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  1. Al Cormack

    Over heating firewood processor

    Were you just splitting, or cutting as well? I've noticed the oil temp go up when just using it as a splitter.
  2. Al Cormack

    Rayco drive problems and finger teeth coming lose

    In front of the engine is a white plastic reservoir. Unscrew the top and see if any oil is in there. From my experience they don't need much so as long as you can see some it should work. Check the cable is moving the lever fully when you push it for forwards and backwards.
  3. Al Cormack

    Milling required

    James pepperpot has a Lucas mill as well
  4. Al Cormack

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    I would have thought so. Did he give you the right saw?? [emoji12]
  5. Al Cormack

    Rayco drive problems and finger teeth coming lose

    I think the drive setup is hydrostatic and similar to Danequip grinder. There may be a small drive belt that is stretched or delaminating under the side cover? I would definitely consider changing to green teeth set up. So much easier than finger teeth.
  6. Al Cormack

    Land rover led indicators

    Don't use those horrible scotchlock connectors though. Solder and heat shrink [emoji1360]
  7. There will be a date stamp inside the helmet somewhere. I think most helmets are 5 years, petzl say 10 years, but I know some who change their helmets every 2-3 years. If it gets dropped or suffers an impact it should be binned...
  8. Al Cormack

    Introducing The Sure-Track MT3 Tracking Device

    Arbtalk offer is £250 + vat.
  9. Al Cormack

    Introducing The Sure-Track MT3 Tracking Device

    Cheers Steve.
  10. Al Cormack

    Introducing The Sure-Track MT3 Tracking Device

    Is the yearly subscription per tracker? Or does the subscription cover mutilple trackers if more than one ordered?
  11. Al Cormack

    Stihl 200t part

    Here you go: https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/10595
  12. Al Cormack

    Devon - first impressions

    That's just you that talks funny Ken! Everyone else sounds like a South Westerner.[emoji23]
  13. Al Cormack

    Tree ident please

    Maple. Seeds are at 180 degree angle Looks more like field maple than Norway maple though.
  14. Al Cormack

    Tree ident please

    The seeds are about 90 degrees to each other so Sycamore rather than Maple.
  15. Al Cormack

    Picus tester in Surrey area

    Hi David, Yes and yes, but the furor for body was coming out at the base of a large old pruning wound. This is the tomograph, quite contained at the moment.


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