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  1. wicklamulla

    Echo 70cc+

    it's gone quiet, you any more info on it?
  2. yep i was tinking the same re; small and large 3/8ths bar mounts. Maybe they fitted the large bar mount to later incarnations of the 262XP?
  3. Mark it is a known problem and has been for over 12 months. I had lengthy discussions with an excellent echo rep. about it.
  4. It is a known issue on some CS2511 TES saws. I spoke at length to Echo UK about it. They treated me fair and fixed it for me (read my long tale about it). I can understand Hanz-on being pished off by it and buying a different brand. In my case Echo fixed it and it's been fine ever since so it saved me a few hundred quid as i didn't need to buy another climbing saw. In fact Echo looked after me extremely well when i had an issue with one of the early CS360 TES climbing saws and again with my 2511 even when it had run out of warranty and needed some work doing to it. Last year i bought a second CS2511 TES as i found a brand new one still in it's box for a steal. The Echo warranty is excellent in my experience and they have been good to me. in fairness to Hanz he admitted it was a knee jerk reaction to sell it on and buy a new stihl 151T. Some of their kit i don't like (CS280 TES) so i buy a mixture of stihl, husky and echo to suit my needs. I am not loyal to any one brand.
  5. once i cud see the CAT i mangled it with a screwdriver and a pliers in order to make it smaller and get it out of the access hole i had made.
  6. Basically i removed the silver coloured deflector from the exhaust and used a dremel to cut a 'U' shaped access hole in order to remove the 'CAT', i bent the steel upwards in order to access the innards, then all i had to do was to press / bend the steel back into shape and screw the silver deflector over the top. Spud tuned it up for me and it improved the overall performance of the saw. I may have some pics. somewhere. I would love a ported and muff modded 360T /362T.
  7. i have one too, it's the 13hp version and i bought it cheap 2 /3 years ago. It uses the quadra blade system but apparently can be converted to run on a different cutter head and teeth setup but i have not looked into it. They are ole skool and use the hand brake to allow you to sweep across the stump which can be tiresome compared to a turntable version which is easier. Toro are still marketing it. SGR-13 Stump Grinder | Toro WWW.TORO.COM
  8. i have calls like that from time to time and i let them give me their spiel but i am a sceptical so&so and don't buy into crap.
  9. i prefer a stanley knife blade over a pin but that syringe idea may be a good alternative.
  10. how ya Demps, the 2511 has changed a wee bit in terms of a different coil and possibly a different variant of the carb. but apart from that i'm not sure what else may have changed. They are now part of the 'X Series' line up of Echo saws (what ever that means!). I run 2 now, one on an 8'' and one on a 10". I would love to try the new Echo battery powered climbing saw that is due out soon. The 360 TES has had some changes to the cylinder apparently but looks unchanged apart from that. Ya lookin' to spend some Francs?
  11. i would not be happy with a filter in that condition in any of my machines. Maybe it's the special edition AdBlue filter!
  12. i'll try and get u a pic of an 80 series Land Cruiser that has been made into a 2 seater pickup.
  13. agreed, my Quadchip is amazingly frugal but i couldn't care less really. My previous chipper could drink £35-£40 worth of petrol on a very busy day but it didn't faze me as long as it was reliable. I'd prefer a diesel chipper that drank a bit more 'motion lotion' but was a savage bit of machinery at snapping gnarly forked branches and gobbling dense conifer limbs without choking up.
  14. don't forget the limited edition 165 diesel with the higher output kubota engin, 45 hoss power i believe.
  15. the second i read of Wayne mentioning the fuel pump i thought of Ty in French France. Julian from Greenmech rang me this week for a courtesy chat regarding my chipper too. Good service and comms all round.


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