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  1. kevinjohnsonmbe

    the 'todays job' thread

    Not 'exactly' a todays job scenario, but it was today that I heard that over 2 years from the start (Feb 17) when the client asked: Q "...could you do me an Arb Impact Assessment..." Q "...what's the situation and when do you need it..? A "...pretty much straight away for an appeal - the original application has been refused because I didn't have one..." So, after 2 applications, 2 appeals, the Town council and LA have been over ruled by the PINS. And local authorities wonder why there are so many vacant, suitable plots not being developed when the need so obviously exists. This scenario has been a terrible example of influence via Town council and Ward councillor at committee which has cost the land owner (and the tax payer) a considerable amount of money to ignore the planning officer's recommendation for approval and force the matter to appeal for a second time. The PINS judgement comes with a MASSIVE sense of satisfaction and it was a great conversation with the client earlier. The long fights are the best fights.... 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
  2. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    And what a 'headline' example of the potential value / worth of forestry...
  3. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    As a lighter aside, heard on the wireless today, all distances in France are measured from Notre Dame.
  4. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Making the news today....

    Nuffin really, it just kind of rolls off the tongue and seems a suitable, if somewhat nondescript (bloody French, what have they ever given us?) sort of location. Maybe Leicestershire (near Fenny Drayton and Higham on the Hill) (52°33′42.942″N 1°27′53.474″W; SP 36373.66 96143.05) would be a better choice as the geographical centre of England*....? Could provide a better insight into the real opinions of the nation since the M25 bubble appears to be a planet all of its own? No.... I bet they are all lovely. 😜
  5. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Making the news today....

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/apr/16/uk-parliament-could-suffer-same-fate-as-notre-dame-warn-mps?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1555406749 it’d probably happen when theym not there and AFTER the >£5 billion restoration bill! They should all be moved to a trading estate in Milton Keynes in a purpose built and fit for purpose building with barrack style accommodation on site. The savings would be immense!
  6. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Making the news today....

    Just saying loike.... It's 1 potential option....
  7. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    The document at this page is a useful reference Gary: https://www.lgo.org.uk/decisions/environment-and-regulation/trees/06b16269
  8. Oddly, I’m struggling to form a suitable reply 🤗 so will simply confirm that it was noticed and did feature in discrete conversation 🤫
  9. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    Exactly that was the topic of discussion in the thread I’m recalling... i just have to try and remember a decent keyword to search and find it.
  10. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    That takes us back to a thread from a fair way back which questioned the validity, appropriateness and measurement of 'public visual amenity' (which can often be interpreted as the blanket / catch all / easy option for refusal of TPO applications - who is this person that derives great pleasure from a tree that someone else has to pay to maintain? I've had examples where a group of neighbours can be shown to be suffering tangible degradation (not just leaves in the gutter) of their freedom to enjoy their liberty and recreation but some elusive, unnamed, unmeasurable notional public visual amenity is presented as a justification for prolonged suffering of a quantifiable group.) And it doesn't help (actually it does when apparent contradictions can be cited) when it seems that the rules can be 'bent' to satisfy the prevailing circumstances. It's possible (if I've found the right thread) that the answer to your question lies in this thread: I'm not absolutely certain it's the right thread I'm thinking of because it goes rapidly from the original question into 20 pages of pro and anti EU rantings (now there's a thing!! ) before Jules brings it back onto track at page 6. It was quite funny re-reading some of the posts up to that point and comparing with current EU debate topics though! I'm not sure it's the thread I'm thinking of so I'll look again. There was a really good thread about 'amenity worth', I'll see if I can find it....
  11. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    I bow to your greater deviousness and retract my previous statement! Pride was his crime then - too brash to be a sneaky bastard 🤫
  12. Tree Architecture & Morphophysiology seminar @ Barcham Trees was excellent and there’s an opportunity to catch it again at the AA Annual Amenity Conf at Exeter in September. Many thanks to Keith and Natasha from Barcham Trees for the opportunity to meet and enjoy an evening with Stefania and Giovanni prior to the seminar and also very nice to meet Simon from the Arboriculture Association. The content and presentation was genuinely unique, highly effective and totally captivating with Giovanni’s passionate and energetic delivery in Italian, followed by Stefania’s skilful translation into English. A day crammed full of thought provoking and fascinating detail which passed almost in the blink of an eye thanks to the clever delivery technique and the generous hospitality of Barcham Trees. A full room of delegates and a reserves list - testament to the quality of the presentation. It’s been a long haul driving on a ‘round robin’ which will total over a 1000 miles but definitely worthwhile with new thoughts to develop and processes to review.
  13. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    Rare I’d disagree with you Mr B... But.... I bet he’s no idiot, sharp as a tack I’d guess. - scrap man, he’ll have been duckin & diving all his life.
  14. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    All understood Roz, question still stands though.... Either PBC are presented with what appears to be the ‘simple’ cases or they have a different organisational attitude towards the issue. It ‘seems’ like there is a willingness AND a success rate more than elsewhere? Just ‘seems’ that way from press report...
  15. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    Poole setting the standards which others should be striving to achieve again - Unless, genuinely, that really IS the only borough where inappropriate felling is taking place. More likely it’s the only borough making the effort to prosecute. Possible point of contention over the valuation issue though - if you ‘add’ the notional value of property increase, then ‘subtract’ the CAVAT value calc of the trees which have been removed, I suspect it would return a net devaluation of the property potentially negating the case for proceeds of crime recovery action...? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6911341/Millionaire-businessman-67-chopped-11-century-old-protected-trees-ordered-pay-170-000.html


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