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  1. It may not be ‘pretty’ Egger, and of course yome right it may be perceived as lowering the tone of the adjacent des res s s s, and that is one (understandable) POV, but that’s all it is, a POV. Another POV might be, perhaps the LA might be better served seeking out someone that has actually contravened a law - maybe a benefit thief, a fly tipper or a TPO breach for example.
  2. Horrible film! Similar those Damien films - only good part of them was the Rottweilers!
  3. Can’t remember all of it but I do know it always includes 666 (and a dose of the crabs) beastly devil womanthing!
  4. Never, ever ‘talk to’ someone who wants to pull your pants down (stand fast Saturday night down Union Street with a classy Janner girl!) They have ‘got’ what they have got by way of info and detail UNLESS you give them something more. (a) you’ve absolutely NOTHING to gain by acknowledging their enquiry - especially as Huck says above. If they have anything to substantiate a complaint / attempt an enforcement they already have it and should disclose it to you. All you will do by engaging them is give them more. (b) why do people automatically assume a letter from an ‘authority’ requires them to acquiesce with the provision of time? Time equals money, matey from LA is on the clock and being paid whilst he expects you to meet him for free - not even free, it’s at a loss to you since it’s time you could be earning. I’d possibly be prepared to consider a compromise - to a very limited degree - as Les says. Send him an email and tell him he can reach you by phone between x o’clock and y o’clock on z day where you can spare him a couple of minutes from your busy on-site work schedule to receive the full details of the complaint (which should have been stated in the letter previously sent) and to consider answering (without any obligation or commitment) specific questions and he may have. Another option (if a member of FSB or covered by home legal protection) invite him to send any future correspondence via your legal representative. A whopping big chip pile on the front drive should help too - there is no law, statute or regulation which precludes you from top dressing your flower beds 😂
  5. TC2020 Tree Care Compliance™ The Tree Surgeons’ Service Delivery Standard. | All Things Arb ALLTHINGSARB.CO.UK TC2020 Tree Care Compliance™ is the 21st Century Service Delivery Standard for Tree Surgeons applicable to amenity tree care... The article could do with a bit more detail: “...called for by industry key players...” “...developed by professional auditors and arboricultural industry practitioners...” “...making presentations to key industry service providers...” “...detailed consultations with industry stakeholders and specialists...” Like who? Is this info available at the company link? Certainly worth having a read....
  6. It was just a figure of speech - weme to poor in the sticks to even afford the travel to B&Q. It’s ‘Trago Mills’ hereabouts - otherwise know as ground zero or the nations biggest jumble sale!
  7. I’d bet if they have, they haven’t bothered to learn from previous experience - you know, like any ‘normal’ person would 😂
  8. Did they write to you? Would you share the letter (redacted)? Be interesting to see the tone and content. Arrange for them to visit midday, midweek when you’re out on a job. If they turn up, you’ll be out at work.... No case to answer M’Lud....
  9. Egger, in ‘modern parlance’ that is called car sharing / car pooling. Many LAs and large corp’s actuallyENCOURAGE / INCENTIVISE such activities as part of a carbon reduction/ traffic management plan. It’s just a case of playing ‘em back at their own game! They don’t like it up ‘em! (Bloody auto correct!)
  10. You can’t move for Rozzers in Kernow at moment K! Weme miles away and they’re EVERYWHERE! A car was pulled over and all occupants arrested for ‘suspicion of going equipped and suspicion of intent to cause a public nuisance’ because they had paint, flares and loud halers in the boot! Thinking twice about that trip to B&Q this afternoon......
  11. If you ask what ‘they’ think is acceptable you are immediately conceding that ‘they’ have some form of ‘authority’ to express (and potentially enforce) an opinion. ‘They’ have absolutely no ‘authority’ to dictate how many vehicles a man may park at his place of residence. There are already ‘laws’ in effect which define what may ‘legally’ be used (including parking) on a public highway and regulations as to the avoidance of nuisance or obstruction of said highway. There is nothing, so far as I’m aware, that defines the number of vehicles someone might own and use.
  12. That is BRILLIANT! Love it 😂 Don’t tell ‘em your name Pike! So what? So a bloke parks a couple of work vehicles at his home address.... sign written, sprinkled with fairy dust and painted fluorescent orange, so what? Bloke in the next village parks a Western Power 4x4 on his drive - doesn’t mean he’s secretly coordinating the SW England strategic power network from a clandestine loft conversion, just means he’s lawfully parking an insured, taxed and roadworthy work vehicle either on the public highway or at his place of residence after he’s finished work. Small business is being CRUSHED by officialdom! These people are the true, unsung heroes, the last rebels of the wild frontier, in an increasingly office bound, add no value, compliant population of docile white collar mongs that bow down to ‘authority’ in what ever misguided / misapplied form it may take we should recognise, value, rally to support and defend the right of a working man to place bread on the table. Don’t fear the ‘pig’ because it may enjoy rolling in shit (at tax payers’ expense.) If the pig comes knocking, lather yourself in shit grab the pig by the neck and pull it into the shitpool!
  13. Don’t worry! If you are simply parking a work vehicle at your home address just tell them it’s none of their business.
  14. If you can even get materiel at the moment - desperate shortage of posts in SW!


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