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Found 16 results

  1. Selling my copy of Gerry Beranek's Fundamentals Of General Tree Work. Good condition. Link to ebay: The Fundamentals Of General Tree Work WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p dir="ltr" style="margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0;">The Fundamentals Of...
  2. CS-100 Greenmech up for sale. Used sparingly , clean and last serviced by suppliers in 2018. Rarely used since. 1 set of spare blades . Trailer included Location , Chelmsford Essex
  3. Hi, I have taken down 2 massive sycamores (over 6ft wide near base), some nice straight lengths up to c.10m. Before I plank to sell I wanted to see if there was any interest in someone buying unprocessed lengths and to get a rough idea of price. I doubt it'll be worth me doing it but figured a quick check on here couldn't hurt! Happy to post photos if it looks like selling is an option. Thanks, Andy
  4. Hi friends doing the Night Mare for Londons/Twats Fooking London Scrapage scheme so hie Toyota Dynas going but going to take tipping body off tail gate is either drop down or flips out from bottom and sides come down or tip has under floor ram control is a hard wired remote so can get out and tip so see who tipping it on! Panels are silver anodised. sits on it's own chassis so will bolt to most/all flat chassis! has high headboard that can take ladders/kit. It's an italian make as can't remember name at mo Scarponi or similar? but were going to take off tomorrow will sort pics if anyone interested? Powerful tipping kit on it never let him down
  5. Looking for a clean no rust steel tipping body and tipping gear for a toyota dyna 2000 model. Preferably blue in colour. Anyone have one for sale??
  6. Alright lads and ladies, im after around 20 poles of larch at 6-8" diameter 4 meter length but not too fussy on exact length. Not machined or treated. Im about to start a few round wood timber frames and looking for a small supplier in North England . i know it's a bit of an odd request but there could be a wider market for poles like this in the future with rustic buildings and glamping sites being a popular venture. Get in touch if you have poles in yard or woodland that I could take away ta mike
  7. FOR SALE We are going to be selling approx 150-200 tons of pure ash cordwood at roadside. Decent straight lengths for a processor. We will also be selling approx 500 tons of mostly oak cordwood, again good for a processor. There will be some ash and oak sawlogs 30-45cm mid point dia. which can be cut to the desired length. These can also be milled to order. PM for more details. South Wales area. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Hi - a mate suffered a serious break in in South Cheshire last Tuesday night (27th March) and had the following power tools stolen - 1. STIHL MS880 48” BAR (spare 36” bar also taken) S/N 181034060 2. STIHL 084 25” BAR 3. HUSQVARNA 390XP 36” BAR 4. HUSQVARNA 390XP 28” BAR S/N 201410000080 5. HUSQVARNA 372XPG 20” BAR 6. STIHL MS441 20” BAR S/N 171534211 7. HUSQVARNA 560XPG 18” BAR S/N 2012130038 8. HUSQVARNA 560XP 18” BAR 9. HUSQVARNA 346XPG 15” BAR S/N 20114500234 10. HUSQVARNA 346XPG 15” BAR S/N 20120100240 11. HUSQVARNA 346XP 15” BAR 12. HUSQVARNA 550XP 13” BAR S/N 20161300190 13. STIHL 026 15” BAR 14. STIHL 026 15” BAR (plastic “026 tag” missing from the top) 15. STIHL MS200T 14” BAR S/N 170098247 16. STIHL MS200T 12” BAR 17. STIHL MS200T 12” BAR 18. STIHL 020T 14” BAR 19. HUSQVARNA T540XP 12” BAR 20. STIHL MS211 16” BAR 21. STIHL 020AV 16” BAR HEDGECUTTERS AND POLESAWS 22. STIHL HS45 24” BAR 23. STIHL HS81R 30” BAR S/N 175940322 24. STIHL HS81T 30” BAR S/N 176639882 25. STIHL KM131 KOMBI UNIT WITH ANGLED HEDGECUTTER AND STRIMMER ATTACHMENT 26. STIHL HT101 POLESAW S/N 297634206 27. STIHL HT75 POLESAW S/N 67952532 (CHAINSAW HEAD HAD JUBILEE CLIP REPAIR) BLOWERS 28. STIHL BR600 MAGNUM S/N 289778131 29. STIHL BR86 S/N 283523220 30. HUSQVARNA 570BTS (BRAND NEW) They also took a transit tipper which was later found burnt out near Farndon. I would imagine the thieves are working out of the Wrexham/Whitchurch England/Wales border area (but that is largely speculation on my part at present). If anyone has any possible information relating to any of this kit, or more directly to the thieves themselves please contact me in strictest confidence on 07970188050. This type of crime (and those who support it by buying the stolen equipment) destroys people’s livelihoods - those machines belong to a guy who is no different to any of us on here, and have been paid for through years of hard graft. It wasn’t undertaken by amateurs who got lucky - this was a professional crew and we are all at risk from people like them... Please please please let me know if you hear anything!
