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  1. Hi people thanks for the reply’s. I would have replied sooner but I’ve been MIA on a site clearance job and haven’t really had a chance to look at my post. figured this might be the case. She way planning on filling in the garden with rubble and then decking over the top. To be honest I don’t really want to get involved as it’s not really my area. But I would like to give her some advice even if that advise is ‘unfortunately your f****d’. I’ll let her know to through some glyphosate down and put a membrane over the top, then the rubble and keep the secateurs handy for the future. Anyone know if it is likely to damage foundations or it’s the root system relatively week? Cheers
  2. Hi people, Went out to look at what I thought was going to be a fairly big job a few days ago and it turns out it’s not and not really a job I’m interested in. However I have let the lady I quoted for know I will get back to her with some advice on the mater. She has moved in to a house and there was an old stump from a tree of heaven at the back of the garden. The stump has respouted and there a loads of little shoots growing up over her garden. I’ve said I will cut the stump down lower and pall the shooting saplings out but I can’t grind it as access is impossible unless you have a saw grinder attachment (not buying one for this job). She is concerned that it is going to keep coming back and her plan is to through a load of rubble (2ft deep) over the whole garden but won’t do this if the shoots are going to come up through. My questions are how likely is it to push through 2ft of rubble and if it will how do you kill it off? If you can. I never realised it would be this Resilient and I’m guessing is kind of like bamboo in this respect. I’m not going to get in to excavating the garden because at the end of the day it’s not what I do but I would like to come back to her with some advice. Pictures for reference. Thanks guys.
  3. Not 100% on this one but went out to look at a tree for a customer earlier and think it is some form of crab apple but the bark is a lot lighter and more fissured than usual and the leaves are a bit more waxy. Any ideas people? Thanks in advance.
  4. All too well. I had a customer ask if I would be paying them for the timber from some conifers he wanted down. I said I could leave the logs with him and he could sell them himself if he liked. He seemed to think that I would have a list of contacts that would snap my arm off for some crappy old laydandii. I didn’t get the job and the conifers are still standing 2 years later. Works quite but not that quite.
  5. Sorry to hear this Mark. It’s such a hard thing to have to go through. I’ve lost 2 family dogs in my time and it’s always taken time to get over. At least she had the best life she could have and eggs and bacon for a last meal is about as good as as she could have asked for. Hope you and your family are alright mate.
  6. Ha I wouldn’t have had the balls to send the black walnut vid to any of my clients even though I have really wanted to sometimes.
  7. I would avoid non genuine as I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews on them unfortunately. Can’t say for certain but I would say ‘buy cheap buy twice’ would be the rule here.
  8. It’s been a really odd and quite year for me. Had a couple of big sites in January and now nothing. I’ve dropped down to myself and one other lad and still fine we are doing yard days (the log store it filled and all equipment is up together). Getting a bit worried now. I’m guessing Brexit may have something to do with it as I always seem to go quite around a general election as well. Keeping my fingers crossed it will pick up and putting a bit of money in to advertising. I looked back at this time last year and even though I was doing a couple of subbie climbing days I was doing 7 day weeks [emoji848]. I have had a few more calls this week though.
  9. That’s good to know. The cost doesn’t really bother me as much as peace of mind does but I just feel I may be getting done over a bit. I’ll find out next week. Cheers
  10. With the stuff going on with regards to not selling logs above 20% moisture how are they getting away with that? Or am I missing something?
  11. Thanks Wayne I will do. Going to spend a day ringing round people next week and seeing what people can offer.
  12. Hi people, So insurance is up for renewal at the end of next month and I’m going to spare a day new week phoning round and trying to get a better deal. I’m currently with Arborisk and have had no claims (touch wood). But the cost seems to be increasing a hell of a lot every time I renew, granted I have new tools etc but it still seems steep. I currently pay near the £2k mark for £30,000 worth of kit including chipper etc. This includes PL and EL. When I first used Arborisk it was £1k and it’s gone up a grand in 2 years. That on top of having to make the chipper and other kit so secure it can’t possibly be nicked makes me wonder if it’s worth took cover sometimes. That being said I would hate anything to happen and not be covered. I’m looking for people opinions for insurance and anyone to avoid. Maybe 2k is the going rate for a small firm but I’m hoping not. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  13. I realised that after I posted 🤦‍♂️
  14. I needed a whisky after this episode Mick. I think hearing a grown man scream as his skull is crushed by another mans bare hands is just something that will stay with me. On this topic, I can’t believe this has only just become a thread. By far the beat show I’ve seen and for once it exceeds the books. Gutted it’s ending soon.


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