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  1. When massaged seller he said saw runs fine. I have offered to visit to see saw running but he said he is not free, the following day I messaged again and he said sold subjected to collection but advert still out so not sure what is going on.
  2. Does purge make it likely to be newish?, what year roughly was it added
  3. No need really. I am occasional chainsaw user so no need but want it 😂😂
  4. This came up for sale local to me. Guy said it has been in garage for sometime but has been running. He wants £175 for it. from picture it seems has been neglected. would you buy such thing. Not sure from picture if it is the oldest of the newest 353 so it could be 10-20 years old saw.
  5. All sorted now. Used but genuine carb arrived from eBay, as expected it needed new carb kit. Fitted and saw up and running. just got carb toned. again thank you all for your help.
  6. Tested both check valve with silicon tube. Problem seems to be the idle check valve, I can blow and suck air easily in both direction with no resistant at all. I compare itwith my other working carb where I can only blow air in but when try to suck air I can hear valve click and close. I have ordered genuine second hand carb from eBay. thank you all for your help. I have learned a lot from all of you.
  7. Picture is for the working carb. The other carb Seen in picture to the left.
  8. I don’t have vacuum gauge. I guess problem is with main check valve which cause purge bulb to suck air rather than fuel from tank. am I right thinking that the main check valve located in carb main carb body (see photo ) and not on Primer side of carb as those part was replaced but problem exists.
  9. I even tried removing the metering needle completely just to see in fuel will be sucked.
  10. Exactly this what I thought. part 40 and 35 in diagram and all things in between and above has been tested by replacing all of them from a working saw carb and the carb did not suck any fuel hence I conclude that problem in one on the a pathway in main carb body.
  11. Done this already and it stayed depressed
  12. Hi problem seems with carb body itself. There must be blockage in Fuel inlet pathway. as stated, I have exchanged all removable parts from another working carb and it did not suck any fuel.
  13. Thank you for every body who tried to help me. I have taken carb out and connected and tested it with small container with fuel in it. When purge bulb pressed it doesn’t suck fuel and bulb remain empty however it push air in return line hence it was building positive pressure on fuel tank which lead to fuel squirting out of vent hole. I have pulled identical carb from another working saw and connected to same purge bulb and it worked at should. So I confirmed that the issue is with carb. I then checked the carb kit which i have replaced and it is in correct order, I also checked metering needle and in seems fine. At this stage I become desperate to find out what is the problem so I pulled all removable parts like metering needed, diaphragms and gasket from the working carb to the non working cab and tested it again and it does not suck any fuel! So problem most be with carb body itself. I have cleaned it again with carb cleaner and no joy. Aldo tried lifting metering needle but nothing worked. I guess I need new carb. I see there are Chinese one on eBay for £16 but do they work?


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