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Found 25 results

  1. Rich_piper

    Land Adjacent Byways

    TIP LOCATION IS NOT THE HOUSE!!! Site access is gated and will require unlocking ahead of your arrival. Drive in access and tip off, nice and easy. I can arrange open access in advance of your anticipated arrival, just phone ahead and I will make sure the site in unlocked. Thanks
  2. Dan Osborne

    13 Manor Gardens

    This is my private home. I'm looking to use clean wood chip for garden / allotment mulch and logs for landscaping and composting. Can leave this on drive way with prior arrangement by phone.
  3. ClintP

    South Green

    I require a regular supply of clean wood chippings and logs. I live on a quiet country lane where the maximum lorry size is 7.5t. I have a large area where chippings/logs can be tipped. Please call me first before you come to my property to check that I'm in and am able to accept your load of wood chippings/logs.
  4. geordieben

    Bearded Wood

    A location to drop logs off for free. I have the tools to process large piece. Access needs to be arranged in advance as the street can be busy with cars at times. Happy to discuss any options
  5. Woods

    Garden project

    Family home. Looking to recycle garde waste for large garden project
  6. Mrs Beard

    Little Court

    Tip half way down drive way on tarmac pull in, which widens out on right hand side. It’s the large area next to the white barn.
  7. woodchip pile is clearly separate from timber pile please offload respectively and leave tidy someone is normally around the site if any issues please call for guidance, roots and cuttings etc can be taken separately by negotiation at cost
  8. Deborah Kieboom

