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    Iveco tipper Low mileage, 49k. Good clean interior, few minor rips in seats. Chassis and tipper body shotblasted and repainted a couple of years ago, a little bit of rust coming through the paint of the tipper body now but nothing major. Ali plank high sides built to be removable for side loading with machine. Very good mechanical condition, drives nicely, great at carrying volume and weight. it's been faultless for us, selling as retiring. £7500 plus vat 07533418103 [email protected]



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    Available immediately, price is plus VAT. Some spare teeth and pockets will come with the machine. 2013 machine. Stored indoors. Good working order. 27 hp kohler The 233 hours on the clock include those where the ignition has been left on, after being parked up at the depo - until the battery dies. Please contact me by text message or email (happy to call you back) as I have an issue with voicemail at the mo. 07533418103


    pontardawe, Wedg glamorgan - GB

  3. Thanks for getting back on topic. It was the diesel le version. They've kindly lent it to us for a few days So far positive, not had chance To test it on a heavy day of use, just a couple of small domestic jobs. Does anybody out there us the greenmech sharpener?
  4. So just thought I'd update this thread, we had the 8 inch forst. Stupidity on my part meant that I'd assumed the 6 inch had a square roller aperture, no one corrected me, but it doesn't, its also letterbox in shape, so I should have looked at the 6 inch. Despite it being an unfair comparison, and baring this in mind, I thought I may have made my mind up there and then on the forst. Liked some of the features, liked the engineering, seemed robust. Tracking system took a bit of getting used to, didn't seem as refined as others ive used. But did the job. But we've got he greenmech evo 165 le with us today and so far feel a little bit surprised. Only thing playing on my mind is that no one in these parts uses a greenmech. Why? What will resale be when I go to sell?
  5. 8 inch, weight isn't too much of an issue as its a tracked machine we are looking to replace. So admittedly I'm comparing 8 inch machines to 6 inch machines, but my thinking is that the letterbox shaped infeed on the 230 was so night and day between the 230 and the 150tw's, that I'm assuming I'll be upset with feeding into forsts Square 6 inch gullet, But please if anyone out there has had a side by side comparison between the 230 and the 6 inch forst please let me know what your thoughts were. I had been inclined to go for the 8 inch tw offering, thinking it was perhaps more robustly built, not having been derived from a 750kg machine, but that seems off the table now anyway.
  6. Greenmech do seem to helpful like that, will be looking at their 165 in December so will report back. Got a forst on demo next week so that will be good to see too, decisions decisions. Looking like ill be moving away from tw unfortunately, the work it needed centered around a set of cracks radiatiating from around where the bottom roller mounts, other cracks had appeared in the shroud that is taken off to get to the blades, not an area that is under stress so presumably a material failure. The fitter was going to flip the anvil for good measure before it was all put back together and 2 of the three bolts sheered in the process, he can't get in there with a drill without cutting the roller box apart, result is another 900£ part, labour, and another weeks chipper hire. Tw still haven't called to discuss this, so they obviously aren't interested. Not after a handout, I was looking to buy a new chipper and thought they might want to at least discuss options and try to keep my custom. The dealer has done what they can so want to make that clear, but I'm guessing that they haven't got the help from tw that they need to make us pleased with tw's customer service.
  7. Would be good to see that comparison. I'm in favour of letter box type appertures. Julian demo'd a quad track for us a few years back but as I'd had trouble with the local dealer in the past I couldn't stomach buying one and having to use them if needed. Who's out nearest greenmech dealer nowadays? Also always wondered why there's not many companies running greenmech nearby.
  8. Your probably right there
  9. It was one of the early ones. Replacement panels due to cracks and splits, hopper fell apart at the lip, one of the rollers failed (bushings), engine access panel hinge failed, paint issues on it too. Silly things like the bar that you hold to adjust the chip flap on the end of the chute fell off There was an issue with the engine overheating, I think parts of the rollerbox were replaced. These issues were addressed, the dealer was good and did what they could but it took a bit of prodding and couldn't help with engine issues.
  10. Thanks for the replies, good to hear no problems with the dpf, not sure if the doosan engine they have put in there was designed to run with the dpf or whether it was bodged on there to comply with the stg5? Is the engine management clever enough to allow it to 'regenerate' itself if needed, or is it seen as a service item thats replaced when clogged? I've got a demo with the tr8 booked. I used to have a safetrack, it was an old machine, fantastic tracking system for its time tho and could get anywhere, but there's not the support locally so not really on the radar. I appreciate the fact these are built to a different weight spec, but its the ability to reliably chip a given size, and I'm happy to have a heavier machine if that's the answer. Also was considering the tw280, just on the premise that it might be more capable of not lunching itself, given the heavier build spec?
  11. Sorry this might have been done to death but can't find much in a search. Might be changing our tracked 230, roughly 5 years old now, had many problems when we first had it, and is in to fix some problems now. It was handled badly the first time round and there's radio silence from them so far this time I wanted to talk to them. I've had tw's since they were entecs but Its put me off tw to be honest so looking at other brands. In fairness the 230 chips well and punches above its 6inch capacity, so I think I'd have to look at 8 inch machines to not feel ive taken a step back. Forst is the brand I would go for, but I've started hearing that companies that had moved to forst are going back to tw. What is the current consensus on these brands at the moment. Stg5 compliance throws another set of questions, dpf in the larger hp petrol forst at 8 inch vs the 24hp diesel in the 230. (Weve had a road tow 230 on hire recently and there's a slight difference in performance vs the old 35hp kubota but not enough to get upset about in my mind). So probably the worry is the dpf. Thanks all
  12. For its value as a trade in, and that potential buyers might be wary of a bitsa, I'd keep it as a back up if you've got the room to put it to one side.
  13. Dean O

    Staff wanted

    £19-25k depending on experience/ability
  14. Dean O

    Staff wanted

    Looking for member of staff to join an existing team, Located Swansea neath area Full Time, permanent position, Must have 2 years experience in the industry at any level. Clean driving license preferred. Cvs to Dean [email protected] or call 07533418103 Many thanks.


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