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  1. Chicken. I’ve seen Ivy do it.
  2. My Mother had a goat called ivy. Although the goat ate many bits of trees, it never ate a whole one, so it is relevant.
  3. Hope you mend quick. Never mind the pain or long recovery, it is the fear of witnessing A+E that is my motivation to avoid injury, or undertake diy quackery!
  4. A more informative acronym would be for Cut Up, Split and Stacked.
  5. I take it the dual way is only horizontal… do you reckon that having the vertical option is that important? Tbh, the 22t venom seems to be the go-to model for the serious domestic user with a proper log addiction….. Don’t want to blow my wedge on a horizontal only splitter only to be jealous of all them vertical boys.
  6. I thought it was something like that. I struggle to get anything that doesn’t rapidly get modified to meet my particular needs!
  7. Not had a problem personally. The 200x batteries seems to lock in perfectly (although they are a little fragile, alas). The 300 batteries are a little prone to being a bit more fiddly to lock in initially, but as @Mick Dempsey reckoned, you know instantly due to the lack of power! I guess it’s a case of getting the groundy used to inserting the battery and then blipping the saw to confirm it is in properly.
  8. Indeed stubby, I totally agree. As an aside, If I remember correctly, yours is a ‘special’ isn’t it?
  9. However, these ol’ boys have a more reasonable class of logs… ….that seem to indicate that on longer logs, there may be the efficiencies you suggest. Every day’s a school day.
  10. No experience of these spitters, however, this seems painfully slow considering ( or maybe because of some of the piddling little logs) being split….. ******Danger…. Watch this with the sound off!******
  11. Hi Ian, I am sure the processors are fantastic, but I’m more of a log splitter kinda guy. I was more interested by the earlier post… “My team and I sell log splitters imported from the same Supplier in China that Rock machinery do. We have made some modifications to our machines however to make them even better” Don’t think I’ll ever be in the market for a processor, but if I do, I’ll be sure to head down the coast and see you.
  12. https://www.nptc.org.uk/assets/documents/82be462564914c65a43f638edeabaad5.pdf 300ish to approx 560mm. Trees involved are windblown, partially windblown, broken and hanging top. The value of the training / assessment is probably directly proportional to the quality of the venue. Good luck
  13. Not totally sure what to think….
  14. ELCAS Service Leavers - Lynher Training LYNHERTRAINING.COM The Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme (ELC) provides financial support towards retraining to those... These guys are great (I’m not a service leaver myself, but I have plenty of experience training service leavers).
  15. Possibly near Swansea or towards Pontarddulais I would assume.


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