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  1. When I was looking for an ally back to be built on my tipper a couple of months back I was quoted between 7k+vat and 9k+Vat. So I’ve decided to become a coach builder myself. You’d be best off trying to find one ready made that fits your van. Make sure you get the right wheel base as I know someone who didn’t.
  2. Thanks Mick, I figured it wasn’t good. I’ll take a look at the radiator cover today but it always seems alright.
  3. So my ST6 has started playing up again. Luckily just got an ST8 so have a back up but I need both chippers out at the moment to keep up with the work load. The issue we are getting is it starts up runs for a bit and then cuts out completely whilst chipping. Seams to be alright for the first half of the day but then it’s almost like it’s over heating and is cutting out as soon as anything goes through the rollers. The oil is fine, coolant is full and the machine is greased up. It’s got plenty of other issues at the moment and need a proper service and going over which I plan to do as soon as I can get it away from work. Any ideas? Anyone else had over heating issues with there Forst? Thanks in advance.
  4. Tell me about it. I’ve worked with people who have thought they were great and had to go an sort trees out they wouldn’t climb, puts more stress on me and means I have to work twice as hard. No time for it anymore. If people say ‘I’m alright but I can’t do huge trees’ I think great at least they are honest and you will get more respect from me that way. I know people have to learn and I’m happy to help people out but if someone tells me they have rigged down massive awkward poplars and then tell me that the tree I have given them is not safe to climb and I go up and do it they can get their coat.
  5. Hi guys, We are slammed at the moment. Looking for people to fill in a few days here and there, climbers and grounds men on a freelance basis. Fair rates of pay and a good mix of work, mainly tree work but a few hedge trimming jobs here and there. The guys are a good bunch and are all hard working. I’ve just got to a point where I’m having to constantly move jobs around as I can’t get enough hands to cope with the work load. You will need the basic tickets for the job and be able to get to the yard by your own means other than that a good work attitude. sense of hummer will go a long way. Don’t lie about experience or skill set because you will get caught out, it’s a pet gripe of mine. If you are not capable of doing something just say I’d rather deal with honest people with a good attitude to work. Inbox me or drop me a line or text on 07725951006. Cheers Eric
  6. Most privet hedges around this way are in and around old council houses. Likely good of getting £100 tip is slim to none. I would say we clear the worst of the crap out and blow the last bits under. As mick said I’ve been known to get a 66 out on a privet and run along the top of it, looks messy but neater than a flail and in 2 weeks time the new growth is back covering it all up. However if the client would like a neat tidy job done and is willing to pay. I’ll get the loppers out.
  7. It’s in South Glos. Thanks for this. I’m not interlay sure what has killed the tree off but the dead crown resembled advanced stages of sudden Oak death. As I said once we got down to the main steam the wood seamed sound and there is no heart rot at all. On the arb report it literally said Oak in decline, dieback in crown and rot at base. No more in depth than that.
  8. We have recently taken down a large dead Oak for a client which to put lightly was knackered. Snapping rigging points and only anchoring in to bits as thick as my thighs. Now the Tree has base rot and is covered in slime flux (the hornets bloody love it). We have taken it down to a monolith at 4m so it is clear of falling distance from the house and the main stem is perfect (no signs of rot just clean wood). My client is considering having the live steam carved as she was fairly upset it had to come down. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the hassle or if it’s just going to be money for old rope. We are going back to fell an Ash tree with secondary stage dieback at the end of July so I’ve said we will take the steam down then for her if she is not going to carve it. It would be a really shame as there is no way of getting the stem out in a length as it’s got to go round the side of the house and up a flight of steps so without a crane it has to be cut up and used for fire wood. Even milling on sight would be more than just a slog. Any ideas what life expectancy it may have? We have probably removed 2-3 tonne of weight and the remaining stem is probably about a tonne give or take. No pictures unfortunately as when we did The job is was belting it down with rain and I just wanted to get the bloody thing down. Thanks in advance people.
  9. If a subbie took a client off of me whilst working for me I would tell him to find his own way home as he’s obviously capable of making it in the own world himself. It’s a bit different if the guys to a bit extra for a client on the day and then I split the cash between them but out right taking someone else’s work is not on. However I’d expect the client to say something if they were unhappy with my work.
  10. Nice one thank you. Always learn something on here. I’ll be tearing all the leaves apart now. So are we thinking Wedding cake tree or some sort of dogwood?
  11. Not sure, it didn’t seem like dogwood to me. Maybe a side rent virility?
  12. Thought it was some kind of sub species of ash due to the buds and leaves but there is a lot that isn’t ash like. Anyway the trees are dying back and have to be removed but I can’t find anything in my head that matches these trees. Any ideas? Pictures below Cheers people
  13. True. But I didn’t want to replant if it was going to be a total waste of money/time.
  14. Thank you Mr Humphries that’s very much appreciated. I thought I may have got an answer from you. I have spoke to my client about the information passed on by yourself and I think they would like to replant something taken in the fact it may end up with issues later on if under stress. The tree coming down would leave a big gap in the garden and is (at the moment) the main focal point in the garden. Would be a shame not to at least try and replace it. Thanks again for your advice it’s greatly valued. Cheers Eric [emoji106]
  15. I’d say gledisia as well. I can’t remember exactly but one will have thorns and one won’t and one is a false acacia and one is a normal acacia.


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