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  1. Newly planted Oaks stem exudate

    Thanks for the replies. The trees are just down the road from Alice Holt Research so have suggested they contact them as well.
  2. The two oaks were planted last year by a landscaping company to replace two oaks that were felled (not by me) as they were dying. From what i can gather there was a lot of landscaping done at the site, and the soil levels were built up around the original oak trees, compacting roots etc. What could be causing this to the new trees? Phytopthora?
  3. Hiab hoses

    I'll have a look at mine to see if this would work. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hiab hoses

    That's neat! So the hoses are inside the boom after running underneath the second boom? Did it come like that or did you convert it?
  5. Hiab hoses

    Nice! 4 extensions? Must reach a fair distance.
  6. Hiab hoses

    Sounds interesting. Is it one reel that takes 4 hoses, or two reels with two hoses each? Any pics? Cheers
  7. Hiab hoses

    Have you got any photos of it? Cheers
  8. Hiab hoses

    The roller track might be a way forward. The metal cases that are meant to be there have been bashed ND dented over the years, and do more harm than good. I do use the hiab to section down trees so they need to be robust. Maybe the metal ones sorted out again would be better.
  9. Hiab hoses

    Anyone got any thoughts on how to keep these hoses tidier, so they don't keep getting caught?
  10. Excessive chain juddering

    I think part of the issue is the length of the cutters, so as they get shorter with sharpening the problem goes away. I also found with a new chain filing off the back of the cutter helped as well.
  11. Excessive chain juddering

    Had the same issues https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/74725-201t-and-oregon-lo-pro-91vxl-chain/ Filed off the back of the cutter sloping it down, and it's not so bad. Never bought anymore of them.
  12. How efficient is an open fire?

    Same as an engine. Colder air combusts better.
  13. How efficient is an open fire?

    Our wood burning boiler stove draws it's air from the outside via a vent and tube. No droughts in the sitting room. It also has a door that sides up inside, so can be like an open fire. Best of both worlds!
  14. Jokes???

    [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35] Some idiot found my debit card inside Starbucks literally 30 seconds after I dropped it!!! He tried keeping it, even though I caught him picking it up. I kept tapping him on the shoulder to tell him to give it back, but he denied having it [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35] This is where it gets interesting [emoji849]... An even bigger idiot kept tapping on .... See More
  15. Which is the worst blower?

    Put that on Husqvarna Twitter feed. That'll get you a reply.


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