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Found 73 results


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    457 hours, good condition, no known faults, taken in part exchange, Price plus VAT


    - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hyundai hych1500e-2 gravity fed 15hp chipper for sale. 4" cut, capable wee machine, electric +pull start. Used only a handful of times, just under a year old, like new condition. Comes with quad towbar. I can send a video of it working if you get in touch. £1500 ono


    - GB

  3. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Greenmech 19-28 SAFE-Trak Tracked Woodchipper 8" 2018 Model MKII, still under warranty until June. ** A few people have asked what’s wrong with the chipper and why are we selling it. There’s nothing wrong with the chipper it’s spot on and works perfectly. If you have any problems, contact me and I’ll help sort it out. We are selling due to not having used it for quite a while and we are now focusing on other works - mainly civils and rope access. We may have been able to get it out on long term hire but that never materialised, therefore pointless keeping it ** Any questions let me know. Only 287 Hours! Regularly serviced. In very good condition, see photos and feel free to inspect and see working. Warn Tabor 8K Winch with new cable. Has cable remote control and Bluetooth wireless remote unit. Spare set of blades and some new filters. DataTagged Professionally fitted genuine Tracker Fantastic machine that will chip well all day long. £23000 +VAT Also have a 2018 Ifor Williams Plant Trailer GH1054BT with spare wheel. Tyres all good and overall good condition. This has a built in VHF genuine tracker. £1700 +VAT


    Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire - GB

  4. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Used Timberwolf 150 35hp 2003 model with 2500hrs on the clock. Recently serviced/overhauled including both fuel filters, oil filter, new oil, air filter, new cutting blades, new roller blades on both rollers, new small anvil. Comes with two pairs of spare blades(sharpened), and wheel clamp. Various other improvements made to it such as upgraded control switches, upgrade to more modern plastic style fuel and oil tanks, renewed roller motors, renewed hitch(Bradley), general overhaul of various parts. Stress control doesn't work and hasn't for the last 4/5 years i've had it, but never been an issue(was quoted around £400 for a complete new unit and sensor). Reason for sale: no longer needed. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


    , Kent - GB

  5. Hello does anyone have any experience with the gts 1500 Jansen and gts 1500 Victory? just wondering what is the difference other than price. Also the difference between the Jansen 2000 and the Gieme Machinery BT150 ?
  6. We're Good With Wood! Drop your Woodchip and Logs for free. Take 5 minutes to register with us, and then use our tip yard whenever you want. We take anything from a tree! That’s right, we are happy to take branches, trunks, roots, brash, chip and logs. If you bring chip and logs, great, no charge for you and less work for us. For wood other than chip or logs, we charge, and use our machinery to convert it to biomass.
  7. Hi, Firstly, I'm not a professional gardner/tree surgeon/landscaper. Just a hobbyist with a rather large garden. Which brings me onto a problem I have: my Bosch electric chipper/shredder just isn't up to the job. I recently had a tree surgeon over and he let me use his professional one. What my crappy electric one would take a day processing was done in minutes. Obviously I don't have the budget for a top of the range machine, but would like to invest in a decent petrol chipper/shredder. My requirements are: 1. Must be able to both chip and shred 2. Able to take large branches (up to about 80mm) 3. Be able to process green waste 4. Not get jammed 5. Ideally be able to pull through branches 6. Electric start if possible I can stretch to a budget of about 1k max (ideally less). The Forest master and the titan pro seem to get good reviews. Is there any other recommendations? The other brands I've looked at (e.g. Hyundai) seem to get mixed reviews. Thanks.
  8. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Timberwolf 160PH Only done 40 hours on the clock Only 10 months old Over 2 years left of Manufactures Warranty Chipper is in great condition like new, comes with a spare set of unused blades. Only selling as my line of work has changed and I no longer need it. It has always been stored inside and well maintained. Please contact me with any questions. No VAT Serious offers only and payment by bank transfer only.


    , Essex

  9. I have got some brash that needs chipping, there’s quite a lot , probably a truck load. It’s clean ash. I have no way of getting rid of it so I need some help please. I am in Doncaster. I would pay you for the day and you could take as many ash logs as you want. Cheers.
  10. Hi all, I'm planning to buy a kwikchip 160. I there anything I need to look out for! Issues, or problems, it's a 2004 I think
  11. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Timberwolf 150 ftr 2014 chipper for sale. Special order from timberwolf a 150 chipper fitted with a 190 track base and custom hopper. Rock solid compared to the weak 150 vtr system. Very good overall condition serviced every 100 hrs blades changed every 20 hrs depending on how hard its been working. Just had a load of work carried out at Spectrum Plant in Warrington who commented on how tidy and well looked after the machine was. 1155 hrs we have owned this machine from new. Selling as we have new machine on order. £11,000 VAT will be added to final agreed price. Please call Arwel on 07506432534 for any further questions.


