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  1. He's based 20 mins away from me. Impressive skills right enough.
  2. Sam, he did but they wore off due to aforementioned knuckles dragging along the ground...
  3. It's nearly as bad as Your 'Live to ride, Ride to Live' tattoo....!
  4. Stephen, can u tell us the specs of the truck please, 4 cylinder, diff locks etc?
  5. so just to confirm, the cut n' climb is a Stihl product made by Clarks?
  6. It's a secret underground group so keep it schtum yeah!
  7. Not so much overloaded but it still looks comical. I laughed out loud when he clambered up there and refuelled the quad bike.
  8. Not so much tool related but handy enuf to fix roadside and they are cheap. I carry a spare nearside door mirror glass and the small blindspot glass too. With the narrow Devon lanes (is Big J reading this?!) they take a hammering with hazel and beech hedging protruding out onto the road.
  9. i simply drain off the 2T mix out of the big saws and run the carb dry. I'm not interested in using Aspen.
  10. yep i went the same route after running a 4x4 with high sides whilst towing a high sided Ifor trailer, i eventually bought a cheap MK6 Transit crewcab tipper and sold the Ifor. I still have a 4x4 pickup though so i have the best of both worlds.
  11. love the Li 2500T but i don't rate the Panther chain as it's too 'jumpy' compared to Stihl chain so i run it on an 8 inch Panther bar with stihl chain which suits my needs better. The stihl chain holds it's edge better too.
  12. wicklamulla


    ok ok ok i'm no out to fat shame ye!
  13. wicklamulla


    she has sum udders on herself thas fer sure!


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