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  1. If it's a qualification, regulated by Ofqual (such as a Lantra Qualification), It is usual for you to keep it for life. Generally, they didn't expire the last time I looked. Certificates of competence can expire. Certificates of attendance can expire. Certificates of refresher training can expire. 'NPTC' assessments can also expire. Regardless of all this however, as for all aspects of work in the UK, 'sufficent' refresher training is still a legal requirement.
  2. Oh. In that case, maybe this... .... tells all that needs to be told.
  3. My glass broke when the skateboard snapped and the stove hit the doorstep too hard.
  4. 'Health and Safety at Work Act' covers work related activities. 'Provision and Use of Work Equipment' covers work equipment. The OP gave the impression he was only interested in domestic activities, so he is breaking no 'law' and although he may end up in a publicly funded institution, it certainly wont be HMP (or H&SP). To be honest, if you have lost bost hands following a couple of painfully unfortunate incidents whist using a piece of modified forestry equipment in your back yard, a foot operted log splitter may prove to be really handy.
  5. I have always used the greasy skanky one that was attached to the old cooker. But then, i'm not a 'lectrician.
  6. +1 Never known one come with a cable (except possibly a 'baby belling').
  7. Most important point is: If you can separate a gullible client from their cash, and end up with a nice planting project to boot, go for it (a man needs to eat!) However, surely everyone has simply realised it's a massive con trick / head-in-the-sand-exercise. Your client should plant trees because they love trees being planted. If they feel guilty about releasing carbon, they should leave the carbon deep underground.
  8. I didn't see the bit where they calculated that after 70 to 100 years all the trees had died and the carbon was back out in the atmosphere.
  9. Safe to say, not a Shiesle...... ..a Schliesi.... ..a Shclislin.... ..a Snchliesli.... ..a, one of them there German chippers.
  10. Not to mention Alan, he still is.
  11. That's not overloaded. Still room for a palettes worth of block pavers in the back of that.
  12. Lovin' the shorts.
  13. The trick with hedges like this is to add a zero to the price and sub them out if you get them.
  14. ...AND, I offered biochar (which, ironically is one of the few credible suggestions to the original post). Anyway, what is your great suggestion Rob? Hope it's better that a cart and a hole, though I doubt it will be as good as the rollin' coal.


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