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  1. Have you considered a cone splitter?
  2. That’s a good part of the success right there - obvs the main part is the service / availability / expertise but all that amounts to nothing if a poor 3pl carrier destroys all the good work that goes into getting the gear out of the door. Customer / order can’t be satisfied until the goodies are in hand. I often check which carrier is being used before ordering online. Needless to say, if it’s a habitually poor delivery company order goes elsewhere. Always been 100% with CSBs & DPD.
  3. I had to look “usurious” up 😂 Never has been, never will be any such thing as a free lunch.
  4. I’m looking at similar kit at moment too. Already running a stand alone upright splitter with 3pl brackets but I run it off a hyd pp. From memory, Mick Dempsey put some thoughts forward on the subject in a different thread a while back and they’ve stuck with me - if you tie your splitter / processor to your Avant/MultiOne, (a) you lose the availability of the machine for lifting / loading / moving and (b) you potentially whack a load of hours on the machine. Looking at the Jappa 305 at mo. Plenty of vids on YouTube - even 1 with it being operated on an Avant (I think that is the company “Reach it, Move it, Lift if” or something similar. My conclusion thus far, unless I do a lot more log work, I probably can’t justify the outlay v return. I may see if I can have a week hire of someone else’s 305. Hire cost + transport worthwhile, <10k purchase outright, at the moment prob’s not viable. Hyd 305 run off MO 4K cheaper, but brings the issues mentioned above.
  5. Tou might want to check with your accountant and maybe avoid public statements that would give HMRC a reason to have a look at your books. Expenses if you're self-employed: Training courses - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Business expenses you can claim if you're self-employed BIM35660 - Business Income Manual - HMRC internal manual - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Supplementary guidance on how to check tax calculations or work out the trading profits of a business for Self... If you take the supplementary guidance and then overlay current ‘industry guidance’ for refresher training of existing tickets - which may be achieved by attending then next ‘stage’ course (small tree felling refreshed by attending a med tree felling course, for a simple example), it gets even more complicated. What part is refresher and what part is new skill? 50/50, 40/60?
  6. I could however indulge in that age old AT tradition of going wildly off topic (and maybe even draw @trigger_andy into some proxy handbaggery on the UBI topic....😜) They tax you on what you earn, they tax you on what you spend, they tax you on what you save and they tax you on what’s left when you die. Maybe it’s just sex and drugs that aren’t taxed and they both have significant potential complications involved anyway. Within each level and category of tax there are seemingly impenetrable layers of regulation, interpretation and implementation. And the cherry on top is that it is all necessary to sustain and perpetuate the massive Ponzi scheme of ‘government spending’ which demands exponential increase in the consumption of finite resources - at some point it must all come crashing down. Just like the massive Beech which has started throwing limbs that I looked at yesterday. It could be left well alone to carry on and ‘do its thing’ or it could have some well considered intervention to avoid disaster. Not sure if I can link Masonic lodges into the thread - that’s a masterpiece there K 😂
  7. And getting the ticket is not deductible.... If I can’t claim it on a tax return I ain’t doing it 😂
  8. Like a Vindaloo but a bit otter?? 😂😂😂😂
  9. You're absolutely right on a subject that many seem to struggle to accept there Dan - new skill is not an allowable expense for tax whereas a mandatory training cert such as H&S, FA & refresher training is. I'm sure this very subject has been covered (with handbags) previously where many argued that they DID include new skills training in their tax return and it's just like the accrual of non monetary benefits handbagery from previous, there's a difference between what people DO and what they will be told they SHOULDN'T have done in the event they are collared by HMRC. 🥔
  10. The mashed potato incident is a good one for referencing ‘flash to bang’ in our house. I am well known for having a particularly slow burn, long tolerance, happy to chug along without mention of a grumble type character which is starkly contrasted by a rare but unpredictable instantaneous flash to bang when the final tolerance is breached. This once (that’s right, ONCE but never to be forgotten and recounted at any suitable or even wildly tangential opportunity by Mrs J) manifest itself in a pan of mashed potatoes being launched across the kitchen then pounced upon and stomped into the originally desired consistency. Nothing to do with the potatoes of course, it’s just that the inefficiency of the mashing implement was ‘the final straw’ in a chain of events that can’t even be remembered. Hence I am destined always to be chided by the wife recounting the “mashed potato incident” whenever she senses the dial moving towards the emergency relief valve.
  11. I wouldn’t pretend to know enough about the subject to attempt to present a credible arugument one way or the other but I was personally struck by the significance of what chummy was saying on wireless yesterday - if he knew his onions - and then somewhat surprised / disappointed that the show host didn’t seem to grasp the significance and gravity of what he was saying - if he knew his onions. And - if he knew his onions - it begs the question WHY PHE, via their various LA inspection and enforcement teams (significantly augmented from other departments during COVID), or any other government’official’ or advisor have made no mention (so far as I’ve heard) of the significance of air quality management?? Strikes me as odd.
  12. Yes that was (and still is) my method OSM. Dyson thingy (much to @Khriss ‘s displeasure 😂)


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