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  1. Thanks for the info , very useful.
  2. Evening all. Has anyone had any dealings with Jackson's fencing over Canterbury way, Kent ?. I'm looking to purchase some fencing & entrance gates and wondered if they discount on list price. Total order value going on their web price is around 5k as reference. Thanks JD
  3. Hi All. Looking for a bit of advise. We Recently moved to a new house that has TPOs on several trees around the boundary. These TPO's were put in place when the house was rebuilt following demolition of the origonal shack back in 2000. Question is, can I "tidy" the TPOed trees in any way ?. Thinking removing the odd lower limb that have grow out over sheds/greenhouses etc. Many Thanks JD
  4. jackdaw

    Saying good bye

    From one Ziggy to another.........Welcome.
  5. jackdaw

    Saying good bye

    Totally feel your pain my friend. Ive been through it twice and still have a quiet word with my " lost " pals on my daily visit to a few acres of woodland that we own (their forever home). Lost one 14 years ago, the other 2. Still makes me chuckle when my lab has a sniff and cocks his leg up their crosses, little fllker !! No doubt bobbys been there for you many times, its now your turn to return the favour. I was holding my last dogs head in my hand when he slipped peacefully away, it ripped my heart out and still does when i recall the memory, but it was my last gift to him and, despite the pain, something you just have to push through and just get on with. Think i was just on autopilot mode thinking back. Best of luck.
  6. kin ell, ive only got 1 Husky 346xp and if that went walkies id be devastated, Hope you get back on your feet asap, will keep an eye out over here in the Ashford area.
  7. House was built in 1995, so assume it was from around that year.
  8. If It helps, both side panels appear to look as if they lift off at a tug.
  9. Evening all. Moved into a new house last week and am trying to ID the Log burner. I've attached a few pics & hoping, after a gander, someone might be able to advise. Its a ruddy big beast, and the only thing that cant be seen from the pics is a numbered wagon wheel sized ( chocolate version !!) dial on the left hand side that seems to be another vent. Thanks in advance:thumbup1:
  10. Around 1982, my Jap manufactured strat .
  11. Thanks to all for your advice. " hornbeam will be useless for exterior projects as it's in the birch family and lasts about 5 minutes outdoors ". With reference to Hornbeam being not the best option, I've always found it to have really good longevity. 2-3 year old felled lengths sitting uncovered in the woods, once logged up, produce rock hard, stable logs in my experience., must be the Kentish clay their growing in.
  12. This is why I love Arbtalk !!!, what a star, and thanks very much for sharing.
  13. Hi all, Trying to find a bit of advice as to the best method of drying thinly ringed Hornbeam/Oak etc without the wood splitting. I've attached a pic of the sort of thing I'm on about for guidance. I'm really just looking to produce Bird table tops, house signs etc, and they would be roughly half the thickness of those in the pics. The ones in the pic are just for fire wood, but a few that I've kept garaged have started to split 3-4 weeks in. Just wondered if their better left outside open to the elements of treated somehow ? Thanks JD


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