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  1. Morning all, Drizzle and damp here. Getting ready for holiday so no outside work today😀
  2. Morning all, Dry here for the day. Going to dismantle and fell a conifer today. Plus side is that it is a very open branch pattern, so I can see there are no birds. Down side is it is one of those itchy ones that always get in your shirt asap.
  3. A few years ago I was climbing and dismantling a willow over a sheer drop. All went ok until I came down, unclipped from the ropes and promptly tripped on some stone sets and chipped a corner off my patella. No needed for hospital/x-ray - you could feel the loose bit. A dreaded cringeury of mine is the risk I mistake the roll on Deepheat for my roll on anti perspirant. Ouch.
  4. Morning all, Drizzle drizzle and rain rain here. Hoping to get a couple of days work in before going on holiday at end of the week, but forecast not looking favourable for a fair weather tree surgeon.
  5. Morning all, About to toast the hot cross buns for late breakfast. Yummy.
  6. Morning all, Dry morning then rean later. Another morning shaving epicormics it is then.
  7. Morning all, Supposed to be dry for first part of the morning here. Going to a regular customer to climb his limes and clean the trunks of there whiskers. Stay safe
  8. Sounds intriguing, what is your new job?
  9. A late good morning all, Chucking it down here. Staying indoors for me for now.
  10. Morning all, Up early to go and get the new Hilux fully anti rust treated. Intend keeping it a good long time.
  11. £40,500 + VAT. This was the price when I ordered it. I believe the new price was another £6000 + VAT by the time I got mine. Sorry I didn't reply, never saw the posting. Charles
  12. Morning all, Got a couple of skips coming this morning so I can clear out some accumulated stuff in the yard, eg rootballs and stumps.
  13. Using a finger bar cutter to just take off a few long shoots from the top of the hedge is not quite the same as using a flail to do a major cut. So now you know.


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