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  1. Just build your own, we got this done by ourselves yesterday. Cheap n cheerful. £90 for the box section, £350 for the Ali checker plate, £30 on bits n bobs. Going to paint it up to match the cab and eventually make a fresh tailgate
  2. Beltin, there are some great people on here ?
  3. Hi, it runs great when on throttle but doesn’t idle on tickover, I’d take it to dealers to plug in but .....£££
  4. Hi Dan, yes all done including a reset. Thinking it might just need a kick or two ?
  5. Hi all, as above my 241 is playing up, starts fine from cold but if you put it down for a few seconds to move brash etc it cuts out, will only start again with choke on even when warm. Any ideas? It's the m-tronic so no screws to turn ?
  6. Has anyone actually had hands on with one of these grinders? If so what are pros/cons, they look a little odd but it's certainly ticking boxes as my next purchase. Was thinking of the FSI b22 but currently being put off by the 14hp engine.
  7. Throwing another choice into the mix isn’t helping ?
  8. Hi all, looking at a different stump grinder. Currently only have a cheap rock machinery one with a 14hp Kohler engine and I've had a new wheel fabricated so it has 500 series greenteeth on it. Just sick of wrestling with the thing at the end of a long day as it doesn't pivot above the wheels. Currently looking at a new FSI b22 or a used Bandit 2250n, mainly domestic jobs, typically rows of Conifer stumps 12-24 inch diameter. I know they are totally different machines but just looking for an easier way of grinding, opinions greatly appreciated as I'm on my second week of trying to decide ?
  9. Just had an update from GM, they’ve contacted the manufacturer about the issue.
  10. Can’t decide if this guys an idiot or genius ? have you seen better ones? Post them up ? bit of harmless fun to beat the lockdown
  11. I’ll have a look in morn then post on here
  12. Hi, not at all, it’s the inner filter that was brand new with less than 50 hours use. Only spotted it when I was servicing the chipper.


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