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  1. skc101fc

    Today's milling

    Yep. Makes sense for that situation. [emoji106]
  2. skc101fc

    Today's milling

    My thoughts are that any sawmill is a primary processor for timber. Cut as fast as practical for commercial output, allowing enough thickness, and once its dried,moved, and hairy grain has risen, plane it flat either with a thicknesser or manual/ powered planer. That's when it becomes a cabinet makers piece of timber. After sawmilling there's a whole heap of reactions that occur of which you really have minimal control. Why spend excessive time producing a fine finish on green wood when almost always you'll go back over it a dozen times to get it to perfection at the end?
  3. skc101fc

    Why I started Arbtalk

    So glad you did, Steve. Many a nights night's entertainment, and Nod - top man. Used to work with him back in long lost history. Was an innovator at that time. Well done and thank You
  4. skc101fc

    Today's milling

    I've said it before, but you guys with the Alaskans do some incredible volumes of work at times. The body must be absolutely wrecked by end of day 3. And dear God, all that sharpening. [emoji106][emoji106]
  5. skc101fc

    how to deal with an employee

    2 miles isn't that far to walk for anyone unless its pissin with rain, in which case he might be keener for the transport offer. BUT a good reliable experienced worker is hard to replace. Re the skinning up strong words to be had. On site unacceptable, off site, in yard or in his own space uniform or not ,your choice. We all need telling more than once for most things in life. Let him know your dissapointed, but not completely pissed. Once you've blown up its too late. My old boss enjoyed a toke with us at end of day, but we knew where boundaries were.
  6. skc101fc

    Show your tractors

    Do you think it's charging system can cope with that load ? Turned a sweet lil tractor into something designed by a parliamentary committee!!
  7. skc101fc

    A stupid something

    You really must be the number one unlucky person on arbtalk. At least we're all here ready to help each other out where we can , with good advice, bad advice, and amazingly frequently, physical assistance or kit. If you gather enough worms in the yard it might soften the impact of the next ipad when it gets dropped [emoji16] Shaun
  8. skc101fc

    Saw milling directory

    A superb idea to have the directory and to know who's available and in the area. Rather surprisingly to me, a curious opportunity threw its head up, and has taken me out of trees and timber completely, so afraid I can't be in. Before anyone asks the Lucas mill is sold, to remain in S W Ireland, and I'm keeping my Woodlands mill for my retirement and 'hobby' use. Shaun
  9. skc101fc


    Could be like throwing a sausage up the high street, you'd be a long time waiting for the echo to return. [emoji6]
  10. skc101fc

    Sawdust in the eyes

    Make sure if your making your own "optrex" that the witch hazel you use isn't the topical application type - contains surgical spirits. My neighbours mrs found out why there's a difference when her hubby helpfully made her some eye tonic to aid a sore eye condition. - a day later the inevitable visit to A&E occurred followed by a month of decreasing steroid eye drops. Sorry to hear of the next in an everlasting catalogue of bad shit situ's Gobby. You mustav been a real wrongun in a previous life !!
  11. skc101fc

    Today's milling

    Not the prettiest of things to start with, and a challenge ahead to keep the boards flat and prevent splitting.
  12. skc101fc

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    Parbuckling is a well tried and tested alternative, giving plenty of time for re aligning and steering a log, though tediously slow.
  13. skc101fc

    Woodlands 130 loading options

    I've seen pics on the sawmillers section of forestry forum, from USA, using a farm hi lift jack under the arms of a non hydraulic powered loading setup like a woodmizer, to good effect.
  14. skc101fc


    Try saying jenny taylior too.
  15. skc101fc


    Took me bloody ages to work that one out. Think the brain's slowing down as I get older. [emoji12]


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