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  1. Yea cheers, guess im trying to get something as close to the ultimate all rounder for my situation as possible becuase I won't be buying a second mower untill im established. I'm quite keen to give that mountfield a go but that the Honda is tried and tested making me think that would be better.
  2. How are the honda's in the wet? any more worse than most or is it the Etesia is just particularly good at it.
  3. Cheers Gardenkit, very informative, its definately a consideration, I think its that or the Honda for me now. I like the kaaz but a little too heavy for my situation.
  4. Ideal, ill take a look cheers
  5. Ill hunt him down and PM him tomorrow if he wouldn't mind, its probably my current second choice, looks good but I can't find any reviews on it. Not sure its been out long, it replaced the similarly named previous model.
  6. Most of the ones im looking at are around 40kg give or take. What do you think of the Mountfield 5P505R V, new model by looks of it, using the Honda GVC160 engine. I might just settle for the Honda, it is prob a little pricey, hopefully will last a long time tried and tested and possibly hold its value more than a lesser known? Any of the Kaaz clones in my price range, the lawnflite pro fall into that catagory?, the Weibeng looked very similar but again was upper 50's in KG.
  7. I think i'll be ok around 40kg, anything more is gonna be a strain. That Mountfield Honda copy has two handles it seems, would be ideal I just think the Honda would be a little more premium, shame it doesn't seem to have carry handles. I like the honda purely on what ive seen but then I am new to buying hardware, wondering if that machine is worth the price or its overpriced because of the name.
  8. Just think would be impractical given some of my clients i got lined up live on steep hills with several flights of steps to reach the gardens. 40Kg Mower is fine but 60kg is getting to awkward weight to carry in that form.
  9. Just checked it out, £849 cheapest from £1000. 59kg, unnecessarily heavy though to be lugging about.
  10. I have, but not being able to view them in person they look very cheap in pictures so didn't take my fancy on first glance. The 19" roller is around £765 How does the B&S Series 675 RS compare to the GCV160 engines?
  11. Hello, New to the forum, Getting back into garden maintenance having worked in it commercially before, starting out private but not being savey on the equipment side of things would like some advice on purchasing a mower. I'm after a 19" roller mower, i've narrowed it down to a few, any other suggestions or input would be appreciated Looking at the following: Honda HRX476QX (£820 ish, does this have a lift handle??) Mountfield 5P505R V (looks like a HRX476QX copy, same engine but about £120 average cheaper) Cobra RM46SPH (18", looks like a much cheaper copy of the Honda with the GCV140 engine instead of GCV160, lacking the clutch brake feature, a poly roller instead of steel but it nearly half the price at around £440 How about the Lawnflite LF48-SPBR, these look similar spec but very cheap around £450 Was looking at the Hayters also but heard alot that the collection is poor due to narrow hole. Obviously you come across someone who has problems with just about every machine going, someone always gets unluckly, but I read some issues a few years back about the height adjuster and thin steel plate on the Honda, have these been revised? Will be using for small/medium gardens, part time for now but want something that will last several years as I move into this full time. Any advice, £800ish max cheers


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