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  1. Agreed entirely. Going off at a slight tangent - if the job involves working for A, but pruning tree belonging to B, I always insist on meeting B if they have not given clear and specific written permission to the neighbour. On more than on occasion we have turned up at B's place to prune his/her tree for A next door, only to be told they have not agreed to so much coming off. On one occasion I was pretty convinced B had agreed to more to A's face, for an easy time, but then when A was at work for the day told us we could take less off. Grrrr. So I learnt the hard way.
  2. Wicker basket. Easy to bring them into house in, looks OK by the stove, holds plenty. Bottom of basket lined with cardboard to catch the debris.
  3. Turned 60 late last year. Still climbing regularly. Just had a few weeks off to recover from a hernia repair and it felt so good to get back up a tree last week!
  4. Have any of you any awareness that anyone at all from HSE has undergone basic climbing training and then been allowed/encouraged to get up a tree and see first hand what it is all about?? Some years ago a couple near us both worked for HSE, one of them was in agriculture and forestry and went on a residential practical one week course in Scotland covering various topics including tree climbing. She was fit (physically capable of climbing etc), but NO NO NO, they weren't allowed to climb. WTF? Yet they want to tell us how to do it.💩
  5. That's interesting. I have often been surprised by how many of my customers want to pay with cash, even for jobs costing several hundred, and I had assumed this would probably be the case for most of us. I wonder if it perhaps varies from one part of the country to another.
  6. I would suggest that if HMRC decide to audit the books thoroughly (which they can do at random) they will get suspicious if they feel there are not enough cash payments being banked. I sleep well at night regarding this. Not playing holier than thou here, just like to have no worries.😀
  7. My payment methods, in order of preference, are internet banking transfer, then cash, then cheque. I put the cash into our domestic cash and transfer the same amount from our domestic joint account into the business account. Then we use cash for most domestic shopping/car fuel etc. If the cash builds up faster than we spend it, I can always use the cash for business purchases then refund the money from the business account to the domestic one. My bank charges for these transfers are minimal, and I can't remember the last time I had to use a cashpoint.
  8. Nothing worse🐕 I reckon cat shit is pretty bad too
  9. The saying used to be "those who can, do, those who can't, teach". I then thought it was more like "those who can do, those who can't, regulate others". Maybe the latest version is "those who can, do, those who can't, teach others to teach others". Separate whinge, but on a similar theme: As a former NHS GP I always wondered who was regulating the CQC (Care Quality Commission), but I never managed to find out.
  10. Agreed about prussic loops in principle, but not the body thrusting so much. One one my men prefers his prussic loops on the grounds that he feels he can't trust a mechanical device like our zigzags not to fail. Each to their own I guess, but he doesn't even use a slack tender pulley - WHAAAAAT??
  11. This is a bit galling, considering that an 80 year old (not being agist, just the plain fact that reaction times slow with age) could legitimately drive a heavy 4x4 + twin axle caravan at 60mph on the M25 in the rush hour after dark (not being agist, I am the first to admit that at 60 my eyesight is not what it was). Best of luck.
  12. I take it you mean they are charging to take the chip in? One firm near me is paying £200 per 35 cu yd skip to buy in the chip from tree surgeons. They will even pay for conifer chip. They can burn the fine dust left after screening it, in their own boilers, and they sell the rest.
  13. Sadly this is all too true with respect to all the local councils I deal with.
  14. I did a job for a former JLR development engineer. He still has his Disco 3 as a general hack. He said it was both the best towing vehicle he had ever had, and also the single must unreliable vehicle he had owned.
  15. And 95% of politicians


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