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  1. Fifteen or so years ago our first Newfoundland had to be put down,😢. After the day's work I needed to dig his grave in the field, and the ground was dry and hard, so I decided to use the old JCB 3c I had then. It had not been moved for about 3 months. As soon as I started it up the wasp nest in a locker on the side of the cab woke up. I had 13 stings on my head and neck by the time I had jumped out of the cab. I used a long pole and blower to destroy the nest, fortunately with no more stings, then I was able to bury our beloved Newf.
  2. Forecast was wet wet wet for today. Had traffic lights booked for the job, so had to do it. Thought we were getting off lightly till about 2pm. Ended the day climbing a large Hawthorn overhanging a fence, with lots of Ivy in it. Really heavy rain, can't remember the last time I felt rain running down the inside of my chainsaw trousers. 💩
  3. I just tell them I have quoted as low as I can anyway. Or you could say you'll drop the price a bit for guaranteed payment on the day, with invoice provided.
  4. Agree entirely. Different if you have already started a dismantle, wearing spikes, and just want to get it finished. NoNo for me pruning smooth barked trees in the wet.
  5. Yep, it's pretty straightforward if you put all your invoices onto the computer rather than the old days of throwing them into a drawer. I have a couple of non VAT registered friends who do just that, and then run around madly on 30th January trying to sort out a tax return!
  6. Same story in Stoke on Trent and surrounding areas. Also we have a lot of tired looking mature/young mature Beech in our area. I remember the Beech took a real scorching in the drought and heatwave we had, was it 2 or was it 3 years ago. Wonder if that is a factor?
  7. I beg to differ. I went VAT registered 8 yrs ago. We are 95% domestic, and are never short of work. Also being able to reclaim VAT on expenses can help to some extent as it reduces running costs compared to not being VAT registered.
  8. Saturn Machine Knives, Sheffield. You organise courier to take them, then they send them back. In January they charged me £60.60 to sharpen 2 sets for a Jensen 540 and one set for a Forst TR6. Can be a bit slow turning them round at times, but I'm always happy.
  9. Groan groan, yes I missed that one too.
  10. I am near Stoke on Trent, if that is any use for you to come and have a good look at it. I have some land to use it on for demo.
  11. I have the hydraulic tip muck truck and I rate it. We use it less now we have a Bobcat E10 with a thumb, but it is great for some jobs. Easy to steer, easy peasy to steer if you are taller than me, as you take some weight off the rear rear wheels by slightly lifting the handles; no problem as the balance is good. We have used it with the skip full of timber and 2 guys on it for ballast to pull a big trunk over, where there was anchor point for winching, and no access for anything bigger or heavier. I would say its weakest point is traction uphill on grass/mud when loaded heavily.
  12. Some years ago we had to dismantle a Hornbeam with a single BT line through that would be difficult to avoid breaking. Rang BT and was told £199 + VAT to come and quote for dropping the line. The BT guyI was speaking to was really helpful and said he was not on a recorded line and could give me honest advice. His advice was explain to the customer, let the cable get broken, then customer report it. Said that would be cheaper. We did the job, just managed to avoid breaking the cable, customer gave us a £100 thank you bonus.
  13. I'm happy to come down and shift logs on my terms. To be fair the team look after the old codger really well.
  14. Even better is when they start by asking at 1pm Sunday: "Do you do free quotes?" As a general rule if I am quoting for work for a customer who has chosen to ring at what I would regard as an inconsiderate time, eg 1pm Sunday, 8:30pm Friday, I tend to add a bit on to my usual rates to allow for "messing us about tax". Eg - "I will move all the pots out of the way before you come" but then they never do. Had a call the other morning at 07:15 from a regular customer, wanting to check when we were going, despite me having given her the date some weeks previously, and it not being until next month. I commented that it was a bit early, and she said she wanted to get me before I was at work. Has she not heard of voicemail? Anyway, this will be the last year we do her tall and very wide hedges in a sloping garden, further from base than we need to travel to get enough work in. Rant over, thanks to the OP jfc for opening that can or worms🤣
  15. Agree 100%. We are on the verge of declining some of the more ridiculously wide tall hedges these days. Even if we can get the MEWP to it, it is still real hard on the shoulders. I think some customers have no idea how hard their hedges are to maintain.


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