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  1. Is there any way i can get about 12 ton of Poplar collected by a crane lorry and taken away free of charge or can i make some money out of it? It'll be in lengths and ranges in diameter from 20'' to 30'' ?
  2. the rubber intake boot beneath the carb. can get pulled out of it's location which i think means it will draw air and cause idling issues.
  3. it's a 'Brexit Special', kinda loike a 357 Magnum crossed with a Sierra Cosworth and emblazoned with a Union Jack and a pic. of Churchill giving it the V's with a fat ceegar stuffed in his mouth.
  4. Have ya any more info on these, a product code off of the packaging etc. please? My local Lidl has none atm. No bodder, i found them on the net, thanks.
  5. full fat and none of this skimmed or semi skimmed rubbish in the form of an Evo 165 using a 34hp Kubota enjun.
  6. so rough here i couldn't even be boddered to start the pickup and go down the pub!
  7. Grim as Brendan is blowing the place asunder down here.
  8. hope he spills the beans soon as i'm off out for a 'Dame Edna' at early doors.
  9. i may just sit here and stare at the screen in readiness!
  10. the QC200 i spotted was way way way over 750kg, twas in fact about 1800kg when i looked at the VIN plate, a fair ole unit cos when viewed from afar it looks identical to a regular QC till ya get up close and realise it is big.


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