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  1. i bought a mint condition 353 about 3 years ago, the boys almost argue over who gets to use it over the full fat pro saws. They are brilliant value for money as are the Husky 450E semi pro saws.
  2. check the control cable that operates the lever on that hydraulic motor as it's held in place with quite a small nut which can come loose as i had the exact same Bearcat chipper.
  3. i bought a 2011, 2.4 TDCi Transit double cab tipper 12 months ago, i was aware that in 2012 the MK7 went from having the 2.4 to the newer type 2.2 which could potentially be troublesome and i'd seen a few go bang in Transits and Rangers. I got lucky as i had some spare dollar and simply phoned up a local independent Transit specialist and he had it for sale, he'd been servicing and MOT'ing it for 6 years for a customer. It was very clean and tidy and i 'lucked out' as it was exactly what i was after spec wise. 115PS, fairly low ratio rear diff, leccy windows, hill start assist etc. Spent a few quid on it recently having the inlet manifold removed and cleaned out, egr blanked off etc. I have a very fussy mechanic who looks after it for me and that i like. It may see me out despite being now 11 years old as i'll most likely hang onto it 'till the end'.
  4. yep thas what those brothers said too but they don't care as they have a warranty
  5. 2 local brothers i know have always plumped for 3.2 Rangers and trade them back in every 2 /3 years. They now own the 2.0L Bi Turbo Rangers and they opted for the Ford remap which boots BHP to about 260bhp but despite this option being loaded at the factory (or at dealership?) it doesn't kick in till the engine has done something like 2000 miles. These lads tow 3.5 ton daily (digger on a plant trailer) and reckon the 2.0 is much better to drive and tow with compared to the older 3.2. The 3.2 may make a reappearance in Fords lineup at some point though so i hear.
  6. i hired in the 25hp diesel Evo 165 and was amazed at its ability. the 45hp SE version must be amazing on full sized timber
  7. yep they are excellent, i have used mine more and more recently.
  8. if ya attach the tool strop to the handle rather dan the wire ring it will help prevent this from happening again. It may be worth using a break away tool strop though in case the saw decides to head south whilst trapped in the kerf. Don't ask!
  9. was hoping you'd chirp in with a V10 comment😃
  10. i use those cheap ones for hedge trimmings, got a dozen of them and they last well if there isn't 'sharp branch like material' tearing through the material.
  11. Don what spec 16 inch c&b are you running on the 200T please?
  12. The narrow webbing and 'leather' may be strong enough but it just seemed to allow too much movement for my liking. I like to fit the tool carabiner onto the harness so the saw is stowed on my right hip and i found with the TM Evo the tool crab would either have to be positioned at the front of the 'flipline rings' thus getting in my way with the bar digging into my leg or too far behind them to make reaching back and lifting the saw out of it or back into it too much of a faff as i wouldn't be able to see it. I'll post up a pic of my current setup which works well for me.
  13. psihing doon here at the moment, forecast for the Crediton area is to clear up by 10am which would be nice as i have a road closure and a medium sized cherry dismantle to knock out b4 lunchtime then off to Nymet Rowland for a Hornbeam dismantle to finish the day off.
  14. it's purely personal preference and has made me realise that my current Simarghu Fire harness whilst not absolutely perfect it suits my needs more when compared to the TM Evo. My concerns regarding the attachment of a tool carabiner and a heavy saw 70cc+ are enough to pout me off. I'll stick with my current harness and most likely opt or a Monkey Beaver next time round.
  15. i genuinely think you are gonna be overloaded regardless of what lightweight alloy body you fit so ya may as well stay as you are in my opinion and run the risk like most others. I buy crew cab transits as i like to remove the rear seats and add shelves for climbing kit, rigging kit etc. Those roller shutter storage cabinets behind a single cab appear to be a bit narrow unless you get lucky and find a wide version.


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