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  1. ostosix

    what mini loader

    Could either of those lift a pallet of bricks? I see you lifted a bulk bag ok. A 5.3 is fairly competetive price wise with the track loaders.
  2. ostosix

    what mini loader

    Thats pretty effective. Is that machine a 6.3? Im thinking of alternative revenue sources to help recoup the cost, and folks always want drivewsys doing. After digging mine 75sqm by hand to 250mm a machine is the only way.
  3. ostosix

    what mini loader

    yes its the digging out i was thinking off. I was wondering do the tryes?tracks slip in hard soil?
  4. ostosix


    you reckon you could make something up for that price?
  5. ostosix

    what mini loader

    Bumping this....Any body use a wheel loader to remove earth, driveway type stuff subbase preparation?
  6. ostosix

    mini skidsteers/loaders

    Di you find this better than the Arb trolley type set up? Or use both. I've looked at these.
  7. ostosix

    DIY firewood bagger

    Good effort, they want a fortune for some stuff now.
  8. ostosix

    mini skidsteers/loaders

    Ha ha brilliant. The thought was there. Maybe in time the designs might get better? I’ve been thinking about the powered barrow idea and wonder about designing something myself or adjusting a tracked dumper just to pick up big chunks, im only at the doing weekend jobs and my own firewood, one man band stage so the proper machines are out. I appreciate there worth value to a proper outfit i couldnt do it. arb trolley copy i made is great, cs100 is great so thinking of other things to speed up jobs
  9. ostosix

    mini skidsteers/loaders

    Just stumbled on this thread did the kit ever getfinished?
  10. ostosix

    Tree Topping

    the starbucks video was ace ha ha
  11. ostosix

    Cs100 18 hp problems

    Hi im not sure of the age. They are replacing the drum free of charge as its an age where they failure occured due to welding. Ill source my own main bearings which come to about £58 local. Will get a new set of blades and screws fas well. I just cant reiterate enough to check the blade gap weekly. I dont use mine much, so its gone from running fine to fouling inside a job only chipping aspen. It started to hunt, then metal contact. Not sure if the hunting was caused by the vibration? Had to tap starter to get it to crank on this job aswell. Probably cos it lives outside covered up, will have to have a garage clearout. I absolutely love the machine, as I keep 3inch and above for firewood its ideal. Jase/GM has been great and i was relieved as money isn't plentiful right now.
  12. ostosix

    Cs100 18 hp problems

    Yes got it apart and the drum is cracked one side, I have spoke to Jase at Greenmech. Keep an eye out for that before it gets bad enough to wipe out a blade, unfortunately I'll have to replace one.
  13. ostosix

    Home sharpening timber wolf blades

    Anybody ever tried green mech cs100 blade? How much can you take off before the tempering is lost? Presuming the temper isnt perfect as you get deeper in to the material
  14. ostosix

    Cs100 18 hp problems

    Looks like i may have the same problem. The newly turned blade is contacting the outside circumference of the casette on the oppodite side than the anvil. Is there a chance the bearings have worn that way? Or most likely cracked?
  15. ostosix

    Srt useage

    I’d say it is, only rigging line ive got. Just fancied bumping this thread as found quite useful


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