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  1. That's interesting, I don't think I can attribute mine to that, it happens near the chipper or even when someone scrapes a shovel on concrete!
  2. Cheers, it is on my list, I'll make sure I do it before next week!
  3. Hey there, I recently upgraded from my old SMH10 to the 10S, one of the crew already had a 10S and really liked it. I found almost instantly that there was a really nasty high pitched noise whenever we worked around the louder equipment. The kind of sound like when you turn a speaker up too loud and it's going to blow up! I can even hear it when the volume if down at the lowest setting. It's perfect when just talking but even the saws in the background on the lowest volume give me a right headache. I've mucked around with the settings in the app but doesn't seem to make a difference. Any advice before I switch back to the Smh10?
  4. Thanks for the advice, I was hoping I'd be able to bring it up to the. New model spec and never look back! Between this saw and my 540xp (has been great for years, but giving me grief starting now) I just want to give up. Temperature is hanging around 30 degrees here though, which probably isn't helping.
  5. Hey Spud, thanks for the reply, great to hear advice from a wizard such as yourself. I'm wondering if can upgrade to the newer version of the carb I think I've seen you talking about? I probably won't be able to source it in NZ but have a family member coming over in a few weeks, I could get stuff posted to them to bring out. Can you make any recommendations? Much appreciated.
  6. Hi from the other side of the world! My dear little 2511 is getting more troublesome with age. It is leaning out spazmodically, and has been back and forth from the local chainsaw shop. Its never held a tune for a really long time, but seems to have gotten worse. Should I be looking for an air leak or is it more likely to be carb related?
  7. Check out 'the educated climber' Facebook page and podcasts on Spotify. He has certain books that he recommends too. He's Canadian though so probably won't help with tree I.D.
  8. I guess there is no reason why you couldn't, but you wouldn't get the side to side motion which the bridge provides. Good for ascent I'd imagine but I went for the regular Sequoia (2019) because I felt the SRT version was more cluttered and restrictive.
  9. Totally different rope. The original Cougar rope is polyester cover and polyester core. Very low elongation (2%). The CE version has a nylon core, with enough stretch to conform to the CE standards. I have used the CE rope and its fine but way stretchy in SRT configuration.
  10. The chain brake 'off' action on the 395xp (well, at least on my saw) is terrible. I believe that this is pretty normal, and I always attributed it to the old design with the one sided lever mount. However; recently I used a 3120xp, which has the same style mount, and the brake is much MUCH better. Video here I wondered for a minute if the two side covers were interchangeable, but after a quick look side by side they are obviously not. Then I went away and wondered if it was a shorter/weaker spring. I ordered the 3120xp spring just to compare them. The 3120xp chainbrake spring was longer, and larger diameter, so not a direct swap and unlikely that it is 'weaker'. Has anyone got any ideas on rectifying this? I am aware that modifying a safety feature really isn't ideal, but the brake is currently so difficult to operate that you tend to just ignore it.
  11. Wow awesome video! Plenty of manky radiata for you to slay in NZ.. Great place to enjoy the down time too. I love getting out on the kayak myself. Who are you working for?
  12. I have a ring and swivel on my bridge, I mainly use a knut hitch, I only have a problem when using a VT. (I haven't studied if the phenomenon happens on SRT with swivel and VT), I switch between hitches, rings, swivels and techniques depending on how I feel.
  13. Im having issues with the app, can't open it just get a network error. Been the same for at least a couple weeks. Tried a clean install twice, restarting phone etc. Same on wifi and 4g. Might be my end, but anyone else had issues?


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