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  1. Cool. In that case, I'm happy to wait. :- )
  2. That's nice. Would the moisture content after 100,000,000 years be below 20%?
  3. Bolt


    ....That silver book cover looks like it could make me a proper nice tin hat though.....
  4. Have you considered burning coal? All the fun of logs, but with none of the storage or seasoning issues.
  5. Just for clarity, is this bill the same bill that hasn't got as far as it's second reading yet?
  6. No need to apologise. The UK still burns it's way through plenty of coal. It just doesn't do it to generate it's electricity, or power it's electric car factories. This is why, in response to Stihl123s question "but have u seen the massive coal fired power stations running the factories to make the car and make the electricity to power your car?", a reasonable reply ( for UK residents) would be "No". :- )
  7. Cool. Didn't know that one was part of the Drax empire.
  8. I thought Drax in Kent suckled up gas.
  9. errrrrr no, I haven’t. :- ) But I have seen this though...... Sources of UK Electricity 9 minutes ago. we are probably getting more nuclear electricity from France, than we are getting Electricity from burning coal. UK coal usage for electricity generation over last 24 hours. A mere 5% from coal ( brownish smudge 3rd from bottom of graph). Absolutely dwarfed by wind ( light blue, 4th from bottom.
  10. Only a shame ‘the heart’ is currently set on the all new T540i xp. If I place an order on one of them, it may well put a whole new meaning into the term “battery saw”!! Is the new Stihl working out well for you?
  11. As with most things, the secret is not to get caught!!!
  12. If I got caught buying a pair of them on Valentine’s Day, it wouldn’t be the love that I was feeling!!!! :- )


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