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  1. Hi Brett I'm in Glenrothes and have a van. I can pick up anytime. My No. is 07769703520 Mike
  2. Lovely flamed beech there.
  3. The door is well over engineered and weighs about 100 kilos. Takes me a little time to get it shut properly. Dont know yet how I am going to get rid off it in a year or 2 when I finish up milling. Probably need to use a chainsaw to cut it up and take to the tip!
  4. Hi Andy, I have had this set up for about 12 years now. Its actually made by a company called Sauno who are also Swedish. Logosol are just getting it badged for themselves unless they have bought Sauno out.. My original box was made with the insulation panels and lasted a few months. My current one has been on the go for 10 years and started as a big frame of doug fir. I then covered the inside with 6mm plywood, used 50mm thick insulation board in the gaps and then sterling osb on top. All the insides are fibre glassed inc the internal roof. That job took about 2 weeks to do, with the workshop doors open. I can dry planks up to 2.4m long by 1m wide. I think my internal dimension go right up to the recommended capacity for the smaller unit. Last year I drilled a 110mm dia hole in the workshop walls for the vent. That was long overdue as there is obviously a lot of condensation coming out 24/7. The door I built up in a big frame and must be 200 thick. It is more or less jammed in the aperture and I stuff bubble wrap down in the gaps with a flat steel ruler if I see any leaks. It isnt necessarily pretty but it works. I dont have any secure outdoor starage area at the workshop so all timber goes straight into the kiln from the van. Fot timbers such as oak I cut off the sapwood as thats where most of the tannin is. I have only changed the fan system once, last year, so it takes a little time to rot it out. I have just remembered that the insulation was from a company down in England somewhere who sell second hand, over runs etc insulation. Its far cheaper buying it this way than brand new. I cant see me using this kiln much beyond the end of this year. All my milling is by alaskan mill and as I get older, it gets a lot harder. My logging buddy isnt available much and I am on my own for lifting and shifting and as I have been milling for 20 years now, I reckon its time to slow down a bit. I have also changed my main product which was laser engraved wooden coasters to laser engraved leather coasters, which are 100 times quicker and easier to make. Andy, I am only in Glenrothes so if you fancy a trip down one day give me a shout.
  5. I have a dcs520 as well and it leaks all the time. Never got around to sorting it and just got used to it. Mike
  6. Its a very close grained wood which take a good detail and stains well. Often used as a substitute for ebony when it is stained black. Mike
  7. You could also use a hand plane which would probably be safer in the hands of a beginner. Mike
  8. I have the digital moisture meter from Protimeter. I am assuming the table etc are the same ones? I can scan the tables and instructions tomorrow if you like. PM me your email address.
  9. I agree, but but some woods are just not suitable for flooring and cedar of lebanon is one of them.
  10. Cedar of Lebanon is a quite soft wood and will mark easily with stilletoes etc. You would need to sand it down regularly to get rid of the marks.
  11. Thats a coincidence, I got mine cut dead short as well because I dont know when I can get another one. I did get stung though as they had put the price up from £8.50 3 months ago to £12 which I wasnt happy with but had to pay anyway.
  12. Possibly crystal eth. Have I just invented the latest craze. Will I need to find a stupid person to try it out
  13. I am the only one in my workshop so its not someone putting sugar in the tank. The crystals were stuck to the side of the tank so I am presuming they got there when the petrol evaporated. If it was sugar that would effect the running of the saw and its running as good as ever. Its only happened to one saw out of the 7 I own which is also puzzling.
  14. Used my husky 353 for the first time in 18 months yesterday. The tank was empty so it was filled with fresh petrol/2 stroke mix. Started after a few pulls and ran ok all day logging up some beech for firewood. Last night put it on the bench to sharpen the chain and refuel it and noticed the crystals or granulated sugar in the tank. It was stuck to the inside walls of the tank and I assume its whats left after the last tank of petrol evaporated slowly. Is this the ethanol in the petrol as I have been led to believe that the 2 stroke oil turns into a gel. I have only used Shell petrol in any of my saws. I have 3 or 4 other saws including a 660 and 880 for milling, and none of them have this issue. It took me ages scraping it off the walls of the tank anf rinsing out the tank but I think I have it all out now and will keep a close eye on it.


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