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  1. Ive only found the filter blocks with debris occasionaly not oil residue. I use bio oil from plantoil and its pretty good. Most 2511s ive had oil really well
  2. I think the valtra doing 80 odd mph was the driver who deserves the credit for balls of steel cant imagine how that must have driven!!
  3. Had this weird impatience thing with folks loads recently. Even Mrs Miggins seems to need everything now these days. Teachers, 4th week of school hols are the worse for expecting the tomorrow treatment!!
  4. Thanks i will have a gander at these. Its 1 more tool in the box.
  5. Briggs parts arent much better in the uk if you want more than a service kit.
  6. Anyone who takes for granted being in a quiet area with a low crime rate ie me.. needs to be extra vigilant. Dont take for granted the proximity of your kit to your house these scumbags will nick it out your bed and you wont know. Cctv great for establishing a time line but as police told me no one enters a property with face on show or legit plates on vehicles. Strong lighting and very loud alarms were recommended. Sadly i think.on the interceptors programmes i have only seen 1 where they found anything with a tracker.
  7. Maybe xpg models should have a theft mode that can be activated to burn fingers if stolen!!!
  8. The more i look at what has been lifted the more it looks like a very smart arb specific thief. Certainly in this current wave of thefts anyway. They have picked through certain brands, left others, but then nicked an alaskan mill. Its a group who understand our job/tools who also seem to be proficient theives. Anyone who is reading this maybe check your buildings in the wee hours, rig up wildlife cams as 1 of us may get lucky and intercept before they do more damage. Keep an eye our for oddly parked estate cars and people carriers. They took my grinder quite a distance to avoid a number of bedroom windows and a long gravel drive. Anyone whos found a gate open on there property be suspicious as they may have been scoping.
  9. Thats a hard read Matty as all we are doing is trying to earn. Just goes to illustrate if they want it they will get it. Same my building is only 20m from my house. Totally agree if these types were punished properly, caught in the 1st place or immunity given to the property owner to treat them as seen fit, then would they be as keen to go and rob folk. I spoke to a chap who had left arb and moved into sales purely due to the nicking. Shouldnt be the case.
  10. Saddened to hear this. Did me last week. Same as took the padlocks with them. On mine they spun the padlocks off so the locks actually helped as it seems stilsons and some force and weakest part of the system gave way no cutting needed. Again same re inside job i have 1 long term helper who isnt likely to have tipped them off. They took nothing but tree related stuff no garage gear except a cordless angle grinder!!! I think a thread with brief details of how those of us that have been targeted, have been, would be helpful to illustrate the weak links in what we thought were secure systems and illustrate patterns. Martin
  11. Thanks all. Dosko was a 200 6h model just to correct my original post. Also a Big shot 8 ft nearly new with the notch trigger release. Climbing bag had a new petzl assent clip system, a new chicane, a well used mk3 zigzag, 3 petzl ok karabiners, a 4srt chester harness, stein 11mm rope and a stein 3m lanyard with revolving snap hook. Left my spikes, maybe scumbags dont fancy a go at pole climbing. Echo items bar 1 cs2511 seemed unwanted so maybe we should go over to echo on mass to cut of the scumbag supply line!!! Martin
  12. Evening all. Had that lovely Sunday afternoon experience where you notice the lock on your unit isnt right, the instant pit of stomach feeling that hits when you look inside and yup the rats have been and stolen a fair bit of stuff. Husqys 1x 560, 1 x 395xp, 1 x 371xp. Stihl Ht75? Pole pruner, hs82r, dead 201t, dead ms 250. Bg86 blower Echo cs2511tes. 1x makita angle grinder cordless.. or rather a master key!! Climbing kit in a courant cross bag Dosko 9hp grinder with no greenteeth currently fitted. All taken from loughborough area Saturday evening after 6.30pm and i imagine dawn but I didnt discover until 3pm today. Keep em peeled.. thanks all. Martin
  13. The Dosko 200-6h is very worthy in my opinion. They now have 500 series Greenteeth. To convert an old model over with fresh flywheel its really cheap and they are animals. 1 man lift onto a pickup and they take up very little space so lost time over say a 13hp Rayco is off set by the fact its one visit to site (if you have a smaller pickup). If truck space and man power are plentiful, go 13hp type machines, if not buy the little Dosko. Only snag can be its light weight pulling it into the stump as you grind.
  14. I had a saelen cobra, which is their full fat offering and it was an animal. It chipped long branches 6" wide faster than a 230 timberwolf but chip quality is more shred than chip and it weighed 1600kgs. Snedding was never needed due to width of hopper.


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