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    I have now sorted out my saws and bits and pieces that go with them for milling. Everything is in excellent or good working order as there was only me or my logging mate using them. The saws havent had a hard life although they are both more than 10 years old. Neither of us hammered them into the ground and all items were treated with respect. Stihl MS 880 (2004) excellent compression, milling filters fitted, £700; Cannon Superbar CSB S2-50-63 142 DL (2004) new tip on it £200; 5 x Cannon bar chains, lots of life left in them, £170; Alaskan Mill 48" setup (unused) and 36" set up, aux oiler, winch, £400; Stihl Duromatic bar 47" hardly used £200; 3 x Stihl 47" ripping chains, 2 brand new in box, £180; 1 Stihl crosscut chain £40; Large welded up steel mill for use with Cannon bar, very sturdy and very good, £100; Large welded up steel ladder for 1st plank, will cut 8' planks easily. Heavy and straight as a die £100. The above saw and bits is an excellent kit for cracking on with some big trees. Total price added up is £2140 but will accept £2000 is some one wishes to buy everything. Stihl 066 excellent compression, milling filters inc Also have original bit at the back of the saw which was swapped out to install milling filter. Also have the dog. includes 36" Stihl bar and chain, £600; 4 x Still ripping chain all with 80% plus tooth size left. The label on the handle is missing as there was an issue with the saws having the handle made from the wrong sort of cheese! forgot to transfer sticker to new handle £150 Carpet fitters trolley for moving large planks. £60 Stihl bark spud with original rubber blade guard £40 Trewhella Monkey winch with original handle, will be offered free first to buyers of above saws Variety of large industrial ratchet straps, excellent for securing large loads of timber, £5 each Sauno Kiln. fan mechanism replaced last year so now in excellent working order. £200 Husky pole saw with new harness. £150 slightly bent by 10mm or so welded up steel ladder for 8' planks. Could be cut down for smaller planks or straightened. £75 All items are available from Glenrothes in Fife. Not really keen on posting as I hate the post office and their silly questions and rip off prices. Happy to take a deposit on the saws for pick up a few days later. I would love everything to go to one home and happy to do a deal on everything going in a oner even if someone wants to sell on some bits and pieces. I have used everything in my 20 years of milling apart from the Trewhella Monkey winch and its all in good condition. Any bit broken was replaced new.


    Glenrothes, Fife - GB

  2. Yes. As part of the first process you can heat the timber inside to 70 degrees centigrade or higher.
  3. Just to let people know, I have now posted up the advert for the saws etc in Arbtrader. Mike https://arbtalk.co.uk/classifieds/category/1-chainsaws/
  4. Just to let people know, I have now posted up the advert for the saws etc in Arbtrader. Mike
  5. Half a tree table would be extremely heavy and would warp and twist all over the place as it was drying out. Still an expensive table but a bit of a fake
  6. Its difficult making money as a woodturner. There are literally thousands of blokes in sheds all over the country with very little overheads, giving stuff away for nothing. This is mainly to do with their wives fed up with their stuff cluttering up the house so its given away as presents. The ones who seem to make any money are the ones who are good enough to teach and write about it!
  7. Are there no outdoor ones near you? I have done lots and even been up to Crathes Castle near Aberdeen (100 miles away) and just north of Inverness (150 miles away). In fact there have been so many I have had to choose between up to 3 or 4 on the same weekends. I got a good 3m squared gazebo a few years ago and have a couple of tables for putting my stuff on. I also got a nice Swift Kontiki motorhome so I dont have to stay in hotels and it gives me a bit more flexibility about where and when I do events. I think at least the first half of 2021 will be outdoors only for me again. Farmers markets are really good place to go and you dont have to be selling food at them for a stall. You need to be a bit creative and think out the box. Wheres your nearest posh town. Lots of folk have money to burn as they arent spending it on expensive holidays and are saving money from not commuting. Get a street traders licence and a gazebo!
  8. Firewood the euc. It dries pretty fast.
  9. Euc is one of the worst woods for splitting when it is drying. Might be worth chopping it for firewood and save yourself some money rather than paying for it to be milled, unless he is doing it for free.
  10. The actual kiln itself I am in the middle of breaking up as there is no way of getting it out the workshop as the laser is nearly 2 meters wide and in front of the double doors. The Sauno kiln mechanism I will sell. I have done quite a few loads over the 10 years or so I have made the kiln. I built a frame which I then lined with 6mm plywood and then fibre glassed the insides to make it moisture resistant. I used 3 inch celotex for insulation and then used 10mm sterling board to cover it all. I could kd 8 feet long boards up to 36 inches wide. I made it the maximum cubic footage that is recommended by Sauno, I will dig out the exact details later.
  11. Hi Mark The bed is 1.6m by 1m and it has twin lasers Of 125 each. It can cut half inch acrylic no problem. The offer that was made to me was a no brainer so the kiln has to go. It will take a few days to set up but it's quite exciting to be able to do much more with it. Mike
  12. Just got a new laser in the workshop. Didn't realise it was so big and there isn't room to operate my sauno kiln. Unfortunately it's very heavy and as I don't have any means of moving it, I am having to break it up. In the new year I will be listing my ms880 and two 50 inch bars along with my Alaskan mill rails for a 50 inch set up and a few chains. Another reason for stopping milling is that I am having to do it on my own now as my logging mate had a heart attack a few years ago and rarely has the time to do any milling. I got into Alaskan milling back in 2000 and having done in now for 20 years, at the age of 57, I have to be a bit more careful of things like my back.
  13. What a lot of shite. Gave up after 4 minutes. What was the purpose of that video, because I cant work it out?
  14. As a massive sceptic of these kind of devices, I finally bought one for a mice problem in the house, when poison didnt work. I got a Pest Bye Advanced Rat and Mouse Repeller. It was about 5 years ago and think it was about £25 of Amazon. Product code PB0002. This is a pretty good bit of kit and works really well. I get them in my attic and in the void between the ground floor and upstairs so it was a pain in the arse putting out bait. I only use for about 5 weeks at a time as the electronic noise annoys my older son, but a couple of weeks on the initial phase to wind them up (apparently a mother mouse wont leave any you behind) and then 3 weeks on the normal setting does the trick. It will cover the whole house and its what you need. It also claims to get rid of spiders as well so thats a bonus. No affiliation to the company, just a delighted customer.
  15. A few people I know have them and I just think its a suitable dog. Right size, right temperment, just ticks all the boxes. I know its going to cost me more than a mongrel from the pound.


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