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  1. I D this logs pleas

    Thanks mate
  2. I D this logs pleas

    Is it worth milling?
  3. I D this logs pleas

    Thanks. Will go a head with milling over the next two weeks or so and will post some pictures.
  4. I D this logs pleas

    I made a mistake, the first pictures is for another tree that I thought it was Oak last year and turned to be an Ash tree so please ignore the first picture above. I was looking at the old picture and it was posted by mistake.
  5. I D this logs pleas

    Thanks. I have spent several hours clearing bramble to expose the tree and was so exited about finding a large Oak tree to mill. now need to tell the wife I was wrong.
  6. I D this logs pleas

    How you differentiate between ash and oak bark in such old tree. Younger ash is easy to spot but older some looks like oak for my eyes.
  7. I D this logs pleas

    More pictures
  8. I D this logs pleas

    Found this tree in our wood under brambles. hope it is Oak but look like ash to me. it has been dawn for a while so no leave or buds. Plan to mill it.
  9. Ripping chain teeth consequences.

    Thank you very much, odd links number make since. My other two milling chains are 80 link for Stihl 075 and 64 link for Makita so both got even numbers. You live and learn.
  10. My Oregon ripping chain came with two consecutive teeth on the same side. Is this the way it should be? see pictures.
  11. First milling, wild cherry

    They are 4 feet long
  12. First milling, wild cherry

    Tried my new husky 395 and it did well. milled wild cherry tree. Not sure yet what I am going to use it for. milled the first log at 2.5 inches, it got a bone shape slab with nice grain. Second log milled at 2 inches thick. Tree came dawn 9 months ago. what would you use such boards for?
  13. Which chainsaw should I buy?

    I have Mikita DCS 5121 and I ham very happy with it.
  14. Have you tried our Rotatech chainsaw chains?

    Do they sell Ripping chains ?
  15. ID this tree please

    Thanks Mick


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