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  1. I'm new to this forum, hello to all ! We had a tree in out garden, an nice ornamental one that flowers once a year for some 40 years now.. Just now, in spring its leaves are rusted and shrunk on all branches although some new shoots can also be seen in one or two places.. 1. what tree is it ?...never been able to ascertain 2. is it dying or will it survive whatever it makes it sick ? Two simple questions yet I have not been able to find anyone on the whole Internet who can answer these without charging 拢200 or more.. Would be grateful for any help, thank you
  2. mhass


    Tip on drive
  3. logs 1

    AB Wood

  4. R4NITZ

    Sefton Cottage

    Available 7 days a week, contact George first on 07904475995 before delivering. Tons of logs are required each year. Easy access from the main road for tippers/vans or lorries. All types of logs and log cords taken. No limit on load size.
  5. John McFarlane

    Laburnum Logs

    We accept tree logs which have been recently felled. Maximum diameter of 20inches and maximum length of 4-5 metres. logs as per images is perfectly fine to tip with us for recycling
  6. We're Good With Wood! Drop your Woodchip and Logs for free. Take 5 minutes to register with us, and then use our chip yard whenever you want. We are conveniently located about 1.5 miles from Junction 6 of the M56 (South Manchester/Cheshire)CircularMap. Our office is at the main farm - for a map and directions see the Contact page of our website (https://cheshiregreenwaste.co.uk/contact). You can also register on this page - just click the Register button! We have an ANPR gate so once you are registered you can use the chip yard out of hours and at the weekend. CGW-wood-flyer-03.pdf
  7. Please message first Willing to negotiate or offer a drink Easy access. Easy to find Large double drive to tip onto. I work from home so car etc can be moved for access Happy to take big or small logs and a limited amount of woodchip Hard wood, soft wood etc May even get a brew and butty 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀 Thanks in advance Nicola 馃榿
  8. Free case of beer for dropping off logs. The more the better please. I work in the week but can usually pop back if needs be. Give me a quick call before and I鈥檒l make sure I pick up the beer before you arrive.
  9. Nearly finished. It's a simpler design than the flashy expensive ones like Reipal. Longer reach as well. Closed length 6'6" extended 11 foot. Haven't tried it yet though. Plan is to have an attachment plate on the low end of the moving part, with swappable gadgets. Spike for log lifting, and a plate for elevating big rounds on to my splitter table....the power source is a 1/4 tonne lever hoist. Not as strong as the commercial Jacks, but mine has a longer reach, so better leverage. The benefit of the hoist is constant control, in both directions. Unloaded, it can free-spool, allowing for rapid deployment and reset. Also detachable for other jobs.
  10. Something a bit different! I've been to a clients this morning to look at a Lime tree that lies on the border of the property. The client wants to fence around the tree but the post will be directly in the roots of the tree within centimetres of the stem. Has anyone come across a fencing system that will allow the fence to go around the tree without digging posts in?
  11. Smithy92


    I will pay 拢10 for logs/cord please not pine/conifer please. Please call before coming. Thanks
  12. Agile Arbor is based in Kelso NSW, Australia. We specialise in all aspects of vegetation management, including residential, commercial, Government and Transport NSW work. This includes tree removal and stump grinding activities, roadside tree removal and pruning and dangerous tree removal within rail corridors. We currently hold Government contracts throughout the Greater Sydney region, the blue mountains and the central west. We are seeking an employee with experience in the tree industry, to work as an Arborist in a full-time position. To be considered - it would be an advantage to hold the following skills and qualifications. 路 White Card 路 Cert III in Arboriculture (or international equivalent) 路 Truck licence would be advantageous 路 Chipper experience 路 Digger experience 路 Excavator experience would be advantageous 路 Experience within the tree industry 路 For the right applicant we would offer: 路 Long term career opportunities 路 Immediate start 路 Supportive and ongoing training 路 A great team environment 路 $3000 (AUD) Sign on Bonus for the right applicant 路 Uniforms 路 *International relocation assistance up to $7500 if you move here from overseas with a job offer. If you would like to apply, please email us with a little bit about yourself and attach a CV to: 鈥 [email protected][email protected] If you have any questions or would like any more information about the role, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call +61447836952 for any questions relating to the job, between 9 - 4pm, Monday - Friday. You can also visit our website on https://www.agilearbor.com.au/ Look forward to hearing from you!
  13. Hi, I have an apple & pear tree, purchase and planted last year. It straight away got orange spot (rust) on all the leaves. Treated with fungal spray but still looked a bit unhealthy by the end of summer. Now it's March and it's starting to grow again, but the tips of the branches are still a bit rusty looking. Any ideas if it's OK, or needs to be treated. I am a newbie so apologies if I've said something silly. Thanks, Con
  14. Sowters Lane

