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  1. Confused. Why would the council fell a tree (or refuse to fell a tree) that is on someone else's land?
  2. Silver lining. .... Them bricks look really tidy.
  3. But they are used for raisin things up.
  4. I didn't think city and guilds did arb courses, they only do assessments. Assessments are of limited use if you are new to the industry and need actual training in order to learn actual things.
  5. Have you ever considered managing your trees yourself? That way you can do the work at whatever time of year you like. I am sure your your property is really nice an' all, but in all honesty, neither UK Power Networks nor their contractors are that excited about paying you a visit.
  6. Just for interest, which region of UK Power Networks is this (a county could do)? It seems worrying overgrown for a domestic situation (but the maybe the landowner has not cooperated with UKPNs planned tree cutting efforts in the past).
  7. Bolt

    M1 and m25

    Don't you live in Devon though? I would be more surprised if you did have a problem with speed cameras on the roads that are the other end of the country.
  8. Bolt

    M1 and m25

  9. Best wishes to your family, Mark. Tough times. Dogs are with us such a short time, but they make such a difference. Especially when you need someone to sing to.
  10. It's tricky to imagine. Don't s'pose you could upload a photo.
  11. When I was a kid, that is the reply my mum used to give me when I was explaining something and she wanted me to know that she just couldn't give a kippers dick. ...
  12. Bolt

    4x4 pick ups

    Rubbish. He hasn't even mucked up his trousers yet.


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