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  1. I’m only down the road in West End. I have a grab lorry, avant and 25m mewp available for hire with operator if you need them. [emoji1360]
  2. I agree. Definitely buy the best you can afford, or save up and get it. We do domestic works , so speed isn’t as important to us. I have a Hywel Evans log grab on my Avant and it works great. I’ve just upgraded my old tin body 528 to a 2019 635, haven’t used it properly yet, but been impressed with the power just pushing up chip
  3. Have you actually used a free rotating log grab? What you say is the exact opposite of what I have found when using mine. A heal plate stops the log swinging around when you pick it up, so always keeps it in line with the avant. With a bit of practice you can swing the grab and catch it on the log to rotate it in the right direction for picking up.
  4. I have oregan clear cans and the Stihl no spill spout. Works fine.
  5. Been asked if I know of a company that covers Tunbridge Wells as too far away from me. Drop me a message or reply here if you are interested. Some estate had a survey done, and now need the work carried out. Cheers Al
  6. Buy heat shrink from Halfords.
  7. You need heat shrink on the wires to protect them.
  8. We don’t use the boom mic Al. Use the wired one and stick under the peak. Picks up the sound just fine, particularly on Protos as the gap between peak and headband is quite large.
  9. Same here Jose. My 230 is 5 years old this month, and has not let me down once [emoji1360]
  10. What’s your mobile number and I’ll WhatsApp pictures of mine to you?
  11. I’ve been in touch with Ben Burgess. 735 is too big for what I need.
  12. Need slightly more lifting height and hydraulic flow. Also want something now to see me through the next 10 years!
  13. Ok. Will keep you in mind. [emoji1360]


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