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  1. Conifer jammed circular saw blade

    If its a sudden stop its got to be something in it. Wire, nail, etc.
  2. Truck insurance

    With insurance you need to declare fully. If you say its a panel van and it isn't then you give them a way out in the event of a claim. Shop around, someone will take your money.
  3. AGT value?

    I'm considering selling my AGT 835 forestry tractor. It just isn't getting the use we intended for it. I am wondering a fair price to ask for it? AGT 835 37hp tractor. Articulated steer. Full factory forestry guarding. Only a year old and less than 100 hours. We'll looked after and grest condition. Only defect is front grill got pushed in slightly by a branch (cosmetic only). Bought direct from Riko. I was going to include the ifor lm126 flatbed trailer we use for it as it's ideally suited. http://www.riko-uk.com/product/65/405 £17k + VAT new (probably worse the way the euro to pound is going!). Any suggestions?
  4. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Talking of training (I appreciate not very positively!) Does anyone have a recommendation for an NPORS <10t 360 provider in Oxford/bucks/berks/Surrey?
  5. woodchip vs mulch

    We use the term 'shred' for when is mainly leaf. For example we run all our basal and epicormic pruning through a chipper or shredder and what you get is 'shred'.
  6. Stockbord suppliers

    Moles valley farmers? They sell it. It seems pretty hard to source.
  7. Post hole borer

    Agreed. Wrist breakers, I'd avoid as much as possible.
  8. japanese knotweed

    No, it isn't. It looks a bit elm like to me.
  9. Transport a tow behind chipper on tipper trailer

    Its not the question you asked but the answer is : transit tipper and road tow chipper. Pickup with tipping trailer to back this up.
  10. Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    I've been buying from Steve for a couple of years and would recommend his kindling. Very neat packed and quality stuff.
  11. New to us 7.5 ton Iveco

    Saw this on ebay. Really tidy looking truck. Not specficially in this case but I find mileage can be deceptive on council vehicles. I used to drive a council van and it only did 6k a year but this was stop start driving in traffic in London traffic - I'd put it on par with doing 18k a year normally. Condition is obviously key, the front seats and door sills are usually the key indicator.
  12. Hedgecutter accident

    Can't tell exactly from the article but does it sound like he had removed some if the guarding or failed to add additional.
  13. Contract hire, pcp, finance, which is best

    This is more complicated as it has duality of purpose. The business could buy the hardtop but if you make use of it when using the car personally you have to put it on you p11d as a taxable benefit. Might be extreme but the same would be necessary if the business paid for a tow bar to be fitted for work use but you used it to tow a private caravan. From what you are saying Id say you should keep your vehicle within your business for the time being. In a few years you can sell it to yourself and make use of the 45p. Obviously before that have a major service, new tyres and buy the hardtop. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Contract hire, pcp, finance, which is best

    The business can own/lease the vehicle and pay all the bills. Or you own the car personally and claim 45p for everything, including the fuel. My understanding of it and i am 99% sure i have it right.
  15. Contract hire, pcp, finance, which is best

    Then the 45p can't be used.


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