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  1. wicklamulla

    Tax status of Discovery/Landcruiser Commercials?

    ya seen the Land Cruiser Pickup that Milner Off Road are selling?
  2. wicklamulla

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    It's the Isuzu Troopers that had the (sometimes but not always) troublesome 3.0 TDI engine from 1998 till the end of production/sales in about 2005. As the Op is looking for a pickup then they need not concern themselves with the worries associated surrounding that sometimes dodgy Isuzu (it is actually a Caterpillar power plant!) engine as it was never fitted to the pickups. The low tech bomb proof older Isuzu pickups (2.5, 2.8 or 3.1) that were available up to 2003 are now very hard to come by, i 'lucked out' last December and found a perfect one for good money that will give me years of service (fingers crossed) and will legally tow 2700kg. The later Isuzu Rodeo pickups available from 2003-2012 are available with either a 2.5 or a 3.0 TDI motor, most of them can legally tow 3000kgs and are in my opinion a good used buy if you can find one that is not too rusty underneath. I personally think Hilux's are awesome but physically a bit on the small side and generally under powered and gutless whether they be n/a or turbo charged and they are too feckin' expensive compared to the competition. If ya were after a cheap 4x4 truck that didn't have to be a pickup i'd look at a Vauxhall Frontera. Lettuce snow how ya get on.
  3. wicklamulla

    husqvarna 562 xp 2014.

    sounds like doo doo to me. You sure it is not a 560xp? Look at the black serial number plate and it shud state the year it was made.
  4. wicklamulla

    Husqvarna 550xp drive sprocket problem

    i wonder if the chain has jumped off the drive sprocket?
  5. wicklamulla

    I Bought A Mini Dumper

    good idea regarding a secondary kill switch where it is easy to see it / easy to reach it. I was impressed at your 'word inclusion' at 4.07 !
  6. wicklamulla

    Up to yer nuts in it thread

    now that looked bad Minkey, how'd ya get it out?
  7. wicklamulla

    Timberwolf 160PH stolen in near Bath

    got any actual pics of the machine in question? had it any distinctive markings, dents etc? couple of weeks ago i spotted a plea regarding a stolen Ford Anglia in Exeter on Facebook. Keyboards in the west country went 'white hot' with activity as it got shared all over the place. Someone spotted said stolen classic car on the back of a car transport trailer being towed by a white van, then it was spotted by someone else, so on and so forth. Van and trailer seemed to be taking a convoluted route via B roads to get onto the A303 which made some of us think the thieves were tipped off about the attention they were receiving on social media and they were trying to 'shake off unwanted attention'. Next thing it was spotted on the A303 being pulled over by Avon and Somerset's finest, then my phone rang as my mate drove by and spotted the 'hard stop' as it was taking place in a layby. car was returned to it's rightful owner. Social media can be used to good effect sometimes.
  8. wicklamulla

    The BIG C .

    sorry ta read this Stubby. Tell her to keep her chin up and you keep all 3 of yours up too! 40 is still a big number, she just needs to aim and go for it. Keep on truckin' xx
  9. wicklamulla

    RIP Wendelspanswick

    more sad news. RIP wendelspanswick.
  10. wicklamulla

    Timberwolf 160PH stolen in near Bath

    get it shared upon Facebook too.
  11. wicklamulla

    Echo 2511 tes

    Joe i'm fairly certain it's merely a sticker with an X on it and that's it really! Ohh i enquired about importing a new CS2511 from the saw king in Oregon USA but with all the porting and muff mods and postage it came in at over £920 (GBP!) so i thought better of it!!
  12. we thought yew'd never git here! Welcome pard.
  13. she must've put those jeans on with an aerosol can!
  14. wicklamulla

    Letter from Lord Pickles

    they don't loike it up 'em.
  15. 21 lbs ! thas good goin slim.


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