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  1. New First Cut system

    Hi Rob, I see there are two new first cut systems available. When would the heavy duty one be used instead of the light version? Cheers....Al
  2. Naughty Bob

    No, not our Bob, but Bob Potter: http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/hampshire-news/hotel-owner-ordered-pay-46000-13461081
  3. MS201 sounding choked?

    Ok, cheers. the pipe above had a hole in it, and goes to the tank breather. Not sure if that would have affected the running or not? I'll check the other pipe out as you mentioned as well. Cheers.
  4. MS201 sounding choked?

    Is this what you call the impulse line?
  5. MS201 sounding choked?

    I'll check these out. Cheers Spud! Its a 2012 saw, and been fine until the last week or so. Not felt it was underpowered like others have been. Cheers...Al
  6. MS201 sounding choked?

    Cheers Stubby. I'll check it out.
  7. MS201 sounding choked?

    My pre electronic 201 sounds like it is being choked when cutting through larger branches. Revs up freely, but starts dying when cutting through larger diameter branches. I have to back off, build the revs and go again. Any ideas what this might be? Thinking I probably need to remove carb and blow it out? Cheers...Al
  8. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    I want to know how you make £40k profit from £70k turnover? You can message me your secret if you like.
  9. Felling Wedge

    Eucalyptus for one! Few years ago I lowered off a branch over a swimming pool, leaving a short stub. Cutting the stub off, it fell into the pool and sunk. Had to tell the customer I left a log in their pool...
  10. Overloaded

    I had a ratchet strap holding the front down
  11. Overloaded

    Doh! Knew I had forgotten something!
  12. Overloaded

    Picked this up this morning...
  13. Iveco daily tipping ram motor broken

    There used to be a place in Feltham called Tipco Tipper Mend Ltd. No idea if they are still there. Whats the issue with yours? Cheers...Al
  14. We're back!!!

    Cheers. That doesn't seem to take you to the last unread post though, but to the beginning of the thread?
  15. We're back!!!

    I found if you click the activity tab, one that looks like a dog eared page, then there is a box to tick for view unread posts. Tick this and then you see all unread posts.


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