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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, My 2013 Vermeer bc1000xl won’t start, it cranks but won’t fire. I have narrowed it down to being my fuel solenoid isn’t getting power and I have no idea why it is not. The computer is not allowing the solenoid to get 12volts for some reason. If I plug it in directly to the battery the Solenoid will open and I get fuel and she runs but if I wire it correctly the computer doesn’t send power and the solenoid stays closed and lets no fuel past. Any idea of how to fix this? has b3.3 Cummins motor
  2. Hi I’m new to the Group my business cover ground clearance/ground works. just thought I’d be nosey and see what you guys tow all of your equipment around with? I have a 3.2 Ford ranger wildtrak what I can’t fault as it always has our 2.7t bobcat behind it with a plant trailer or a ifor Williams tri axle flat bed.
  3. CS-100 Greenmech up for sale. Used sparingly , clean and last serviced by suppliers in 2018. Rarely used since. 1 set of spare blades . Trailer included Location , Chelmsford Essex
  4. Sorry this might have been done to death but can't find much in a search. Might be changing our tracked 230, roughly 5 years old now, had many problems when we first had it, and is in to fix some problems now. It was handled badly the first time round and there's radio silence from them so far this time I wanted to talk to them. I've had tw's since they were entecs but Its put me off tw to be honest so looking at other brands. In fairness the 230 chips well and punches above its 6inch capacity, so I think I'd have to look at 8 inch machines to not feel ive taken a step back. Forst is the brand I would go for, but I've started hearing that companies that had moved to forst are going back to tw. What is the current consensus on these brands at the moment. Stg5 compliance throws another set of questions, dpf in the larger hp petrol forst at 8 inch vs the 24hp diesel in the 230. (Weve had a road tow 230 on hire recently and there's a slight difference in performance vs the old 35hp kubota but not enough to get upset about in my mind). So probably the worry is the dpf. Thanks all
  5. I’ve recently been dealing with stump grinder woes. About a year ago, I purchased a used stump grinder from a large national dealership here in the uk. The company had owned the machine since new, as was one of their hire machines. It was advertised at £16k, with 160 hrs. I naively thought this sounded great, and went to see it. Having had little experience of stump grinders, It looked a little tatty for a newish machine, but I figured it’s been a hire, so probably had idiots driving it through hedges and such. I asked the dealer straight, does the hour meter work, are the hours correct and they said yes and yes. So I think fair enough, big dealer, and believe all their usual sales Patter about how great they are. I get some finance, and take it home. I do acknowledge that I totally screwed up here, and I should of made a wiser decision here! First job it goes out onto, it overheats. I try to ring dealer, dealers won’t answer/respond. I’m too busy to peruse it, change the coolant, and carry on. Fast forward a year, engine eats the turbo after a year of only being able to run at full revs for 15 minutes before it overheats. Had the rad professionally checked and flushed, changed the head gasket etc, Eventually ended up with a groundie standing with a leaf blower pointed at the radiator every time we used it. I end up buying a new engine from a different dealer (Bryco, who have been exceptional by the way). During the process of stripping the machine down, it becomes obvious that this machine has seen a lot more than the 214hrs is has on the clock to date. Large parts of the frame have cracked, and everything is very worn. I’ve ended up doing a hell of a lot of welding, a new engine, and I’m trying to find someone who can spray weld the driveshaft, as it’s worn down where the bearings have been moving on the shaft. Can’t help but be quite annoyed that a supposedly reputable dealer can act this way. I haven’t mentioned the dealer, (or the make of machine) as I don’t want to break forum rules, although i will if admin feels it’s appropriate? I’m left with the dealer being the only uk dealer for that make of machine, so I’m forced to go back to them for parts. Seems kinda unfair that our customers hold us accountable via Facebook reviews for our work, yet dealers don’t seem to be held to the same standards. I hope perhaps we can change this, if we talk more about which dealers are good or bad? So, Dealers I’ve used, and my thoughts Jas Wilson, ok/good, sold me a tractor that had a few issues but did fix them all, although it took a few months. kipper hire, good. Farm and forestry services, good. Bryco (Kubota engine spares, excellent in every way. Fast, efficient, rectify issues immediately (the courier dropped and damaged the new engine) And obviously, very unimpressed with the unmentionable dealer above!
  6. Hey kids, Might finally be time to retire my trusty Vermeer 625. It has been a strong and reliable piece of kit, all be it a little slow. Does anyone have any experience of the BC160XL? I can't find much online about them but they're really compact and from what I've seen, as quick as any other chipper. Not sure anything comes close regarding over-engineering and longevity. "Ernie" has 3600 hrs on the clock and still as strong as ever. Any info gratefully received.
  7. Hello folks I have several hours chipping that needs to be done this saturday afternoon near Dunstable / Kensworth / Luton. Cash to chip leylandii? It will all be on the deck pointing the right way. easy drive side access. skilled labour on hand. site to tip chip 100m away.
  8. Is anyone worried (or thinking about) Stage V regs when considering replacement chippers? Or considering the implications of the potential requirement for retro-fit of DPF to current / older models? Will this impact upon second hand values and should it be taken seriously now if about to purchase new by ensuring Stage V compliancy? Just watched a Forst product vid and they are advancing the significance of this issue. Will it, in the short term, predominantly affect urban areas where diesels emissions are more problematic - maybe present an opportunity for 2nd hand kit to be moved out to more rural areas where DE is less of an issue? https://www.dieselnet.com/standards/eu/nonroad.php Extract: Future. Stage V legislation commits the European Commission to produce two reports on future emission regulations for nonroad engines: By the end of 2018—An assessment of the possibility of adopting measures for the installation of retrofit emission control devices in existing, in-use nonroad engines. By the end of 2020—An assessment of further pollutant emission reduction potential, and the identification of potentially relevant pollutant types that do not fall within the scope of the Stage V regulation.
  9. GazN

