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  1. Been trading nearly 20 years and we are at the busiest we have ever been. Any newly accepted jobs won't be done until January unless they are little gap fillers. I think most teams in our area are finding the same.
  2. So true. I am 60 now and still do most of our climbing, but there is no way I can mange the wide hedges any more. I leave that to the young ones with more strength than me. Most days the groundies have a harder time than I do up the trees.
  3. Heard good stuff about FSI, seen them at APF shows and seem good, but never owner one.
  4. I have a local builder who uses a bit of my yard. He pays me with once used dumpy bags rather than money. Could you offer a "disposal service" to any local small building firms?
  5. Computer did that - it assumed cos I highlighted the bit where you quoted Rob, that it was you who had said it? Honest guv, I am not guilty of fraud!
  6. That is so last decade, or older. Got replace by the more PC "learning difficulties/disability" One subby tried using the gaffs on some spikes to open the fuel cap on our slagsaw (MS170). Let's just say he doesn't sub to me anymoreūüí©
  7. Indeed so, but might we ask if it is "fit for purpose"?
  8. How about "dunderheads", or "cerebrally challenged"?
  9. I would use my steam cleaner. If you have not got one/access to one try soaking it in diesel for 24 hrs or more then brush/blow off the crap. I also find brake cleaning spray very good in these situations.
  10. Sorry to derail thread, but sort of relevant here - anyone else find the 2511 gets its air filter clogged with water in heavy rain? I love this saw, interested in this chain/bar upgrade option.
  11. Thieving bastards. You have my sympathy.
  12. Agree entirely with the above. However, if you end up doing this work with any frequency, wearing a pair of chainsaw trousers if it is not 20 degrees centigrade will offer you protection against other people with saws (lets face it most people get too close occasionally) and also against scraped shins etc if you trip, or drop a piece of timber etc.
  13. Problem with that is that you then have the drawbar sticking out into the road with most inline chippers.
  14. Out of interest, what are the commonest problems with Forst? I have had a TR6 for 4 years, and the only problems have been a faulty ignition switch, which they sorted very quickly under warranty.


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