    Sowters lane

    We are available to take trees logs and stumps, please contact to arrange delivery as we can get full at busy times of the year. 馃尣 Thanks Ian
  15. We鈥檙e after a climber for a weeks work mon - fri days (15th - 19th February) in Gloucester. B&B is already booked if needed. Very steady job. Rail PTS preferable but TVP can be organised if you don鈥檛 have one. Good rates of pay. Please PM for details.
  16. Hi Started growing some japanese maple/acer tree seedlings but I am confused at what they look like. Some of the high stems are 12 inches + looking at them but they look like grass? Not flat grass though. Harder more rounded grass.
  17. Agile Arbor is based in Kelso NSW, Australia. We specialise in all aspects of vegetation management, including residential, commerical, Government and Transport NSW work. This includes tree removal and stump grinding activities, roadside tree removal and pruning and dangerous tree removal within rail corridors, just to name a few. We currently hold Government contracts throughout the Greater Sydney region, the blue mountains and the central west. We are seeking a fully qualified and experienced Arborist to work with us in a full time position. To be considered - it would be an advantage to hold the following skills and qualifications. UK equivalent to Arboriculture Cert III AUS with minimum 2 years climbing experience. International driver's licence, truck licence would be advantageous Elevated work platform experience Excavator experience Have a good understanding and capability to adhere to health and safety regulations. Have good attention to detail For the right applicant we would offer: Sponsorship as an Arborist within our company - right to work in Australia Long term career opportunities Full time residency Immediate start Supportive and ongoing training A great team envrionment If you would like to apply, please email us with a little bit about yourself and attach a CV to: [email protected] [email protected] If you have any questions or would like any more information about the role, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can have a look at us here on our website. https://www.agilearbor.com.au/ Look forward to hearing from you!
  18. G4T Require a full time surveyor/Auditor to help with ongoing works across various DNO's WPD/SPEN. ( Cheshire area ) The candidate must have the required qualifications ( UA1 through to UA5 ) ideally hold a BTI certificate also If you would like more information or would like to apply for the position please send in CV's etc to [email protected] Many Thanks Team G4T
  19. Hello I鈥檓 new here, and thanks in advance I live in WSuffolk, it鈥檚 clay, we鈥檙e atop a hill, if that鈥檚 relevant. 2 story House, walls go down 1m deep, below which is concrete in trench. (We needed soil taken away after an oil spill elsewhere, so I saw this) No sign of subsidence. Previously the whole estate was a pig farm. Maybe the odd shelter here and there, maybe some shelter trees. It wasn鈥檛 woodland. It鈥檚 been standing about 22 yrs, now surrounded by patio, with a lean-to kit built conservatory, which sits on concrete pads, will be demolished within a year or two, it鈥檚 in an appalling state! To be replaced by patio I expect. Patio shields soil somewhat, It鈥檚 on a bed of mortar blobs and not well pointed. Some water may get through but not all. Prior to that going in 8 yrs ago it was gravel. Next door has an original patio laid as well, and the birch roots are lifting it nearest the tree. Both houses about 5m distant. So we鈥檝e had a request to do something about the tree. The original owners (probably) planted trees down the boundary,( I鈥檓 sure they don鈥檛 predate the houses,)and closest to the house is a silver birch, and then a Malus, then a palm, each about 2m apart. The birch is now taller than the house. Trunk about 30cm diameter We topped it about 6-8yrs back and it rewarded us with a spurt of growth, and two trunks instead of one! We've had a tree surgeon look at it, and he advises to take it out in one go. We鈥檝e heard about heave and that worries us, but he dismissed the idea. He actually said taking it down gradually would stimulate the roots to grow more. What do you think of that please? We鈥檝e already cut it back once, as I said. We chose him because he did a balanced and attractive job of thinning a neighbour鈥檚 young trees, but I don鈥檛 know his training. He said he wasn鈥檛 insured to give a guaranteed opinion, and to inquire further, and so I鈥檝e found you in my search. Sorry pic is rotated. Don鈥檛 know how to fix that! Can you help please? Many thanks
  20. Hello all, I would like to ask if there is anything I can do about birch tree that looks like will be dead by next year? We got a house with a garden last year, many beautiful huge trees - including birch. Last year the birch tree didn't have leaves in the very top of the crown. This spring it seems that the no leaves area spread and is now a bigger half of the tree. We would like to rescue this tree, help to keep it standing if there is anything we can do about it? What would be the advice regarding such tree? Leave it, cut part of it, add some good feed to it? How dangerous is it to leave a dead tree standing, hazzard of falling? The only history we know is that the last owner, had a digger digging out about 1m of the ground near the tree about 2-3 years ago. They only interrupted less than a quarter of the land around the tree. Possibly not visible very well on the picture, but the bottom part of the tree, maybe 2-3 levels, has new leaves sprouting. The upper half of the tree looks dry Thank you for your advice. Jana
  21. Hello all, Can anyone tell me what species of trees these logs come from please? I believe the first (left to right) is Blackthorn and second is Willow. Thank you Andy
  22. For in-tree use, looks good and easy to make. Anyone seen this or tried building one? (Edit) - now I look at it some more, I can see a few limitations.
  23. Hello Everyone, We are looking for capable tree workers to join or team due to months of work backed-up, it will be a better job than you have now with better pay, please only apply if this sounds like something you would like to experience. We are a friendly Arb Approved company in Wimbledon covering various client bases, but with a distinct lack of posh houses, we work in parks and London estates more commonly. We would really prefer a driver with no points, with a fair amount of experience, but not averse to a trainee with tickets. The pay will be more than you earn currently, but this can be discussed after a trial day if you're interested in joining us. I look forward to hearing from you, please email me. Many thanks, Tom [email protected]
  24. My latest project. Chunked down to the crotch. Then felled against the lean (bout 17 degrees). Leaning over septic tank, had to go the other way. Used a trick I came up with, and it worked. This above was the state of the lean. This after making the cuts and cranking the tirfor, tree was at vertical. And down. Tirfor cable slung round the back of the stem, so the stem was in about 45 degree bite. There was no anchor point in the direction of pull, so I "pushed" it instead.


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