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Found 16 results

  1. Hey All. Couldn’t access my old login so have opened a new account. I run a contractor business in Bristol. We had our Timberwolf 230DHB stolen yesterday. Team took their eyes off it for less than 15 minutes. Hooked up to the truck but not locked. TIMBERWOLF 230DHB Chipper. Serial No. : 35A6KS209187 If anyone is offered one for sale in the Bristol area or anywhere, please check the serial number (if it hasn’t been removed). The level of hate I have for these types cannot be described.
  2. Greenmech 150 Wood Chipper stolen 3rd June from Mapplewell, Barnsley circa 3pm. White Ford Transit van (newer style) caught on CCTV camera. Obviously bit of a long shot but wanted to put it out there.
  3. Just spotted a boxer skid steer on eBay for a touch under 4K, seems reasonable, been after one for a while, is this a too good to be true price ? Are they any good compared to the stand on vermeers/bobcats ? Cheers
  4. Hi - a mate suffered a serious break in in South Cheshire last Tuesday night (27th March) and had the following power tools stolen - 1. STIHL MS880 48” BAR (spare 36” bar also taken) S/N 181034060 2. STIHL 084 25” BAR 3. HUSQVARNA 390XP 36” BAR 4. HUSQVARNA 390XP 28” BAR S/N 201410000080 5. HUSQVARNA 372XPG 20” BAR 6. STIHL MS441 20” BAR S/N 171534211 7. HUSQVARNA 560XPG 18” BAR S/N 2012130038 8. HUSQVARNA 560XP 18” BAR 9. HUSQVARNA 346XPG 15” BAR S/N 20114500234 10. HUSQVARNA 346XPG 15” BAR S/N 20120100240 11. HUSQVARNA 346XP 15” BAR 12. HUSQVARNA 550XP 13” BAR S/N 20161300190 13. STIHL 026 15” BAR 14. STIHL 026 15” BAR (plastic “026 tag” missing from the top) 15. STIHL MS200T 14” BAR S/N 170098247 16. STIHL MS200T 12” BAR 17. STIHL MS200T 12” BAR 18. STIHL 020T 14” BAR 19. HUSQVARNA T540XP 12” BAR 20. STIHL MS211 16” BAR 21. STIHL 020AV 16” BAR HEDGECUTTERS AND POLESAWS 22. STIHL HS45 24” BAR 23. STIHL HS81R 30” BAR S/N 175940322 24. STIHL HS81T 30” BAR S/N 176639882 25. STIHL KM131 KOMBI UNIT WITH ANGLED HEDGECUTTER AND STRIMMER ATTACHMENT 26. STIHL HT101 POLESAW S/N 297634206 27. STIHL HT75 POLESAW S/N 67952532 (CHAINSAW HEAD HAD JUBILEE CLIP REPAIR) BLOWERS 28. STIHL BR600 MAGNUM S/N 289778131 29. STIHL BR86 S/N 283523220 30. HUSQVARNA 570BTS (BRAND NEW) They also took a transit tipper which was later found burnt out near Farndon. I would imagine the thieves are working out of the Wrexham/Whitchurch England/Wales border area (but that is largely speculation on my part at present). If anyone has any possible information relating to any of this kit, or more directly to the thieves themselves please contact me in strictest confidence on 07970188050. This type of crime (and those who support it by buying the stolen equipment) destroys people’s livelihoods - those machines belong to a guy who is no different to any of us on here, and have been paid for through years of hard graft. It wasn’t undertaken by amateurs who got lucky - this was a professional crew and we are all at risk from people like them... Please please please let me know if you hear anything!
  5. I can see a dedicated section for tools and equipment advertised that looks too good to be true possibly being stolen so i decided to create one. in the hopes of some tools being reunited or these thugs stopped. Here are two to start with https://www.donedeal.ie/tools-for-sale/tools-job-lot-/17638561 https://www.donedeal.ie/tools-for-sale/tools-job-lot-/17638561
  6. Hi all. Thought I would post as noticed another user has been robbed. I dropped in to do a quote on route from a job yesterday. Whilst with the client the scumbags helped themselves to a Stihl ms661 2015 model. Also a 365xp husqvarna with a 372 recoil assembly. Both had brand new gb bars Stihl 25" husky 20". All on camera but reg not clear so case closed. They tried to get a 560 but dropped it running off fortunately. Silver grey transit swb... bye bye saws Martin
  7. Break in last night to my work New Forest Garden Machinery in Totton Hampshire. Thieving scum bags peeled back the roof to gain access at 3 am this morning. We think around 10 Stihl chainsaws were stolen. all locked up but the gits were in and out in 3 minutes. We are only a small family run company and things like this really set you back. if offered anything brand new in the hampshire/dorset/wilts area ring the police please. Just sorting through CCTV and serial numbers now so will post up images soon.
  8. Hi all, It is far too common for Tree Surgeons to have their equipment stolen. Does anyone have any tips to prevent this? Ours are: Lock the van doors and windows whenever possible. Even if you are only working a few metres away. Don't label your van with your company name/logo. This just tells thieves the likely contents of your van. Don't leave your most expensive equipment in the van at night. Make sure you have a high-quality lock on your van. Add a reinforced deadlock or deadbolt. They work independently from your standard door locks. Leave your van in safer areas, well lit, busy places are best. Show you take security serious, steering or handbrake locks, and mesh grilles windows. Add a sticker saying you have a tracker device, even if you don't. Get a van tracking device Have some secure van boxes fitted. These are high-quality metal boxes, with anti-drill locks. Have a Armaplate fitted - this encases the lock barrel and surrounding area. I would love to hear what other people use. What are your experiences? What do you recommend?
