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  1. Ben93

    Wrekin Road Telford.

    Easy access tip site, off a road. Very close to the A5 / M54. accept hard or softwood. will repay any tip of logs with drink of choice. contact before please

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Mercedes Sprinter Tipper Custom Built Arb Truck PRICE REDUCED TO £16,800 INC VAT (WAS £18,600 INC VAT) Location: Cornwall Delivery available within the South West (An additional price for delivery to be agreed): Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, and Gloucestershire. Additional information and photos readily available on request. This is a fantastic vehicle for a professional tree surgery team looking for a comfortable truck with huge chip capacity and ample storage for equipment. All of the custom work that has been carried out was designed to improve efficiency while keeping equipment safely stored. The uprated suspension supports a full load of chip and/or logs. All receipts for work and servicing will be provided. This is a sad sale as a great deal of time, effort and money has been put into this truck, however it is too large for my future business needs. The truck will remain in use until sold. Essential Elements of the Truck: Huge cabin, biggest in class. 3 front seats, accommodates 3 team members comfortably. Under-seat storage compartments for first aid kits. Seats in perfect order, no rips or tears. Always covered with protectors. Additional storage compartments in doors. Bluetooth DAB stereo Run flat tires, plenty of life left Single rear wheels are an advantage when off tarmac as when the truck is laden offers better traction than duals. The chassis is very clean with no signs of corrosion. Has been professionally corrosion protected twice since purchasing. MOT valid until June 2024 Engine is solid @ just over 156,000 miles and never misses a beat. Pulls really well. Fuel efficient when compared to others in its class. Heavy duty Auto box with selectable manual shift if required. Signage can be removed prior to sale on receiving deposit. Custom Elements of the Truck: Uprated suspension fitted 4 months ago. (Original suspension included with sale as spares) 2 X reversing cameras (with night vision) fitted, one for ball hitch, one full view TGS tipper back fitted. Control unit in cab. Custom Arb back fabricated with countless modifications, this is not your average arb truck. Thick, folded aluminium chequer plating, incredible workmanship including aluminium welding. Huge bed with integrated lockable tool compartments to carry a full tree team's worth of kit. All storage sections are lockable, including ladder storage, fuel can storage and kit storage. All lockable compartments are lined with rubber matting to prevent equipment moving around when driving. Led hazard light (multi selectable flashing patterns) controlled from the cabin. LED can be run throughout the day without running down the battery. Rake / spade / broom tubes fitted to front. Additional retractable foot pegs fitted for personnel to climb up to extract rakes etc. Rear tailgate foot step fitted with tailgate protector (chainsaw bar) Spare rain sealed compartment fitted at front of tipping back. Perfect for storing winches, road signs etc. Additional ply shelf fitted in the front tool compartment for extra storage and maximisation of space. Integrated vice for chain & tool sharpening - slides out and locks in place. Welded in traffic cone strut. Large ladder storage with chain to fasten in place. Chip deflector and aluminium hood fitted to prevent spray over. The whole chip compartment has been designed so that when loading and emptying there is no snagging of chip and all equipment is fastened in place for efficiency when dropping off. Fuel can holders, one for standard 20L jerry and 1 for a Combi can. PRICE REDUCED TO £16,800 INC VAT (WAS £18,600 INC VAT)


    , Cornwall


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    £24000 (inc vat - a full vat invoice will be provided) 3 litre diesel - 190 horsepower 37941 miles 4x4 Tipper body & roller shutter tool pod. Front recovery winch Bought from new as a chassis:- body & tool pod has been custom made to my specifications. Main structure is galvanised steel - everything on top is welded aluminium box section & the skin is a super lightweight foam filled board (what high end campervans are made out of) - this makes its super light, super strong and doesn't rot . The top hatch is a removable section and folding doors to allow a tracked woodchipper to go in the back, there are also tie downs in the floor. The body to be manufactured cost 17500 + vat - everything has been uprated to my specification. Front & rear flashing LED beacons. Twin reversing cameras. Replaced 2 x front tyres, both batteries, starter, 5th injector & tacho sensor TS9500 Tiger Shark Winch Ran on a restricted operators licence. (super easy - you just fill in 2 log books on use)


    Erskine, Renfrewshire - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Izuzu custom built arb tipper. 3.5 litre diesel engine. This is a reluctant fleet vehicle disposal, new vehicles purchased every few years by company so room needed. This one is a low mileage pandemic vehicle hence only 53000 miles during it's short time in fleet. These tipper body's at this spec are over 11k + vat alone (powerful tipper ram, wand triple lock tool box, barn doors, clip back, tail board drop down removable, gap for chipper to distarge into rear, chip hood, ladder rack, tie down points) rubber bushes on tailboard drop point, light guards, Led lights etc) As fleet manager I can honestly say this is a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of a massively maintained no expense spared vehicle with a folder of receipts, drives like a gem. Real reluctant sale but it's got to go to make room for new vehicles ordered . Library photos above, more photos on request. Price include vat so reclaimable by anyone who is about to become vat registered. Warwick, Warwickshire 07966614375


