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  1. I sometimes (only with longstanding customers with a sense of humour) introduce myself when I ring them as "Fellem and Scarper"
  2. My local Stumpbusters man has been grinding stumps for years, and has used many different machines. He is not a fan of Predator grinders as he says that you need to be good with spanners and a welder to keep them going if you use them a lot. He regards FSI as good quality machines, although I have never been a great fan of Kohler petrol engines for longevity. You just can't beat Honda for small petrol engines in my view.
  3. Couple of years ago I changed from Stihl Hi Flex (outer layer tore just too easily) to Stein Krieger Guardian and Sentinel. I like them, as does the lad who works for me. Much tougher, and more comfortable, but not at Pfanner prices. Never had Pfanners, but might try a pair from what people say about them.
  4. I agree entirely. All my logs are air dried, both for customers and my own use.
  5. Mine is the 2.3 146 bhp version. Pulls like a train, just first and reverse are too high geared for hill starts when loaded.
  6. Equally the best thing you can give to a bad customer is the competition!
  7. I changed my truck five years ago and opted for the Iveco Daily. The biggest deciding factor was the fact it is built on a c section chassis, rather than tinny box section, so corrosion is less of a worry. Also spent a whole day waxoyling the chassis and cab.
  8. I am sure I would have done the same as you. Some jobs like this are just not feasible if you are trying to run a business. The risk of major damage to shed would either cost you money, or could result in increased premiums if it went through the insurance. Also climber safety to consider. Health and safety approach would be "empty the shed then drop timber onto it, if that is what's needed to keep climber safe".
  9. Our three grown up children will find the first weekend they are all available to come and have a fab fam weekend.
  10. Unless you, or the pro, cut down the trunk parallel and close to the railings, then cut it off in slices leaving the thin section around the railings. You could then attack the bit left around the railings with hand tools to break it up. Very tedious job, but is doable.


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