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  1. Thesnarlingbadger

    Telecom lines

    I’m using that one. Thanks mate. 🤯
  2. Thesnarlingbadger

    Telecom lines

    Wow. I will be a lot more carful when working around lines now. BT have done them for free in the past. Didn’t realise they were charging so much now.
  3. Thesnarlingbadger

    Telecom lines

    What John said. I’ve never had lines taken down just priced to do the work with the faff. Open-reach are a pain in the arse to get in touch with even if you are a customer of there’s. Have you got any pics of the job?
  4. Thesnarlingbadger

    Ripped off??

    I would be surprised if a courts rule when against the OP give the fact he was made to wait so long and source material himself. But then they also never fail to surprise so what do I know. I had a nightmare with a customer who didn’t pay a few years ago, I quoted the job, put it in writing and once the job was done and she was happy she said I’ll pay it this evening so I sent my invoice and hadn’t been sent payment two weeks later so I send her a friendly email, and get a reply a week later saying sorry She’s been on holiday but has paid now. Still nothing in the bank so I went round and asked politely and said I’d take cash or cheque if it was easier. She then said I was out of order and that she only rents the property and. It was not up to her to pay. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a lawyer and she said don’t bother chasing it as you won’t get paid as the tenant will plead poverty. Plus I’ll probably end up drumming up loads of fees in the process and end up with more of an issue. The job was only a few hundred but I was pissed off non the less. That was in writing and all agreed with no mention of her not being the homeowner and I still lost out.
  5. Thesnarlingbadger

    Ripped off??

    If he hasn’t given you a written quote then he hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Tell him to stick it. If I made my customers wait that long and then up my price they would have the same attitude to me and I wouldn’t blame them for it. He’s lucky he got that out of you.
  6. Thesnarlingbadger

    Tight spot Take down

    Always asking the important questions Mark. Nice stuff Reg. I’d have been proper pissed off about the guy not moving the log store, that just makes a already pain in the arse job worse. I bet your ropes could stick out 2m horizontal before bending after that one.
  7. Thesnarlingbadger

    £40,000 Fine

    They should force the moron to replant a load of sizeable conifers where the branch was and warn him that if he touches them he’ll be paying out a million. That way he’s lost the battle. What a prat
  8. Thesnarlingbadger

    Another tree ID

    Yes it was a photo from yesterday
  9. Thesnarlingbadger

    What genny to buy?

    Thanks. I’ll keep and eye on eBay. I’m in no immediate rush and I’ve managed for 4 years without one so another few months won’t make a difference.
  10. Thesnarlingbadger

    Another tree ID

    It’s really got me. Customer said it was reduced about 2 years ago and it’s put on 5-6ft of growth in that time.
  11. Thesnarlingbadger

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    I’ll be checking over my insurance this weekend as I have new for old with arborisk. The joke is that the insurance companies are almost as bad as the thieving scum who take your kit, and they do it legally behind loads of small print. There was someone on here a year or so back said they didn’t get a payout because the insurance company said he wasn’t covered between the hours of 8pm and 6am or something like that as if thieves just clock off at 8 and say that’s enough now lads let’s all turn in for the night so we can get up bright and early for some more stealing.
  12. Thesnarlingbadger

    Another tree ID

    Any ideas on this one? It’s probably bloody obvious to someone but I’m thinking maybe a type of sorbus. It doesn’t flower at all apparently. Also if anyone knows what it is do they know if it will take to pollarding at all? Thanks in advance
  13. Thesnarlingbadger

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Sorry to hear this Mark. Hope they catch them. Absolute scum. I’m the other side of the country but if I hear of anyone selling an old chipper with a new shoot I’ll be sure to let you know.
  14. Thesnarlingbadger

    What genny to buy?

    Yeah I think I might need to get a bigger wallet. Ok great thanks for this I’ll look in to them all over the weekend.
  15. Thesnarlingbadger

    What genny to buy?

    Ahh bugger. I was looking at one that looked alright but it is only 3k. Just looked at the 5k stuff and it’s all bumped up a fair bit. Ok better I find out now that to buy something that’s useless to me. Cheers


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