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  1. On the Ash topic... Job doesn’t even start til Weds but I’m sick of it already! Had an hour with the client’s neighbour today explaining the Justification for the Ash take down which straddles their boundary. A real headbanging experience!
  2. You twat! You’re in breach of contract now. That which what passed between us ⬆️ constitutes a contractual agreement! Can nobody stand by their word these days...? I despair at the state of humanity 🐓
  3. 64Gig 6s fit the bill? Was thinking about a new unit myself soon. If chance arises, may go Apple Store Tuesday and scope prices / trade in rates. Good nick, always been in a case, 1 honest previous owner, new dog forces reluctant sale.... 🥺
  4. That loss of payload could have greater implications than just loss of payload too! Hector will be sniffing around trying to deprive honest, hard working tradespersons of tax relief too - bastard! Beware vehicle classification of double-cab pick-ups and kombi vans for tax relief - TTR Barnes WWW.TTRBARNES.COM With the space and functionality to be loaded with tools and equipment during the week, but the ability to...
  5. Mad money for the high end PUs, but don’t forget, there are discounts with BASC, NFU, Mole Valley memberships. Cant remember what the %s are but it’ll run to several £k!
  6. Only trouble I had was with forward facing camera housing trapping moisture and tripping out all the features. It was eventually acknowledged as a type fault and remedied with a Toyota mod which included a heater element in the shroud. That and disappointing early onset underbody corrosion. Other than that, all was dandy.
  7. I'm not a Tory Mull! I voted Green last election.... But you already know that innit 😂
  8. Anyone know of a hooky copy online anywhere?
  9. "Hangry" is, I believe, the correct phrase.... I was en route to Inkies for a fry up and he slowed me down. 😤 https://www.facebook.com/inkiessmokehousebbq/
  10. Just last night! A rare trip to Plymuff to have my wallet emptied by the wife and pup in a restaurant where the food was at best mediocre. Dangerous crossing the river! PS - I muted the sound to save Mrs J's blushes - the language was a bit rare! J
  11. Was going to mention, I wonder if it was a seasonal visitor or an aloof indigenous that almost killed us on a rare stretch of dual carriageway last night? I’ll see if dashcam got it later but finding a set of headlights facing you in lane 2 of dual carriageway at an awkward junction raised the blood pressure a couple of notches!
  12. 👍🏻 How did your planning situation pan out J? Have I missed any updates - what was that thread titled? The issue of increased seasonal visitors is rather more complex than just the roads. Isay “just” the roads but your concept of road upgrades is impractical and prohibitively expensive on many levels and even then it fails to recognise that it’s not “just” the roads. There is 1 hospital in Cornwall. The seasonal swell almost invariably results in Black alert status each summer so now it’s roads AND hospitals... Cost benefit analysis? Used to visit Umea really often. Swedish girlfriend back in the day. Loved it there. They already do! J - an incomer shouldn't mean that I am prohibited from pointing out what is an obvious flaw in the transport network. It doesn't mean you “can’t” J, but it does mean nobody will take a blind bit of notice 😂😂😂 The road signs are only there for the visitors Marcus (a bit like rural NI), such trivia as road worthiness, speed restrictions, insurance, RFL etc are blithely ignored by the inherently aloof indigenous population.
  13. Now here we find ourselves on common ground big fella 😂


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