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  1. Hello folks I have several hours chipping that needs to be done this saturday afternoon near Dunstable / Kensworth / Luton. Cash to chip leylandii? It will all be on the deck pointing the right way. easy drive side access. skilled labour on hand. site to tip chip 100m away.
  2. Hello I desire 100+ kindling bags delivered by pallet to LA229LR. Rydal, near Ambleside, in Cumbria What is your best price? Delivery within 10 days Do feel free to text me your price Many Thanks Ben 07811385870
  3. Hi folks, Who's got the best price on a Husky 550XP? Mail order to Cumbria
  4. what... no one? please .... ....
  5. Could any one with the knowledge inform me if trees that have lost 50% needle cover from Green Spruce Aphid will: Survive? Recover their needles? Affect other neighbouring species? Thank you Sorry no prizes other then a pat on the back for being so clever.
  6. What is the long term outlook for trees with Green Spruce Aphid? Do they recover? do the lost needles return?
  7. Does anyone have some that they want rid of??? Call 07811385870
  8. er Dadio... getting a little kinky with your tight tops and airborn antics. are you wearing all the appropriate protection whilst messing about like that in the tree???
  9. twitter??? must you? although to be honest I've never been on it. What's it like?
  10. let me know if you get ought sorted
  11. There's nothing stopping any concerned party asking their local tree officer to look at a tree and put a TPO on it if there is reason to believe their is an intent to fell.


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