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  1. Dean O

    Staff wanted

    £19-25k depending on experience/ability
  2. Dean O

    Staff wanted

    Looking for member of staff to join an existing team, Located Swansea neath area Full Time, permanent position, Must have 2 years experience in the industry at any level. Clean driving license preferred. Cvs to Dean Enquiries@arborum.org or call 07533418103 Many thanks.
  3. It's made its way the chip pile in the sky now unfortunately.
  4. I'd thought cornus too, due to leaf veins, but couldn't find anything similar with a Google image search
  5. this one has thrown me, saw it in the winter and thought walnut (garden is full of old fruit trees) But the leaves obviously aren't right. Client has lived there a handful of years, doesn't recall any flowers but could it be a sick pawlonia of some sort?
  6. Looking for 2 to three man team to work alongside us on an upcoming project mid April for 2 to 3 weeks, with accommodation for their own work possible within that duration. Climber and aerial rescue provision preferred. May take on either individual freelancers or a small company. Please email me or call for further details and to provide me with a day rate. Enquiries@arborum.org 07533418103 Thanks, Dean
  7. My own fault, left my climbing bag in the back of my landy pick up and some one has helped themselves. though I noticed it wasn't in there after Friday I only realised it had gone walkies yesterday when the guys told me my bag wasn't at the yard either. last seen in Craig cefn parc - Swansea valley. red and black bag, containing the usual bits and pieces, all marked at last loler in Jan with codes beginning AA, etched or written on pieces of equipment with shrink tubing on ropes etc spiderjack, couple of new long ropes being the biggest kick in the goolies can list the equipment if its worthwhile but just to let people know incase they are offered anything - I'm sure they will remain in circulation locally. thanks Dean
  8. that puts my mind at rest, thanks guys will take one of the vehicle with me when I pick it up and test on the spot.
  9. just about to buy a new ifor plant trailer.... those they have in stock have led lights, we tow with defenders, the new (to us) chip truck is a 58 plate Iveco. can anybody tell me whether they will work, I remember people having issue because of the low voltages. if some sort of adaptor /wiring harness alteration needs to be made - and if so will our other trailers (currently with standard bulbs) then remain compatible? thinking its easier just to order a trailer with standard bulbs but like the idea of led's thanks Dean
  10. I had this issue when trying to decide how to make a chip box over christmas. I decided in the end to weld in new uprights with a cross bar to stop any flop, the attached the alli plank with hinges at the bottom an two sets of antiluce fasteners at each end. (so just like a standard drop side - just taller) mainly so that if I wanted I could entirely remove a side panel for loading with the skidsteer if I wanted to.
  11. thanks for the replies on this one, sorry I went awol
  12. positions available Full Time, paye. Training provided to the right candidate but experience preferred. Please email your details preferably in the form of a cv to: Enquiries@arborum.org Thank you.
  13. Dean O

    Arb Body

    Cack, that's made me think Ali plank is the way to go again Looks good, are the back ends of sides not a bit floppy without a brace across the top?
  14. Dean O

    Arb Body

    just in the process of doing this again myself in the past I've built a box (light steel framework with an ali or sheet steel roof, headboard and sides but obviously no bottom) that sits inside the existing tipper body, retaining the existing drop sides and tail gate, so that I can remove if needed or when it comes time to sell the vehicle. and can be built off the vehicle if it needs to be used while building. this time its a lwb Iveco with steel drop downs, but they seem very heavy to keep on there. so this time I had decided I was going to replace the uprights on each corner with some meaty box/ rectangular box steel, then fit ali plank sides using antiluce fasteners so that I can remove a whole side for loading with the skidsteer… but now I'm thinking that with the length of the bed (nearly 11 ft., I think) the sides might bow out if loaded (or overloaded) with logs, if you've got the space the tendency is to fill it - and with a box that size.... so I'm back to the old idea of a drop in box, but i'll probably replace the drop down sides with ali plank ones anyway just to help retain the box in place, I'm just waiting on the local steel place to come back with a quote for the bits, which I've asked them to cut roughly to size, then hopefully it'll just be a case of welding it all together.


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