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  1. Sorry, I forgot to respond to the lone worker query. These units could potentially be used as a lone worker solution, but there are mobile phone apps that are better suited to application and wouldn't require an additional piece of equipment to be carried.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has respindeed so far, this is exactly what I needed. With regards to the vibration sensors, there are options to set sensitivity or switch them off and utilise the accelerometer only. The settings will change dependant on equipment and usage. The welding issue I will clarify. I assume this is because you may wish to attach one to a welder, have u understood that correctly? Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated.
  3. We are adcised that it will not be visible to sweeping devices. I will be conducting a test on our test unit on Tuesday. I will report back with the results.
  4. Great feedback, many thanks. I have contacted admin with regards to becoming a forum sponsor. I am awaiting their response. With regards to the placement of the unit this would need to be internally placed and hidden to maximise discretion. The unit will transmit low volume when stationary, however when it detects movement via the in built vibration sensor and accelerometer it will transmit more frequently. We can also set up geofences around certain locations and send alerts once the device has left the location.
  5. Morning All, I am new to the Forum and I'm looking for some feedback from within the industry. I supply GPS tracking solutions Telematics Pro - GPS Tracking | On-board Cameras | Data Management | Driver Training primarily to commercial fleets (cars, vans & HGV's). We have however been receiving interest from the Arb industry due to the high volume of asset thefts of chippers, trailers, stump grinders etc. One of the challenges we have come across is that traditional trackers need to be wired into a power source, and as such the wires make them easy to find and the thieves remove them very quickly. We have a new battery powered solution, that is magnetised and can be stuck to any metallic panel on the asset, which means it can be well hidden away and there's not giveaway wires. They are £149.99 to purchase and there's a £9 monthly service fee which covers the sim and access to a web portal to view the trackers on a map in real time. The service can be suspended and reactivated any time and there's no minimum contract. I would like to understand if there is genuine interest in this product, before I go ahead an buy more stock. We are working with Arb insurers and have a unit placed on a chipper as a working example. What's your thoughts please? Would this be something you would consider for your assets?
  6. Hi All, At Telematics Pro we supply a battery powered GPS Asset Tracking solution. It's magnetised and can be attached to any metallic panel on a chipper, trailer, stump grinder etc. Battery powered and lasts up to 400 days on 1 charge. No need to wire into the battery, which means it can be hidden away out of sight, and no giveaway wires for the thieves to find and cut! £149.99 for the unit and just £9 per month for the service, which gives you access to a web portal to view your trackers in real time with live updates. The service can be suspended and reactivated at any time, and there's no minimum contract period. For more info take a loot at http://telematicspro.co.uk/_webedit/uploaded-files/All%20Files/CamTrak/Battery%20Asset%20Tracker%20%281%29.pdf or call me on 0800 043 2028 Ben
  7. Hi All, I hope this is ok to post here, I felt that this is the most relevant forum. Admin please remove and suggest where I should post this if not acceptable. My company is Telematics Pro and we specialise in Vehicle and Asset tracking solutions. You can find us at Telematics Pro - GPS Tracking | On-board Cameras | Data Management | Driver Training We are acutely aware of the challenges the Arb industries faces in relation to stolen equipment and the low rate of retrieval, and the consequential effect on costs. We have been working with our partners CamTrak who have recently developed a new magnetised asset tracker. "Why is this different, and will actually work?" I hear you ask. Traditional Asset trackers require a power source and as a result have to be placed within a certain distance of a battery and wired in. This makes them very easy to find, and as I'm sure you've all heard, they get removed within minutes by the light fingered filth that's pilfering the goods. The unit we supply is battery powered and can be placed on any metallic surface on the asset. This means no wires, and a stealthy discrete install is achievable. This is backed up with a full telematics solution, via internet access allows you to view and track the asset in real time, with mapping and live updates. The unit is £149.99 to purchase and £9.24 per month per unit for the service. You can suspend service and reactivate at any time and there is no minimum contract period. I have attached a product info sheet, and if you would like to know more please contact us on 0800 043 2028 or email [email protected] Many thanks for reading Ben


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