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  1. The implied question was, had he had a second TiP, possibly but not necessarily in the other top or properly placed below his cut, would he have been better or worse off? Fair play, it is a bit tangential, but it is (most likely) the over worked, under pressure possibly rooky operators making mistakes like this that could find themselves making mistakes or compounding them when apparently poorly considered ‘policies’ are imposed upon them.
  2. Seen the one where chummy gets a crane on the noggin? Don’t think they’d seen the AA crane work draft document.
  3. The often neglected law of unintended consequences.....
  4. Glove puppets not my forte K. Geez is approaching half way through a take down. Takes a top out and just realises a split second too late he's actually tied into it... Questions... - Throws chainsaw away - not on a strop? - If only using 1 TiP why? - It doesn't appear to be a DIYer at work. - If 2nd TiP had been in a high point in the other side, what would the consequence be? - If applied to the discussion point over 2 TiPs / 2 separate ropes would it 'not have happened' or would 2 rope / 2 Tips have made it worse? Sorry for the pics, they are not nice but I salute the guy for sharing his own video so that others may learn (or re-learn) that speed kills. Wishing our American cousin a speedy recovery and much respect for sharing.
  5. Not sure if this'll work.... https://www.facebook.com/brady.viger/posts/2593520464036669
  6. It looked like he didn’t have a second of any description, nor a strop for saw. Not sure if it ‘adds’ or ‘detracts’ from the discussion here... Like you, bloody lucky to survive
  7. I’ll have a go K, sometimes tricky extracting a vid from FB. It’s recent in ‘arborists online’ FB page.
  8. Anyone else seen the recent clip (US I think) of a climber cutting himself out with the top he was anchored into? Hes survived (thankfully) with bumps and breaks. So notwithstanding the lapse in concentration that led to the accident, what might have been the effect it he’d had a second TiP? Pulled in half??
  9. Bomb.... Although in the ‘by age qualification’ category, I don’t possess slippers!
  10. On a side note, how is I ‘know’ who’s done the laughy thing before I’ve even looked.... @Stubby
  11. Hell's teeth Mr Stubby! That's a bit rare 🤯 Have you just been notified of an impending cycle race shutting off the parish again....?
  12. The all party parliamentary group on work at height would be a good start - I posted the link to contact details previously. I think the AA are linked to the all party horticulture group. Square peg round hole?? 😂 Coincidentally, I had an unsolicited sales pitch from FSB today, cut them short to save her and my time. But if any arbs are members of FSB try getting them to lobby. (If it works let me know and I might change my opinion that they are a waste of oxygen)
  13. That’s the crux of the problem! Training / education establishments are businesses that are not in the business of ‘failing’ people. Bad for business to get a reputation for being the toughest place to get a qual.


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