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  1. Thanks mate, really appreciate your help.
  2. This is the best picture I can get for the end grain, fresh cut, sanded and cleaned.
  3. I wouldn't know for sure but it came from plumbing trade supplier. Pallet got HT stamp on it. But I guess you never know.
  4. Sorry. Will do my best tomorrow
  5. Several boards significantly twisted, bowed and cracked so it must be difficult wood to work with.
  6. I may never know what is it but it looks nice anyway. There was no odour when planed. The most noticible thing was the weight compare to other wood. Here is picture for the endgrain I have wet on of the boards to try and get better picture.
  7. Need help with this wood ID please. It is a pallet wood seems tough and heavier than usual, Picture attached showed boards before and after putting through a planer. Non planed wood looks more reddish.
  8. Hunter

    Log ID please

    Thanks again, I learn new things every day.
  9. Hunter

    Log ID please

    Thanks for your help
  10. Hi can anybody identify this log please. It is hard wood, I think it could be ash but I am still learning.
  11. Picture is not clear but it is not a hedge, it is a line of a dense very tall coniferous trees which block the Son and they have been shortened.
  12. Why some people take such risk. No harness or helmet and wearing pair of Jeans. Luckily job was done and there was no accident this time.
  13. Managed to get this picture which I hope will help.
  14. Thanks, yes did some searches after my last post. Thanks for your help.
  15. Is white birch same like Silver Birch? We have several silver birch in our wood and they look different from the one in picture.


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