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  1. these are good too. seen them years ago at the Loopallu Festival in Ullapool.
  2. rear doubles to aid stability i guess as it must be very unwieldy at full stretch
  3. looks like this is the chosen machine.
  4. Hi Jim, it's actually matey at Black Lake where we did that clearance job last year with the tracked chipper. He is keen to buy a chipper to tidy up the woodland but i reckon a compact tratter and a pto chipper wood be better as he cud also run a log splitter off its hydraulics. A Landy would be ok but they are only good at towing offroad and have no PTO or hydraulic services (before Khriss jumps in and says they can be fitted with a PTO shaft!)
  5. I have a customer who has his own woodland and wants to tow a chipper behind a Landy to tidy the place up a bit. He only want a 4 inch machine though so what would ya recommend?
  6. loved the look of that, tons of power and twin hydraulic rams.
  7. noice gaff and lake but look at dem sheds!
  8. Those DUKW were going to be partially remanufactured here in Tiverton Devon a few years ago as my mate works for the engineering company that was involved at the time (he has just fabricated a chip box for my MK7 Transit) but the deal went sour and i think the Devon company got stung financially. I'll interrogate him some more about it this week.
  9. Paddy, did you used to work in Devon 4 or 5 years ago?
  10. GCW 8250kg? Odd, i assumed it could tow 3500kg seeing as the 3500kg Isuzu Grafters can.
  11. what vehicle ya driving Rough Hewn?
  12. my Praxis grinder is old skool and u have to engage a handbrake on one of the wheels and manually sweep the machine from left to right, it is hard work but it gets the job done. central pivot will be much better no doubt.
  13. yes it does take time to learn how to use the 2500.
  14. i run two 2511's. 1 on an 8 inch c&b and the udder on a 10 inch c&b. I reckon 12 inch c&b will really sap the power.
  15. as a pruning saw the DCS2500Li is amazing. Mine came with a 10 inch Panther Chain and Bar (.43) but i prefer an 8 inch panther bar with the .43 stihl chain as it's super smooth and feels safer.


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