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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. I left school in 1984, started working for a tree company in the New Forest, Wessex Tree Service, in Nov '84, then Durston Woodlands in Somerset. Went to Merrist Wood in 1987-1991, working for a tree company in Cobham, Gifford Tree Service, at weekends and during my middle year of college. Went full time with the same company after leaving college. Left to start up Advanced Tree Services Ltd with a partner in 1997. The partnership got rocky in Dec 2002 so parted ways. Worked for Continental Landscapes for 18 months setting up a tree surgery division in London. Got fed up with driving across London to Tower Hamlets from Woking every day, so when an opportunity came to start another company on my own so Cormack Tree Care Ltd was born in Nov 2004, and going strong today. That career enough for you Mark? [emoji23][emoji1360]
  3. Al Cormack

    Yale blue moon

    Blue moon? Or do you mean blue tongue?
  4. Al Cormack

    Liner giraffe telehandler

    This machine is for sale not too far from me. Thought it might be handy to keep the yard tidy and move trunks about. Anyone know anything about them? Cheers
  5. Al Cormack

    Arb Pro or A.N.Other

    Yes, it's still running. Spoke to Mark Hines the other day.
  6. Al Cormack

    Post an image of your stove

    I did too Stubby. Thought he was being cheeky..
  7. Al Cormack

    Post an image of your stove

    Cheers Beau! It's a boiler stove as well. Runs the hot water and central heating. Glad I don't have to pay for logs as it burns through them at a rate of knots!
  8. Al Cormack

    Post an image of your stove

    Her is ours. Something a bit different..
  9. Al Cormack

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Great stuff Steve. You've already helped me in the past with a tip site, so just bought you a beer! Don't drink it all at once[emoji482][emoji482]
  10. Al Cormack

    Post your stump grinding photos

    I've had that happen a few times with my little Danequip grinder, it's like grinder kickback! Thrown me to to the ground before with a massive dead leg.
  11. Al Cormack

    Guernsey fungi

    Wait a minute..is this just a new name for inonutus dyradeus?
  12. Al Cormack

    Guernsey fungi

    Is that bad David?
  13. Al Cormack

    Guernsey fungi

    Seen this at the front of a hotel in Guernsey on a large Holm Oak. Looks like phaeolus again?
  14. Al Cormack

    Stihl & grease nipples!

    When a few of us went to the Stihl HQ visit they talked about the hedge trimmer attachment. The older style was meant to take two different types of grease in the head. I was never told that when ever I bought the tubes of grease. The newer ones are one type of grease now.
  15. Al Cormack

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

    This is on ITV London news shortly. Happened in Lewisham apparently.


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