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  1. I’m not sure if it’s me and the fact I’m a skinny bugger but the simarghu male harness is the worse peace of equipment I have ever bought in the 15 years of doing tree work. I recently had the yard broken into and was cleaned out. Crap I know but I thought well let’s as least get a decent harness with a good back support since I was going through the insurance. So I read a couple of reviews for the Simarghu harness and thought that looks like a good one to go for. Never have I been so wrong in my life, I would have been better growing the money down the drain. This harness has crushed my balls countless times, if I can have any more kids I’ll be amazed. It forces its way into my arse crack and I sprang the whole time climbing picking wagies out of me. Honestly the person who designed this harness must have Hatton men. The tool loops are in completely the wrong place and it is uncomfortable getting to my saw or silky every time I go to grab it. The D-rings are a flaming nightmare to clip into especially when your trying to do it one handed. Mind you I find myself climbing on my side stripe more than my rope in it as it’s more comfortable being on spikes then sat back in this torture device. The whole thing makes climbing really quite dangerous and I have shouted at the guys more times in the last few weeks than I ever have before and that’s because I have been in a constant state of uncomfort and distress whilst climbing. I have never written a bad review on anything but I felt I had to say something on this one as it really is the worse thing that has ever been made in my opinion. But this is my opinion and I’d like to know how everyone else has got on with these nut crushers? Also if anyone is looking to buy a harness I have a lovely one going for cheep [emoji106]
  2. Done a couple of corkers recently. Had to fell about 14 ash and sycamore in a wooded area the other day, all straight fells bar 1 tree, quoted for 1 day with 6 of us. Took 2 days and the stump grinder packed in so running that one at a loss. Still nothing a strong whiskey can’t fix. Not the first time won’t be the last.
  3. To be honest if I lamped someone for not coming in and letting me down I’d be worse then them, not only that I wouldn’t want the lawsuit. Don’t bother with them again and tell them bluntly why you won’t get them in again.
  4. Worth getting one of these. Then just put a few locks where you can. One other thing a friend of mine did was board the inside out with 18mm plywood so if they get cut through the side with an angle grinder they then need a saw to cut through the wood. As it’s been said before you wound stop em but you can slow them down. Good luck
  5. The solution is to find all the VOSA hot spots and avoid them at all costs. I got caught with a bold tyre about 3 years back and I didn’t mind the fine or redoing the MOT but I did mind the way they made me feel like I’d just killed someone. I’ll never for get the Tutting and the shaking of there heads, getting everyone around to see how much of a idiot I was. Vans are checked over every morning before going out now.
  6. We did a tree similar to this a couple of years ago. I think I put about £1000 on the job and I should have doubled it. Much more work than I bargained for the timber is still not fully dry and has been sat split and under cover in the yard ever since. I was buff as hell for a week after though as the garden was not wheelbarrow friendly at all. Live and learn.
  7. Lol such a dad joke. I did laugh
  8. Cheers guys made a few enquiry’s today and should have all the prices in by tomorrow. I’ll let you know who come back with the best price. [emoji106]
  9. Hi Will, Thats great thank you. I'll give them a buzz tomorrow. Cheers
  10. Hi people, I’m looking for a good hire company for a tracked MEWP around the Bristol area. Needs to be around the 20m mark. I’ve been quoted £1300 for a days hire which seems a little on the pricy side to be honest as I’ve hired MEWPs in the past and was sure it was around the £600 mark. We probably only need the machine for 4 hours but at happy to pay for a day if needs be. Anyway if anyone knows of any decent hire companies around I’d be great full for some suggestions. Hope your all doing well and keeping busy. Cheers Eric
  11. Hi people, I’m in need of a large stump grinder (around predator 38 size) for some large stumps I need to remove in the next couple of weeks. I don’t mind travelling an hour either direction from bristol to pick it up in the morning. The stumps are about 1.5m in diameter and there are 6 of them. I removed one with my 360 grinder and decided against the rest. I don’t mind what make the machine is as long as it gets the job, I’ve used mainly predator grinders in the past but have also used a bandit and an old vameer years ago. If anyone knows where I can hire one from in the bristol area that would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Khirss, That’s for the input. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. To be honest I don’t like the idea of things being online, I would rather just have an email sent as I feel most domestic customers would prefer this old fashion system as it’s more reliable. Maybe I’m just to long in the tooth for new tech but I’m just considering my time saving options as life’s to short and all that. Cheers
  13. Not sure that’s why I’m asking? Think it might save me a lot of time but then I have to put the time in to get used to it and at the moment time is something I have little of.
  14. Hi All, Hope everyone is keeping well. It's been a few months since I have been on here. The reason being I've been working 7 day weeks and 17 hour days. The joys of running a business aye. I'm not complaining as thats not my style and its better to be busy than not. From the sounds of it I'm not the only one, every other company I have spoke to seams to be in the same position. I'm running 2/3 teams and am booked up until Christmas with half our work being commercial and the other half being domestic. I have a week off at the end of November but need to keep a core team running to keep up with the work load. The reason I'm posting is I've been looking in to the ArbPro app and I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on it? It certainly seems like it will save a little time but at £60p/m it seems ridiculously expensive. I'm a little bit sceptical as I've got my own little system that works for me and I'm one of these people who thinks if it works why fix it however I do spend most evenings typing out and sending quotes and invoices, writing up RAMS and organising the day ahead. That on top of fixing tools and other crap (you all know the score). Do any of you use ArbPro? do you find it is worth the money? How long did it take to get used to it and how easy is it to personalise to your own company? Anything else I should know about the App? Pros/Cons. I just want some honest input as I know all I'll get a load of 'how bloody great it is from their staff. Anyway I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to a winter locked away from friends and family. Cheers Eric


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