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  1. i must go and visit there when i'm next back in Wickla as it has an interesting history according to Google.
  2. wicklamulla

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    Eggs I found the nearside headlight bulb connector had partially melted. I reckon this was causing the fuses to blow. I soldered in a new H4 connector and replaced the indicator relay and so far so good.
  3. wicklamulla

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    will give it a go, tank yew.
  4. wicklamulla

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Ariens are hopefully returning mine to me in a few days time. I had the dreaded 'bar stud issue' where it migrates outwards out of the chassis. I stripped it down in readiness to either try and install a 'time sert' or buy a new chassis and completely rebuild it. It was only when i read about udder people having the same issues that i realised the problem was not down to 'operator error' and contacted Ariens and they were happy to help out. I sent it to them in pieces and hopefully they will successfully rebuild it and update the primer bulb and adjust the carb to suit. They have replaced some of the problematic 2511's from what i've read on social media. Oil update ye accordingly.
  5. wicklamulla

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    interesting, is the diode in the fuse box above the glove box?
  6. wicklamulla

    Mk6 Transit indicator

    Eggs my 2002 MK6 Transhit (2.4 TDDI) tipper has nearside winker problems at the moment, it will be fine indicating right but if i indicate left it usually blows a fuse above the passenger side glove box and sometimes the fuse located next to the steering column directly above the brake pedal (which gives the indicator confirmation flashes when you double lock the van with the remote fob). I am going to go thru tthe electrics today inna bid to fix it. It has toasted 2 indicator relays so far so i need to fix this as everyone tinks i'm a BMW driver as i don't indicate anymore!
  7. wicklamulla

    TP chipper: anyone got any experience?

    Andy is yours the Vario and is the enjun turbo charged, whas it like when maxed out on max sized sticks?
  8. wicklamulla

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    @Jase hutch @Pete B and anyone else with knowledge. I think there is an adjustment which i believe slows down or speeds up the infeed rollers depending on the size of the material being chipped but is there any adjustments that improve the ability to crush / break forked branches and make it more aggressive on dense conifer as it does struggle and i have to constantly reverse the feed rollers when the going gets a little tough? Would increasing the tension on the horizontal feed roller spring improve things? The Machine is 1 year old with 150 hours on it. Thanks for the help thus far.
  9. wicklamulla

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    Great advice tanks. Andrew Symons in Crediton had the remaining piece out easily enough. There was only 3 or 4mm of broken bolt remaining in the captive nut so we guess the bolt must have loosened off, backed out until the fan came into contact with the Allen head and snapped it hence the noise. An easy enough fix.
  10. wicklamulla

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    Thanks Jase, I got the pulley and fan off and the offending bolt had snapped in two so i'll need to look getting the other end extracted as i'd rather let them do it plus it's still under warranty.
  11. wicklamulla

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    It started making a noise last ting on Friday. I traced it to a lose bolt behind the fan. I have removed the 2 grub screws on the pulley, is it now just a case of attaching a 3 legged puller to force the pulley off the shaft?
  12. wicklamulla

    Ported Echo 2511.

    looks home brewed.
  13. wicklamulla

    Ported Echo 2511.

    very nice muff mod.
  14. wicklamulla

    AUS insulated rods

    mine are flaccid and require viagra!
  15. wicklamulla

    AUS insulated rods

    they bow when ya use more than about 5 clicked together. Most i have had on is 12/13 but they were supported by resting on limbs as they went up which help greatly.


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