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  1. I am assuming you mean the Daily? If so, yes I have run a 3.5 ton once for five years, now got 30K on clock. Mine is the 146bhp 2.3 engine. Overall I like it, especially the fact it is on a c section chassis and will not die of tin worm at a young age. Faults so far: N/S front wheel bearing change at approx 20K, needed helper springs from day one, but then so do lots on 3.5t tippers, clutch is not beefy enough but we cope with it, just had O/S rear caliper changed today due to the handbrake link in the caliper sticking on. Overall I would buy the same again.
  2. Well, not strictly broken but certainly caused some grief. Our local Stumpbusters man (Chris Gregory, great bloke) called on me for rescue earlier this week. His Carlton 2.5 ton tracked grinder was on a side slope when the downhill track came off. It was at the bottom of a sloping lawn with only flimsy shrubs between it and a 3ft drop onto the lane beneath, and there was no way he could safely raise the side of the machine where it was to replace the track. We used my Series 3 Land Rover with PTO winch, with the vehicle linked to the Iveco tipper for an anchor. With Chris operating the track that was still on and the winch pulling on the other side we managed to drag the grinder along and uphill to level ground, where Chris then manage to get the track back on. I think that is the heaviest load the winch has pulled so far, and that was without using a pulley to double the pulling power. Pity I didn't take any pictures.
  3. I don't know if this applies to younger specimens or not, but if you stroke the underside of a leaf Elm is rough and whiskery while hazel is smooth. Digressing slightly, two of our offspring are in Scotland, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. There are numerous wonderful large Elms in both cities, more so in Edinburgh I would say. Anyone know why? Did the carrier beetle not like to travel so far north?
  4. The voice of reason prevails here.👍
  5. Some weeks are better than others. So this week the air con on the van packed in (electrical fault), only 5 yrs old and 35k on clock. Also the trailer circuit has gone mad - replaced the most distal part of the wiring harness on the Iveco Daily to the 13 pin socket as 2 wires were snapped due to corrosion. But no, that didn't fix it - the n/s indicator and side/tail don't work unless you press the brake pedal wtf? So off to the garage it goes, 5 yrs old, out of warranty and the local garage who look after it (who are great) said best take to main dealer as would no doubt be a pita to diagnose. Then the next day the MS880 seizes, about 12 yrs old, but not done a lot of work. Going to get that fixed for sure, as they are NLA.
  6. Any "service provider" who ultimately charges you twice the initial estimate without any interim discussion is taking the micky big time in my opinion. I seem to remember reading somewhere that estimates were "allowed" a 10 per cent leeway either way, certainly a 100 per cent increase is way off this. Not at all sure this is legally binding, probably just more a matter of "code of conduc t etc"
  7. Only real advantage to the Land Rover mewp is that with its legs down it is narrower. I am having to hire in a van mounted mewp for a roadside job with traffic lights because my mewp needs 14ft to get its legs down.
  8. Nope, not Cheddleton. She was a Brummie, and she was serious till I pointed out the error of her thoughts!
  9. Confuscus, he say: Sex and joke is same thing really - no good if you don't get it. Confuscus, he say: It take 100 nails to make a crib, but one screw to fill it. A lion will not cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood.
  10. Not a joke in the usual sense, but this is 100% true. Had an "urgent" email earlier this week from the property management company that look after a housing estate (set in grounds of the old county asylum, lots of big mature trees). They sent me a photo of a 3-4 inch basal diameter branch that had dropped from a Maple, and asked me for a quote for "tree works". I decided to ring the young woman who had sent this vague request, and I asked he what tree work they wanted me to quote for, to which she replied, deadpan serious, that they wanted me to put the branch back and make it look right!!!???
  11. My thoughts are exactly same as HuntingHicap, looks like bark 99% intact.
  12. Or will it have that useful function of preserving the chassis around the engine with oil spray?
  13. Just googled it. They are specifying 8 speed auto, seemingly as standard. I wonder if they could build in rain leaks round the doors and roof to make it more like a Defender.🌧️
  14. Looking forward to hearing what will be under the bonnet. Also transmission options, I like my autobox Disco 2 for shunting trailers.
  15. I'm sure you did not take too much off, going by the before and after pics. Looks like you did a good job. I always tell customers I cannot 100% guarantee the outcome after pruning - even if it is a repeat pollard on a really healthy Weeping Willow. That way I cover my arse.


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