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  1. Hello all, I am currently running a nifty 120 tracked mewp. Has been a good little unit but we've been getting a bit more big tree work and I'm looking at maybe selling it and getting something like a Multitel SMX 250 for the extra height and outreach. I don't have 'new' money, I'd be on the look out for a 2-5 year old machine. Are there many SMX250 owners on here? How do they rate the unit?
  2. Whatever the case the climbers is a loon. Life is cheap in some places.
  3. Hopefully not a repost.
  4. You'd fill a bulker in 5 mins! Can't imagine anyone outside a power station has this much chip to shift.
  5. We run a Timberwolf S426 (Road tow). We use it for bumbles of bramble, hedge cuttings, Christmas trees, conife, old tree stakes, pallets, root balls, lime epicormic and ivy. You can feed it carefully from a machine but I find it easier to crush a bundle with a grapple then place at hopper mouth and someone pushes it in by hand. Eats these up no bother, great tool. Compost it all grom there No good on matted, wet stuff. Grass cuttings, bad compost etc. You'd need something more like a Menart.
  6. Other than running the hedge off an auxiliary unit (beaver power pack or something) I think Matt is right.
  7. richy_B

    Renault B120

    I had one of these many moons ago. It was a lump of a unit. Can't even find a picture of it now. 5.2t double cab tipper. Was from Bury Council tree team from late 90s (and it was old then!).
  8. I've been agri registering a bit of plant kit recently. I'm told there are huge delays in this (and many similar) govt process. Several months was said - but who knows how accurate any of that is. Might be easier as change of tax class - mine was a first registration so no V5, numberplate etc.
  9. I am still getting the hang of it. F*cked up the other day - I had just parked up and my phone rang about a site issue. Got distracted and left my tacho card in. Didn't get use the truck again for 2 days so it seems to have put me as other work for about 40 hours straight. I did a print out of the days and wrote on the back what happened. Signed and dated it. Hopefully covered.
  10. Thanks for the info. Good to know. Its just didn't tally with me as I was still driving (albeit) stationary. Working in London im constantly stop start in traffic.
  11. Tacho query. I'm driving along and stop at a red light. For the 20 odd seconds I am there it defaults to other work. But I'm obviously no doing other work, I'm just stopped in traffic. Is this legit/Do I have a dodgy tacho?
  12. There are loads of tipper chippers running around London, I could tell you of 40 plus outfits within 10 miles of me. The competition drags the price right down. A groundworker with a newish, good condition high sided tipper is about £200 a day. Good climbers are obviously going to be a lot more for the combo.
  13. Hello, Hyva PTO driven tipping gear on our Iveco. Today it is just hissing air from the control when you try and use it. No tipping. PTO seems to be engaging. Hydraulic levels and filter seem OK. Any ideas where to go next?
  14. I found that true and mad! My euro6 iveco 75 was significantly cheaper than a transit tipper of the same age and miles. I'm a big transit t350 fan but compared to a 7.5t it's words apart. Apart from the obvious payload advantage its tows a 3.5t trailer like a dream.
  15. It depends on your existing day rate in my opinion. If you are a freelance climber with own climbing kit, saw and decent condition tipper, all in you should be £260-300 in London.


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