  9. Hi new to posting on here although been regularly looking through the forums. I am based in sunny Cornwall doing firewood, tree work and.. well whatever comes my way. Finished up on last Sunday evening and as i was away for the week i made sure everything was put away and tidied up...however came back on the weekend and had a quick look in the sheds and noticed the gates left wide open, bearing in mind this is in the ass end of nowhere. went to where the gear i was using was and its gone so if any one offers you any of the gear below.. which i highly doubt they will be see ever again! so whats gone Stihl ms 362 quickstop Stihl re129 pressure washer Stihl small axe Stihl special helmet Stihl tool kit, spare chains ect and various other tools.. would like to catch up with them so can have the keys to my truck and the rest of my gear. All under a year old... absolutely pissed!
  10. Last night in Horfield Bristol my truck was broken into and from it were stolen two saws and a blower, all Stihl. 1 hand held blower with blue spray paint on it. 1 200T with a Sugihara bar, serial number 170899369 1 362C serial number 177804045 There's a chance they were caught on cctv smashing the boarded window on the tool cab and fishing the saws out with one of our poles. If anybody heard anything or is offered these for sale please can you contact me on 07817 417 529. The truck belongs to the firm but the saws belong to myself and my team mate and are not covered by insurance so any information would be very much appreciated. Nile Cookson.
  11. Chipper fell off truck between sites and was only noticed once they got to the 2nd site! It's a timberwolf 150dhb with a blue vice on bolted onto the engine cab. It fell off and the arborist on the job drove around looking for it after noticing, but to no avail! I will try and get more information as and when I can but if anyone sees anything that would be great! it was the south Oxfordshire area - Wallingford Thanks Owen
  12. Hi all, I hoped I would never need to post in this section but unfortunately I need to. My dad had a Stihl 036 stolen on Monday night from FRODSHAM in CHESHIRE. Along with other expensive tools such as 2 Dewalt cordless drills and a Dewalt bench saw. The 036 has a WA6 postcode clearly marked on it and the only other thing we can think of is that the petrol cap looks much much newer than the oil cap. The saw was in a plastic Stihl hard case with a padlock on so were not expecting the case to be around anymore. BASTARDS! Loads of similar thefts in the area involving sheds and garages. One thing which pissed him off is that a really old Black & Decker electric drill was taken too. Some would say they are crap drills but this one was bought for him by my mum when he was 23, he is now in his late 50's!!! Back in the day when my mum saved up every last penny so my dad could have his own drill.... Really upsetting in a way. I am so angry, times like this I wish hanging and stretching of criminals was still allowed. My dad is fully insured but to get the saw back would be fantastic. The shed it was stolen from was part of a fin forest summerhouse which has solid doors and good locks. There were 2 security lights and a locked gate but they still managed to steal the gear. So my note to everyone is make sure you take extra steps in security because it is horrible and I am sick and tired of seeing more and more gear go missing from ArbTalk users. I once read that most home owners upgrade their home security once they have been broken into. Spend a little money now because you need it…….. Any info, please contact me: [email protected] Reward will be given, Thanks all,.......
  13. Just had one of our Timberwolves put on a Silver Volvo Estate by two apparently blonde men whilst the team were ferrying logs! They drove off like nutters and apparently nearly knocked off a cyclist. THIS HAPPENED HALF AN HOUR AGO. They will be on so many CCTV cameras and pass so many police that they might get caught soon, surely rush hour in Islington isn't a good time to nick a chipper??? It's obviously bright Orange and is from 2008 so in fairly good condition. FY59 VDT number plate on it until it's removed by the thieves. Any sightings or info greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tom. 0208 540 9968 Microbee Tree management Ltd
  14. Hi, This is my first post to this forum so a quick hello straight off. Secondly, we had a Binderberger H10 KOMBI model H00H10KB (http://www.binderberger.com/cms15/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/H10_Kombi_486b53f11c1ce.jpg) stolen from our house in North Durham (near Lanchester) on 21st May, 2010. I have a vague recollection that it was originally supplied by Marshall Agricultural Engineering and had a sticker of theirs on the machine. The splitter was distinctive for the fact that the small jockey wheel at the back (ie not the two large wheels shown in the picture) had shattered which rendered the machine immovable without great difficulty. If anyone's seen anything like it, I'd be very interested to know. Thanks, David
  15. We had a load of stuff stolen last to include 3 x Stihl ms200t, 3 x Stihl ms 260, 1 x Stihl ms460, 1 x Stihl ms660, 1 x Stihl ms 880 2 x Stihl br600 blowers, 1 x Stihl hedge trimmer hs85, 1 x Stihl combi tool hedgetrimmer, 1 x Stihl extending pruner with c/s head, & 1 x Jensen 430 Di (1000 hrs), 4 x complete climbing kits and a full rigging kit.. We are based in oxfordshire and a few other unrelated companies have been robbed by these Bas turds during the last week, I have the serial numbers of all these machines if you are offered anything you dont feel is quite right please ring me and we can see if any serial numbers match (07971624646) ..... Thanks very much
  16. VERMEER SC252 TREE STUMP GRINDER CUTTER 04 EXCELLENT on eBay (end time 04-Jun-10 23:23:19 BST) Looks like it has a few distinctive marks on it, not that I'm saying it's stolen, but...


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