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  1. Al Cormack

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Shaun was trying to sell that truck to me the other day [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  2. Al Cormack

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Nice truck and grab! I’ve got a 145 Hiab bit only two extensions Is your truck an 18 tonner?
  3. Al Cormack

    Need some help!

    It's ok chaps. I've sorted the problem for now. Found a pub with good food, good beer and bed for the night. I'll rough it out until the morning and then drive home in daylight. [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  4. Al Cormack

    Need some help!

    Tried him already. Didn't answer so left a message [emoji1360]
  5. Al Cormack

    Need some help!

    Me too!
  6. Al Cormack

    Need some help!

    I'm parked in a layby near Aylesbury with no headlights working on my 18t lorry. Sidelights work but not bright enough to drive by. Bulbs and fuses are ok. Anyone know an auto electrician in this area? Cheers...Al. 07841 143536
  7. Al Cormack

    Sena Headset Spares

    Batteries are different. Top one is 10s .jpg]
  8. Al Cormack

    Sena Headset Spares

    Could try this? Not sure if battery is the same in 10s though. https://www.theridingobsession.com/smh10-battery/
  9. Al Cormack

    Uprating a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 towing capacity

    Ok Cheers. I'll give SVTech a call. Your Sprinter is 4x4 though isn't it, so may have different diff to mine. Used them years ago to down rate a 7.5t to 7t so I could tow a bigger chipper. Got hgv licence now so no problem.
  10. Al Cormack

    Uprating a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 towing capacity

    Hi Big J, Did you get your Sprinter towing capacity sorted? I've got a 313 Sprinter and would be handy to tow up to 3500kg at times. It has an uprated 3.5t tow bar fitted already, so wondering if it needs anything else, or just a call to SVTech? Cheers Al
  11. Nope, can't see one Bob. Get yourself down there and show her your moves....[emoji1360]
  12. Al Cormack

    New Truck Advice

    The body was done by Boulter Tippers in Tadley near Basingstoke.
  13. Al Cormack

    New Truck Advice

    Colliers Environmental at Lyne will let you drive over their weighbridge . If you want a print out they charge £5
  14. Al Cormack

    New Truck Advice

    Why twin rear wheel? I've just started using a Merc Sprinter with single rear wheel. Better pay load and carries the weight well. Need to get it on a weighbridge to see what u Laden weight is, now the chip box has been built.
  15. Al Cormack

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Definitely! That's great. Cheers Shillo.[emoji1360][emoji1360]


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