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Found 47 results

  1. We have a large stock of 100% kiln dried hardwood Ash in 45x60cm net bags (Approx 10kg.) All logs are cut to approx. 25cm and kiln dried to less than 18% moisture. See photos attached. Can deliver nationwide. PM with delivery address for a price including delivery. Many Thanks
  2. Hey, Where can I find some arb by products from virgin wood? Any logs, timber, chip, fines or brash? Thanks
  3. spandit

    You can all be millionaires

    https://www.muddyfaces.co.uk/product/giant-noggins/ There are many examples of logs being offered for insane prices I'd say this would be a pretty measly log delivery: https://www.muddyfaces.co.uk/product/collection-of-wood-80-pieces/ £400!
  4. On behalf of the Cotswold Canal Trust Im looking for good quality mixed cord wood (hard and soft) any quantities, lengths and diameters accepted. No requirement for them to be seasoned. We have qualified, certified chainsaw operatives who will attend site to cut the logs into suitable lengths and remove them free of charge. The Trust operates within a 35 mile radius of Cirencester, Gloscestershire. The Trust was specifically setup for the restoration and rejuvenation of the Thames and Severn canal. We sell the logs recovered from canal works to support funding for current and future projects, but are always on the search for a new supply of logs for the next season. If you have any logs you wish to donate to the Trust we would be pleased to discuss their safe removal.
  5. We are on a job in Somercotes and have a load of woodchip and logs to get rid of which are mainly conifer. Can anyone help with this or know of any green waste recycling centres locally that will take it? Thanks in advance. Dan K 07843 680483
  6. Morning all, looking for a tip site around the Poole/Bournemouth area.
  7. Haironyourchest

    Sheet Mesh Wood Piles

    Pulled a windblown tree out of a marsh with my little tirfors recently, guy wanted it crosscut and stacked and this is what I came up with. We bought three 8x4 panels for €75 total, and made an open box, 8' wide and 4' tall. This was going to be far too big, so we cut the panels down to make two smaller boxes. I put several wire stays in as I filled them, to stop the bulging. On reflection, I might have been better to bend the panels onto a circle, more volume per panel. Handy things, never rust, light to move around, stores flat, zip-tied together they easily modified.
  8. monkeybusiness

    Ash and sycamore firewood in Usk

    Hi - we are felling a couple of big ash trees and a few sycamores in the middle of Usk next week and need a home for the logs and chip. If anyone is interested please give me a ring on 07970188050. Cheers, Dan
  9. We are working on a school project and are looking for some thick slices of log to create a woodland seating area. We will need enough for a class of children. Any donations or spare cuts you may have would be greatly appreciated. We are based on Sandy Lane but can collect.
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for people to collect logs from site or places we can drop logs off to depending on location. We usually give logs away for free especially if they are collected, regardless of type of wood e.g Oak or conifer. If you need regular firewood, my number is 07864 825319 , Pinder Please text me if you can as I don't always see them messages on this site, we also could do a few more locations to drop wood chip off so any sites would be great, Thank you.
  11. Geoff Edwards

    Beech firewood

    450 tonnes of beech wood for sale in the South Oxfordshire area Please call 07572691787 for more information.
  12. jamescodling


    hi guys, anyone know of a site i can tip a load of woodchip near bournemouth/dorset? cheers
  13. chainsawwill

    Oak wanted

    Looking for hi ab or artic load of good quality oak in 8-12ft lengths ish. 18inches to 3ft in diameter. Delivery to near Tring, Herts.
  14. Hi, I'm going to be marketing some good roadside ash and beech sawlogs, not cut yet, between 30-60cm dbh. I can cut the length to suit the buyer. Based in Monmouth, good access for artic/drag trailers. I'll do the cutting when someone is interested as they are too nice for firewood! PM if interested. Cheers Aaron
  15. lilleylogging

    Branch logger

    Has anyone used one of these branch logggers before? Any feedback and advice would be appreciated. Is there even a market for branch logs? [ame] [/ame]
  16. Cheshire Green Waste

