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  1. Thats a coincidence, I got mine cut dead short as well because I dont know when I can get another one. I did get stung though as they had put the price up from £8.50 3 months ago to £12 which I wasnt happy with but had to pay anyway.
  2. Possibly crystal eth. Have I just invented the latest craze. Will I need to find a stupid person to try it out
  3. I am the only one in my workshop so its not someone putting sugar in the tank. The crystals were stuck to the side of the tank so I am presuming they got there when the petrol evaporated. If it was sugar that would effect the running of the saw and its running as good as ever. Its only happened to one saw out of the 7 I own which is also puzzling.
  4. Used my husky 353 for the first time in 18 months yesterday. The tank was empty so it was filled with fresh petrol/2 stroke mix. Started after a few pulls and ran ok all day logging up some beech for firewood. Last night put it on the bench to sharpen the chain and refuel it and noticed the crystals or granulated sugar in the tank. It was stuck to the inside walls of the tank and I assume its whats left after the last tank of petrol evaporated slowly. Is this the ethanol in the petrol as I have been led to believe that the 2 stroke oil turns into a gel. I have only used Shell petrol in any of my saws. I have 3 or 4 other saws including a 660 and 880 for milling, and none of them have this issue. It took me ages scraping it off the walls of the tank anf rinsing out the tank but I think I have it all out now and will keep a close eye on it.
  5. Iain at Tuffsaws in South Wales is your man. Top quality and good advice a well.
  6. I bought a clicker press on ebay on Sunday thinking that the guy would be helpful and stick it on a pallet for a few quid extra. Unfortunately he isn't and wont do that. Its in a small business premises at SO451BB. The press weighs about 350 Kg and is 900 x 800 and 1360mm high and will fit nicely on a normal sized pallet. All I need is a couple of helpful people to nip around there and stick it on a pallet (probably need to bring one) maybe using some old rope or a couple of cheap ratchet tie downs. You don't have to take it anywhere as I am going to arrange pick up via pallet company. Probably only about ten to fifteen minutes work at the most. It needs to be done between 8.30 and 5pm. I am happy to pay someone £100 to do this as its about 500 miles from me, so a bit of a hike! I would need to give them a days notice as they have some stuff in front of it that would need moved first. If anyone is able to help my no is 07769703520. cheers Mike
  7. I got a carpet fitters trolley a couple of years ago for shifting planks on. I ratchet strap a plank to it and its fairly easy to move. Wished I had done it years ago in fact. I have moved some fairly hefty planks about 100m when I wasn't allowed to drive on some grass a couple of years ago. Worth the effort but not if I had to carry them with a mate. Mike
  8. Whilst I appreciate the company is based in the States it would still be far cheaper to buy their products and pay for the shipping than it would be to get a one-off bespoke piece made for you. You could always buy the machinery such as a milling machine and spark eroder etc and make the bits yourself. You could then offset the cost of the machinery by offering to make and sell bandsaw parts to self builders such as yourself.
  9. The common furniture beetle or to give it its latin name, anobium punctatum, will go for wood that is bone dry. By the time you see the holes on the surface will a little fine sawdust they will have been inside your timber for 3 to 4 years. I am a cabinet maker and at the first signs of any dodgy timber it gets cut up and burned in the stove. I wont even have it in the workshop whilst I am waiting on it to get burned. You cannot make items from this wood and give/sell them to anyone as the risk of spreading it is too great and you might end up getting sued in court if someone's furniture gets infested.
  10. Thanks Shavey, much appreciated Mike
  11. Its the round wire gauze in the carb that I am needing Shavey, and if you could get one next week for me that would be brilliant. Mike
  12. Hadnt heard of this company Woodwizzard. Found the bit on their site but I am not going to order unless I know they actually have it and its not a back order.
  13. Think I might have to get on my hands and knees and hunt for the original one on the workshop floor. I was drying it with the airgun after washing it in petrol. The pressure was set too high and it flew away behind the radial arm saw. Lesson learned I think!
  14. I need a new filter screen part no 021151180 for the above saw. Ordered it from Power Tool Spares about 3 weeks ago believing it wouldn't take too long to get one. Now been told there are none in the country and it will be at least 25th Feb before any are in the country. Are there any recommended Makita dealers that folks could let know so I could try and get the part a bit sooner. Mike


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