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  1. skc101fc

    Beech woodland for a photoshoot?

    Alderley edge, Cheshire -Lower partn on the mottram road approach
  2. skc101fc

    I Love Conspiracy Theories!

    What for ? - I need to get work done, not debate til it's dark.
  3. skc101fc

    Where to climb?

    There's nothing quite so officious and law spouting as an ex cop.
  4. skc101fc

    Foolish mistake.

    Well, I did a major pulling job on the weed earlier this summer, trying to pull out every rooting stolon I could find underwater. 3 months later wonder did I dream that I'd done the job at all. Bloody pond looks as it did before, so may try floating the plastic method, though I suspect the stolons will just spread to the edges where they'll find the light, and recultivate. Don't really want to cover whole pond - its a haven for newts, dragonfly and brown trout hatchlings. Also my geese will have a real fit and just claw their way through it.
  5. skc101fc

    I Love Conspiracy Theories!

    Feck ,you got alot of free time!
  6. skc101fc

    Looks like a real gem.......NOT.

    https://www.donedeal.ie/gardenequipment-for-sale/husqvarna-395xp-chainsaw/19770932 Just come across this little beauty on done deal here in Ireland. I wish I had the €3(.)00 it deserves. Wouldn't like to put a 36" on it for long. Interesting slightly non genuine ("gives technical"...?) serial /data tag , and that lovely sickly lurid orange that all pikey girls like to wear. I really hope the link works for you all. Shaun
  7. skc101fc

    Log Goblins

    That's the fella, he's often around my place.
  8. skc101fc

    Axe re-handle

    My explanation sounds like it takes a week to achieve, sorry, in fact longest slowest part of job is the careful shaving to fit, everything else a case of bish, bash, bosch(!) and all done in less than 20 minutes if you've got everything prepared. But personally I'd go with Lazarus and either let him at it or get an education. Always good to see another mans technique.
  9. skc101fc

    Axe re-handle

    Get a load of axe shafts of good quality and size, bringem into your house for a few weeks to really dry out. Meanwhile with an electric drill , drill lots of holes into the wood of the broken axe shafts around any wedges you see until they practically fall out or can be tugged out with pliers. Then drill similar holes through the remaining wood of the old shaft to break it into small pieces that chip out easily until you can clear out the old easily. Just driving out the complete old shaft never seems to work for me, things get tighter and more frustrating. Place a new dry shaft into the axe head , it probably wont go in far at all, but will leave a dirty mark showing where wood needs to be removed. Use the flap wheel , a spokeshave or a drawknife for this but take of very little. Repeat several times till a full tight fit is achieved. Drive it home fully. I then shape a hardwood wedge to fit down the full depth of the shaft, and cross this with the earlier recovered steel wedges. Now dump the whole lot in a bucket of water to swell the grain for several days and job should be a goodun. Repeat for the other axe heads, whilst youve got the tools out and in your in the right mood. !
  10. skc101fc

    When gingers attack

    Hope the cat doesn't knock the lid down after drinking outa the bowl. Ouch.
  11. skc101fc

    Stump grinder - can it hit pipes etc?

    A section of stump ground lead pipe will be just the excuse you need to get rid of it altogether and replace with modern safe alternative. Surprised that wasn't job no.1
  12. skc101fc

    2wd Forest Tractor - Opinions

    Yep, tried once reversing a set of three. Never knew it was possible to jacknife in so many directions at once
  13. skc101fc

    2wd Forest Tractor - Opinions

    Every one I ever had to pull on the roads was definitely Satan's friend. Never would pull straight, weaving wildly from side to side, at least it saved me having to turn around to see how they were doing, - a glance through the side door and there they'd be happily skidding around. They leave some lovely swirly lines on the road surface though.
  14. skc101fc

    Felling rotten trees

    Its a bit like going to the tool store with the wife in tow, keep her moving and don't give her the opportunity to change direction
  15. skc101fc

    Felling rotten trees

    The shorter the tree/pole the harder they are to get the hinge to operate normally. Definitely a hard, fast constant pull through and beyond vertical is required. A fat hinge is too slow, but gives holding if your pull rope isn't already taking maximum tension. A winch in this situation is too slow in my opinion.


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