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  1. tink i'd prefer a basic lace setup as i reckon you can't go wrong with tried and tested 'technology'. That system on the Boa boot looks loike a gimmick to me and i too would be concerned about damaging the adjusters.
  2. Been putting this job off for a while now. Old tie plates had stretched due to wear on tipping components like the pivot points etc. Had a local chap fab these up for me, cost me a huge £90! Very happy as I assumed it would cost a lot more. I was gonna sell my fairly tidy MK6 Transit and buy a newer MK7 but opted to hang onto it as it's cheap to run and fix. Been slowly upgrading and improving things.
  3. i bought the Notch version with the optional trigger assembly, it is good but can be hard to activate the trigger mechanism sometimes. The APTA and suchlike are great but you need to pump them back up after each shot and if you miss yer target 3 or 4 times thas a lot of pumping where a catapult type is quicker to reset and fire.
  4. Well Beau i was gonna buy a Rodeo but an older Isuzu TFS69 came along and stole me heart as it is in excellent condition and low mileage for a 2002 vehicle (came with 67k on it). This is my second one, the first one did nearly 11 years with only a rear diff pinion bearing and a set of front discs needing replacement so i know they are basic and fairly well put together, the first one was stihl on it's original clutch when i sold it earlier this year with only about 135k on it. It can only tow 2.7 ton versus most Rodeos be able to tow 3 ton but i only use it as a quote vehicle and for 4x4 access on some jobs so the tow limits are never going to be an issue unless i decide i need a high sided tipping trailer to compliment the equally old Ford Transhit then i'd struggle to stay legal on the weight front. The benefit of my antique 4x4 is it has 2 gear levers versus shift motors as on the Rodeo and relies on no electronics to shift from hi to lo, it cannot SOTF though. Initially i wanted a much newer pickup as the old one was looking worn and tired but in buying this 2002 model i have saved about 8k as a nice Rodeo is about 10k used.
  5. Stu 3mm alloy with the added chequer ticks on it is more than enuf.
  6. Dan, i'd want the chequer side on the inside as it'd be 'more robust' and would handle 'log stikes' better. Smoov side outwards so ya could easily have it sign written. I purchased some 3mm aluminium chequer plate off of Facefook meerketplace a couple of weeks ago and will be riveting them onto the frame work of my Transit tipper as it 'looks better' than painted plywood and should be maintenance free.
  7. Thas the setup i use and it saves the clutch, tyres and gearbox. Luckily my ole gurl has no ECU's or a DPF and i blanked both EGR's. So is it a case with these newer vehicles that they either have Adblue or a DPF but not both? Think i'd prefer the Adblue with no DPF option if it was available.
  8. those 0.43 chains are a pig to sharpen and the teeth snap off from time to time but they really are good for pruning / reduction works as the finish cuts are clean and tidy looking. I reckon that 200T will eat those small chains though.
  9. i wondered if it was you had done that when i did a 'site visit' yesterday. I will hafta inform Devon Highways i'm afraid...
  10. my old boss used to say of some fella he disliked 'That lad is the middle and two ends of a bollix'.
  11. did a hot day with Jon and the boys last week, it was sweltering hot so we had a swim after work in a small river.
  12. nearside mirror glass will be broken by wednesday 7th august.
  13. How ya Lew, I hope yer well. Drop me a message if yer ever lookin' fer some work as i'm in Mid Devon meself. K


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