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  1. Yes i have a moisture but as usual cant find it where. the wood does have hollow sound when you knock em together so should be okay. I also have some lengths of hawthorn and although its not been out there as long it split along it length. got a balfour firewood saw and its the muts, cant believe how it changes the process
  2. Hi folks, ive got some Aspen and Ash limbs 2-6 inches wide 4-6 ft long, been stored of the ground for 2years. Bark has come off Aspen but not ash. Can anybody tell me if these will have dried at all? in the past ive found stuff needs to season at its burn size but ive never had enough to do two years stacked. Your help is greatly appreciated
  3. Well ive got 25m of 30x30 box for £50, of cuts from fab shop. But 120 would be proper price id say
  4. Hi there, can anybody let me know the box section that ifor trailers use for the mesh sides please? Its an LM flatbed i want to make a set but ill copy the ifor ones to help keep resale value up. If anybody can nip out and measure up that would be great
  5. Yeah these are good for the job on the dolly. On my sack truck ii used to move round full 45 gallon drums occasionally. Never had a bearing go though. Time after the inner tube had failed.
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112870780016 four are 25 but just two are 15 so if you find a use for the extra two they’re pretty cheap. They come in sealed polythene so happily stay in the workshop until next mod comes up.
  7. Thats a great idea. I had a sack truck with normal wheels and they used to only last a year. Replaced with these so got two exta as been meaning to make the dolly for a while. Also got foam filled on my arb trolley but they were £30ea with bearings
  8. Made up a set of dolly wheels for front of CS100. They've been a great help. Obviously a lot easier to wheel about even though they dont steer. But the biggest plus point i wanted to share is how easy it is to push up 8ft skids. So much so i've decided not to bother fitting a winch. When having to balance on the rear wheels i found it impossible, and always working alone it was a right pain. . Speeded things up no end. Well worth knocking some up. Wheels were £12.50 from ebay. Foam filled. Steel, had anyway. Total time was a couple of hours. No more setting and hauling with pulleys. Pretty sure 6ft skid wouldn't be much harder. Not sure why pic is on the side.
  9. I haven't read the whole thread but my view of swearing in general is it's fine face to face or in pub/work etc but it being in the written word noramalises it. Young people on facebook etc are exposed to it from early age. Nothing worse than a facebook post F this C that. Its horrendous, and people wonder why children are swearing at teachers. All seems part of a general degradation in society. I still dont swear in front of my mum & dad, they wouldn't mind but just out of respect I think.
  10. Cheers, as i thought, might stick it on ebay and see if theres any takers. Id seen the non ce cougar blue on another thread and also teuflebergr xstatic
  11. Hi folks. Weekend warrior one man here, i've started SRT with a second hand yale hydrea 13mm line (the older one i believe)and bulldog bone, loving it. Speeded my jobs up no end, feels much more 'professional' ie no throw ball shaming isolating braches, and seems to have clicked straight off. Been finishing much quicker and im really happy with it. Its a nice line but seems fluffed up however knots well and is nice to work from. Its a little tight through the bone but doesn't hurt for starters slowing things down and causing a few problems ascending but mothing major. Question is should I sell my yale hydrea and only used 10 times 45m Yale XTC rope and hitch climber set up to fund a new 11m static ish rope and commit to solely SRT? Obviously id happily keep both and buy new but funds are extra tight now and getting sick of endlessly spending. Storage is also a bit of an issue, mold n damp etc so dont like leaving equipment unused. Can you guys let me know any circumstance were DDRT would be extra handy were I'd be daft to get rid of it all. I basically do small to medium safe removals and large tree single branch reductions and the odd tidy ups. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers


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