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  1. If he is made to replant, that should stop the extra house or two.
  2. This is actually true, but you may have heard it before: Notice at one out patients department said "For Family planning use rear entrance"
  3. I was felling a 75ft Lombardy Poplar that was in my living room and it went the wrong way, taking out the stove glass in the process.
  4. When cutting cord I do it as previously described - tape the end, cut through middle of tape. Then I mount an old flat file in the vice, heat till red hot, touch the cut end of the cord onto file and voila - tidy heat sealed, without heat cutting the rope.
  5. I run a Jensen A540 turntable road tow, and a Forst TR6. Had the Jensen as ex demo, short warranty. Dealer good, but Jensen Germany slow++ if parts have to come from there, but machine is fantastic at its job. Had the Forst TR6 from new, 3yr warranty. Had a problem with the ignition switch, the mechanic came to me and fixed it, as that's how they work. Whenever I have rung Forst with a query/ordering parts they are absolutely first class service quality. The machine itself is fantastic.
  6. It would be good to see a photo looking at the tree from the side, at a moderate distance.
  7. I had this same problem with my TR6, early on it its life from new. Forst changed the ignition switch under warranty and that sorted it.
  8. Agreed, Blakes better than Prussik. Both utterly evil once coated with Pine resin etc. ZigZag and other mechanical devices cope better with resin, but did a Pine the other week that still made these jam. Cleaned them with meths, ropes in washing machine.
  9. Bateson 8x5 high sided tipper, still going strong after 16 years. Holds 3.75 cubic metres. For silly large deiliveries the largest IW tipper (12 x 6ft 6) with high sides, althought never had a log delivery that big to do, just wood chip so far in that one.
  10. In principle I would agree. I was not VAT registered until my turnover meant I had to be. I dropped the contract that put me over the threshold after three years, and could deregister for VAT if I wanted. But I always have enough work coming in, despite being 90% tree surgery and tall hedges. Doing the quarterly VAT return myself is easy peasy, and I still get to reclaim VAT on most of my expenses. I would only deregister for VAT if I was losing too much work because of the the VAT. Flip side of coin is it is probably easiest to start off not VAT registered, and register later if you want or have to.
  11. I am in North Staffordshire, on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands and the east of Stoke on Trent. I have noticed several Sycamores recently which had normal sized leaves last year and have small leaves this year. I was looking at a couple with one of the local tree officers and we both commented on the small leaves and assumed it is related to last year's drought. Despite plenty of rain earlier this year our ground remains much drier and harder than usual. One field gateway that normally needs wellies most of the year is now hard and dry. I am planning to take water out into one of our fields to water some Weeping Willows we planted 18months ago.
  12. I use the biggest of the Ifor Williams twin axle plant trailers, with built in ramp to move my Forst TR6 chipper. Room to get the power barrow/muck truck on at same time with room for a bit of timmber/bag of sweepings if the Iveco tipper is full. Fantastic if there is good parking room at the job, very stable tow. A bit of a pain on narrow streets/lanes, a real pain if parking limited at job, then I wish for a smaller 8x4 plant trailer, but in fact take my Ifor Williams 12 x 5ft 6in flatbed. No so nice to tow as wheels under trailer and chipper sits higher off ground.
  13. Not been to Brighton, but I can put it on my travel plans!
  14. Wych Elm is far less likely to get the disease. My understanding is that it is because the beetle that carries DED does not find the Wych Elm as tasty or whatever. If you want to see some fantastic mature Elms go to Edinburgh or Glasgow, probably more and bigger in Edinburgh I would say. I often admire these when going to see our son in Edigburgh or daughter in Glasgow.


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