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  1. wicklamulla

    Songs I Am Listening To

    New Order.
  2. wicklamulla

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Just converted the 360TES to 1/4 pitch. I cud only get the .043 bar at a max length of 14" and not 16" as I originally stated but I did get a 16" .050 gauge too so let's see how they perform. Oil test it on the morrow as I have a big job starting locally. Bought this clutch removal tool from Rob D as it makes it a super easy job to remove them for re-greasing or in this instance to upgrade to the 1/4 pitch sprocket. The 360tes is nice n' smooth in the cut now. A decent upgrade.
  3. wicklamulla

    Tall city tree

    Good vid Reg, any idea how long ago it was cable braced? Did ya have to return to ring it up and clean up the next morning as daylight looks to have deserted you?
  4. wicklamulla

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    F650 !!! yew guys don't mess about! Keep us updated with pics. please and feel free to tempt us all with regular updates.
  5. wicklamulla

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    How Ya Paddy, How come yer downsizing as i assumed everything was bigger and better 'over there' or is it a case of you running 1 large and 1 small chip truck to cover all the bases?
  6. wicklamulla

    Echo 2511 tes

    Wes i'd love one of his modded 395XP's.
  7. wicklamulla

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Bill it was fairly simple to do on the 360, BUT there are at least 2 different types of muffler available for the 360 and one is easier dan deudder to cut open and extract the 'Cat'. If ya remove the muffler and put it on the bench and remove the silver coloured exhaust gas deflector it will expose an area large enough to cut with a dremel and remove the 'Cat', i then simply refitted the silver coloured deflector without welding or brazing the slits created by the dremel. As Spud or someone else said previously there is a 'Cat-less' muffler available for another brand which i believe is a re-badged copy of the Echo.
  8. wicklamulla


    15 plate Isuzu Dmax?
  9. wicklamulla

    Mitsubishi canter...6.5 tonne... cpp...??? Help

    are you limited to 1 truck then or can you expand the fleet by applying to DVSA etc?
  10. wicklamulla

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Bill i managed to cut open the exhaust and remove the Cat. I suspect you may be able to partially drill thru the exhaust and the cat inside if you don't fancy taking the dremel to it. I agree on sharpening the tiny 0.43 chain, it is fiddly and easy to snap the file in half. I also ordered a 0.50 chain so i'll see how i get on with them and report back. I find i generally prefer Echo climbing saws to be on the tiny chains as they respond well to them for operator safety and clean controlled cutting. Some of the 3/8ths Lo-Pro chains i ran were downright dangerous in my opinion. I reckon the 360 will pull the 16'' bar and chain ok as the cutters are smaller and this should reduce the physical drag on the saw. So hopefully it'll be nicer for bigger dismantles and blocking down main stems. I would love to have the 360 ported though.
  11. wicklamulla

    Set of echo Sugihara bars for my huskys

    ahhh yer stihl living there then? I'm originally a Greystones lad, my parents are living in Kilpedder now though. I have a few old school friends from Enniskerry. I used to love the road from the N11 into Enniskerry as i used to ride it every morning back in the early 1990's, sooooooo many bends!
  12. wicklamulla

    Set of echo Sugihara bars for my huskys

    oil come and visit ya when i'm next back in Wickla (Wicklow, The Garden County of Eire)
  13. wicklamulla

    Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Hello Wes, long time no see. I had Spud fit a de-catted 360 muffler to my 360TES and he tuned it up fer me, it's a good improvement. I'm waiting to hit him up at some point to see if he wants the saw back with view to porting it for me. Literally about to order a 14'' and a 16'' bar and chain in the tiny 0.43 size for my 360TES from RobD as the stock cutting gear is 'a bit too chunky and lumpy' in my humble onion.
  14. wicklamulla


    How ya George, I hafta agree with ya there as i reckon them Isuzu Rodeos be it the 2.5 or the 3.0 are great value fer money, but i do think that one on Ebay is way over priced as it's already very old in my opinion. Single cab Rodeos are getting tricky to find though.
  15. wicklamulla

    Recycling Chippers!

    ya the sloped one is supposed to help prevent stones/gravel from getting pulled thru the feed rollers, as they vibrate downwards and fall out of the infeed hopper. But loike yer lads i prefer the folding infeed hopper with the flatter base, small things can wind people up!


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