    Small chippers

    Hi, I'm just getting started and need to get chipping to help on job clean ups. I can't yet afford a big thing and struggle to warrant one as I log most timber over 3-4" anyway... I've found this that seems to look good and will cope with what I want but wondering if anyone has a view or experience with such sized chippers? http://arrows-uk.com/65hp-petrol-wood-timber-chipper-shredder-mulcher-p-697.html?gclid=CjwKEAiArvTFBRCLq5-7-MSJ0jMSJABHBvp0PTjdHKeys4zwhFBX2D7BgzUHQqYQPx9Vv_XIQ2EP8hoCDlzw_wcB Maybe one day I'll get a big one on tracks
  10. Morning All, I am new to the Forum and I'm looking for some feedback from within the industry. I supply GPS tracking solutions Telematics Pro - GPS Tracking | On-board Cameras | Data Management | Driver Training primarily to commercial fleets (cars, vans & HGV's). We have however been receiving interest from the Arb industry due to the high volume of asset thefts of chippers, trailers, stump grinders etc. One of the challenges we have come across is that traditional trackers need to be wired into a power source, and as such the wires make them easy to find and the thieves remove them very quickly. We have a new battery powered solution, that is magnetised and can be stuck to any metallic panel on the asset, which means it can be well hidden away and there's not giveaway wires. They are £149.99 to purchase and there's a £9 monthly service fee which covers the sim and access to a web portal to view the trackers on a map in real time. The service can be suspended and reactivated any time and there's no minimum contract. I would like to understand if there is genuine interest in this product, before I go ahead an buy more stock. We are working with Arb insurers and have a unit placed on a chipper as a working example. What's your thoughts please? Would this be something you would consider for your assets?
  11. I used to have my own successful tree surgery company for 17 years which I ceased in 2015. I have a Unimog 2450 front mounted chipper with a 30cm aperture and a variable tracked 190 Timberwolf and I am thinking of starting an operated chipper hire company. Is this something you would use on a semi regular basis? I am fully ticketed and experienced including UA5 and based in Ashford, Kent. Suggested day manned rates are £585 for the Unimog and £170 for the Timberwolf, approximately. I would really appreciate feedback on whether you would use this service and whether you think the day rates are fair. Cheers, Chris.
  12. We are looking for an experienced mechanic. Knowledge of Unimog would be great but not essential, a good knowledge of mechanics is essential. Good work ethic, interested in large machinery and an eye for detail. The latter is very important. AC Price Engineering Ltd are a forward thinking, team orientated, busy engineering and mechanical workshop which has lots of interesting projects all year round. Join a very good team including Mechanics, Fabricators, Designers and support staff. We're a multi franchise dealership, including Mercedes Benz, Valtra, Heizohack, Penz, Kronos and other high quality brands, there are always interesting projects to be involved with and have an input in. We are keen on continual staff development and training is provided where needed. We are building a new dedicated Mercedes Benz service centre which will be fully operational this year, all being well. We are based in Ingleton which is in the Yorkshire dales and only a 20 minute drive from the Lake district. It’s a beautiful area to work in or even relocate to. There are also very good local schools if required. If you’d like to call to talk about the role and get a bit more detail then please contact Martyn Fawcett on 015242 42333. You can email your CV (or just some detail about yourself) to [email protected] Salary is negotiable dependent on experience.
  13. Buy Now, Pay Later with Timberwolf. Get the New Year off to a great start with this buy now, pay later deal from the chip and shred experts. When placing an order on selected machinery between now and 31st January 2014 you can take advantage of our fantastic low cost finance deal and enjoy an extended three year warranty! But that’s not all! Pay nothing for the first three months and you'll also receive two sets of free blades and a free Timberwolf coat. Available on selected machines only, please call the Sales Team on 01449 765809 for more details on the chip and shred machines involved. Simply complete the online warranty form where this fantastic offer will be confirmed and additional products dispatched. Don't need finance? No problem! You can still negotiate a competitive 'cash price' with your authorised Timberwolf dealer and still qualify for the free blades and Timberwolf coat will be delivered to you. Terms and conditions apply - see here for more information: Buy Now, Pay Later! | News & Events | About Us | Timberwolf UK
  14. Very busy commercial tree surgeons in Birmingham looking for an experienced mechanic/maintenance manager to keep vehicles and equipment serviced and running efficiently. Full time permanent position. Call John or Mo on 0121 748 1071 for more info, or email us at [email protected]


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