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  1. Where I grew up, we used to control errant cows using a farmer, a couple of bits of blue alkathene and a collie.
  2. I’m glad they thought to include this infographic. Not sure any of it would have made sense without it.
  3. Reinstate the Monarchy.
  4. Bolt


    Well, I’m trying to eat, and I really don’t need to hear about how you harvest your mushrooms.
  5. *Unfortunately, it doesn’t protect against liars (which is the absolute lowest thing that a man can be), but then, you can’t have everything.
  6. Not sure I totally trust Russia at the moment, so I’ve just invested in one of these (seen it on the EMF thread). Heavy Duty Orgonite Cloudbuster; 6 Pipes & weighing over 15kg (EMF, Chemtrail) WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Heavy duty Orgonite "Cloud Buster". You will receive a Cloud Buster which is similar to the one shown in the... Apparently it protects against EMF, EMP, Chemtrails, drought, parking fees and banana milkshake. I’m not going to just stand by and be a victim.
  7. Gotta laugh at the skirt!
  8. Exactly. Eggs are cheap, If you throw fresh ones though, you have the option of a post-protest omelette with the left over eggs. Maybe kids the days are just too shit at throwing accurately.
  9. How opulent a nation are we, when we have turned our backs on the humble tomato, and instead sink £2.19 on a milkshake to throw. Kids these days don’t know what a cost of living crisis is.
  10. You could say a Warbuton a small scale.
  11. What are the chances that the usual suspects will make a wholemeal over such a simple spelling mistake.
  12. Bolt


    Did well to get from Aberdeenshire to Thames estuary in one hour.
  13. Liquid sunshine. Perfect.


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