover off and brushed out any dust/sawdust and put back in the shed. I reckon the 120 would have been enough for my needs. Thanks for all the advice so far guys. Steve
  5. Thank you Rough, that's some info I have not stumbled across, but makes perfect sense regarding hot chain. When tensioning am I right that it should not sag at all from the bottom of the bar, and should be easily pulled/move along the bar? Got you, oil bar first, and don't rev its nut off when not under load. Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it.😊
  6. Preston lancs. It's getting its first outing today🤣🤣🤣
  7. Thats actually spot on. Its one thing cutting logs into manageable sizes, but cutting a tree down, well, thats well above my skill set, and to be honest Im not right keen on the idea. But like you said, cutting from a pile would be a whole much simpler.
  8. Where are you getting paid work from? Chap I did some audio visual work for has his own land that he is clearing for more building work. There are about 20plus trees that are coming down and it's all being levelled. He has said I can have what I want for home, before he gets the big boys in. Apart from this, I will be cutting up logs in my garden for my own use.
  9. Hi there. The chap recently built the house and paid me to install the cinema. In the "woods" to the rear of the property there are quite a few trees. We had a chat about them, and he wants them gone. I asked if I could have a few to cut up for firewood, and he's offered me as much as I want. After I have taken what I want he plans to get some heavy machinery in and level the lot.
  10. A customer that hired me to install a home cinema for him and his family.
  11. AV? Edit, anti vibration rating..........noob🤫 3.7 / 3.5m/s² (Front / Rear Handles) LowVib featured on this model adds comfort to the user by the effective anti-vibration dampeners which absorb vibrations.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys Ok so now I have insight into the ratings and what they mean (type a / Class 1) Will look for other pants/trousers/chaps, and see if i can get the helmet alone. Have safety glasses already, and will get some CS boots. Just to clarify, longest walk in the kit will be about half a mile, but will wear it at home when cutting logs (more like 8-10inch) just to be safe. No point wearing it out, then getting laxy daisy when at home.😇 Yay or nay on gloves? When handling chain etc for checking tension? Thanks again
  13. Hi again guys Silly one again. So its a no go on the trouser front, and I spotted this lot helmet with face and ear protection, husqvana pants and gloves. Husqvarna Chainsaw Protective Kit - World of Power It this acceptable for a newbie, protection wise? PS got the aspen fuel today for the saw, no messing with measuring now😃
  14. I think you guys are right. Takes away the measuring, and as its a decent saw, I don't need to worry about leaving fuel in.


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