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  1. that puts my mind at rest, thanks guys will take one of the vehicle with me when I pick it up and test on the spot.
  2. just about to buy a new ifor plant trailer.... those they have in stock have led lights, we tow with defenders, the new (to us) chip truck is a 58 plate Iveco. can anybody tell me whether they will work, I remember people having issue because of the low voltages. if some sort of adaptor /wiring harness alteration needs to be made - and if so will our other trailers (currently with standard bulbs) then remain compatible? thinking its easier just to order a trailer with standard bulbs but like the idea of led's thanks Dean
  3. I had this issue when trying to decide how to make a chip box over christmas. I decided in the end to weld in new uprights with a cross bar to stop any flop, the attached the alli plank with hinges at the bottom an two sets of antiluce fasteners at each end. (so just like a standard drop side - just taller) mainly so that if I wanted I could entirely remove a side panel for loading with the skidsteer if I wanted to.
  4. thanks for the replies on this one, sorry I went awol
  5. positions available Full Time, paye. Training provided to the right candidate but experience preferred. Please email your details preferably in the form of a cv to: Enquiries@arborum.org Thank you.
  6. Dean O

    Arb Body

    Cack, that's made me think Ali plank is the way to go again Looks good, are the back ends of sides not a bit floppy without a brace across the top?
  7. Dean O

    Arb Body

    just in the process of doing this again myself in the past I've built a box (light steel framework with an ali or sheet steel roof, headboard and sides but obviously no bottom) that sits inside the existing tipper body, retaining the existing drop sides and tail gate, so that I can remove if needed or when it comes time to sell the vehicle. and can be built off the vehicle if it needs to be used while building. this time its a lwb Iveco with steel drop downs, but they seem very heavy to keep on there. so this time I had decided I was going to replace the uprights on each corner with some meaty box/ rectangular box steel, then fit ali plank sides using antiluce fasteners so that I can remove a whole side for loading with the skidsteer… but now I'm thinking that with the length of the bed (nearly 11 ft., I think) the sides might bow out if loaded (or overloaded) with logs, if you've got the space the tendency is to fill it - and with a box that size.... so I'm back to the old idea of a drop in box, but i'll probably replace the drop down sides with ali plank ones anyway just to help retain the box in place, I'm just waiting on the local steel place to come back with a quote for the bits, which I've asked them to cut roughly to size, then hopefully it'll just be a case of welding it all together.
  8. I've still got big rounds of poplar sitting on a site in south wales, as I'm hoping the ground might dry up a little this week, but you'd have to collect with a trailer, can load.
  9. I'm looking to put together a list of self employed staff to call on. individuals will be required to hold the relevant qualifications and experience for the role they undertake. please email with your name list of quals , and day rate, week rate if it differs. contact email/number to enquiries@arborum.org we are based in the Swansea valley but work will be undertaken anywhere between Cardiff and Carmarthen and from Swansea in the south to Brecon. many thanks Dean
  10. Thanks Les, Your right, Paye almost always works out at less money per day, but when you do the maths on things like training, ppe, holiday/ down time etc. will probably be putting together a list of SE guys together for now..
  11. just logged onto arbtalk to search the same (or similar) question. doesn't look like anyone has a definitive answer. I was looking at the van earlier thinking of taller tyres but not sure how that would affect the vehicle.
  12. there seems to be no shortage of freelance/ self employed out there at the moment, and loads of one man bands who get a guy in 'as and when' they need them. This is fine for those that like to work that way, but for me I like to think that we offer some level of security. I started the company around 10 years ago. When the father in law had a brain haemorrhage we had to move to be close by to the wife's family and help out (I'm not from this area), I had to leave a good stable job I enjoyed. I couldn't find work on a paye basis, plenty of offers of a bit of cash in hand for the odd day, but you just cant pay the bills like that. Since then I've always offered 'on the books' work. We are lucky that we generally keep busy, but we've never let staff go when times are tough and we've always invested heavily in staff training. At the moment we need another guy or gal that ideally has some level of qualification and experience, some work ethic and the ability to turn up at work, on time, 5 days a week - to complete a team. It might be a tough call this side of xmas but if there is anyone out there who would like to apply for a position, get in touch... enquiries@arborum.org or on the mobile 07533418103
  13. I haven't had any takers that have seen it on here, though the locals have taken a considerable amount. there will be a little more soon, its all lovely straight stuff. we have a skidsteer loader if someone wants to arrange some sort of pickup but are worried about the loading. its still free - there's no catch, we give away all our wood anyway will just save me the bother of transporting it down the road myself.
  14. just to bump this again, still looking for the right guy
  15. Hi there, logs at roadside for collection, currently in lengths of 4 to 8 foot in varying diameters. Its poplar, but its free to anyone who wants it, take it all or just pick what you want. Call me for more info 07533418103. Thanks, Dean


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