  9. I have brought a piece of ancient ash and hornbeam coppice back into management, and have approximately 350 tonnes of 3.5m roundwood, up to 14inch diameter, at roadside for sale. It is near Robertsbridge in East Sussex. I am new at this, so can anybody advise me what the best way to sell this is, and what the current going rate is per tonne?
  10. I have some firewood for sale at roadside: Monmouth (South Wales) area 140 tons approx. 2.2m lengths Average diameter 9-11" Ash and Beech mix Very straight and clean timber Felled and stacked in winter 2014 Good lorry access PM me for more details. Many thanks!
  11. Fri May 1st in South Edinburgh between 9-12pm. reward. 2004 complete refurb. Please contact us if you are offered this chipper
  12. Hi, I have around 25-30 m3 of mainly douglas fir and a small amount of leylandii. It is 2 years seasoned in an open barn and is nearly all sub 15% mc. Diameter mainly 20-30cm, originally bought to make kindling. Maximum length about 5m. Excellent access directly off farmyard. Buyer collects and no help available to load, but you would be able to work on site if you need to, for instance, cut to shorter lengths. Offers please for the whole lot as need to free up the barn for other uses. Thanks.
  13. Hi All Im wanting to get into chainsaw milling but after reading the forum im in need of a bigger saw than the ones I've got. Just wondering if there are any saws out there that people know are for sale? Ive been offered the new stihl MS661 for £735 inc vat from my local dealer. But im not to fussy if theres a second hand saw out there that would do the job. Cheers Matt
  14. Hiya. We are based near Bordon, Hampshire. We had a number of trees felled last April and kept a few of the tree trunks (ends were PVA’d at the time). We are knocking our house down to rebuild later this year and had hoped to use some of the wood in the new house. But costs are running away with us (and we haven’t even started the build yet!) so unfortunately bespoke staircases, etc, have become a luxury we simply can’t afford. The wood available is listed below. It may not all be suitable for milling (any that isn’t we will retain for logs). Anybody interested? Some photos attached - more available to e-mail if required. Pennies gratefully received into house fund. Thanks. David and Kirsty Beech; 4.2m long; 0.45m average diameter (AD) Beech; 3.3m long; 0.4m AD Beech; 4.1m long; 0.45m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.5m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.25m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.3m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.3m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.45m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.35m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.35m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.4m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.25m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.25m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Yew; 5.5m long; 0.2m AD
  15. hello for sale is our greenmech cm220 55hp 9 inch chipper it was born in 2003 and has only done 430 hours it has a 360 degree turntable which is perfect for the awkward jobs where space is limited.. it has served us well and the only reason we are getting rid of her is because buisness is a bit slow down in devon and we are going to downgrade to an older smaller model. . as i mentioned the chipper is in devon and veiwings are welcome. . we are looking for about £7000 for her and a part ex with an older/smaller chipper would be considered. . any more info give me a ring on 07532105871 or private message me. . cheers


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