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    mending all the stuff I've busted today, land rovers, kebabs and beer
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  1. skc101fc

    Choosing the right size trailer.

    I have exactly the same thoughts watching my lucas. Often considered ( but never actually done) downrating the springs from 3.5 to 2.6t. Fine for the mill but poor for a good overhanging load of sawlogs.
  2. skc101fc

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Have you dualed the fronts as well or gone for wide profile? Never seen dual fronts.
  3. Always phone for me. Any long passages to write I get mrs and her laptop on the case.
  4. skc101fc

    Nerves getting the better of me...

    Theres a similar standard over here in ireland measured on de bolloxometer. - I'm still working my way up the scales.
  5. skc101fc


    What's pink and wrinkly , and hangs out ya undies ? Ya mum !
  6. skc101fc

    Large urban tree failure

    Says in our news here in Ireland, the tree was diseased and undergoing preservation works. Looks damned brittle the way the limbs have fractured off with little tearing.
  7. skc101fc

    saw in need of repair ???????????

    Probably something like Crunch Scrape Smash Kipper Bang....... ........ followed by Bxxxxds Bxgger Bxxlox, fxxk it ....repeated several times over like a meditation mantra at differing volumes. As long as no one hurt.
  8. skc101fc

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    ? Is that how they do cloning ?
  9. skc101fc

    What’s up with app?

    Thanks Steve ,from one of those die hard app users.[emoji106]
  10. skc101fc

    What’s up with app?

    Ok guys, I'll give it a go and see what happens. As with most things once I'm used to it , I suppose the site becomes second nature. 👍
  11. skc101fc

    What’s up with app?

    On the app version I have it opening up straight away into the timeline of new posts or threads, whereas each time with the web version its a catalogue of sponsors or ads first followed by trending etc. as a list of 5 followed by another list of something else that I can't remember. Just take me straight to posts, - I'm both lazy and old fashioned I'm afraid, all I need is an easy way in, I've also got used to the reply / new post/ new thread commands of the app. It all seems very clunky and awkward by smartphone on web, maybe its better and more user friendly on a laptop or pc?
  12. skc101fc

    What’s up with app?

    A shame as I actually prefer the app, I can never quite get the web version to work as simply and easily on my phone.
  13. skc101fc

    What’s up with app?

    Says I need to reregister/login but when I try it just freezes
  14. skc101fc

    Simple greenteeth stumper mod

    Wow looks like the noisy end of an 076. Lots of weight and loads of torque. Used to use one 25 years ago . We had ab 084 as well for ringing and dropping big stuff, but that was the bosses pride and joy so we weren't allowed to use that ! The 076 taught you to think smart - didn't tend to carry it far or swing it around wildly.
  15. skc101fc

    2 stroke

    Oh you poor bugger, keep out of the sun til you've showered......several times


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