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  1. Tree Of Life. BBC1. 11/02/18. 5:00pm

    Well done, not just on your recovery but how open you are about it. You are an inspiration
  2. Loading big wood..Domestic arb..

    How much of a beating do these take? How long have you had yours?
  3. How to buy your first Bit of Bitcoin - Step 1

    me too! Thanks for taking the time Rob
  4. the 'todays job' thread

    Cool looking shaped trunk from the underside
  5. Media Brainwashing

    Give it time
  6. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Love this little setup
  7. Tattoos and company/staff image

    If it stays in their own time its not a problem, but it doesn't always. I have witnessed lads having a crafty spliff at lunch times which is totally unacceptable
  8. Close to meeting the big man in the sky....

    Brilliant! So wish there was sound!
  9. Tattoos and company/staff image

    Yes, a joint it a whole different matter. Though whilst on the subject it seems a lot of people in this industry like to partake in that also. Is it just me noticing it as im involved in the industry? Are other industries the same?
  10. Gearing up for Halloween

    Thats some talent you have there sir
  11. Tattoos and company/staff image

    I agree. I don't allow smoking on our sites.
  12. The new Stihl ms500i

    So is this new Stihl saw based on the carbon concept saw that was doing the rounds a couple years ago?
  13. Tattoos and company/staff image

    It does seem to be heading in that direction!
  14. What are your thoughts on this? A couple of our guys are heavily tattoo'd. Its not something that bothers me personally, and I don't believe it has the same stigma attached to it as it did 30 years ago, but I do notice customers staring sometimes and am not sure what to make of it. Do you think it is generally bad for the company image? In an industry that is generally undervalued as it is should we be doing our best to present a smarter image?


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