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    mending all the stuff I've busted today, land rovers, kebabs and beer
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  1. skc101fc


    Try saying jenny taylior too.
  2. skc101fc


    Took me bloody ages to work that one out. Think the brain's slowing down as I get older. [emoji12]
  3. skc101fc

    Up to yer nuts in it thread

    A miserable shitty job getting the track back on ?
  4. skc101fc


    I've got a donkey , he tells me 'he's never heard of your service ' and in all his born days has no intention of ever climbing trees.! [emoji12]
  5. skc101fc

    HM 130 assembly

    Hi johnsond, I've got the hm126 so a bit older and less power etc. It's a durable enough little mill, capable of taking a small degree of abuse - inexperienced loader drivers slamming logs down on the bunks for instance. Regarding the sloppy oversized drillings, this can be a benefit on first and later assembly. Build it up with everything nipped up just over finger tight. Then run the carriage up and down the rails a few times and shake the head around a bit as you go. Now tighten all bed bolts up real tight and you shouldn't have any probs of the carriage binding or moving anywhere. I'm still working on putting mine on a 4" square steel box section frame and wheels, but it currently sits on a 5" square cypress timber frame which makes it light enough to hand load onto an ifor Williams trailer on my own.
  6. skc101fc

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Poor George...?
  7. skc101fc

    Music for Men

    My guess too, - don't know for sure but probably knocking on decompressors on other cylinders leaving just one firing. Our old matador used to have decomp's on both banks of three cylinders so it could in theory be started by handle. Never tried it to start - didn't have the handle, but it could make some great noises if you flicked one group of 3 cylinders out.
  8. skc101fc

    Slabbing big Oak also.

    Some mighty nice slabs there, but I have nothing but sheer admiration for guys like you using chainsaw units, with the vibes noise and fumes ,plus aching limbs. Well done. Shaun
  9. skc101fc

    Wanted. Monkey winch or sandwich powered winch wanted.

    ......And this my fellow readers, is why Arbtalk must be one of the best forums in the world. Well done Lee
  10. skc101fc

    2 chainsaws to fell a tree

    What about the seemingly well bent silver motor and, I'm guessing the top of the tree, lying next to it almost in final moments of the scene, as the camera pans down to road level ? I don't think these guys were having a good day at all ! Too many pedestrians about on far side, too many vehicles moving at critical time and I certainly wouldn't want anyone else in my space whilst felling . If the saw's going to kick out I don't need to be looking to see if the groundsmans gonads are at the right height for complete separation.
  11. skc101fc

    And I'm back to having a sawmill.....

    I bet that's some fast cutting looking at the gearing from motor to sprocket. And effortless electric - no vibes or fumes and only the zing of the chain to listen to. Let us know your progress.
  12. skc101fc

    Beech woodland for a photoshoot?

    Alderley edge, Cheshire -Lower partn on the mottram road approach
  13. skc101fc

    I Love Conspiracy Theories!

    What for ? - I need to get work done, not debate til it's dark.
  14. skc101fc

    Where to climb?

    There's nothing quite so officious and law spouting as an ex cop.
  15. skc101fc

    Foolish mistake.

    Well, I did a major pulling job on the weed earlier this summer, trying to pull out every rooting stolon I could find underwater. 3 months later wonder did I dream that I'd done the job at all. Bloody pond looks as it did before, so may try floating the plastic method, though I suspect the stolons will just spread to the edges where they'll find the light, and recultivate. Don't really want to cover whole pond - its a haven for newts, dragonfly and brown trout hatchlings. Also my geese will have a real fit and just claw their way through it.


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