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  1. I had no idea Spud had so many shops... Spudulike closes all 37 outlets as high street downturn continues | Business | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Almost 300 jobs go after baked potato specialist fails to gain landlords’ backing for rescue
  2. 25m height and 11.5m reach. Full reach up to about 12m Goes through a 1100mm gap.
  3. Yes mate. Had it a couple of months now. Looking to sub it out with me operating, as well as making some of my own jobs easier!
  4. Hi Bob I’ve got one of these if you have something that you don’t want your guys to climb Cheers...Al
  5. 1 day with crane and 1 day tidying up afterwards and grinding stump out 👍🏼
  6. £9870 + vat for fallen oak tree. Removed with a 250t crane. Crane and road closure was £4000 mind.
  7. Nice. Similar to the multitel then. They are very versatile aren’t they?
  8. Nice mewp. What reach does it have? I have a multitel smx250 that can do 11.5m reach.
  9. I had a close call yesterday using my remote controlled predator 38. I sliver of wood got stuck under the remote leaver so when I moved the machine forward, and let go, it kept moving towards me! This guard was between the grinder and me
  10. Could get one of these in? Where are you?
  11. You can if you want. I didn’t bother as just doing a tarting up job. Came up surprisingly well and drys quite hard.
  12. I used Rustoleum Combi colour on my truck bodies.
  13. Thanks for your reply Craig. Getting some Orium tyres through the tyre fitter. £260 + vat each.
  14. Cheers. Might be a bit too aggressive! 80% is road use.
  15. I need to replace the 4 rear tyres on my 18t grab lorry. Something that works on muddy tracks will be good. Any recommendations for type? Cheers....Al


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