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  1. wicklamulla

    Advice on selling our Dolmar KMS-4

  2. wicklamulla

    Echo 2511 repair

    Ok Araldite was useless for this repair. I used this cheap stuff I found on Ebay. I filled the tank and turned the saw over onto its side and left it overnight and not a dribble was lost. It's a liquid plastic that is thin enough to run into hairline cracks, then you cure it in seconds using the supplied UV light. Amazing stuff. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-Second-Fix-Liquid-Plastic-Welding-Kit-Fix-Repair-and-Seal-Anything-UK-FAST/253129883875?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  3. wicklamulla

    Transit tipper ram problem

    have ya checked the hydraulic oil level?
  4. wicklamulla

    Great truck for domestic arb..

    i wood've thought the 7 ton chassis wasn't much different to the 3.5 & 5.5 tonner so it's a shame they don't offer it in 4X4 guise. If ya need or want to stay legal with a 4X4 variant then there is not much leeway with a 3.5 tonner. Great looking vehicles and good for domestic arb but i'd struggle with their size as it's toight enuf in the narrow Devon lanes with an old MK6 Transit double cab as it is! I'd be better off with a Cabstar or Grafter sometimes but i hate tiny cabs.
  5. wicklamulla

    Echo 2511 repair

    thanks folks.
  6. wicklamulla

    echo 360 tes users

    same happened to my 360, i dunno if i relocated that spring correctly or not either.
  7. wicklamulla

    Echo 2511 repair

    Hi, I damaged the fuel filler 'neck' (where the filler cap screws into) and it now has a hairline crack which allows fuel to escape. Is there any sealer or glue i can use to seal it up? @spudulike
  8. wicklamulla

    Those 2 stroke oils.....

    mate of mine does fire wood and buys fully synth 2T motorcycle racing oil in 5L containers and it works out very cheap, uses it in his off road bikes and chainsaws. I splash out on Redline 2T oil which works out at about £24 per litre and mix it with regular pump petrol!
  9. wicklamulla

    stolen Kit Scotland

    This is on Facebook, scroll down and read this sorry tale. https://www.facebook.com/DuncanForYourCouncil/?hc_ref=ARQO4H69PAUxU9IPJyI8pAvNGExLIfpKDkwHn9s2jbN00aJs81Tn_T7YM2YRTlQBuOw&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARALOIA5MHA1VBtMRPHF3T1abarAh7dEdiofFQ5yo7pTT7EecOdLMebcCkXZvr6kTpt7VyMXcWucKiNk_VIborE7vlz5NFMVi8nPtoZgf8tp3DXGOXES9mHUkINfeDdvy__xKLdtw4ug&__tn__=kCH-R
  10. wicklamulla

    Work in Western Canada /Vancouver BC

    I reckon this be them. http://www.greenlinetree.com/
  11. wicklamulla

    Devon - first impressions

    They talk funny down this way Big J huh! 'They' will be saying 'that Scottish fella talks funny'! With the rural folk you will get used to them referring to You as 'He' or 'Him' and your lady as 'She' or 'Hers'. I hafta say i love living down here as i spent many years in London afore decamping to the south west. Ps. yer young daughters will be referred to as 'maids'.
  12. wicklamulla

    Greenmech Quadchip

    Thanks Jase, I have checked to manual and it states 150NM on the bolts so would 200NM be a bit too much? It makes no mention with regards to replacing bolts or nuts so i'll do a visual inspection and if they look fine i'll reuse them. Thanks for replying.
  13. wicklamulla

    Greenmech Quadchip

    Hello, I am going to rotate the disc blades, do i need to replace the blade bolts or can i simply reuse the original ones? @Pete B @Jase hutch Thanks very much, Ken
  14. wicklamulla

    Devon brash draggers X2

    2 brash draggers required for a job next week from tuesday 7th august thru to friday in Mid Devon, the job is near Lapord. No experience necessary. Ken 07946606093
  15. wicklamulla

    churchyard Yew Clumps

    Hi all, I have been asked to top these Irish Yew clumps as they are gone a bit wayward and getting close to over head power lines. They haven't been touched for a few years and look a bit untidy. They need to be bound up with round fencing wire in order to help them retain their shape and to pull their width in a few inches as one in particular is protruding out onto a footpath and gateway, it'll also make it easier for me to 'top' them evenly. I was going to use ratchet straps to initially pull each clump into shape then use galvanised wire and simply wrap the wire back on itself to secure it in position. Should i use fencing gripples, What say ye?


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