    - GB

  5. Hey up folks, i thought this is worth a share. Ive always found it difficult to secure loads within the trailer, without butting up against the headboard or ladder rack. Particularly with an IW LM106 @6ft 6 If theres no gap under the dropside it gets a bit tricky and at best it’s a juggling act. My old ifor eurolight was great as your could close the dropside with a strap hook under the edge of the bed. That annoying lip on Ifors is a serious pain. Got an IforWill TIpper105 as my ‘forever trailer’😀so been thinking about this for while, a beam or bracket which locks in to the shape of the bed without any adjustment which would affect resale value. I also wanted something which speeded up loading as strapping the cs100 can be a nightmare with no load loops and its a crying shame if the powder coat gets scratched. I only do a few jobs so chipper cant stay loaded. Options were either a bracket the chipper rolls/slots into or a custom set of hold downs for a single strap. Finally got a bit of time to make this beam and its mostly geared towards a wee chipper in my case Greenmech CS100. So basic principle is fitting the beam ends into the dropside midway posts. Channel section i used is 2mm folded from an industrial greenhouse scrap i picked up years ago. Then an 8mm hole though the trailer post drilled through to retain the beam against the floor so it doesn’t skip out over the 50x30 section which goes into the bed pocket. Took off galvanising with distilled vinegar from tesco 29p a pint, took two days. Welding galv is terrible and harmful so well worth this step on thin sections to avoid grinding and losing material. Using material which has enough depth to act as a solid wheel chock then a single strap holds it rock solid against the chock and tyres take up the tightening straps nicely. Only area i’ll have to watch is the belt cover which the strap rides against. May think about domething to deflect that? Your probably be best using 50/50box as 50mm is the dimension of the trailer post so easy to pick up with side plates welded or bolted to make an easier task for DIY, I used channel as i needed access to back of it and before adding the flatbar the 50/50 option seemed like over kill. I struggled for a while to come up with the tie down points method as this channel is 80mm wide but floor cargo loops don't fit. In the end i drilled some 4mm thick by 40mm flat bar with 12mm holes to accept M12 eye bolts and picked these up against the channel after transfering pilot holes. Eventually i’ll weld on nuts to the mild steel bar but not sure its finalised yet and worried about holes if i galvanise it. Currently just fixed in with M12 nuts which works but adjustment is a little awkward. This beam will also be a future anchor point for a load/chip partition able to be adjusted so i put a load of holes in to allow different sizes which will match a bar i add to the ladder rack if i go that far. Future points will be a winch as tipper bed is quite high and 8ft ramps is a struggle pushing, so i can use shorter homemade ramps as current ones are an absolute ton (60-65 kg each). Getting hollow plank extended sides sorted as money comes in😮‍💨 Btw, cost so far is zero bought as had all this kicking round but eye bolts are literally a couple of quid if you’ve got steel kicking round its a cheap build. And with 50 box it’d probably be fine with tech screws if you’ve no welder. this is a great forum so more than happy to share and pointers and thoughts welcome. ciao for now Mikey

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale 2006, MK6 2.4l Transit tipper with Aluminium body on steel bed with tool locker (closes, stays shut but doesn’t lock)Ladder rack. Roof also raises to fit more chip. 109000 miles on the clock 11 month MOT, well looked after over the 8 years we have used it for. Pulls as it should, drives great (last of an old style diesel). Uprated suspension, all tyres in great condition. Usual wear in the cab on drivers bolster, all heaters work. Selling as a new vehicle will replace this one. Loose connection on wiring for speedo, needle drops intermittently. It’s been a well used truck so price reflects wear and tear. Call 07779113339 or email [email protected]


    London, London - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale 2006, MK6 2.4l Transit tipper with Aluminium body on steel bed with tool locker (closes, stays shut but doesn’t lock)Ladder rack. Roof also raises to fit more chip. 109000 miles on the clock 11 month MOT, well looked after over the 8 years we have used it for. Pulls as it should, drives great (last of an old style diesel). Uprated suspension, all tyres in great condition. Usual wear in the cab on drivers bolster, all heaters work. Selling as a new vehicle will replace this one. Loose connection on wiring for speedo, needle drops intermittently. It’s been a well used truck so price reflects wear and tear. Call 07779113339 or email [email protected]


    London, London - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    1997 Ford transit tipper with handy 150 hydraulic crane.manual stabiliser leg. Aluminium tipper body and still has a great legal payload. Adjustable tow bar. 12 months MOT Ive owned it for the last 16 years and has previously been serviced annually with its MOT. Very good tyres. New discs and pads. Cambelt replaced last year. High mileage but drives extremely well. We are taking delivery of a new crane vehicle for firewood delivery and so selling because it has become to old for our fleet although will be sad to see it go. Price is plus VAT


    Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire - GB

  9. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Land rover defender 110 tipper, alloy tipping back with barn doors, +2" trrafima hd suspension, Pollybushed, Superwinch, boost alloys all terrain tyres, Puma bonnet, Recon 300tdi with dress up kit larger radiator, safari snorkle, Masai winch bumper, new seats good interior, Momo steering wheel height adjustable towbar, twin battery with split charger 178k on clock but was a Recon 1 years mot £11000 07958123008 no vat



    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Mitsibishi Fuso Canter 4x4 Tipper Lorry with toolboxes Model: Canter 6C18 38 Purchased new in 2015 Specialist arboricultural vehicle Recently MOT'd. Full inspection history. This has been a great truck for us - four wheel drive capability makes it very versatile. Great for both urban and rural work. Drives really well when fully loaded. We are only selling due to company downsize. Please get in touch with any questions or to arrange a viewing. Final agreed price will be +VAT.


