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  1. Hi Jim. Recently replaced ours. Will find the name of the supplier tomorrow when I’m in the yard. Weren’t expensive which was nice. Thanks just found them. Evans and Reid West Glamorgen. £145+vat per track. Slightly less than Vermeer originals!
  2. Hi richy-B, Ive had a SMX250 for two years now. Have had truck mount mewps for over 15 years as well. I would say that there are quite a few companies running these machines now, i have a competetor within 10 miles of me with one. My experiences of this machine have been good, i would not consider running an arb business without a 25m+ spiderlift although it wouldnt necessarily need to be the SMX250. I have not had anything major with my machine but i have heard that others have. No doubt they will tell you more details.I think they are very much built to keep the weight low and as others have experienced they tend to arrive new with lose nuts and bolts and this is a recurring issue you have to keep a close eye on.Not the most confidence inspiring trait in any machine but especially a mewp! Not seen any 250 pre used for sale in the UK but then i havent really been looking, i would be looking very closely at the maintenance regime though if i was. Hope that is of help.
  3. yep, really enjoyed watching that. good stuff dadio
  4. I have the 1200. It’s a two stroke engine so doesn’t cut out if it rotates while winching. It’s not very heavy but has plenty of pull.
  5. i bought the Eder portable winch after a lot of deliberation and have been very impressed with its performance. I have used the PCw 5000 before but prefer the Eder.
  6. sawman

    Red Creek Fir

    just took the time to watch this and i really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and post it RC0. Im off to California this July but Canada is next on my list to visit.
  7. Ironically CHAS will look at your paperwork and not your finished tree work John. I think you should go for it mate as i think the more the better and i agree your work quality always looks spot on to me. The office/paperwork side of things does look daunting initially however reality is that we do most of the compliance stuff anyway . Im always happy to offer advice if you want it.
  8. Had a st6, and have a st8. Excellent performance on both.....however I would not consider keeping either beyond the 3 year warranty period. Traded st6 and bought Vermeer bc190. Performance is beyond st8 and build quality is in a different league.
  9. i've had this issue with both st6 and st8. Redwood have supplied two new ignition barrels as there is an acknowledged problem. My fitter is in the process of replacing them so hopefully the problems will soon be solved.
  10. sorry just re read your post. Blake training does saw use from a mewp training. i was talking to Rob Blake just recently about this.
  11. Hi John, just did refresher MEWP training at prolift near Wellington and use Blake training at middlezoy for all saw training. I can highly recommend both.
  12. hi, yes i have a new grafter. its the twin wheeled narrow cab version. Bought it from Harvey in Cornwall and they built the chip box and tool lockers. Very good truck with the only issue being a somewhat bumpy ride over uneven roads but this is a minor point. I beleive they are rated at 4.5t abroad so carry the load very well at 3.5t. I have run transits before and currently have two canters and i would go grafter again. Hope that helps.
  13. sawman

    Tropical Giants

    looks amazing! what rope are you climbing on Ben, it looked at bit like sterling scion?
  14. Hello, as per title i am hoping to find a tip site for wood chip in or around Yeovil. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Colin.


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