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Found 25 results

  1. Free tip site for arb chip, log chip & logs. Green waste charged per van/trailer. We do not accept fence panels, grass cuttings, soil or general waste. Open 0800-1700 Mon-Fri, no appointment needed, staff always on site. Large clean yard. Convenient for Coventry, Rugby & Mid Warwickshire.

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Available in a few weeks time. Selling due to new truck coming. I have not even had it cleaned as yet to sell but just thought I would get it out there for sale. I have coloured out the text signage so you can visualise your signage added. The text will probably remove easily I would think as fairly new on there. I will update the info below soon but gives an idea. sold with full year MOT miles approx 163000 but newly fitted engine around 1000-2000 miles ago. New clutch and new / refurbished injectors fitted with engine fitted. Plus various other parts renewed in the fitting. Oil changed at 500 miles. The truck has a alloy chip box and wide shelves in the tool lock up to which has two locks fitted for each door. We find it very good setup and has been reliable. Drives well and does seem quite fast compared to other vans I have drove of the year. The truck was made by Tipmaster. Price shown is plus vat.



  3. Available for work in forestry, coppicing and basic tree surgery jobs in East Hants and West Sussex areas. I'm also interested in working in Mid Wales because I travel back there quite often and wouldn't mind relocating. My tree skills are quite versatile and I have a good collection of saws. Could provide references if requested. Cheers Colin
  4. Tree Care 101: What Is Tree Surgery? Have you heard of tree surgeons? How about tree surgery? Both play vital roles in tree health, and they are important for the overall wellbeing of these plants and those who have them on their property. While working as a tree surgeon can be potentially dangerous, it's important to know that these professionals take their jobs seriously and that they'll be able to help your tree whenever it might need it. But what exactly do they do, and what does tree surgery even entail? Read on to learn everything you need to know about both. What Is Tree Surgery? Put simply, tree surgery helps your tree's preservation and overall lifespan. It involves any aspect of tree care that might aid in this process, and it can even involve removing dead or dangerous trees and planting new ones as needed. A lot of trees that end up needing removal are already sick, dead, or dying. Their removal means less chance of that disease spreading to other healthy trees, and it is an overall safe move to make if you live in an area surrounded by trees. If the whole tree isn't damaged, however, then tree surgery can simply involve removing the diseased parts of a tree to prevent it from spreading throughout the rest of the organism. Tree surgeons perform these tasks, along with a host of other things. What Does a Tree Surgeon Do? Regular maintenance plays a significant role in their job, and it makes up a substantial portion of the work tree surgeons do. Here are a few things that all tree surgeons are going to (or should) be able to do: · Crown reduction and lifting · Tree felling · Tree stump and root removal or grinding · Emergency tree work · Tree pollarding · Dead wooding · Tree surveys The "crown" of your tree is the canopy of its branches. Reducing the crown simply means pruning branches evenly throughout the entire crown. If pruning is never carried out, it can affect how much light gets through to organisms below, and it will play a role in how much they grow. Crown lifting helps achieve this same thing, but it lifts the canopy to a new height so light can get through. In some cases, a tree surgeon or an arborist may find that a tree needs to be removed altogether, which is tree felling. Caring for Stumps When a tree is removed, the stump must be removed as well, and roots should be removed separately. A tree surgeon will typically bring in a stump grinder to destroy anything that is left in the ground, along with the roots. Other times, stump removal may not be necessary, meaning that further treatment will be given to ensure everything grows back properly. Tree Pollarding and Deadwooding Tree pollarding is like branch removal because that is what the process entails, but in this case, all of the branches are going to be removed. Only the tree trunk is going to remain, and it is meant to encourage new growth in the entire tree itself. You do not have to take that route, though. You can always opt to only remove the necessary portions of the tree itself. Deadwooding is one of the methods that involve only taking what is necessary from the tree. It is the practice of removing only dead portions of a tree, and it cuts away loose and/or dying branches whenever it is needed. Typically, this route is going to be taken after a storm when branches are knocked loose. Tree Surgeon vs. Arborist Before we list the differences between these professions, it