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  1. maybelateron

    Adjacent trees and birds

    You do have my deepest sympathy with this. You have been 100% correct throughout in your actions. Then some unthinking busybody makes an unjustified complaint, quite possibly because they have an issue with your client. Sadly not a lot you can do about it. I'm a great believer in what goes around comes around, so hopefully the complainant will tread on a wasps nest this year. No doubt they would say it is someone else's fault.
  2. maybelateron

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    I had a grounds maintenance contract for 3 years where we used a pair of Stiga Park Pro 4wd's. There were excellent in practically every way. Fast travel when mowing unless grass very long (our contract was fortnightly mowing), very fast between mowing areas(the Countax was a snail by comparison when going from one zone to another). Manoeverability was brilliant, petrol consumption was fine. Considering there are a domestic spec machine they withstood commercial use surprisingly well. The only real problem was the belt linking the two front blades, as this had to be a toothed belt so the blades were always in phase with each other. No problem on my own lawn, or on the better maintained parts of our contract. On areas with long grass I got fed up with residents leaving their dogs' sticks and stones in the grass - you couldn't see it until too late and the belt would snap. Took me about 20 minutes to change a belt once used to it, always carried spares with me. Belts were 315-20 a piece if I remember correctly. If we did the same work again I would certainly use the Stigas again.
  3. maybelateron

    what's up with swearing?

    Or how about "You snotty faced heap of parrot droppings, your sort really make me puke"
  4. maybelateron

    Radio communication earmuffs

    They work independently, but you can also link to your phone if you want to be able to answer the phone when climbing or operating machinery.
  5. maybelateron

    Radio communication earmuffs

    I have no experience of the 3M version. We use cheap and cheerful stuff marketed for motorbike helmets, and one of the team uses it in his Protos helmet. Sound quality is excellent, even has noise cancelling. I get them from ebay, hopefully this link will work https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1000M-BT-Bluetooth-Helmet-Headset-Interphone-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Rider-Intercom/233026967950?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. maybelateron

    Work for wood

    A couple of years ago I was collecting payment from a regular customer. He is one of those who always wants to pay cash to avoid the VAT. I let him pay cash, but he doesn't realise I have factored the VAT in - how else can I pay the wages and all the other running costs if it isn't going through the books. Anyway, he asks me to quote for the next phase of work, and this was £480. He had just put £500 cash into my hand for the work just completed. He tried haggling about the price saying it was a simple job, not worth as much as £480. So I told him I would gladly give him the £500 in cash back if he would climb the tree and do the work. Not worked for him since, tree still not been pruned by him or anyone else. Vintage Mercedes in his garage of course.
  7. maybelateron

    Best Small Stump grinder

    Not 100% in agreement, maybe 90 %. Agreed that it no longer complies with HSE if used with the handlebars turned to use from the operating end (where you can see what is happening). But it does the job quite well that way and I have seen a Carlton tracked grinder, ie monster machine, used with radio remote by operator directly in line with the danger area. It is all about planning for worst case scenario/escape route, but I realise this may not be PC to state.
  8. maybelateron

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    I have no experience of using the husky, but I did handle both Husky and Stihl and preferred the feel of the Stihl. Can't say it looks pretty! In use very happy with the Stihl, agreed that MS150T had more power. I find the 160T usual for a lot of pruning, also for first part of dismantles. I haven't hear anyone else comment on the safety aspect, but I feel the slow speed of the electric 160T can only help reduce the risk of major injuries.
  9. maybelateron

    Leylandii issue with Network Rail

    I know that feeling so well, you get up into the "hedge" and see the width of it and think oh f--k, why did I quote for this one. One day I'll learn.
  10. maybelateron

    Leylandii issue with Network Rail

    I do so like common sense. This sounds like a comment from someone who has been up enough previously topped conifers to dull the excitement of the next ones!
  11. maybelateron


    If you have plenty of work on perhaps they need another tree surgeon?
  12. maybelateron

    Cherry logs. Which pile?

    I generally find Cherry dries OK. During the heatwave last summer (remember it?) I left some Cherry that was freshly split on the concrete in my yard. After six weeks it was pretty dry. I call that eco kiln drying😀😀
  13. maybelateron

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    I use to get the same problem when I was running a Gandini 05MTS. Regularly in cold weather. I would start engine, leave running for 10 - 15 mins then all OK till next morning. Occasionally I put a fan heater under the engine cover if there was electricity available. When I replaced the throttle cable I gave it a good dose of oil, but can't remember if it helped.
  14. maybelateron

    New Truck Advice

    I have a 64 reg Iveco daily, 146 bhp single cab, chip box and tool locker. Once the body and locker were on the payload is less than a ton. I think any 3.5 tonner with a decent chipbox will be significantly overloaded with a half full (or more) chipbox. The advantage for me of the Iveco is the chassis is c section channel rather than thinner box section. Having throughly waxoyled the chassis and everything else before starting to use it I don't expect tinworm problems. Turning circle is excellent, not as good as my mate's Izuzu though. Has a 7 ton train weight, so good for towing. Plenty of power, but the clutch is woefully inadequate for reversing up slopes slowly or heavy hillstarts. Other than the clutch I rate it highly.
  15. maybelateron

    Monkey puzzle

    I had no problem selling Monkey Puzzle on ebay to woodturners. They prefer trunk sections that take in the ring/collar of branches due to the grain, as Squaredy says. Made OK money on it too.


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