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  1. cancerpatientfreedom.com wishing you well
  2. If I took that attitude towards tree work, thinking that a 1-2% chance of dying from any particular cut is low and therefore it makes sense to make that cut, I would have been dead a long time ago. Another way to look at it, is if someone was pointing a gun at you and said, don;t worry there is only a 1-2% chance of the gn accidentally firing, would you ask them to point it elsewhere? Voixx killed and estimated 60,000 people and 140,000 heart attacks in the USA, with some estimates that consider longe term effects being far highr: Now, a study of 1.4 million people in California shows that those taking Vioxx had a one-third higher chance of having a heart attack than those taking other painkillers. David Graham, of the US Food and Drug Administration, and colleagues concluded: "An estimated 88,000 to 140,000 excess cases of serious coronary heart disease probably occurred in the USA over the market life of rofecoxib [Vioxx]. The US national estimate of the case-fatality rate was 44 per cent, which suggests that many of the excess cases attributable to rofecoxib use were fatal." The results, published online by The Lancet, will be seized on by critics of the pharmaceutical industry as evidence of the failure of the drug regulatory system to protect the public. Dr Graham had earlier estimated that Vioxx may have caused up to 27,000 heart attacks but the new study caused him to upgrade the estimate by five times. Doctors on both sides of the Atlantic have warned of a public health emergency over other painkillers in the same class, known as Cox-2 inhibitors, which could also pose a risk. A report in The New England Journal of Medicine last October said studies since 1999 had repeatedly indicated a danger with Vioxx. Drug regulators made Merck include a warning in the drug package but never ordered a definitive trial. Professor David Webb, of the clinical pharmacology unit at the University of Edinburgh, says in The Lancet: "It falls to the manufacturers, under the careful review of the regulatory authorities, to provide evidence that this class of drugs is safe."
  3. dadio

    Rate My Hinge.

    new cut, at least it sounds like a proper hinge
  4. dadio

    Rate My Hinge.

    This video is called... "I love fat hinges" Though I neglected to mention this in the video (which is not public), we did strap the trunkup above the cut to keep it from Barber chairing
  5. I did.. sorry if that wasn't clear
  6. Here's a post from the tree house.. wondering what you all think about it: Almost every American has been brainwashed about how great a country we are and how the founding fathers were like saints walking the earth. After I read "Bo" Gritz's book, "Called to Serve", I didn't sleep for a week. There is not much evil that this government does or could do that would surprise me now. But it takes waking up from the brainwashing, which most would rather fight for. It's like being de-programmed from a cult. It's extremely hard to shatter those belief systems. And they don't die easily. Once you wake up, it's hard to walk around pretending everything is OK, as 600,000 Iraqi civilians die at the hands of DIck Cheney and company, or 3+ million peasants in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos die at the hands of Henry Kissinger. Or the 1/3 of the population of East Timor that died at the hands of Ford, Kissinger, and Carter. And the countless deaths throughout South and Central America at the hands of Oliver North and many others. Bo estimates in his book that the US is responsible for somewhere around 50 million deaths post-WWII to 1992. Then, of course, there is Aids, which if you believe that it came from monkeys, see the above on brainwashing. That man-made virus killed 1.7 million in 2004 alone. Then there is West Nile virus and Lyme disease, made on plum island, US biological weapons base, the Tuskegee experiment, the abandoning of POWs in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, and the assassination of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, MLK Jr, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, and 911, genocide in the American Indians, and stealing their children as a tool of cultural destruction, which happened until the late 1970's . CIA drug imports to shatter inner-city communities and pay for their black ops. mind control, sex slave experiments, the separation of children from their parents at the US border, slavery and the imprisonment of black males post-emancipation as a means of continuing the system of slave labor, the racially biased application of the death penalty. And that's mostly just the non-controversial stuff. I would include vaccinations as a means of child abuse, and the suppression of new energy technologies and cancer cures. If your buttons are getting pushed here see the above on brainwashing.
  7. It's interesting that according to the poll, there is a good bit of variation on perspective on the subject.
  8. dadio

    Spear Cut

    People call me lucky or crazy because they lack both the skill to perform such an advanced technique, and the imagination to conceive that someone might know something they don't.
  9. dadio

    Spear Cut

    And just t show that this isn't a technique that should be reserved for the super duper expert chainsaw types, these highway workers shared this video with me and with gratitude for making their life much easier:
  10. dadio

    Spear Cut

    Here are a few old videos:


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