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  1. Ah, you guys ( @Mark J & @Johnsond ) 😂 That was like a little glimpse of comedy double act gold 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. I don't have a natural aptitude towards foreign languages - it takes a lot of work so it helps being a stubborn bar steward! I tried Swedish over a couple of years back in the 90's whilst frequently visiting gf. Also tried Dutch whilst working there late 90's. Conversational French comes along nicely when in country but (sadly) that hasn't happened for quite a few years now. The incentive for both suffered from the reality that each country has relatively small population / global spread, generally exceptional English speakers and very limited practical need or benefit from following up with the effort and commitment required to progress. Developing Korean at the moment - but limited to technical associations with TKD. A visit to Korea after all this C19 business has settled down (or perhaps equalised) might be a catalyst for boosting that. Can argue with a taxi driver (and order beer) in ANY language!
  3. Every one of them a shit-tank Remainer that wanted to / still wants to take a massive dump on the will of the majority.... Not their finest hour.....
  4. That sounds like (appreciate it may be heavily abridged for forum purposes) a RAMS / COSHH / SQEP / H&S + management of H&S scenario. Lucky dippy bird didn’t sue you for PTSD / constructive dismissal / emotional stress / workplace injury..... Dodged a bullet there! 😂
  5. 2nd hand Multione - rarer than a Brexit uniqorn!! You won’t find one because nobody lets them go once they’ve had one (except @Mick Dempsey, flash bastard got a bigger one 😂)
  6. Ya prick! I probably wouldn’t have until you pulled me into it 👊🏻 Hell why not? Just as well supplement the excessively generous union protected T&Cs that ensure you only work ½ a week, sleep at work and have the luxury of striking while the armed forces do your job with antique equipment.... Why not set yourself up as self employed as well and draw down the tax benefits of a second job as discount off the tax payer funded salary tax liability you currently have...
  7. And they could just as quickly turn around and do one!
  8. Its getting desperate when 2 of the more informed, serious and sober members start down the path Id expect from the more frivolous members and contributors. Im dreading Mr Bolam’s contribution..... 😫
  9. Like that! Got to make a new one soon. 👍🏻
  10. And that, in a nutshell, describes why I don’t (actively) seek firewood customers 😂


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