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  1. We are also in the process of looking into this. I can't get my head round the whole benefit in kind thing. Being only newly formed as a ltd company I don't really understand the difference in company vehicle types. I will post if/when I get a better understanding. That Jaguar looks mint!
  2. I keep seeing the most infuriating comments on social media, things such as 'people are making too much fuss about this', or 'people are too set in their ways'. Looking at the profiles it seems people with this attitude fall into 1 of 2 camps 1. Office bods who are little or no climbing experience. If the former, its likely they were never a climber of any note. 2. Training providers/bodies...surprise surprise, they are looking to make a tidy profit from all the retraining they can offer, not surprising more of them are on side. I saw a comment from a training provider stating that they were going to be training the other training providers to teach twin rope working. Just what we need, more clueless trainers with no real life experience in the industry teaching even more techniques they are not well versed in.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished bed. Stuff like this is worth a small fortune to the right people. Your daughter will certainly love it, yet she might not appreciate for years to come
  4. Gorgeous looking little pup!
  5. Probably my most embarrassing was whilst working on a large contract maintaining some roadside trees. A larger mature Ash tree that broke into 4 stems at about 6ft up needed one of the stems removing. Plenty of room to fell so rather than getting up there I went for the lazy option and felled it from the the ground, obviously with the saw above my head. It happens, everyone does it. The problem in this case was my cuts involved a certain amount of guesswork and I was way out. As a result when the limb started to fall it barber chaired and ripped out a section of the trunk right to base level ? I was lucky not to have hurt myself but my primary thought was how embarrassing leaving that wound was. Few years ago now and I still cringe whenever I see it! Whats the stupidest thing you have done?
  6. Really interested to see how the 500i plays out over time. My 461 is still going strong at the point but im sorely tempted. Does it really offer that much more power?
  7. can't quite work out where they get the 15 billion figure from
  8. Why is it that trees from nurseries are supplied with the leader removed? I have noticed this from some of the big name nurseries and can't understand why its done, even on standards. Surely this is creating a potential weak point down the line?
  9. Absolutely, you would get a rebate
  10. Never done it. Probably everyone should at least once
  11. Good advice above. A lot of it will come down to your budget though. Pyracantha should be incorporated into whatever you do though. Fences can be scaled, even spiked palasade fencing but pyracantha is pure evil. We have a lot in place at our yard to the point it takes 20 minutes just to get into the yard in the morning. We have not had any trouble in 20 years of business so far but thats not to say its inpenetrable. I find it hard to believe the place hasn't been cased out in all those years though as its visible from the road. They just haven't found out the best way to get in or have just written it off as not worth the risk. I'm sure our time will come though.
  12. I wouldn't go this route. I've seen it go wrong a hundred times. Chipper breaks down, something gets broke etc. Could be that the breakage was inevitable due to the age of the chipper, but when faced with the bill the owner will most likely try to blame it on the hirer. Sour grapes all round. A commission is a great idea. Gets the guys to actively start putting work your way rather than looking for private work or cheeky cash jobs when on site doing your jobs. If they want to hire kit tell them to hire it from a company who is properly set up and insured to do that. Add on to that they will likely need their own plant hire insurance, public liability and employers liability, private jobs soon become less attractive. Tell them what you want as a company to earn as a minimum for a 3 man team say, then whatever they price it above that rate they could have 50% of, thats on top of their day rate. Everyones happy, and jobs get priced properly assuming they don't screw up on the timing.
  13. Would be nice to see something like this small enough to fit inside a chainsaw. Looks a great piece of kit


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