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  1. ELCAS Service Leavers - Lynher Training LYNHERTRAINING.COM The Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme (ELC) provides financial support towards retraining to those... These guys are great (I’m not a service leaver myself, but I have plenty of experience training service leavers).
  2. Possibly near Swansea or towards Pontarddulais I would assume.
  3. The little sticker is all about compliance…. It has nothing to do with safety. If I have a non-functional off switch, the saw is less safe. If I have a non functioning chain brake, the saw is less safe. If I have a missing chain catcher, the saw is less safe. A saw with a busted throttle interlatch is less safe, But a saw with a missing little sticker is no more or less safe than a saw with a litttle sticker. Surely you can see the difference?
  4. Mike, I couldn’t agree more…. But then, I believe you and I were possibly trained in the same era. The idea that you could be trained first, and then disappear into the woods to hone and practice your skills for 6 months, prior to actually getting assessed are long, long gone. Become skilled in one unit, prior to being trained in the next? Long, long gone. I fear that these days, all industry wants is for individuals to go get tickets as quickly and painlessly as possible, so they can be on site and meeting the ‘compliance’ requirements of the client. Unfortunately ‘compliance’ requires little bits of paper…. It does not require skill, enthusiasm, aptitude or even competence. This is called progress.
  5. Maybe a little harsh… but unfortunately not wholly inaccurate. I fear that it was probably the UK arb industry that came up with the training doctrine.
  6. Lucky for me that you don’t object to casual misogyny then. Pass on my best wishes to your mother.
  7. On a lighter note.... is it not strange that you appear offended by @Joe Newton using the word “mincer”, but you seem perfectly cool with me insulting you poor dear mother? * (I unreservedly apologise to her on our behalf) *asking for a friend.
  8. Ahhhhhh, what a woman. I was so young, and she, so experienced. Her comprehensive memory was only more impressive considering her extensive client list.
  9. Well, it was either £80 or £18. Not easy to work out which, as she was talking with her mouth full.
  10. Bloody hell, your mother promised me she wouldn’t tell anyone.
  11. Well, at least he had a go, bless. From some of the comments, I would assume that the closest some of the contributors have got to tree work is watching Countryfile.
  12. I think that came from the Original Posters next 17 comments.
  13. Gulp. Forget that half-hearted flesh wound. I'm sure I have actually cut down dozens of oak trees bigger (and potentially far nicer) that that.... ....Cut 'em down, I did.... and had them chipped up. AND (tart that I am) I just did it for the money. (made a bit of a living out of it, to be honest). I am clearly a bad, bad man. I am sorry.


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