is important to note that they are both qualified to conduct services on trees around your home. he two terms are even used interchangeably. An arborist, however, is going to hold a formal degree in horticulture, arboriculture, forestry, plant or environmental science, or some other related field, while a tree surgeon does not require a degree. Arborists must have the right certifications such as City & Guilds NVQ’s to perform their jobs, and they should also have on-site experience. So, while a tree surgeon is going to perform the necessary treatments on trees, an arborist can be thought of as the doctor — performing check-ups throughout a tree's life and caring for it, as necessary. They will be able to help you know where certain trees can thrive, and where others are not going to do so well. They can also diagnose and create treatment plans for your trees, while a tree surgeon is typically going to be the one performing the treatments, as necessary. When Is Tree Surgery Necessary? When is tree surgery necessary, though? In a lot of cases, a tree surgeon is going to perform regular maintenance on a tree, as well as give emergency treatments when it is necessary. So, whenever a tree needs to be felled, or shrubs or branches need to get pruned, a tree surgeon is more than likely going to be the one performing those tasks. Emergency treatments are usually necessary when a storm passes through your area, a tree falls, or some other scenario causes damage to the trees around your home. In cases like these, you can call and schedule emergency tree services, which are going to help bring your tree back to its former glory. Need a Tree Surgery Company? If you need a tree surgery company, it is important to act fast. You might think it is a clever idea to try and fix things yourself, but certain issues are best left to the professionals. Tree health is important not only for the environment but also for the safety of those living around them. That is why, no matter the tree service you are looking for, Graftin Gardeners is a perfect choice. Not only can our tree surgeons be there any time you need it, but they can get the job done properly the first time, every time. Contact us today to book a free consultation.
  5. About the job Would you like to work for a respected, forward thinking and well established AA Approved Company? We are based near Thame in Oxfordshire and are looking for an experienced person to join us as a Climber / Groundsman, and able to work within the team in a variety of roles. The work is varied and interesting with a strong emphasis on quality. You will be given all of the resources you need to deliver high quality tree work for a range of clients. You will be part of an experienced team with a good work ethic. You will need to have some experience of climbing and pruning trees, although you will have the opportunity to develop these skills over time within the company. A reasonable knowledge and genuine interest in arboriculture as well as the practical skills will be expected. Vehicle and machinery maintenance skills would also be an advantage as the applicant will be required to help with the routine weekly maintenance tasks. The successful applicant will need to communicate effectively and work well with others. We are looking for a candidate who is professional, reliable and adaptable to the range of work and clients that we have. In return we offer a competitive salary with bonus scheme, full holiday entitlements and the opportunity to train further and progress. Preferred Skills CS tickets up to 39 Ability to build and maintain good working relationships. Full UK license, HGV would be useful.
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out by participating in this questionnaire for my BSc Arboriculture & Urban Forestry dissertation?! 🌲 🌳 If you find the time, at the other end of the link there will be a brief description of the project, some notes on GDPR and why I believe it is integral research for arboriculture moving forward - the questionnaire itself should take no more than 5 minutes! Thanks very much for taking an interest, I really appreciate it! If you could like and share around with others, that would be great. Kind regards, Jacob. Microsoft Forms FORMS.OFFICE.COM
  7. In need of an experienced Arborist that has a 7.5 tonne driving license and experience towing chippers/trailors. 3 month contract minimum working for a local authority in North London. Please call 02393 876064 for more information.
  8. Hello, I am in my second year of an arboriculture degree. I am doing some research into the public demand of clients/customers for an arboriculture business that produces no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. I would be deeply grateful if you could all fill out the survey linked below and help me get some results for a potential dissertation project. Thank you, Jacob Croasdale. Can you spare a few moments to take my survey? WWW.SURVEYMONKEY.CO.UK Please take the survey titled "Public demand for an arboricultural service that produces no greenhouse gas...
