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  1. This is my border terrier called Shuggie. He's only just over a year old and hasn't had a go at rats or mice yet. Tried to get a few cats when out on walks. Certainly don't have a cat crap problem in the garden or mice in the workshop since I got him last June. Havent had him ratting yet but I might do that in a wee while.
  2. I dont like my app for my android phone for walking. I dont think its very accurate as its based on my standard length of pace which I dont do all the time. Are there any free apps which are gps based that are easy to use and free? Mike
  3. Why spoil the kids fun for the sake of 50p as well.
  4. Our local Shell garage which was the cheapest fuel in town, has no fuel left at all. Ran out yesterday morning and by tonight still hadnt had a delivery. They were even cheaper than Asda which is unusual, and morrisons now arent even displaying their prices which is weird. Hopefully not going back to fuel shortages again.
  5. All the public schools such as Eton, Harrow etc are registered charities. Perhaps all their teachers and headteacher should be volunteers or maybe they should give up their charitable status as they are run as businesses?
  6. Thats the kind of programme with those patronising kind of presenters that make me want to throw my telly through the big window in my living room. I would need to be off my face on crack to sit and watch half an hour of that crap!
  7. The sophisticated electronic systems for both the Javelin and the MBT Law missiles are made in Glenrothes where I live, by Raytheon Systems (used to be called the Hughes Corporation after Howard Hughes the reclusive weirdo!). Now and again it gets boycotted by some left wing socialists and the likes. Cant see another demo happening soon as the weapons are being used against an oppressor such as Russia and not by the Americans!
  8. This item is SOLD

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    Up for sale is my Stihl MS880. Although its a 2004 model, its only been used for milling 1 or 2 trees a year and for the last 4 years has only run for about 6 or so hours. Its been kept in a warm heated workshop and not abused, with the HD filter brushed and cleaned regularly when in use. Good compression and starts no problem. The two bars are a Cannon Superbar CSB S2-50-63 142DL and a Stihl Duromatic 47" There are 5 Cannon chains with plenty of life in them left and 3 Stihl 47" ripping chains, 2 of which are brand new and still in the box and also one Stihl crosscut chain with little wear. This is an ideal set up for milling like I have used it for. I also have a welded up steel alaskan, mill which works very well which the purchaser can have for free as I dont need it. This is heading on for over £2k plus worth of kit and I would like £1200 which I think is reasonable as bare 880's are getting near £1k on Ebay. As I am north of Edinburgh I am happy to drive down to Newcastle/ Carlisle for a purchaser for a fuel donation. No paypal just Bacs or cash, 07769703520


    Glenrothes, Fife - GB

  9. CSM Abrasives is a supplier I use a lot for all my abrasives. Sanding belts, sanding discs and abrasives at great prices | CSM Abrasives Plus WWW.ABRASIVESPLUS.COM Abrasive supplies, Woodworking, auto finishing, metalworking abrasives, Abrasives for woodworkers Good products, good prices and experts on the end of a phone line if needed.
  10. A neighbouring workshop has big spotlights on a wall looking into their car park. Unfortunately it also lights up the smoke coming from my chimney. A passing motorist saw all the smoke one evening and dialled 999. Two fire engines with blue lights showed up and they wanted to inspect my stove as they were sure the workshop was on fire. Crazy night!
  11. The amount of smoke when burning the cedar of lebanon in the stove is incredible. I am on an industrial estate so I can get away with burning anything legal. The cedar I preferred to burn at night or at weekends with no neighbours about.
  12. Of course the bottom 2 are douglas fir. That smells nice but the df I got was brick hard and blunted my bandsaw blades pretty quickly. The fact that it is very light means that it is easy to cut and gentle on the bandsaw blades. For a while I was using Cedar of Lebanon but I was finding that it is quite an oily/greasy timber and the red ribbons were going all stiff with the dried up oil. I now only use lawsons cypress which is non oily. I buy all my cypress in log form and cut it up and air dry it myself and that way I know its not going to twist and cup or go like a propeller. Its the nearest I get to milling these days!
  13. Here are a few photos of what I make. The Ecodecs are the main product which sells well.


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