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  1. It was ‘back in the day’ Les. Mid-late 90s. Think it’s moved venue now. You didn’t pay for your beers, you bought a fist full of tickets at the door and exchanged them for a 4 pack each visit to the bar. It started at 12:00 on a Sunday with pallet loads of tinnies behind the bar, you paid your money, you got your tickets, you swapped your tickets for a 4 pack in a plastic bag full of ice. You drank your beer, you watched the show, you put your empties on the floor and by 15:00 everyone was knee deep in crushed tins and pissed as a fart! The stage show was awesome, the crowd was awesome and it was a turbo charge for a Sunday sesh! Quick google search - looks like it’s all over 😫 London's The Church bar closing down | Stuff.co.nz I.STUFF.CO.NZ Notorious London party bar, frequented by Kiwis, is closing down.
  2. Now to me, the ‘old Church’ brings back good memories of the venue down behind Kings Cross on a Sunday afternoon - if you know it, you know it!
  3. I’ve had a dozen pints with the Egger, and done my penance the next day! Happily have a dozen with Andy too.
  4. Not sure my sins would make for a frictionless entry to the clergy. They do say God loves a sinner though. A bit like ArbTalk in that respect - no point saving them that are already ‘pure!’ 😂
  5. No, the OP will decide how much that should cost and how long it'll take.... Every one's an expert until they are knee deep in excrement and need it fixed like now. How much is poop mechanic worth - well it depends how far up your leg the poop is really....
  6. I'm getting more irritated than it is probably healthy for something that I shouldn't care less about.... However, The part highlighted in red above is akin to starting a sentence with "...With respect..." It actually indicates that precisely the opposite of what is being proposed is the real feeling / thought behind whatever follows. So apart from telling everyone that has taken the time to comment that you know better, you now appear to be presenting business management forecasts. Nice one! I'll doff me cap in deference. Just to revisit your math though.... The working week is usually between 35 and 40 hours (apparently? Not mine though) There are 8 bank holiday days in England and Wales. Leave is likely to be 4 to 8 weeks (plus bank holidays) At the lower boundary you are looking at 42 weeks of 35 hours = 1470 hours At the upper boundary 47 weeks of 40 hours = 1880 hours. 4 x 2000 x 42 = 336,000 4 x 2000 x 47 = 376000 That puts you 6 - 16% out on your (already infeasible, naive and bizarre) rationale. What are you doing after your build project? Gov of the Bank of England??
  7. Are you happy to not have what ever building project it is you appear to want the tree removed for on the basis that you think you know what the job should cost? Thats called opportunity cost. If you get balls out Bert to do your critical path task for a bag of chips and some firewood, good luck to you. If you need the tree sorted (properly) before your project progresses you might start to realise the VALUE rather than the cost of the task. Good luck 👍🏻
  8. When he finds someone to agree what it shouldn't cost, and they're happy to do it, all will be well in the world 😂 It may not be the case here, but it can sometimes be the case where a preconceived "worth" attributable to the contractor actually doing the work is disproportionate in relation to the actual "value" added by getting the job completed. Not sure I've explained that as I intended but if the extension is dependant upon having the tree removed then the tree removal becomes the critical path. Perhaps not the element of the project that should be consigned to the lowest bidder or the person that is just about willing to do the work at a price the tree owner thinks is acceptable.
  9. LEZ, congestion, parking issues, potential for theft from vehicle, care in the community, white privilege, demo's, police stop & search, random violence - all relevant elements of an urban job I should imagine. Bit like Camborne perhaps 😂
  10. Estimated prices appear to have been offered by those potentially willing to exchange their time / equipment / experience at a price they would be content with. If the proposed prices for the exchange are too rich for you (OP), all you can do is keep looking ‘til you hit the bargain basement or maybe do it thy self. Maybe worth bearing in mind though - when somebody asks somebody else to do something they themself can’t do, then sets about telling the person that can do it how long it’ll take, how to do it and how much it should cost, don’t be surprised if the price is significantly inflated.
  11. I'll have to ask around and see if I can actually find it! 😂


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