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  1. Wording it correctly

    Oi, oi, oi, oi......! You're not slipping that one in without being pulled up! I won't have you put yourself down like that!
  2. Wording it correctly

    He knows he knows that you know that he knows what you mean..... We're not falling for that!
  3. Delaying validation

    That was exactly what I meant Ed. That's not a quote from the LA strategic plan is it Ed??? As do we all! I won't argue that that which has been sold as "austerity measures" has been wholly effective (it would be foolish to do so since the numbers don't really stack up) but I might think (a) that I welcome the consequential examination and scrutiny of historic processes which has resulted in saving where previously there was waste / inefficiency and (b) I reject the Labour party stance of simply throwing more (borrowed) money at the problem without examining the problem first. I like your parable Ed, it's entirely appropriate..... But you started at the end rather than at the beginning! In the beginning, the donkey was lean, keen, efficient and effective.... He worked hard and was appreciated by his master for the valuable contribution he made... The donkey enjoyed the benefits of a reasonable work / life balance, he was secure in the knowledge that he would have some work everyday (but not too much) and his reward was adequate. If he needed kit, equipment or additional training for a task, it was provided and he didn't even have to work any harder to get it, often, he'd even get his training AND his pay, but didn't have to do the days work as well! He was a VERY HAPPY donkey - one of the best looked after donkeys in the paddock. If he was sick he would be taken care of, he had plenty of rest and holiday where he'd still be fed and watered but didn't need to do any work. The donkey knew his long term plan was safe and that he'd be provided for in his later life where he would gradually slide into the twilight of his years in comfort and contentment. What the donkey didn't realise, was that his master was BORROWING the money he needed for all the advantages the donkey was enjoying over and above his fellows in the paddock. He was a kind and generous master that did whatever was necessary to keep as many people as possible happy so that they all liked him. One day however, the donkey's master realised he'd made an almighty ass (giggle) of the whole thing. He'd spent way too much money trying to keep people happy. He hadn't saved any of the surplus money he had earned whilst business was good. He'd sold the family gold. He'd borrowed way too much money and now he couldn't borrow any more. The donkey's master, Gordon, had made an almighty balls up of the entire happy situation. One of his friends left a note saying there was no money left and that Gordon had to go back to the barren lands in the North. The donkey's new master was astounded to see how Gordon had behaved so recklessly and then run away. The new master faced a serious decision - should he be like Gordon and "find" more money to keep people liking him, or should he try to be just a little bit more responsible - after all, it wasn't his money he was spending! Don't be like Gordon, Gordon made an ass of it..... (cheered me up writing that! Big of a giggle!! It needs some VI or Steve or Eggs input for the 'middle' before we get to your 'end')
  4. Delaying validation

    There's a book for that Gary, if more "arb's" had a copy.... (notwithstanding the debate about it being perceived as being cost prohibitive!) I think the issue (at least in part - and the golden key to the opposite argument is "central government funds are cut so we have to do less") is that LA's aren't driven to seek more efficient / streamlined processes in the same way that the commercial sector is. For you and me, time is money, for public sector, the money is the same regardless how the day is filled. There's no incentive to make the day more efficient, perhaps even the opposite could be true where staff and resources are under scrutiny - more workload appears to be a safeguard to the status quo whereas if you can't appear to fill your day, you're under threat.
  5. Making the news today....

    Could I ask a couple of questions here....? What I'm reading here "appears" to be a case for a points based system of immigration. There's no denying that appropriate skill shortages filled by appropriately skilled migrants, for a predetermined period, is an advantage to the receiving country (we'll have to leave a side for the moment the potential for brain drain in the donor country.) Is it possible that the nation could have a sensible debate about immigration without one section of society seeming to scream Nazi, Fascist, xenophobe if anybody mentions limits / quota's, timescales and the other sector not seeking to demonise all of a particular cultural / religious group? That would be a start.... ....towards remedying the obvious disadvantages of long term, uncontrolled, unrestricted immigration that has resulted in the current dysfunctional, potentially explosive situation that prevails? And separating migration from asylum. Why, for example, does asylum = citizenship rather than refuge and return? If we continue down the current path it will end in tears.
  6. Making the news today....

    I hear you Bro! I hide it well, but there's a fairly generous dose of (l) liberal social democrat in my thinking....
  7. Making the news today....

    You mean 'im on LBC Mr E? He does talk some sense, and he can certainly quote and interpret scripture 'an that, and holds no sway with Islamist apologist etc, what with 'im having been an Islamist an all. Quite like his show, find myself agreeing and disagreeing in almost equal measure. Prefer Farage's show though.... never manage to find any issue with what Sir Nigel presents
  8. Making the news today....

    Made a slight amend, hope you don't mind.... the evidence of patience having already ready run out is displayed (almost) daily on our TV screens... Absolutely agree with you, "tribes" evolve to suit their prevailing circumstances - that's perfectly reasonable, evolutionary progression. Those evolutionary characteristics are best suited to the location they have evolved to exist in. Superiority (over others that have not evolved in that location) is inevitable. No good trying to fight it, nature will always prevail.
  9. Delaying validation

    PS just had a pair of TPO app's approved at week 6, never happened before 8th week before, BZ LA (just got some scheduling issues to overcome now)
  10. Delaying validation

    Looking online at the abysmal standard of some of the TPO apps that are validated and processed by my LA, and therefore take up TO / PO time & resource to consult on, I can't help thinking a good chunk of time could be saved by an early rejection of inadequate submissions rather than letting them progress through the system exhausting resources along the way to the inevitable refusal. But there in lies some of the problem with most public sector organisations - they need to show "workload" to safeguard jobs / resources so it would be foolish to find ways of reducing loading and become more efficient because that could result in less staff / resource. Hate to say it, but maybe it IS time that 211/TPO apps were a pay to use service, might result in some better standard submissions.
  11. Making the news today....

  12. Making the news today....

    If only I believed you.....
  13. Making the news today....

    Mark, we've had some banter and some fairly enthusiastic disagreements, but I just can't find the energy, enthusiasm or interest to engage with you. We're just too far removed to make it worthwhile. No disrespect, we'll both just be banging our heads against a wall. Maybe another time / another place...
  14. Making the news today....

    We've locked horns in the past, and that's all cool, we're all allowed to disagree (despite what some radical factions might believe) but you've got the measure of this...
  15. Hitting a parked vehicle and not leaving details

    Yes, I get that and it would have been my reposte had the Judge not stopped the baffoon before he'd even got part way into the start of the counter claim sentence with the stern look and a "get back in your box tosser" expression (only my interpretation of the facial expression) and the words "counter claim costs are discretionary and I won't even consider it..." words! Truth be told, there was always the potential for a counter claim and it did sow a seed of doubt. My reasoning was, worst case scenario, 5k counter claim, I could have taken that on the chin but it would have shattered my belief in natural justice (the Magna Carta) and driven me, irrecoverably further down the road to social rebellion and natural justice. Read your post again, second reading, and a moments thought (albeit through a mist of vino tinto) reveals a depth of knowledge and previous experience, appreciate your input


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