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  1. Many thanks to all for sharing your knowledge and advice. After a long chat with a very knowledgeable mower dealer, I've decided to repair my Ranger Pro and keep hold of it. He said that modern noise regulations limit engine rev's and blade design such that a modern mower will not be anywhere near as efficient at picking up wet grass and leaves as mine. Also, alloy deck thickness and quality isn't as good any more. However, whilst repairing mine, I found about 5 thou" side play in the crankshaft (flywheel end). Anybody know if that's much to worry about? Runs really well now with no nasty noises so I'm guessing it's OK??
  2. Thanks for the blade info htb & Burgess. daveatdave, thanks. That’s all very confusing but it seems that Kazz are the big boys of the mower manufacturers.
  3. Cheers Burgess. I had noticed those three you mention look very similar and priced the same, give or take a few quid, so what you say makes sense. Couldn’t find a Kazz mower with variable speed which seems strange. I’ll take a look at the Lawnflite. Is the original blade not up to it?? The Orec ad says long wet grass is no problem so maybe it has the high lift blade?
  4. Thanks kkk2. I had considered that model but decided against it because of the mulching option which I don’t need. I read that the mulching machines are not as good for collection which I think you’ve confirmed. Impressive reliability though, That would last me years.!
  5. I have to be honest, I've joined the forum as a domestic garden machinery user for some advice from professionals so I won't be able to offer much in return. However, searching through various posts I've found some invaluable info already. I have a fairly modest half acre garden with an uneven lawn and lots of trees and shrubs. I'm looking to replace my 10 year old Hayter Ranger Pro 53 mower as it's a bit worn and starting to fail. It's been a great mower with good build quality and it will hoover up wet grass and leaves without any problem. Downside is that the B&S engine is always difficult to start when hot and it's a bit on the heavy side. This is what's is important to me in order of preference: 1. Must be good at picking up wet grass without blocking (despite all sorts of abuse, the Hayter never ever blocked!) 2. Direct Hydro-static variable or 3 speed drive, wheels not roller. 3. Not B&S engine, preferably Honda GXV160 but open to suggestions. 4. Reliable with nice build quality 21" cut with blade brake. 5. Big fuel tank and grass bag is a bonus. Not fussed about weight. All these are probably over the top for my needs but I'm willing to pay for quality. I have looked at lots of stuff on line but it's difficult to make a choice without having used the mower. These are the mowers that I might be interested in: Honda HRH 536 HX, Cobra M53HST-Pro, Lawnflight Pro 553HWSP, Orec GRH 537 Pro. Kaaz, Rover, Hayter and many others are not suitable as they don't have what i need above. I would buy another Hayter but there's no 4 wheel option in the pro range. Any suggestions would be welcome but I'd be very interested if anyone who has used the Hayter Ranger Pro has also used any of the above to compare. Thanks in advance. Nick.


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