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  1. Bottom left is, er, like, Ops normal.... I have a little bit of an anxiety attack if someone picks up any my saws at the best of times.....
  2. Not really, but the neighbours had Stone Roses on full blast 😂
  3. He'd been quoted £1600 for that task. I'm more than happy to chase the tiddlers around on a sunny day for a few hours AND give the homeowner a considerable saving over the other prices... 😂
  4. Coronavirus: A joint statement between HSE, the TUC and the CBI - HSE Media Centre PRESS.HSE.GOV.UK This is an extremely worrying time for firms and workers. We know many workers, union reps and employers have...
  5. Mate at Horningtops knocked it up for me, . Very useful tool! CE Metal Fabrications Ltd – Steelwork for the South West WWW.CEMETALFABRICATIONS.CO.UK
  6. Anyway, if we could just ease ourselves away from the Margaret Thatcher Appreciation Society back towards the matter under discussion..... [yes K, I AM looking at YOU] Latest from HSE: Social distancing, keeping businesses open and in-work activities during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak - HSE news WWW.HSE.GOV.UK Guidelines on social distancing, essential and non-essential work and in-work activity during the outbreak. A little less hysteria, some common bloody sense and a little more economic activity is what is needed!
  7. That’s a pulling line if ever I heard one - get in the barrel Mr Cropper 🥺
  8. He near on ruined my Greenmech factory visit with beer swilling, late night raconteur ways...
  9. Not his MO. If he had a gripe he’d deal with it himself. Always better to have a pint anyway.
  10. Does depend what you are using it for. Don't want to speculate too much but if it's firewood and not at unsocial hours then crack on. TPO trees felling in the middle of the night not recommended. Was he chopping up bodies? That would be bloody reckless without PPE whilst all this Chogi flu is about....
  11. Look at you two chatting away like oppo’s.... 😚
  12. Got a better shot today @topchippyles I don’t think you’d be impressed!
  13. From Farage to the Guardian, now there's a unlikely alliance of consensus: UK coronavirus lockdown: police reissued with guidance on enforcement | World news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM New guidance aims to quell heavy-handed enforcement and bring consistency across forces


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