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  1. spalted holly

    Thanks guys will grab some pics for you soon, got some little stool legs out of it and some live edged boards. Despite my best efforts one of the boards has twisted and warped a touch and bit of slight crack.
  2. spalted holly

    Hello guys ive got some rather nice holly boards, none quarter sawn sadly...is there anyway I can stop them moving so bad or warping as I am well aware it is a bit of a mare for moving a lot whilst drying.Dont see an awful lot of the stuff so id hate for it to ruin.Many thanks folks.
  3. Goat Willow

    Burns well,best burner out the willow family thats for sure.Coppices okey, however growth is fairly slow in comparison to most willow so dont expect a 5 year rotation like the willow hybrid varieties.Watch for deer as they will devour the re growth.
  4. Cumbria for forestry...jobs round here are rare as hens teeth lol.
  5. Softwood,or hardwood needed.Happy to take coppice material big bits twisty bits or anything in between.Anybody got a couple of wagon loads kicking about thanks in advance.
  6. <p>Hello pete.Just noticed your advert for coppice help and occasional groundie.Im based innsouth lakes in barrow in furness...i also have own narrow access chipper that can come with..i have two to three slack days a week if i can be if any use do not hesitate to drop a message.I am a trained charcoal and coppice merchant and have 6 years on the tools on all ground based tasks from small scale forestry work to domestic brash dragging.i have cs30/31 and all my own ground saws from 57ccto 127cc and all felling tools.Many thanks Ben.</p>

  7. Growing firewood

    very very similar planting plan as myself, goat willow has taken remarkably well, hazel bit slow sycamore and ash growing like champions, spruce also taken well on one patch for future posts usage etc.
  8. ooft an 090 nice,ive got an 076 with a five footer on her pulls nice and strong would love an 090
  9. Paleo diet

    front squat hitting 196kg for a triple back squat is stuck at 295kg for a double in knee wraps and belt. If caged id rip bars off and escape back into wilderness where I belong haha.
  10. Paleo diet

    Hey up thar Mr Blair, well I did the unthinkable and went crossfit and paleo,im sat at a steady 21 stone at present with full top row of abs and bundles of veins hanging out my quads down fro a very smooth 24.5 stone. Strength is climbing (max deadlift is at 250kg for 8 reps over over grip no belt no straps), I lost a bit of max power for first month then the weights started shooting up again. I feel im running at 110percent all the time now, cardio has improved no end. I made the shift in hope of hitting the stihl timber sports series at some stage and winning uks natural strongest man the diet is so easy to manipulate, I can gain or lose a stone without really any headache just b manipulating my fruit and fat intake. Squirrel rabbit and wood pigeon have been staples for past month
  11. Paleo diet

    stronglifts is okey,starting strength by rippetoe and wendlers 531 programme are also two good choices...any basic lifts performed hard and with good form will aid tremendously. I follow a hybrid 531 and crossffit template, having another stab at the uks natural strongest this year and found paleo to have helped no end in my prep.
  12. Mini charcoal retort - Mk2

    oil barrels and a few of them would be just as easy as a transportable burn method,unless your after producing large volumes of charcoal.ive had good success with barrel burns in the past.
  13. Stihl Timbersports

    already work in gym aswell as run my own stuff so times stretched at present,in all honesty tho id train well for it,ive been at this for few years now and takes some serious skill to get any decent times,try touch bases with some local clubs,or I can whip ya into shape next time visit haha
  14. Stihl Timbersports

    anyone need any pointers on timbersports hit me up.ill be trying my best to rep the u.k in next season or two.
  15. ITBS syndrome

    foam roll and lacrosse ball works well for me hodge,ill link some vids to you on Facebook if like.theres few good stretches, if keep on top of that [lus self massage with the rollers it tends to keep it at bay for me


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