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  1. The last pallet lasted me about 10 months.
  2. You get 54 x 5ltr cans, so 270 litres. No idea what oil they use without looking it up. Saws have a lot less issues and run cleaner on aspen, and no nasty fumes, particular when hedge cutting, although have battery stuff for that as well now.
  3. I’ve just bought a pallet of aspen and it works out at £2.67 a litre plus vat. And you don’t have to buy 2 stroke oil or go to a garage and queue up with everyone doing their weekly shopping !
  4. Al Cormack

    Just me?

    We believe you... [emoji23]
  5. I did the ND at Merrist Wood from 88-91. Had already been climbing for 4 years and decided to get some qualys I don’t remember several of the evenings and weekends! Still live in the area, but don’t go in these days. As you Mick, lost touch with most of the other course guys. Now and again I see a name come up on here or FB I recognise.
  6. This is where it was leaking from, end part had snapped off probably when the bracket broke. Bracket welded back up and another cylinder scavenged from Green Plant. All fixed for £30 [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  7. Thanks guys. I’ll take it off for a closer look. Cheers [emoji1360][emoji1360][emoji1360]
  8. This part on my 230 is leaking hydraulic oil. A parts diagram seems to show a couple of o rings. Anyone know if this will fix it rather than spending over £300 on a new part?
  9. Cheers for the offer Steve. I have two guys starting tomorrow. Been a few years since I’ve had full time paye staff! Cheers Al
  10. Still looking. Please text me if you’re interested. Cheers.
  11. Has anyone had any luck getting in touch with Kyle? Mobile goes to message service.
  12. Get yourself down to these guys. Not a million miles from you Stubby either. They have open days now and again. AC Cobra | Shelby Cobra | Pilgrim Motorsports WWW.PILGRIM-MOTORSPORTS.CO.UK We are the number 1 supplier of AC Cobra & Shelby Cobra cars in the UK. Here at Pilgrim Motorsports we pride ourselves on selling quality classic cars
  13. Hi Kyle I’m looking for a climber in the Woking area. I’ve sent you a text to your mobile number above. Cheers Al Cormack Cormack Tree Care


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