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  1. It’s the best way of bedding them in, same as anything, would do more harm letting them tick over when everything’s new and not mated yet..
  2. Bang a couple of sausage rolls in the microwave - 2 mins, butter some bread, put them in a sandwich.
  3. Does feel like I’m going round in circles. Assumed There’d be a nvq somewhat related to what I’m doing il probably pick piling.
  4. Both categories of 360, tractor, skid steer
  5. Sheepy

    Tachometer regs

    I was always under the assumption that if your moving tools/equipment around that you need to use for your job your taco exempt. E.g builder with a mixer and a pack of slabs exempt, chap with a car trailer doing haulage taco required. May be wrong though.
  6. want to go from red to blue card, I understand I need to do a plant related NvQ to do so, is there any available that are arb/forestry related or is it just worth doing a standard one to tick the box, cheers
  7. It’s the mesh that will sting mate.
  8. Cost me £450 at main stealers for the mesh sides on mine, I personally couldn’t get the steel for that. Let alone get it hot dipped..
  9. I know a few councils get all the anti vibe stuff changed annually to be in the clear for havs/ getting sued. I imagine this will come in handy along those lines too.
  10. Take the front bumper off, inbetween the two fraim rails will be a bracket, usually has polystyrene/plastic half rugby ball kind on shape on it to help support front bumper/mitigate minor collisions. Remove said bracket and mount your cradle there.
  11. Small job circa a week at most, must be able to work independently, rotivating and levelling with rake in preparation of grass seeding, please pm for more details.
  12. Yeah thought as much il leave alone, cheers guys
  13. Yeah that’s the one I thought the guy had gone bust or something.
  14. Just spotted a boxer skid steer on eBay for a touch under 4K, seems reasonable, been after one for a while, is this a too good to be true price ? Are they any good compared to the stand on vermeers/bobcats ? Cheers


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