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  1. Bolt

    TR8 woes.

    I’m not sure it would have any significant effect.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to correct my mistake.
  3. The biggest electric lorry in the world is certainly a bit of a laugh as it is currently producing more energy than it consumes. That is a very advanced level of understanding on someone’s part!
  4. None of the reasons for me buying a battery saw involved being green. i don’t see why anyone heeds to get hung upon their so called green credentials. Things that interested me about the technology was... - low noise. I can talk to coworkers whilst I work. - low vibration. Handy if you’ve been sawing for well over 30 years and those little fingers are starting to loose their rosy glow on cold days. - no exhaust fumes. I don’t go home stinking of 2 stroke. - no petrol can fumes ( I fear I may be a little sensitised to petrol vapour now, but I never let on as I’m a real man). - cool. I never noticed how much of a pool of heat you are in whilst using a petrol saw on a scorching day. With the battery saw, the cooling air is still cool when it exits the motor casing, and you can angle it towards yourself. - energy independence. If I had a PV array on my roof, I could charge using that, and the government and fuel companies could go stuff themselves. I am glad we weren’t arguing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.
  5. Well, as it’s a T540i, it would probably be a bit sh!t, but then it’s closest petrol equivalent (ms200t) would be a bit sh!t also, don’t you think?
  6. You are arguing with the wrong fella, I’m afraid. I don’t give a **************** about being green. I like chainsawing. I like chainsawing with petrol saws, and because I’m a curious kind of guy, I invested in a battery saw and I like chainsawing with that too.
  7. I have not had this problem. The biggest battery I have is a BLI300 battery. This charges on a pretty mediocre battery charger in less than an hour. I was going to get a car charger, but for arb work, I haven’t found the need to bother. I have taken the mains charger with me to a few jobs, but never found I needed to bother the customer to plug it in.
  8. Your point is that petrol saws draw from existing infrastructure, my point is so do battery saws. For the record, I own over a dozen petrol saws, no electric saws and one batteries saw, so you can draw from that whatever you wish. I have a nice old DCS6400 and I’m very fond of it. I’m not giving it up any time soon. I have learned to recognise progress and advantage when I see it though.
  9. Apparently , it is possible to charge battery devices at night using the existing surplus of electricity.
  10. Apparently, it is possible to charge battery devices at night using the existing surplus of electricity.
  11. You’re not taking into account the manufacturing of the components of the engines, carburettors, oil rigs, supertankers, refineries, transfer hubs, petrol tankers, filling stations, combi-cans etc.... the energy and emissions put into making the product.
  12. That’s the spirit. Oh and solar. Don’t forget solar.
  13. Alas..... google throws nothing up. Probably being suppressed by them pesky fossil fuel companies. ’ere, @DCS6800i got a source?
  14. ooooh, I didn’t know that! Everyone knows that they used to blend pulverised coal with the biomass at powerplants such as Drax and Didcot. They are / were primary coal fired stations after all, but I didn’t know they did that at Steven’s Croft..... I thought it was custom built for biomass... it’s amazing that have the coal handling infrastructure on site. Greta ain’t gonna like this!!
  15. On the chart, wood is the dark green line just below the coal. I think a lot of it is shipped 3/4 of the way around the globe in bulk transporters that run on crude oil. Not really sure that wood holds the key to power generation quite yet!


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