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  1. Really interested to see how the 500i plays out over time. My 461 is still going strong at the point but im sorely tempted. Does it really offer that much more power?
  2. can't quite work out where they get the 15 billion figure from
  3. Why is it that trees from nurseries are supplied with the leader removed? I have noticed this from some of the big name nurseries and can't understand why its done, even on standards. Surely this is creating a potential weak point down the line?
  4. Absolutely, you would get a rebate
  5. Never done it. Probably everyone should at least once
  6. Good advice above. A lot of it will come down to your budget though. Pyracantha should be incorporated into whatever you do though. Fences can be scaled, even spiked palasade fencing but pyracantha is pure evil. We have a lot in place at our yard to the point it takes 20 minutes just to get into the yard in the morning. We have not had any trouble in 20 years of business so far but thats not to say its inpenetrable. I find it hard to believe the place hasn't been cased out in all those years though as its visible from the road. They just haven't found out the best way to get in or have just written it off as not worth the risk. I'm sure our time will come though.
  7. I wouldn't go this route. I've seen it go wrong a hundred times. Chipper breaks down, something gets broke etc. Could be that the breakage was inevitable due to the age of the chipper, but when faced with the bill the owner will most likely try to blame it on the hirer. Sour grapes all round. A commission is a great idea. Gets the guys to actively start putting work your way rather than looking for private work or cheeky cash jobs when on site doing your jobs. If they want to hire kit tell them to hire it from a company who is properly set up and insured to do that. Add on to that they will likely need their own plant hire insurance, public liability and employers liability, private jobs soon become less attractive. Tell them what you want as a company to earn as a minimum for a 3 man team say, then whatever they price it above that rate they could have 50% of, thats on top of their day rate. Everyones happy, and jobs get priced properly assuming they don't screw up on the timing.
  8. Would be nice to see something like this small enough to fit inside a chainsaw. Looks a great piece of kit
  9. You don't always get what you pay for when buying expensive. I have had cheap trousers last a couple of years, whereas my steins lasted barely 6 months. Another vote for engelbert strauss
  10. Any plans to move this to different destinations in the future? Seems just about the furthest place for anyone to get to
  11. i'm going with old. Could argue its a coppice but it certainly doesn't look like an intentional coppice
  12. One of the guys has one and loves it. I had a go in it but it wasn't really the right size for me to get a good feel. I like the design though


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