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  1. If I was looking to buy a business I'd look at: 1.Value of long term contracts - profit on these X duration remaining. 2. Realistic resale value of owned kit. Staff, although a key part of a business can be a fiscal liability. Who ever buys the business buys the need to pay them/holiday/sick/COVID or make them redundant. Unless you are turning over millions there isn't really a brand etc. Customers without contract can disappear overnight. I'm afraid they are worth very little, a little sweetener for a potential buyer at best. Your best bet is selling the business to one (or more) the people who work for you as a going concern.
  2. If a driver has the so called grandfather rights they can drove a 7.5t vehicle with a 750kg trailer. If you wanted to increase that trailer weight to the full 3,500kg can you just take the +e test for that class or would you first have to complete a C1 initially?
  3. Hello, any ideas of the hydaulic oil for a predator 28? Manual say at45 - what does that translate into 32/46?
  4. Ended up getting a used Predator 28.
  5. I always include a downtime clause in quotes. It came about initially from repetitively being given the wrong keys for council sites but I've used it when we are waiting on other contractors. 'Hourly rate of £XX charged in 15 minute increments rounded up for downtime outside our specific control'. Clearly I can't charge it for getting caught in traffic but if we arrive at a site and cant get in because they have change the locks overnight we charge until it is resolved.
  6. I wont be surpised by: -VAT increase to 22%, -Council tax increase across the board, -Scrap the tax free £2k dividend, -Increased taxation for company directors taking minimum salary & dividend combination, -Fuel duty increase, -Increased BIK for vehicles.
  7. Hello, Looking to get my first stump grinder. Quite like the look of the Jo beau B37? Anyone got first hand experience or a similar recommendation? Id be looking at EX demo - low hours/year or two old hopefully.
  8. If you run the truck, engage the pto and try to push that gold nob in. See if it does anything. Is it normally controlled by a level (air) from in the cab?
  9. My old ms650 needs a new cylinder and piston - I saw these. Anyone used them? Any ideas on quality? HYWAY STIHL MS650 MS660 066 56 MM BIG BORE CYLINDER KIT NISIC 1YR WARRANTY WWW.SAWBITS.CO.UK Gallery photo is a library shot just to show the manufacturer but the kit will be...
  10. That's not a ridiculous price either. I thought at first glance it would be thousands.
  11. Tried a cheapy one years back and soon gave up on it. Frame wasn't strong enough and things kept working loose. I use a little air die grinder and a dremmel type bit for all my large 3/8 stuff and find its a good trade off between finish and effort. I run a 25" on my 500 and a 36" on my old ms650. Get through the stones pretty quick, maybe 2 or 3 sharpens but they are cheap enough. I think I got 4 x 4 packs for £22 with delivery.
  12. I have many an expensive 'ornament' in the shed. Haha. Although I've bought myself stuff on a bit of a whim and it's turned out to my amazing. I got the stihl electric shears a few years back for basal and epicormic pruning. £1000 so hardly small change but after 3 years we've clocked up nearly 400k cuts with it! Saved some massive repetitive strain injury. I'd say one of the best tools I've ever bought.
  13. Trial and error. You never really know anything till you've done it yourself. I just like to see what others are saying/thinking. I've bought bits and pieces over the years after it looked great on YouTube only to find it's crap in real life conditions.
  14. Be good to hear how you get on with it.


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