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  1. Will H

    Solo 603

    That would be most appreciated - thank you! If you have any luck drop me a PM I wont be trading in this saw any time soon!!
  2. Will H

    Solo 603

    Thanks Shavey - it's good hear from someone with first hand experience of the saw. Your 603 looks good, annoyingly mine doesn't have the decompresson valve - bit hard on the shoulders!
  3. Will H

    Solo 603

    Yeah, I guess that could be the way to go if I can't find an original muffler. I suppose something like the muffler from a stihl ms 660 or Husqvarna 395xp may be a good starting point for modifying...
  4. Will H

    Solo 603

    Thanks for that Spud, most helpful! Do you think i'd still be able to get a muffler from Solo or would it be a discontinued part?
  5. Will H

    Solo 603

    I've just picked up a Solo 603 saw, never had any experience with one before but at 103cc it seems to be a bit of a beast! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much information on the web about this particular saw though. Does anyone know where I can find a manual for it or at least the rpm settings for tuning? Also I'm missing the muffler for it, I believe the same muffler is also fitted to the Solo 670, 680 and 690 so I thought I’d just ask on the off chance that someone happens to have one lying around! Anyway it would be interesting to get some opinions about the saw!
  6. Just bought another ticket but only just noticed it's gone midnight - got an email with the ticket but did this go through the system or was I too late?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions - managed to get a local plant hire company to move it for a very reasonable price!
  8. Thanks Paul - hadn't thought of that!
  9. I'm needing to move a MEWP from Corsham in Wiltshire to Newbury in Berkshire. I was planning on getting a friend to help me shift it but it turns out he can only tow 2000kg on his trailer - the MEWP weighs just over 3000kg. The machine itself isn't that big in size but it seems the weight is proving a problem. So can anyone recommend a haulage company (ideally reasonably priced and local) that could transport this for me - I've contacted a couple but they only have huge low loaders that are a massive overkill (and expensive). Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks Al - I understand the client is very pleased with what you've done!
  11. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good arb company in the fleet (Hampshire) area? A friend needs a small job doing (silver birch hanging onto neighbours garage roof) - unfortunately I'm snowed under at the moment and he needs it done ASAP! So any recommendations would be greatly accepted! Thanks:thumbup:
  12. It's tricky to tell but if there arn't any deep scores through the plating of the cylinder to the aluminium below then you may be lucky! I'd give it a go and see how it turns out, use the acid to remove the transfer then some fine wet and dry to smooth it out. You want to get it as smooth as possible (but without damaging the plating), a good test is passing your fingernail over the affected area when you've finished cleaning, if you can feel any rough areas the piston rings could snag on them so more cleaning is needed! Hope this helps!
  13. There's lots of suppliers of acid or alkalies that can be used to dissolve the aluminium transfer, this place on ebay seems quiet resonable - especially if you by 5 litres+ ! Hydrochloric Acid 36.2% 1 Litre | eBay


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