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  1. So, turns out the little flat spring that activates the switch had somehow gone the wrong side of the trigger (marked in red), so wasn’t switching off completely. At least it’s something and nothing. Learn something everyday 😎
  2. Hi, my battery Husqvarna has just started playing up. When the trigger is released the chain/motor stops for second then very slowly begins to creep around. If you apply and then release the chain brake it stops. The cycle then repeats at every trigger press. any ideas?
  3. If anything, the thing that got me was the boredom. Yes the pain every time you move a little isn’t great, but after being used to being busy all the time, 2 days in and I was going insane. You won’t even get your own socks on 🤣. Honestly, do not try to rush back, easier said than done though. Hope all goes well 👌. This jobs a hard game 🥵
  4. Exactly, some people think it won’t effect them but if a decorator for example, spends a week at your house working, and travels in a non compliant van, that’s another £50 on your bill at least.
  5. Imagine working for someone on a set wage and your vehicle is getting charged. That’s £50 a week out of pocket to get to work.
  6. I can easily add the charge on the quote/job for my tipper vehicle, but my pickup is my only other means of transport. So nipping to the shop etc or picking the grandkids up at weekend is going to cost 🤣
  7. Hi, no charge on motorways, but in Bolton you can’t get to the motorways without passing a camera just before every entry junction
  8. Hi everyone , hope Christmas was good to you all. Not sure if many know about the Greater Manchester clean air zone charge? And it’s the WHOLE of the zone not just the city centre. From 2023 any pre 2016 diesel van, pickup, motor home, horse box will be charged from £10 per day when used, business or private. That’s an average of 2.5-3k per year on running costs per vehicle. Please could everyone join the current FB group that are trying to get the scheme cancelled. Nothing may come of it but there’s no harm trying. Any input on the page would be greatly appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/groups/greatermanchestercaz
  9. Just build your own, we got this done by ourselves yesterday. Cheap n cheerful. £90 for the box section, £350 for the Ali checker plate, £30 on bits n bobs. Going to paint it up to match the cab and eventually make a fresh tailgate
  10. Beltin, there are some great people on here ?
  11. Hi, it runs great when on throttle but doesn’t idle on tickover, I’d take it to dealers to plug in but .....£££
  12. Hi Dan, yes all done including a reset. Thinking it might just need a kick or two ?
  13. Hi all, as above my 241 is playing up, starts fine from cold but if you put it down for a few seconds to move brash etc it cuts out, will only start again with choke on even when warm. Any ideas? It's the m-tronic so no screws to turn ?
  14. Has anyone actually had hands on with one of these grinders? If so what are pros/cons, they look a little odd but it's certainly ticking boxes as my next purchase. Was thinking of the FSI b22 but currently being put off by the 14hp engine.
  15. Throwing another choice into the mix isn’t helping ?


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