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  1. Only the pewag (black with the red trim bit) would be able to resist a decent smack with a hammer or two spanners, and even then a grinder would be through in no time.
  2. For 2.4 centres sounds about right. Personally I would probably be about 500 more than that but we don't go beyond 2.1 centres
  3. Burgess

    Forest track

    Dont forget about clients watering it once for 5 minutes and then complaining its not taken after a week
  4. Yes thats right, it also takes the BBC a little longer to engage and probably to stop the turning blade too. But I've had mine for 2 whole seasons (I have the roller version but the blade/BBC is the same). and the clutch is still fine
  5. Lawnflite pro 553 High speed. Put a high lift blade on it (£25 ish from L&S engineers) and it will pick up long wet grass all day long and pack the bag until you can barely lift it. Also a lawnflite orec and cobra pro mowers are all made by Kaaz. There are many rebrands of the Kaaz pro mower they are all very similar.
  6. I think the two bladed deck is still timed. But all the pro decks ( I believe) are Tri-bladed
  7. Yeah it would go up and down as long as the approach angle is okay. Thats the 740 IOX
  8. The stihl looks pretty much identical to the pellenc battery mower.
  9. The stiga is great on hills
  10. I have the Park Pro 740 IOX with the 125 deck. Its an amazing machine. Not got too many hours on it to judge (just about 10) however the throttle control lever wasnt ever put on properly and it failed after a few hours. I hope its an isolated incident as to the quality control of the machine because the rest of it is incredibly good.
  11. Depends I find. But they've always been more expensive than comparable quality from elsewhere even with a discount.
  12. I only had to do a weeks work experience. Did it at a naval design place. Paid nothing, learnt bugger all and made me vow to never work in an office.
  13. Someone describing women as "females of breeding age" makes my skin crawl
  14. Echo HCR 185s for me. 2 of them no bothers in 3 years.


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