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  1. Regarding kinetic splitters my understanding is that these are only for use on seasoned timber; something to be aware of?
  2. A very good question about ownership of trees/the problem. I have had problems on several occasions getting anyone to "own up" to being responsible for trees in "no man's land". Money is the root of all evil, as the old saying goes.
  3. Yes, like most of us, I have learnt to just say no. Reassurances about nothing adverse in the pile is about as reassuring as customers who tell you there are no birds nesting in their hedges in Summer.
  4. I read all the threads and documents I could find when the 2 rope issue was at consultation stage. My eventual understanding was that you did not have to have two ropes that could get you back to ground, rather that at all times you should have two separate anchor points, one rope to each of them. I also understood that it was regarded as acceptable to be connected by only one rope when doing a changeover, as long as you weren't advancing as well. For years prior to all this I have through preference climbed with one long rope (zigzag these days), one short strop 3.5 - 4m, and one long "strop" of 9-10m. The long strop is nothing like as cumbersome as a full rope, yet long enough to reach another anchor point, whenever one is available. The only time I ever use two full ropes is if my long strop won't suffice. Earlier this year we lopped/pollarded a Weeping Willow, and one of the main branches was much easier to access by installing two ropes from ground level. I'm sure many of you would have managed without the second rope, but at 62 I have to use any trick that helps!
  5. I have a 16m mewp, and if it makes sense I use it whenever I can.
  6. They'll hit the windows truck etc if they are close enough. Brash end first saves dents in a lawn.
  7. Do you include August Hunnicke in the 99%?
  8. I have always found a rigid sole much more comfortable when my foot is wedged in a narrow crotch, as well as on spikes.
  9. I have used Meindl Airstream for several years, very happy with them. Before that I used Haix Protector, was happy with them too. Reason I changed to Meindl was that the heel was a little thicker, os they lasted longer until my spikes could slip out from under the heel. I run two pairs of boots - the newer pair for climbing days and the worn pay for ground days, especially if dragging brash over concrete/tarmac etc.
  10. And the more you trim them the more chance of rod spider mite coming along (in my experience anyway)
  11. Is yours form Rock Machinery by any chance? I have their 22T towable petrol powered spitter. Can be used vertically for really heavy stuff/break up big rings, then horizontally for the vast majority. I really like it, and good value.
  12. I recently bought a pair, just like the ones in the video. The long gaffs were just too long, so I changed them to shorter ones. I use these now, just as often as my gecko carbon spikes. I tend to use the geckos on smooth bark, and panther on thicker bark, or anything with thick Ivy. Good value spikes.
  13. My sister has two apple trees that were windblown like this, many years ago, and both survived. You could leave it and see how it fares.


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