    TTouch Homestead

    We can offer a free tip site for all tree surgery waste, wood chippings and waste timber. We are a smallholding with livestock, specifically goats so if logs/wood chip contains Rhododendron, Yew, Privet, or anything else known to be toxic to animals then please let us know ahead of time so we can store/use it separately. Please call ahead for access. There are two possible dump locations depending on amount/type and whether animal safe.
  9. First post so I hope that I have done it in the right section... I run a small sole trader garden maintenance business that is still in it's start-up period. When ever I have done bush clearance, tree pruning, small tree removal, hedge cutting and removal I have always just dragged the waste to my trailer and taken it to the local tip to dispose of the waste using my trade waste licence. But from now on things have changed at the local tip making it very hard to get rid of any volume of waste. I also get the impression that trade waste will soon be refused. I have not budgeted for this change and it looks like I will need to get my first chipper... I am looking to get a 4" / 100mm chipper that I can get in to residential properties and transport around fairly easily. I would therefore be grateful for some advice on what to go for. I don't want anything that is cheap and nasty One option I have been looking at is the Greenmech CS100 but I had not budgeted for this situation. So is it worth breaking the bank for one or is there equally as good cheaper options with a good engine? Also is there any creative advice on off loading the wood chippings with out paying to dispose of them at the local tip? (I should point out that I operate from a residential location so I can't store them to sell on to customers further down the road). All advice is welcome
  10. Pulled a windblown tree out of a marsh with my little tirfors recently, guy wanted it crosscut and stacked and this is what I came up with. We bought three 8x4 panels for €75 total, and made an open box, 8' wide and 4' tall. This was going to be far too big, so we cut the panels down to make two smaller boxes. I put several wire stays in as I filled them, to stop the bulging. On reflection, I might have been better to bend the panels onto a circle, more volume per panel. Handy things, never rust, light to move around, stores flat, zip-tied together they easily modified.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if any of you know where we can buy several hundred slices of wood ranging from 5cm-45cm diameter. The wood must be sustainable. These will be used for painting onto. Hope you can help us!
  12. until
    7 September 2017 2017’s Confor Woodland Show is the biggest, most exciting show yet with an extended field demonstration area offering exhibitors the space and flexibility they need. Alternating with Confor’s APF Exhibition, the Confor Woodland Show provides an excellent platform for those working in the industry to meet existing and potential customers, buy and sell. See you at Longleat on 07/08 September. Book your advance ticketnow! The show will be visited by • Forest owners and growers • Farmers with woods • Landowners • Forestry professionals and contractors • Timber buyers and processors • Potential owners of woods • Arboriculturalists • Anybody with an interest in the rural environment Exhibitors include • Manufacturers/distributors of forestry machinery and equipment • Forest advisory and management services • Nurseries and makers of forest products • Wildlife and conservation bodies • Suppliers of wood heating Tickets -prices at gate (per day): £10 standard / £5 students / children free 125 standard advance tickets and 50 student advance tickets are available for each day. http://www.confor.org.uk/about-confor/confor-woodland-show/ showseminars-18july.pdf
  13. We are working on a school project and are looking for some thick slices of log to create a woodland seating area. We will need enough for a class of children. Any donations or spare cuts you may have would be greatly appreciated. We are based on Sandy Lane but can collect.
  14. 450 tonnes of beech wood for sale in the South Oxfordshire area Please call 07572691787 for more information.
  15. Hi All, I've got some lovely 2 1/4" Ash for a new worktop for a bathroom - the sink will be a freestanding bowl to sit on top of it. I'm also going to make some floating shelves out of the offcuts once the worktop is jointed. What is the best treatment to seal it from the moisture? I want to stain it slightly to fit with the darker beams and floor, but then seal it - ideally with a matt finish. Many thanks,
  16. Hi, My name is Siewart and I am coming from the Netherlands, I am going to do the 9 week tree surgery course on Merrist Wood in April. I am looking for a place to stay. What do you reccomend? Also do you have some tips or so for when I do the course? Thanx alot. Greetings, Siewart
  17. We have a large stock of potato crates for sale. Made of pine planks, 7in x 1.5in in varying lengths. Suitable for firewood, shabby chic design etc. Images can be provided if requested. Dimensions:153cm x 119cm x 114cm 70kg in weight. Not standard size, but if using for firewood etc this would not matter. The crates have been used to store potatoes only. £20 inc VAT each, collection from North Norfolk. Delivery can be arranged depending on quantity required and cost calculations. Discounts considered if purchased in bulk. Please contact Christian at The Big Prawn Company on: Phone: 01263 860303 Email: chughff@bigprawn.com
  18. Inside view Me working with My HakkiPilke firewoodprocessor ! [ame] [/ame]
  19. Practical hands on training, limited participants and up to 60% discount from RDPE UK Horse Logging for sensitive areas 4th - 6th Sept Bats in the woodland 6th Sept Timber production for woodfuel visit www.foodfarmingforestry.co.uk
  20. Hello y'all, i have made a new sculpture, it is called "Silenced", the whole idea begind it is that people troughout the centuries, have been silenced by other people with more money or power. The sculpture is almost 2m60 high and is made out of Nord-French oak, alumium and copper. This is a series of 4 sculptures that i am making. Greetings Andy deschacht, Belgium You can see more of my sculptures at my blog Andy Deschacht Wood Artist
  21. Hello chaps. Hope this is in the right place... Looking to get a woodburning stove. I've had a couple of people come round to look at lining chimney. Both guys were saying different things about flue diameter. Am I right in thinking the diameter of the stove flue outlet and kw output of stove dictates the diameter of chimney lining? Do they need to insulate the chimney liner in chimney itself? (I'll be burning wood, possibly with a bit of coal sometimes) The living room is - H - 9' L - 20' W - 15' What sort of kw output would I need for a room that size? Thank you!
  22. Hello, we have Olivewood for sale. Dry ready for burn. In peaces of 25-33 cm . Packed in BigBags Only complete Trucks with 24 tons. Price includet transport from 5000 - 7000 € For more information pleace contact me Best regards Henning
  23. Hi there just whant to offer a service to other arborists/tree surgeons in and around southampton area. Save your self half a day ringing up trunks with several loads in a tipper. We have a unimog with crane 10m out reach and log bolster trailer. We are in southampton area, if we can reach it maby we can save you some time and money. If your intrested contact peter on 07917191891 See you in the trees elliott egd
  24. I will purchase cordwood (no small pieces) that you cant get rid of or use for firewood i.e. conifer, poplar, willowetc... If you want us to collect it or you can deliver it to our site and weigh in there..... The prices range from £10-£20 per tonne, depending on where you are, amounts etc...... Give me a ring if you are interested in clearing your yard or site (minimum amounts we will collect are about 6 tonnes) and it must be in lengths of at least 7 ft.... Tel.. 07971624646 speak to Deb
  25. Hi All, Hope I find you all well after a stunning weekend (weather wise) A landscaper friend of mine asked me to supply a patio floor made out of rings of wood for the end of May. He is looking to cover 30m sq and looking at the discs being around 4" deep and diameter of around 10" ish. I was thinking that I don't really have those sort of regular bits of timber and nor have the time or space to store this kind of timber. Does anyone want to supply this. PM me and I shall get you in contact with him. The job would be in west london - near the north circular. It maybe worth it to travel seeing as it's such a large amount of wood.


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