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  1. i wondered if it was you had done that when i did a 'site visit' yesterday. I will hafta inform Devon Highways i'm afraid...
  2. my old boss used to say of some fella he disliked 'That lad is the middle and two ends of a bollix'.
  3. did a hot day with Jon and the boys last week, it was sweltering hot so we had a swim after work in a small river.
  4. nearside mirror glass will be broken by wednesday 7th august.
  5. How ya Lew, I hope yer well. Drop me a message if yer ever lookin' fer some work as i'm in Mid Devon meself. K
  6. i'm glad it sold as they are horrible! I have one too as do a few of my mates and we hate them. Odd little saw.
  7. do you have a removable headboard?
  8. vegan boots have been around for a while i believe, i tink they are quite cheap.
  9. i have no idea as i have not seen that particular saw.
  10. I day Al or was it longer? impressive figures there lad.
  11. did a big macrocarpa last year, 4.5k over 4 days (on reflection it was too cheap) Me climbing and 4 guys on the ground, chipping into a grain trailer with added greedy boards. It was in the village of Zeal Monochorum (Mid Devon) try pronouncing that one! The whole village was glad to see it gone as it dominated the views from the village and despite the fact it not outgrown its location it was a bit on an eyesore. The best and easiest '1 dayer' was a few months ago where a willow had shifted and heaved its root plate, it was about 40' tall and i deemed it a smaller sized medium tree. I asked @john p to send his MEWP and driver down to help me out although i reckon it was safe to climb but i opted to play it safe and used the MEWP to justify the 3.5k price tag. There was me in the bucket and 2 of my groundies working alongside Johns driver on the ground. We were onsite for 9am, started cutting after 10 am and finished up by 3.30pm, it was an easy day and easy money. I could do with a few more like that!
  12. @woodwizzard I tried the 50cc Makita/Dolmar and was amazed at well the AV worked, very smooth saw.
  13. those 340's and 350's are amazing ickle saws, i too own a 353 which is even better in my onion as i like the quick release carb/enjun cover over the screw down type.
  14. well you and Al Cormack are not a million miles away from each udder and he appears busy too and was looking for another climber. If i had a camper van i'd be up that way to sub to You or Him for a few weeks to tide me over. My wife is making me do tings in the garden and tidy the garage ffs.


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