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  1. First dry day in ages.... I put the MultiOne out to work today! Bit squidgy underfoot but manageable... The Buzzard was having a field day skipping from hedge line to nearby trees...
  2. Reckon I’d lose pillows in the night through that gap in the headboard.
  3. Is it for ongoing work Craig or more of a one off at home?? If it’s a one off I could run the MultiOne flail over it for you...
  4. How about a kind of temporary ‘hold’, a stay of execution if you like. Inspect and produce a report which either confirms observable feature(s) requiring action within a determined timeframe or (seems more likely) the absence thereof which would satisfy due diligence. Meanwhile, liaise with the certified safety lunatics at Railtrack to establish if they have a future scheduled line closure and piggy-back the tree fell onto that timeframe so as to avoid / share railway admin cost of removing the tree. Railtrack ‘should’ be pleased to have what is a non-urgent, possible future issue addressed proactively. Homeowner ‘should’ be happy in the knowledge that a plan exists - even if it is 2-5 years hence. Insurance company ‘should’ be happy with formal inspection. The theory might be sound and sensible but when dealing with x3 inherently irrational interested parties (RT, homeowner & Ins company) theory will probably fail at the first... That said, it’s only the homeowner that will have to reach for the cheque book so maybe they, at least, will see sense....
  5. You only answered ½ the post Pete! (see Ken’s 🍿 post above - you’re killing us here....) I don’t even know what it is but I want one!
  6. 😂 many sleepless nights ahead!! Best wishes and congrats to yomeself and Mrs Kent 👍🏻👍🏻
  7. Be mindful of door step selling regs. I find customers (almost) always ask for a price or an indication of a price at the earliest opportunity, normally during the site visit, and I always say I will consider all of the details and follow up by email. Takes minutes to send a formatted quote which includes initial RAMS and it forms part of the contractural arrangement. Door to door sales - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Doorstep selling, regulations, written notice of the right to cancel, exemptions, penalties
  8. Sheeeesh..... They'd have your house, your shoes and your Mrs off you if that went tits up.... I'm scared just reading about it in case 'they' claim I was an accessory after the fact. The Railways dude I encountered when talking about Mont pine removal near a line was a proper mental case. Tried to suggest it would be my responsibility if (a) it wasn't taken down and later failed onto the line or (b) if it was taken down without paying the fivehundredty thousand pounds a second required for 'supervision' whilst the job was being done. He wouldn't / couldn't accept that it was actually FA to do with me until if / after (a) the council approved the TPO and (b) the land owner commissioned me to do the work. Like talking to a brick wall. I contacted NetworkSnail so it was all on me.... I laughed, he didn't.... I'm just gonna pretend your anecdote relates to a time when trains were fuelled by coal and a man waving a red flag walked in front of them..... 😂
  9. Maybe if you could give us a picture of the trees so that we might gauge size / age and then the estimations can commence 😂 This is going to be like one of those "guess the number of sweets in a jar" / "guess the horses weight" type discussions....
  10. It's possible I may have said something like that at some point in the past me 'ole scrambled eggmeister.... But it certainly doesn't ring true for PCs (in my experience) It's much more fun being outside the tent (free from the shackles of the code of conduct and therefore able to speak freely) pissing over it....
  11. Can we have the app No’s so as to look at the details online?
  12. You think that’s bad, try sourcing 3 eyed goggles necessary for work in Cornwall!
  13. I had to type that in a bit of a rush because I was heading out to a PC meeting to pose some awkward questions 😂😂😂


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