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  1. No, it’s still on the shelf! 🤣
  2. You want a digger with a rotating grab, or at least one that opens in a vertical plane. Grab the bamboo tight, apply slight lift and use chainsaw to cut the bundle. Stick it on a fire. Then get in with the ripper tooth, get the root matt into pieces and use the grab to remove.
  3. Where is the job and what’s the access like?
  4. Jesus mate, that post was 12 years ago! Things have moved on🤣I didn’t even have working two way flow on the first digger!
  5. Trailed units tend to have a slightly larger hopper. The limiting factor is that as the flail is throwing the grass in, it can’t fill up too far before it stops working. you might be able to find an old tarupp style flail forager which you put a trailer behind but they are all getting very long in the tooth now and need an airfield to turn around on.
  6. For what I charge rich Surrey folk who want their overgrown paddock cleared, I'm quite happy to get a bit of dust down my shirt! I'd love an air conditioned cab, but we have to be realistic about access and the need to fold the rollbar down on occasion- same with the 1.9t digger.
  7. Would take you forever and a day. The BCS ones are shit as pedestrian flails go- much better off with a Scag or a Ferris. Stronger decks and bigger engines but we still only use ours for the odd steep bank maybe once every two years! Can’t beat sitting down. Here she is, I bought her as a pallet of bits for £400. The Kawasaki engine started first pull, so I went through it all and fixed it up.
  8. A larger capacity machine doesn’t help much. That’s a 5’ flail, the bigger 7’ machines don’t hold much more grass, and a tractor is so slow running to the dump site. This is what we do. Today we cleared two days worth of cut and collect in under two hours. One on the loader and one in the truck. The tipper pickup is very quick off-road, and holds around three to four tractor bins, especially when the grass has wilted for a bit. Work smarter, not harder. This is the best brand I’ve found for thick stuff. It’s a Major
  9. With the advances in battery tools, air impact wrenches are obsolete. As regards air flow- yes, bigger hoses are a must, and also the pcl XF quick fittings- which thankfully seem to be standard even on cheap compressors these days.
  10. In thick grass like that, every twenty yards. We just make local piles and then load them into a tipper to run to a dump site. Where are you based?
  11. Not uk made at all but perfectly serviceable. you should go for the 2.5hp model, 1.5 is painfully slow. I have their larger belt drive model. Quieter and higher pressure.
  12. doobin


    Spec and price?
  13. If you think the out front Avant flail leaves wheeling, wait until you’ve gone over it with the quad first! The finish will be terrible. you need a contractor with a flail collector if you want it tidy. This is us today
  14. I'd be amazed if you were properly covered for any sort of tree work at that money to be frank.
  15. No, if you space the side poles right you can clip poles between them and then the roof sheets clip to this with the scaffold roof clips.
  16. Not a bad shout, maybe list some of the best species here? Lime leaves from Londons constant battle to remove suckers would be ideal if edible I should think. You might be best off getting hold directly of some of the larger contractors and see if they are willing to do it for some free publicity. Moving brash in whole form rather than chip is pretty labourious, but whippy straight bits such as lime suckers would be much easier than apple branches for example.
  17. Or Steve could just ban them. I’m pretty sure he’s just keeping them around to use as a future case study into ineffective SEO methods 🤣
  18. Done three, all still standing. Really useful to be able to just clip a roof over the top for the client too.
  19. You want a digger with a rotating grab for rhody. I love my Sherpa but trying to get hold of a stem in the air to pull only to have to let go and do it again would drive me mad. With a digger and rotating grab it’s just like bundling it all up with a giant hand.
  20. Interesting. Which soils are better and why?
  21. Well worth asking the local estate for a price too. Often they will deliver a decent sized load on a tractor and trailer.
  22. Thats a seriously useful winch setup- particularly the remote control.
  23. As above, it's gonna cost you. Probably with added expat tax, knowing the French.


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