  9. Jobs - Job Details - Arborist WWW.PEABODYJOBS.ORG.UK Jobs at Peabody and CBHA Peabody are seeking to recruit an Arborist to join their in-house Tree Services Team based in Thamesmead, South-East London. The successful applicant will be able to carry out a range of tree work including planting, crown raising, reductions, pollarding, dismantling, felling and stump grinding, to a high standard and in line with industry best practice and BS3998: Tree Work Recommendations. The successful applicant will also be expected to assist in the maintenance of chainsaws, chippers and stump grinder. The Tree Services team work mostly within Thamesmead and provide high quality, planned, ad-hoc and reactive tree work to our existing tree stock of around 30,000 trees situated within housing estates, parklands and alongside our network of canals. Essential: CS30,31, 38, 39 Experience of working within a similar role. Full UK Driving License Desirable: CS41 (Aerial Tree Rigging) CS47 (Use of a Chainsaw from a MEWP) B+E Driving License (or pre-1997 UK Driving License) Why work for us? Working hours: 8am-3.30pm, Monday to Friday Weekend overtime available. 25 days annual leave (plus Bank Holidays). Salary of £26,000 per annum Annual attendance-based bonus scheme (circa £600-700) Continued Professional Development: ongoing training, refresher training etc. PPE, tools and equipment provided. Range of employee benefits to choose from including technology, memberships and discounts. If you would like any more info feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via Arbtalk ?
  10. Doing an Investigative Project at college on whether battery/electric chainsaws can replace fuel chainsaws and need the opinions of people in the industry to use in my work...
  11. Hi, I'm looking for advice on what kind of demand there is for tree surgeons in the Edinburgh/ Lothian area? Is their room for new businesses to start up? I am trying to decide if the up front investment in gear and courses is going to be worth it in this area. Is tree surgery a declining or expanding business in the Edinburgh / Lothians area? I also appreciate experience and not just tickets are important. But in terms of starting up your own business what tickets are essential for obtaining Public Liability Insurance? Any advice much appreciated.
  12. Course: Tree Surgery for Craftsmen Start date: Monday 7 January 2019 Duration: 9 weeks (part-time) Cost: £3895 (plus registration fee and advisory costs) Ideal for those looking to develop a wide range of tree surgery knowledge and skills, to launch or further develop their career. Accommodation is available onsite - if required. Course modules: General (e.g. tree work teams, job appraisal, trees and the law etc.) Tree work operations Tree removal Pruning Preventative and remedial work Ground work Tree biology Soils Pests, disease and other tree problems Tree knowledge Tree work machinery Chainsaws Specialised tree machinery First Aid at Work (including First Aid for Forestry) Practical work is carried out in woodlands, on the adjoining golf course, and the ornamental grounds of the College's 400-acre estate. You will also carry out work on outside worksites, giving a good range of realistic working situations. Several renowned gardens and arboreta, such as Kew, Wisley and Winkworth are within easy reach of the College. You will be taught by skills and experience tutors who make full use of the well-equipped workshops, laboratories and machinery during the course. The diverse range of tree and shrub species in the woodlands, ornamental grounds and plant nurseries provide a resource for developing plant knowledge. For more information, and to apply, please visit: https://www.merristwood.ac.uk/CourseInformation/ShortCourseDetails.aspx/727000234066644/Arboriculture & Forestry Alternatively, please contact us for more information - Tel: 01483 88 40 40 or Email: [email protected]
  13. Req WPD / SP / NPG Authorised cutters for ongoing works in North Lincs / North Wales and West Yorkshire. Up to UA2.3 required, chipper, first aid. Authorisations can be gained through ourselves ————————————————————————————————————————- UA5 Surveyors 5.1/5.2 required SP WPD SSE Excellent rates for right candidate. Must be either experienced in Surveying or have a good knowledge of UA cutting and looking to take that knowledge into this part of the industry to develop there surveying. ————————————————————————————————————————— General all round Arborists / forestry op’s Must have PA1 PA6, CS30 CS31 CS38 CS39 Brushcutter Chipper ( Training can be given on these for the right person) Apprentishp opportunities in this role ——————————————————-——————————————————————- Contact - Jason Smith Mobile : 07902716671 Office : 01748 836033 Email : [email protected] Email : [email protected] 
  14. Hi all, Not sure if this has been covered before but I'd appreciate some recent experience and information on working in Sweden. I currently work for the local electricity board and would like to continue with this in Sweden. Is it easy to get into utility work in Sweden or is mostly private? Location in Sweden isn't an issue. Cheers!
