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  1. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    You guys don't get it... COrprations, banks, givernments and war profiteers are going to do evil things that offend the spirit... You were criticizing Americans' lack of safety... Those young men gave up their lives fighting to protect England. Don't disrespect their sacrafice by blaming the government or corporations. Apples and oranges... There is a price to be paid for such disrespect...
  2. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    Country Military Deaths Total Civilian and Military Deaths Soviet Union 8,800,000-10,700,000 24,000,000 United Kingdom 383,600 450,700 United States 416,800 418,500 Yugoslavia 446,000 1,000,000 I AM well aware that Roosevelt committed treason by withholding information about the jap attack on Pearl Harbor from the Pacific commmanders. IMO the US government is the largest terrorist organization in the world. The IBM and fuel sales don't surprise me a bit. IG Farben became Bayer profitted from turning loving people into soap... The level of evil in the world is far beyond the average imagination.. Looks like the human race is about to take another ass kicking at the hands of pure evil...
  3. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    YOUR grandparents weren't complaining about American's lack of safety, which some call bravery, when our young men bled the ocean red storming the beaches at Normandy. Our young men went to fight and die , not to protect their homeland, but to protect yours. Many making the ultimate sacrifice, never to see their loved ones again. You'd be speaking German if it weren't for the bravery of Americans. You ought to be crying for it not criticizing it. That and our can do attitude. We got the job done, no matter what it took. You couldn't have. And while you're at it, say a prayer for the 25 million Russians that lost their lives in Ww2 They took the tip of the Nazi spear which in large part spared you. You sound like a bunch of women...
  4. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    A perfect example of fixed viewpoint.. you're so well trained you can't see the world from another point of view. You feel safe and comfortable with your rules. That's the box you're stuck in. If it works for you fine. To me that makes you a bunch of pussies... that and the fact that you don't have the sense to see what's happening right in front of you
  5. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    That's a perfect response from an idiot. pure stupidty with 20 years expereience. that was a planned hinge failure.. the tree landed right in the lawn, missing the fence and other trees it would have hit if it it came all the way over against the lean... That chess.. you're playing checkers and don't recognize the game becasue it's so far over your head. You saw the failed hinge and thought I lost the tree to the lay, but it was obvious from the setup that there wasn't room for it to fall straight back. It fell right into an open yard. FIT PERFECTLY! A technique I have used and video taped multiple times. Heavy leaners or failed tree need to be pulled up straight directly against the lean. ONce they have been straighteneed out, they can be felled to the side or allowed to fall to the sideweight. The pull line turns into a right angle retainer line... I;ve had to explain this and other advanced techniques to dumbasses like you for years... it's way over your head and yet think so highly of your knowledge and experience. The tree fell 90 degrees to the hinge and landed only 5 feet away from the fence.. It's pretty obvious that the tree would have taken the fence out if it had continued on the hinge. So you've outed yourdelf. Criticizing Trevor for the nick in his line when he pulled one of the worst rigging moved ever is like telling someone overdosing on heroin that their fly is down. Yotube pulled that video for copyright violations for the music I was using so I had to use their music and repost:
  6. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    This is exactly what I mean by a bunch of pussies... you're criticizing him for using a nicked line when he put his body right into the only path the rope could go when the piece moved into the rigging then proceeded to pull the piece right into himself after using a snap cut and finishing with a hand saw, when he simply could have stood on the other side and made quick work of the cut. That was pure stupidity of a high order which is rarely seen or survived in this business, and you're talking about gear checks...
  7. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    Most suburban arbs pay to haul the wood.. the big straight timber on the west coast being an exception. In my marlet we are mostly taking down trees that have problems and are not even saw logs. When we do come by a few decent logs the trip to the mill is 600 or more so the loads are hardly worth hauling. And usually the guys that do the hauling want to get paid on both ends. Too many know it all comments by those that only see from their fixed and limited point of view (that's not directed at you).. Old American saying you don't hear much anymore. "there's more than one way to skin a cat".
  8. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    That's nothing compared to this 6" from death rigging starts at 11:35
  9. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    What are you smoking Pete? Cause you're spouting pure nonsense
  10. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    you sound like a bunch of pussies
  11. dadio

    Speed Wrecking

    Here's one that may seem a bit controversial if anyione cares
  12. My girlfriend lived in England and she knew right were he was from. When she told m he ws from Manchester she had a big on her face... I didn't pry!
  13. cancerpatientfreedom.com wishing you well


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