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  1. Cheers for the offer Steve. I have two guys starting tomorrow. Been a few years since I’ve had full time paye staff! Cheers Al
  2. Still looking. Please text me if you’re interested. Cheers.
  3. Has anyone had any luck getting in touch with Kyle? Mobile goes to message service.
  4. Get yourself down to these guys. Not a million miles from you Stubby either. They have open days now and again. AC Cobra | Shelby Cobra | Pilgrim Motorsports WWW.PILGRIM-MOTORSPORTS.CO.UK We are the number 1 supplier of AC Cobra & Shelby Cobra cars in the UK. Here at Pilgrim Motorsports we pride ourselves on selling quality classic cars
  5. Hi Kyle I’m looking for a climber in the Woking area. I’ve sent you a text to your mobile number above. Cheers Al Cormack Cormack Tree Care
  6. Due to increased workload I’m looking to take on a climber and a grounds person full time on the books. 3-4 years experience preferably, with usual certificates. Further training can be offered. Ideally age 25 plus so can drive my trucks, but I can lower the age limit to 21 if necessary. Based between Woking and Camberley, Surrey. Pay will be commensurate with skill level and experience, but climber will be minimum £130 a day, and groundie minimum £100 a day both Paye Contact me on 07841 143536 or email to enquiries@cormacktreecare.co.uk
  7. And apparently the 500i is a thirsty saw, from what I’ve heard / read.
  8. I store in ibc’s in a polytunnel. Last cage I had of last years wood went out the other day and it was around 14% [emoji1360]
  9. I get this noise sometimes too. Seems to occur when the newer saws are used. Figured it must be something to do with interference from the electronics. Turning the sena off and back on again stops it for awhile.
  10. Dead 40ft whale washes up on beach WWW.BBC.CO.UK Police have urged people to stay away from the whale while they work out how to move the carcass.
  11. That was easy! Applied on line last night, Lloyds Bank. Money in the account today.!!
  12. [emoji23][emoji23]
  13. I have a 2011 TW190 and noticed that there is squeak. Thought it was the rollers, but when they are rolling the squeak stops. Only does it when the rollers have stopped! Any ideas what it will be please? Cheers...Al
  14. How do you normally pay it? Just don’t when the time comes. You’ll have until the 2020/21 tax year to pay it.


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