    Free tip site Cheshire/South Manchester

    Hi, I have posted on Arbtalk about our tip site a few times. We are an arable farm that is EA permitted to take green waste and chip/logs. We are now calling ourselves Cheshire Green Waste and a website will follow later in the year. There is no charge for tipping good quality chip and logs (but must be separated). Once you register with us you can drop in our large tip yard whenever you want. Our address is Tanyard Farm, Castle Mill Lane, Ashley, Cheshire WA15 0QT. We are minutes from junction 6 of the M56. Email me at richard@cheshiregreenwaste.co.uk Mobile: 07535 025888 Richard
  17. Hi, Does anyone have any contact details for someone who can deliver an arctic load of cordwood to Aylesbury, Bucks? So we can split ready for firewood next year. Cheers
  18. Nicholas Pearson

    Amr Solomat or posch easy cut 700

    Hello I am looking at buying a billet processing machine. At the moment I split all of my cord along its 7-8 ft length I now need a machine which can cut the billets into logs and load them into vented bags. The Amr Quadromat seem to be fast but everything has to be cut to a very specific length as the little offcuts can cause a problem I.E they can shoot back out the machine. Does anybody process there logs in the same way or does any body know of another machine apart from the amr solomat or the two from posch .
  19. pinches2412

    Woodchip in the Bolton area

    Im just setting up in the Bolton area and im in dire need of somewhere that will take logs/ wodchip etc. Any help is greatly apreciated. Also, i was wondering if its economically viable to set up my own yard and sell the chip/ logs on. Who would buy it, licences etc. Anybody got any thoughts??????
  20. Hi All, The National Forest has developed a new online marketplace for timber (standing and logs), products, jobs, machinery for hire or use etc. etc. Pretty much anything you want to advertise. Please take a look at the examples: nationalforest.org | Marketplace You need to be a member of the website to post adverts (Only a one off £25 fee). This membership entitles you to advertise your entire business on our directory. Any questions give me a shout at cerobinson@nationalforest.org Cheers, Charles
  21. Hello all, I'm just a lowly wood burning Joe who has recently taken delivery of a large Ash tree, (thanks Erskine Tree Surgeons, Glasgow). Whilst I plan to season and burn the smaller stuff, I cannot bring myself to burn the large Ash Discs I was thinking a table top (can you buy cast iron legs?) or a bench but that's as far as I got. Can you help please? I'm no expert and only have basic tools! (chainsaw, electric planer, chop saw etc.) Thanks, Cris
  22. Hi. I am a local authority ranger and we are looking to hire a firewood processor to run off the pto on our Massey 410 (55 horse) tractor. We want it delivered to us and collected afterwards and would probably need it for a working week. I am posting this to get some prices from anyone local who would be able to offer us a suitable machine for hire. As we are local authority we would have to set you up on our purchase order system (not cash!). Please give me a shout if this sounds like something you can help with. Matt
  23. Any advice for finding a hauler to collect 50 5m small diameter saw-logs to take from south Devon to Winchester (close to A38). Where should I look & what sort of costs would I be looking at. Any advice in the right direction would be excellent. 50 lenghts at 5m Each log roughly 25cm diameter Reckon that makes about 12.5m3 of timber total. Thanks in advance.
  24. I'm looking for a supplier of preferably hard wood to the north east area (Middlesbrough). Please PM me with prices if anyone is interested. Thanks, Steve
  25. Female Arb


    This is a rather odd request... I'm after some advise from people who know what there talking about because I defiantly do not! I know its a long way off however for one of my boyfriends Christmas presents I would like to buy him a new splitting axe (seeing as the head flew off his last one, spiralling through the air luckily not into the direction of any living objects) I know he likes the Gransfor ones although I've seen a nice Husqvarna splitting axe I like better. Does anyone have any reviews or splitting axes they recommend? I would just ask him but don't want to spoilt the surprise Many thanks in advance!!


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