  15. Hi everyone, I am new to the site and new to the world of Arbioculture as I'm changing career from personal training but excited to learn and work in a great industry. I am from Inverness, Scotland. I will be going to college in September doing an hnc in arbioculture but want to know what relevant tickets I will have to get to work in the industry at any level and gain experience while I learn. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you, Matt
  16. Good Morning, We are currently looking for an additional Climber to join our team at Acer Tree Services (Hereford) Limited - based at Woolhope, Herefordshire (HR1 4QL). Should you be interested, or know of anyone that may be - please feel free to get in touch via the details below. Office number: 01432 860839 Email: [email protected] Kind Regards Harriet
  17. We are now looking to fill an exiting new opportunity for a 2 year apprenticeship working with our Conservation Arboricultural Team based at Hampstead Heath in north London. Application link below https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeship/-216360 For a flavour of the type of works the successful applicant will likely be involved with please click the video.
  18. Hi, I'm a freelance arborist, currently working for a number of reputable companies in East anglia I have 3 years experience (in the canopy) and more on the ground. I love my job and am all about progressing with knowledge and experience in the industry. I'm looking for more work with some new companies to add to what I'm currently doing. If any one has any work, please call 07722074946 Cheers, Adam
  19. We are currently seeking a full-time groundsman to join our dedicated tree surgery team. We are a small and well-established company based near Abingdon with an exceptional reputation locally, operating two arboricultural teams on a daily basis, focussed on providing high quality domestic tree care throughout Oxfordshire and the Vale of the White Horse. Ideally the candidate must possess a minimum qualification of NPTC CS30 (chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting) although training can be provided for the right candidate. The successful applicant must be fit, hard-working and reliable and able to work to a very high standard at all times, as well as fit in to a small and friendly team of colleagues. Please contact [email protected] to submit your interest in the role. Salary dependant on qualifications and experience. Visit A.D. Maclean Tree Management Ltd. – Job Vacancy
  20. Qualified and experienced tree climber needed for Maidstone based company, regular 2 days per week, £150 per day.
  21. Does anyone know if companies exist that both consult and perform the tree works..? Just doing some primary research for an assignment.
  22. Groundsman/Apprentice climber/Yard staff on casual basis wanted for Sheffield area Ideally: Over 25 for vehicle insurance Passed driving test before 1998 for truck (3.5 tonne) NPTC CS30-31 CS38 (39) Woodchippers NPTC or Lantra Own PPE Casual to potential full employment 3-5 days per week at busy times essential: Safe/Hard working/Friendly/High standards/Independently motivated If you're interested please PM your details, history, training, licence, location and work references if you have them and I'll get back to you if appropriate. Thanks for looking.
  23. Here is some footage the client took of the fell . First go at the editing , there is a slight repeat so apologies for that. This was a private job we picked up after a week of pruning council trees in the area. This is by no means a instructional video more of a last tree to catch on a Sunday type of fell. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8KeXxN8gDg]Tree Surgeons felling a tree | Essex Trees - YouTube[/ame]
  24. This tall lime tree at the end of the garden was blocking out light and becoming too large for its surrounding location so a height reduction by drop crotching was done to maintain a natural looking shape whilst allowing more light into the garden. Alderwood Tree Care | Manchester tree surgeon, felling, removal & pruning


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