    Guildford - GB

  11. Looking for a clean no rust steel tipping body and tipping gear for a toyota dyna 2000 model. Preferably blue in colour. Anyone have one for sale??
  12. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Land Rover Defender 130 “Arb Truck” for sale - £10,000+VAT DE52 CVW (Registered Nov 2002), 159930 miles. Tool pod and chip box/tipper, front mounted winch, flashing beacon. In good condition, runs great, no longer required for line of work. Collection only - Leek, Staffordshire.


    Leek, Staffordshire - GB

  13. Hi all, I know there has been a few older posts on this subject but does anyone around the Essex area know who could install two side panels to a tipper. Worst case I will do it myself with Plywood but want a bit more stability and looks a bit more professional. I have tried one company whinwant in excess of £1000 for just two sides. any advice is much appreciated as always
  14. Hi all, so I'm looking for a tipper and been looking at all the options, been told to stay away from the Ford transits due to rusting problems (I'm aware I might be being misinformed) Does anyone have any advice on things to look out for in tippers and what to stay away from? Looking at Nissan Cabstars Iveco Daily. Other than those two I'm not sure what else is a viable option really? Any advice is really appreciated
  15. So I’ve secured a new job at a firm of which requires a new truck. After a bit of searching I’ve decided to order the new Hilux extra cab with the tipper conversion from Toyotas “Trade Plus” scheme. Here’s hoping it’s a good choice. I’m not sure on Toyotas lead times for delivery but I’m damn excited. Here’s a stock image of what I’ve gone for...
  16. Hi I'm after a tipper as close to south West Wales as possible, will travel though for right truck, what's about for up to £3k? Cheers
  17. I have a regular cab L200 with tipping chip box, when i have around 2-3 cube of chip in the back i feel a little floaty driving at speeds above around 40mph. I have 5+1 leaf springs on the rear but standard suspension bits all around i think, what can anyone recommend to aid the drive of this truck with weight in the back, it doesnt feel great! maybe get some even more heavy duty rear springs and heavy duty shocks on the rear?
  18. Done a search and struggling to choose what to go for Had heart set on a 2006 LF 45 with pal finger, but it was sold last sat and now searching again On the Isle of Man, and have ruled out canter/Isuzu/cabstar due to the agro of getting parts here So still leaning toward Daf lf45, merc, Iveco or MAN A local truck mechanic said if possible get an older (pre 2002??) lf45 as they have don't have the euro 4 common rail and are more reliable and cheaper to maintain. Any merit in this? I have no reason to not like the Iveco's, but just don't, unless someone can persuade me otherwise? So Mercs and MAN? Any advice? Budget up to 12K for right truck, and would prefer to get something as new as possible, but if older ones are more reliable, that gets my vote. Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi all, I am looking at getting a tipping truck. What is the best make and model? It will need to tow a traked timberwolf and obvious room for tools and possibly room for the kids to sit in just incase I have to use the truck. I obviously need something reliable and strong. I have heard horror stories about ford transits and there differentials. Any advice will help as there seems to be loads of choice. Cheers
  20. Hey All, Buying a transit tipper and I'm going to want a Chip Box built on the back. I'd like to ask your advice on the best option. Ply, steel, ali or a mixture and, importantly, what overall cost I'll be looking at? Thanking you...
  21. Roughly how many cubic metres of chip will one hold? Can't find an answer anywhere! If yours has a tool box please say. Thanks in advance. Horatio
  22. Well my Vauxhall Movano van blew up two weeks ago, I've been in need of a tipper for a while now so I bit the bullet and took out a loan to buy this RB44 with a tipper on the back, it also has a wood chipper mounted to it and a 3 point lift arm which make it a special purpose vehicle so MOT exempt etc.. The set up didn't suit me at all with the chipper on the front and I also need a lockable box body for tools that I use for different aspects of my work, so 9 days of graft and about £1.5k in materials later and I've nearly finished the transformation!! Now looking forward to getting back to work. Also gonna build a removable tool crate that I will carry around on the 3 point lift arm on the back and hope to build a log splitter to run of the hydrolic PTO and should be able to run a bigger chipper off of the gearbox PTO at some point too
  23. Hi all I'm looking for a replacement for my old Iveco 3.5t arb truck 2001 Want Iveco 6.2t proper arb truck or similar 2005-2008 ish My Vermeer 10" chipper weighs 2050kg and I have to stay under my license restriction of 8250kg max train weight 8250kg - 2050kg = 6200kg max truck weight Would consider other makes Isuzu/Mitsubishi/Renault/Mercedes If you have had one and had a good/bad experience please share it Chris Ashton [http://www.specialbranch-treesurgery.com]


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