    - GB

  12. Hi, I'm looking for the manual for a Gravely Pro Chip 395. Has anyone got one? Many thanks Connor.
  13. Demo today of a TP 155. Anyone got any experience good/bad? Cheers Andrew
  14. Thinking of upgrading or changing your trailer or vehicle? If your not sure if your combination is legal on a cat B licence then use this handy guide. https://www.facebook.com/TrailerTrainingCymru/posts/2177495702510724
  15. Hi guys and girls, i am a second year BSc student doing an assignment on battery equipment and lowering carbon footprints, if you could help me by filling in the questionnaire below and giving me your opinions in the comments on this forum it would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for helping me out. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAO__cVLDKpUNjUzQ0VCTkNEWEVPQUhWVkpTRTBFRlpKNy4u
  16. I’m looking to fill odds days/weeks preferably with Van and Chipper, willing to travel up to an hour away from Eccles. I’ve taken my foot off the ball due to my Dad being seriously ill for several weeks (sadly he passed away before Christmas) I have all the relevant tickets, also use of a climber who’s pretty decent, quick and comfortable with big take downs. I have a young family support and need to get back into work ASAP Rates negotiable If interested contact me on 07577592430 I’d appreciated it if someone can post this on Facebook for me (I don’t do Facebook) Regards Mark
  17. A few years ago someone rolled a chipper in spectacular style on Keynsham High Street nr Bristol. Anyone got any pics? I heard there were some floating around but never got to see any. TIA
  18. First post so I hope that I have done it in the right section... I run a small sole trader garden maintenance business that is still in it's start-up period. When ever I have done bush clearance, tree pruning, small tree removal, hedge cutting and removal I have always just dragged the waste to my trailer and taken it to the local tip to dispose of the waste using my trade waste licence. But from now on things have changed at the local tip making it very hard to get rid of any volume of waste. I also get the impression that trade waste will soon be refused. I have not budgeted for this change and it looks like I will need to get my first chipper... I am looking to get a 4" / 100mm chipper that I can get in to residential properties and transport around fairly easily. I would therefore be grateful for some advice on what to go for. I don't want anything that is cheap and nasty One option I have been looking at is the Greenmech CS100 but I had not budgeted for this situation. So is it worth breaking the bank for one or is there equally as good cheaper options with a good engine? Also is there any creative advice on off loading the wood chippings with out paying to dispose of them at the local tip? (I should point out that I operate from a residential location so I can't store them to sell on to customers further down the road). All advice is welcome
  19. due to being out of the tree game for a while and my contacts no longer in the game either im looking for a man with van and chipper to remove the trees i have cut down in my garden, based in the bridgend area of south wales
  20. Hi guys, I need your expert opinions and any Experianaces using them as I am after a small wood chipper. I need something that would take up to a 5 inch diameter comfortably and can be lifted into a van by two persons. i don’t really want to spend thousands as I only climb twice a week. On the huge jobs I have sub contractors that help out and use their Jensen chippers. any advice would be much appreiciated thanks Craig
  21. We have a requirement for 2 x tracked wood chippers, 1 x 6" and 1 x 8" or similar for the weekend 24th/25th March just North of Glasgow. Please either call me on 07837 741502 or email [email protected] Many thanks
  22. Good evening, I wondered if anybody knew where I can get a chipper drum shaft repaired for a Jo Beau M400. It's a used/second hand machine and I went to fit new blades and found a problem with the drum. After stripping down the machine found one bearing was seized and this has worn the shaft where the shaft runs through the bearing at the pulley end. Having bought the blades and spares from Global Recycling (Jo Beau dealer) I contacted them to get a quote to for a new drum, as wasn't sure if it could be repaired. I was quoted £773.14 + VAT + delivery for new drum (will need pair of new bearing too). They have advised me to try to get it repaired locally, I'm near Derby. Anyone know any good engineering firms that do these sort of repairs? Neil
  23. I currently have a 2 year old tw230 just coming out of warranty, machine is great and I have no complaints with mine, however, in people’s experiences is it best to upgrade when you can to a new machine with 3 more years warranty, or the cheaper option of sticking with what you have already got and crossing your fingers? chipper is on 200 hours so low but there is mixed reviews on the longevity of the 230 chassis etc due to cracks and what have you. Thanks
  24. Hello I'm in a pickle, my little timberwolf 18/100 needs a new engine. Briggs and Stratton 18hp Ohv. If anyone hears of anything please let me know. Thanks.
  25. Can I change anything to my chipper to get less long chip bits as shown in photo? I prefer tiny cubes all over.. Or is it just the material that goes in being responsible?


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